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October 15, 2014





Isn't "more or less took for granted a recovering economy" pretty much the Obama economic policy. Something to the effect that, given the depth of the recession, Obama would have wind in his sails for a while. IIRC a long thing piece about that very idea back in the heady days of 08 or 09.

Dave (in MA)

President Warren will be able to fix all this.


Yay! The gold portfolio I lost a bundle on a while ago is making a comeback! LOL


Grandma Hillary needs to stay at home and spoil her grandchild.

She's already missed the 3 AM call for Benghazi, and needs her elder sleep.


so the larftastic Waldman column, no the lackadaisical, some might say, Candidesque response has nothing to do with our impressions
of crisis management,


Very funny TomM--- If it turns out you took profits and sold equities in August and are sitting on the cash, some here at JOM may ask why didn't you let the rest of us know... hmmm?

Miss Marple

What is silver at? I am sitting on a whole bunch of sterling I have picked up dirt cheap at auctions.





Silver price chart:



I honestly think HildaBeast won't run at the end of the day. If we are in a bear market in '15, and no phony baloney QE, why would the rich old Libs put up the dough for her? Will she run as a femal Prog? Warren has that gig. I don't think she runs.


Ct state police start blasting away on I-95. seems very justified though:

Miss Marple

The Frontier plane with Ebola exposure, flew into and out of Atlanta yesterday.




More on the price of silver.


Miss Marple

Thanks, fdcol63!

Believe I will hang onto it a while longer.

Carol Herman

Eh. Obama won twice because the GOP picked flawed candidates. McCain was a terrible pick! And, so was Mitt Romney! That's why they both lost.

Both GOP candidates wanted the presidential run. And, both came in with MONEY, MONEY, MONEY!

Meanwhile, Obama is a gift to the GOP. People are as terrified of him as they are of ebola.

While the GOP really has no one at all that seems to be qualified to be president.

Two parties play with each other on a downhill landscape.

And, up ahead? Jeb Bush thinks he's gonna get the "slot." Oh, crap. Maybe, the donkeys will outsmart the elephant in 2016? I wouldn't bet the GOP side. Even if they pick up the ball on a fumble ... they'll run off in the wrong direction to score a goal.


CDC @CDCgov · 3h 3 hours ago

2nd health worker exhibited no #Ebola signs/symptoms on Frontier Airlines flight 1143 on 10/13, but passengers should contact 1-800-CDC-INFO


the WaPo reports the nurse had a fever of 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit before boarding a passenger jet on Monday, a day before she reported symptoms of the virus and was tested, according to public health officials. "Even though there appeared to be little risk for the other people on that flight, she should not have traveled that way, Thomas Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said during a news conference Wednesday."

Rob Crawford

I could have sworn I saw something about an Obola press conference this afternoon. Am I just imagining things?

Danube on iPad

I believe the Founders intended for the nurse to take that flight.

James D.

"Even though there appeared to be little risk for the other people on that flight, she should not have traveled that way

But whole planeloads of people from infection-ridden countries are just A-OK, I guess.


Josh Earnest is really bad at his job.


James D.

And why not? How many times have they said that a fever of 101.5 is required? Are they now saying that this is also incorrect?


air traveler shows up in hazmat suit



James D.

What did he do/say, Jane?


JamesD-- thank you.

Your observation checkmates Obummer's Project Open Borders for Ebola Flights.

Can the evil Koch bros. please finance adverts about this asap.


And Obama is, too. LOL


windansea-- an Emory microbiologist also did that in Atlanta 2 weeks ago.

Carol Herman

If Elizabeth Warren becomes president in 2016 I'll blame the GOP!

If there was talent on the GOP bench I think you'd see a male candidate that can beat her real good! You'd prefer to run against somebody else? Separate from the faux indian stuff, she comes from Massachusetts.

Sure, the donkeys can do anything they want; but today's headline at Drudge shows Pelosi among the losers. Root'in toot'in for the faux indian would actually give the GOP a break! (Unless they picked Jeb. Not enough voters would be willing to hold their noses as pick another Bush.)

Of course, the media runs scams. But like the ebola scare, it should arouse people to the point of observation ... where a threat is recognized and avoided.


do no harm, doesn't seem to be a thing:


Thomas Collins

Happy Birthday, matt.


I keep forgetting.

Felicidades en tu Dia, Matt!!

Pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Happy birthday, Matt!


Amongst the bad news, some good news: Happy Birthday, Matt!


"We will from this moment forward ensure that no other individual who is monitored for exposure undergoes travel..." - CDC's Frieden.

this guy is a freakin clown

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

Josh Earnest is really bad at his job.

today: 'the best way to fight Ebola is at the source.'

Ummm. The source is now DALLAS!!!!


James D.

I'm really unclear how "fighting ebola at the source' and "not letting travellers from infected regions enter the U.s." are mutually exclusive.

Rob Crawford

I think I get their plan: to have the source of Ebola be the US, so it's more convenient to combat it!


Some people never find their way, out of the Cave:


Stephanie accidentally OnT?

Just saw the new protocols Obama has enacted to prevent Ebola:


Stephanie accidentally OnT?

another new thread.. they are multiplying like Ebola (too soon??)


Josh Earnest is not as big of and idiot as Shemp. He really should be taken off the air.


Posted by: windansea | October 15, 2014 at 03:21 PM-

but flights to and from West Africa will continue and the 3 000 military personnel on plague duty at Camp Abandon Hope can just pray that their utility uniforms provide better protection than the hospital scrubs in a suburban Dallas hospital.

Captain Hate

another new thread.. they are multiplying like Ebola (too soon??)

More like the explosive diarrhea symptom.

James D, I just remarked at your blog that I picked up Winter's Tale today and will be up to speed shortly.

Eric in Boise

I just pulled this off of CDC.gov:

CDC is asking all 132 passengers on Frontier Airlines flight 1143 Cleveland to Dallas/Fort Worth on October 13 (the flight route was Cleveland to Dallas Fort Worth and landed at 8:16 p.m. CT) to call 1 800-CDC INFO (1 800 232-4636).

Hope that number works better than that Ocare website.


Reported Ebola infections and at risk persons are increasing geometrically from the index patient.

James D.

Cool, CH! Looking forward to seeing what you think of it!


I am completely outraged that this nurse traveled to Cleveland,Ohio to visit her family grandpatrents and boyfriend while probably feeling a bit under the weather. Her temp on boarding was 99.5. I thought that was the NEW protocol number? Am I wrong to think she wanted to see them again in case she got sick? I just don't trust any of these people. I thought these caregivers were in quarantine or being monitored? They need to ISOLATE them like they used to do in TB cases.
Rick Perry will take an un=necessary hit for this hospital not being up to snuff in handling these cases. Only Emory and the hospital in Nebraska seem to know what they are doing.My sister took a flight back from Florida on Monday. Is Cleveland Hopkins Airport at risk because this person is irresponsible? We still don't know how the reporter for NBC got it.


Happy Birthday Matt!
Gmax : I hope you have some good poll news today,I sure need it.
JamesD: I am angry about the lackluster care and attention to the dangers of this disease.
I guess Bammy thought going to fundraisers in the midst of this crisis would be a bad photo-op.


For CH. Why? Just because I enjoy his creative slattering of this bint.



The Frieden mindset is just part and parcel of the left's passion for trying to control everything, and behaving as if they can--if it weren't for that pesky human nature, fallibility, reality, etc. I alluded a couple days ago to the whole 'safe sex' campaign that has been accompanied by an explosion of STDs. But the whole socialist idea is based on the same premise, that the great minds can just plan and engineer everything, and if it doesn't work, then it is only because we didn't go far enough or big enough.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

lyle as much as it pains me to say this, she made sense for the first time in her on air life. She may have been on her best behavior for fear of what Megyn would do with a dumbass flippant remark.


Eric in Boise: someone tweeted they called the CDC 800 number for Cleveland passengers and got a recording saying to expect a 236 minute wait.


Gmax : I hope you have some good poll news today,I sure need it.

maryrose, I haven't been able to keep up with polling today, I've been focusing on crazy work day plus ebola stories.

But, I did hear there were excellent polls out for Cassidy in LA and Gardner in CO. I think Gmax posted the LA poll in another thread.

Not celebrating the ebola news but I think it means the Dems are well and truly and totally hosed.


Happy Birthday, Matt! Lots of love to you!!

Carol Herman

Obama's not the first president to be disliked. LBJ was not liked! As a matter of fact he had to run back to Texas, because if he tried to run for a second term he'd lose.

Nixon wasn't liked.

Jimmy Carter really bombed.

And, neither of the Bush's come away with any glory.

What Obama has done is bring the "democratic label" into dispute. Not since the days of Nixon has a label created havoc for the party that owns it.

The GOP's biggest problem? The drunk, Boehner. And, the chinless wonder in the senate. As soon as the polls close on November 4th, I expect the media will salivate over the GOP being the same old party. And, those in charge ... (everyone on the Bush Family's Rolodex) ... will do everything they can to keep the People away from the power.

The media's not waiting for election day to know the democrats have a problem.

With any luck, however, when 2016 rolls around ... the face of the GOP won't be Jeb's. Or a re-run with Mitt Romney.

But "business as usual?" Sure, returns to DC as soon as the polls close.

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