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October 29, 2014


Stephanie accidentally OnT?



How many women have increased their intake of milk to up their calcium levels to ward off osteoporosis? Oh and First?


Dang! missed it by that.much.

James D.

How many women have increased their intake of milk to up their calcium levels to ward off osteoporosis?

You aren't implying that the science might not be settled, are you?



Captain Hate

Oh this is a boring thread. How 'bout some classic crock gossip:



Cows are part of the patriarchy.


Had a female doctor tell me to up my milk intake a few years ago and I said I enjoyed good cheese with a glass of wine..did that count? She laughed at me.

I fired her!


those numbers seem well within the margin of error, so what is the problem?


Open Borders-- CBS unintentionally proves that the hardcore open borders crowd in the USA is under 20%. Ebola quarantine and defense of the Border is a winning issue for conservatives. If we keep pushing back against the hardcore Progs and the Chamber of Comm, we'll win.http://hotair.com/archives/2014/10/29/cbs-poll-80-back-quarantines-for-ebola/


so milk is a free radical, winning the future!!

Bart Simpson

Don't Have A Cow, Man!

Frau Dickmilch

How about chocolate milk?


Re Cap'n Hate's Neil Young article - it's too bad that a guy who endorsed Reagan (twice) is now so misguided that he's concerned about the size of the U.S. military's "environmental footprint as compared to that of ISIS'. The real gossip about Neil, not mentioned in that article, is that he's left his long-time wife for Daryl Hannah (who is kinda nutso herself).

Danube on iPad

Neil Young has always been an ignoramus and an asshole. Nothing has changed.

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

Meh. A southern man don't need him around anyhow.

Eric in Boise

I'd milk this subject for a cheap laugh, but I lactose skills.


So "Milk does(n't) do a body good? And have we milked this topic long enough?


Its an udder disaster.

Danube on iPad

First week of 1994 we were spending our honeymoon at the Mauba Kea on the Big Island. There no TVs in the room; there's one TV and a sofa in a room down in the basement. I go down there to watch the Vikings-Giants playoff game, and a few minutes later in walks Neil, who sits down at the other end of the couch. I nodded politely to him when he entered the room, but he made no scknowledgement of my presence then or at any time during the game. I had read that he was a Vikings fan, so starting in the second half every time the Giants made a play I would quietly hiss "yesss!"

Giants wom.



Gardner and the GOP's preemptive move in Colorado matches that of Ernst in Iowa.

Hit 'em early and hit 'em hard.

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

newer thread


LOL, DoT. I say that as a Vikings fan and as a major fan of Neil Young's music. He is otherwise totally uninteresting to me.

Thomas Collins

My conclusion from all these studies reported in the popular press is that, except for repeated unprotected anal sex with people using needles and exhibiting sores, and gulping enormous quantities of unrefined sugar, everything shortens your life, everything lengthens your life, and everything doesn't affect lifespan. As to the first two, those seem to be things to be avoided (although getting one's sugar intake with Snickers bars, scotch and red wine surely must be beneficial).

Dave (in MA)

I've always been a pretty big Neil Young fan, and whenever he hooks up with the semi-Muzak CSN bunch I think it's subtraction by addition. Every once in a while, though, he seems to go off his rocker. His BDS album "Living With War" and his latest couple of albums come to mind, not to mention suddenly dumping his wife of 36 years after writing glowingly about her in his book a year or two back.

Plus his "Pono" high resolution audio project... I'm supposed to believe that a 68 year old guy who's spent 45 years standing in front of the sonic assault of Crazy Horse has ears that can discern high quality sound? And then he releases an album recorded in a '40s direct-to-shellac recording booth?

Laura White

You know, TM, you and Glenn Reynolds share this unholy absorption in living forever. It is to be discouraged. Read Tennyson's "Tithonus."

Laura White

Also, I have adored many things about Neil, through the years, beginning with "The Damage Done," but he's now the damage. Is very sad.


So can not drink milk, yogurt change?

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