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October 16, 2014



Thir barracades will work as well as they did at the WWII menorial.

James D.

Why does anyone read Klein, or Chait, or any of these clowns?

Haven't they demonstrated, far beyond any reasonable doubt, that they are utterly dishonest and also breathtakingly stupid?

The fact that Chait is saying things that make sense in this one instance doesn't make it worthwhile to give him the slightest credence, or credibility, or credit.

A broken clock may be right twice a day, but you still need to throw it in the garbage and buy a new one if you want to be on time.


JamesD-- hear hear. These pissants aren't worth the click. They are ill-educated, not very bright, and obviously lack any wisdom or insight whatsoever. Perfect for their age. We rightly call them 'juiceboxers'.

Rob Crawford

Wasn't Klein part of journolist? And was Chait the one who admitted he had an irrational hatred of President Bush?


Chaitred, well he's at the midlevel, urukhai orc, stunningly arrogant and ignorant,

so they got through telling us, that no chemical including ZMapp is really effective,


I'd like to give kudos to team Crist for pulling the brilliant fan stunt and humiliating Lurch on a national stage.


This isn't the first time Crist and co have set up an opponent like this,but man this one was a doozey.Lurch ambled out on stage like a big fool completely unaware of the fodder Crist had set him up to become.Everyone was laughing at the Republican governor as his big bald head waddled around the stage.


Captain Hate

Chait is against the rights of the accused? Hold the presses.


" I subscribe to that "get enough sleep, move about as much as possible (except when on JOM) outdoors, and eat real food" school of health maintenance.
Oh, and be happy wine comes in boxes."

And this is exactly why anonamom is my primary care physician.

Kim -- what's your speculation? I've always been curious.

Dave (in MA)

Maybe some Houston pastors should come up with some sermons on the topic of civil liberties.


Yes, same ones, Rob,

they insist they have contained the epidemic, yet
there is no evidence of this, so they are relying on Vinson's account, they didn't actually take her temperature at the airport

Miss Marple

Early O/T post, but important:

NBC News is reporting on Twitter that Obama is expected to mobilize National Guard troops to send to Liberia for Ebola-fighting.

Thia is not going over ell, as you can see from theis Twitchy thread:


Captain Hate

Wait, Chait is arguing *for* the rights of the accused while still sticking howlers like "Obviously, universities aren’t trampling due process because they hate due process. They’re doing it because they hate campus rape, of which there is (unlike terrorism, it should be said) an awful lot" in it.

Was this a draft where he was arguing with his multiple personalities?

Soylent Red

If you'll just indulge the left in a little more fascism the world will be safe and wonderful for you and any children you are allowed to have.

You must destroy liberty in order to save it, dontcha know?

Rob Crawford

I saw that, Miss Marple, and have to wonder if governors can refuse. I certainly wouldn't fault the troops for refusing this deployment.


well we don't need hypotheticals:



Rep. Tim Murphy is asking Frieden how "protecting fledgling democracies" comes in to his decision making process with regard to allowing West Africans to come into this country without quarantine.

Go Tim go!


Extremism in the defense of rape is no vice.

Ezra is nothing more than an uneducated hipster. He's a UCLA political science major with no experience or education to support his wild opinions.

Beasts of England

DuDa has been reduced to commenting on a gubernatorial debate?

Dark days. Dark daze.



IIRC, POTUS can federalize the Guard anytime he wants. That was the risk Perry took because Obola could have ordered them back to barracks or to Afganistan.


They just don't agree with the Constitution.

Remember, they booed when Republicans decided to open the congressional session with a reading of the founding document of the government they're members of.

They would repeal the Constitution if they had the votes.


Frieden is trying to explain that our porous borders are why we need to let the West Africans come in.


this was an amusing bit,



NBC News is reporting on Twitter that Obama is expected to mobilize National Guard troops to send to Liberia for Ebola-fighting.

Can you imagine what these ideas as gonna do to our military & our National Guard enlistment numbers?


"abalogy" is humorous. If you google it, you’ll find it on a democratunderground thread.

Abalogies might be used to bring to people’s attention that "stabards" of behavior are needed. If anything, progs are good at "estandlishing" new "stabards."

As lyrics from a book in the Narbes and Bonle Nookstore notes, "Clowbs" to the right of me; "clowbs" to the left of me. . ..

[Note: I am not violating JOB standards because I am riffing off a serendipitous typo, not recommending a gnarly correction. That’s just how I role.]


I really think liberals have completely dismissed the Constitution as having any relevance at all.

I assume that most people are going to call in sick when an ebola patient is brought to their hospital. They did that in Worcester when they brought that guy in with an unlikely relapse.

Rob Crawford

Frieden is being quoted as saying "we know how to control Ebola". Did anyone ask them why they're not doing it?


we can't send them to Iraq, where they would actually fight terrorists, or even Syria, but they'd just be conscript labor,


Greg Abbott to Houston City Attorney: Stop it now!

hit and run

Note: I am not violating JOB standards

Yes, your patience seems to be functioning properly.


Friedan ,as usual is not answering the questions. He needs to spend less time on TV and more time making sure the proper protocols are available to each hospital that needs them, along with the correct equipment and preventative wear. I do enjoy the relentless questioning which exposes the illogical positions he advocates.

hit and run

I did that on purpose so Alice wouldn't feel bad.

Dave (in MA)

Duda's hitting the sauce again? I don't see how the FL debate involved Kerry.

Manuel Transmission



I don't know how to get this script off.


Thank you MT!


that's a very cromulent thing to do,



"NEW YORK - 911 emergency dispatchers in New York have been instructed not to use the work 'Ebola' over the radio.

According to the New York Post, officials made the decision in an effort to minimize fear and panic since the radio channels are often monitored by civilians and the media.

The Post reports that dispatchers have been instructed to use the code ‘F/T' when discussing callers that have a fever and have a history of travel to West Africa."


Oh, it's not our porous border that worries Frieden--it's Liberia's, Guinea's and Sierra Leone's.

Waste is a problem, but bleach is the remedy.

And what about our troops? No direct contact. But we'll be careful, because we can always come in to contact with sick people.
We'll have hand washing stations! (Boy, will that help me sleep better--that's the way to keep those kids safe!)

Danube on iPad

"false imprisonment of some young Muslim men as an aggressive Adminstration profiles and arrests likely terrorists."

A capital idea.


Does Friedan sound like English is his second language?

Manuel Transmission

A friend sent me this without a link, but it is worth the long post. This guy, Ben Hunt (never heard of him) is clearly in the league of our top posters:

Calvin the Super Genius

By Ben Hunt, Ph.D., Salient

People think it must be fun to be a super genius, but they don’t realize how hard it is to put up with all the idiots in the world. – Bill Watterson, “Calvin and Hobbes”

Here is the most fundamental idea behind game theory, the one concept you MUST understand to be an effective game player. Ready?

You are not a super genius, and we are not idiots. The people you are playing with and against are just as smart as you are. Not smarter. But just as smart. If you think that you are seeing more deeply into a repeated-play strategic interaction (a game!) than we are, you are wrong. And ultimately it will cost you dearly. But if there is a mutually acceptable decision point – one that both you and we can agree upon, full in the knowledge that you know that we know that you know what’s going on – that’s an equilibrium. And that’s a decision or outcome or policy that’s built to last.

Fair warning, this is an “Angry Ben” email, brought on by the US government’s “communication policy” on Ebola, which is a mirror image of the US government’s “communication policy” on markets and monetary policy, which is a mirror image of the US government’s “communication policy” on ISIS and foreign policy. We are being told what to think about Ebola and QE and ISIS. Not by some heavy-handed pronouncement as you might find in North Korea or some Soviet-era Ministry, but in the kinder gentler modern way, by a Wise Man or Woman of Science who delivers words carefully chosen for their effect in constructing social expectations and behaviors.

The words are not lies. But they’re only not-lies because if they were found to be lies that would be counterproductive to the social policy goals, not because there’s any fundamental objection to lying. The words are chosen for their truthiness, to use Stephen Colbert’s wonderful term, not their truthfulness. The words are chosen in order to influence us as manipulable objects, not to inform us as autonomous subjects.

It’s always for the best of intentions. It’s always to prevent a panic or to maintain confidence or to maintain social stability. All good and noble ends. But it’s never a stable equilibrium. It’s never a lasting legislative or regulatory peace. The policy always crumbles in Emperor’s New Clothes fashion because we-the-people or we-the-market have not been brought along to make a self-interested, committed decision.Instead the Powers That Be – whether that’s the Fed or the CDC or the White House – take the quick and easy path of selling us a strategy as if they were selling us a bar of soap.

This is what very smart people do when they are, as the Brits would say, too clever by half. This is why very smart people are, as often as not, poor game players. It’s why there aren’t many academics on the pro poker tour. It’s why there haven’t been many law professors in the Oval Office. This isn’t a Democrat vs. Republican thing. This isn’t a US vs. Europe thing. It’s a mass society + technology thing. It’s a class thing. And it’s very much the defining characteristic of the Golden Age of the Central Banker.

Am I personally worried about an Ebola outbreak in the US? On balance … no, not at all. But don’t tell me that I’m an idiot if I have questions about the sufficiency of the social policies being implemented to prevent that outbreak. And make no mistake, that’s EXACTLY what I have been told by CDC Directors and Dr. Gupta and the White House and all the rest of the super genius, supercilious, remain-calm crew.

I am calm. I understand that a victim must be symptomatic to be contagious. But I also understand that one man’s symptomatic is another man’s “I’m fine”, and questioning a self-reporting immigration and quarantine regime does not make me a know-nothing isolationist.

I am calm. I understand that the virus is not airborne but is transmitted by “bodily fluids”. But I also understand why Rule #1 for journalists in West Africa is pretty simple: Touch No One, and questioning the wisdom of sitting next to a sick stranger on a flight originating from, say, Brussels does not make me a Howard Hughes-esque nutjob.

I am calm. I understand that the US public health and acute care infrastructure is light years ahead of what’s available in Liberia or Nigeria. I understand that Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas is not just one of the best health care facilities in Texas, but one of the best hospitals in the world. But I also understand that we are all creatures of our standard operating procedures, and what’s second nature in a hot zone will be slow to catch on in the Birmingham, Alabama ER where my father worked for 30 years.

The mistake made by our modern leaders – in every public sphere! – is to believe that they are operating on a deeper, smarter, more far-seeing level of game-playing than we are. I’ve got a long example of the levels of decision-making in the Epsilon Theory note “A Game of Sentiment“, so I won’t repeat all that here. The basic idea, though, is that by announcing a consensus based on the Narrative authority of Science our leaders believe they are stacking the deck for each of us to buy into that consensus as our individual first-level decision. This can be quite effective when you’re promoting a brand of toothpaste, where it is impossible to be proven wrong in your consensus claims, much less so when you’re promoting a social policy, where all it takes is one sick nurse to make the entire linguistic effort seem staged and for effect … which of course it was. The fact that we go along with a game – that we act AS IF we believe in the Common Knowledge of an announced consensus – does NOT mean that we have accepted the party line in our heart of hearts. It does NOT mean that we are myopic game-players, unerringly led this way or that by the oh-so-clever words of the Missionaries. But that’s how it’s been taken, to terrible effect.

I am calm. But I am angry, too. It doesn’t have to be this way … this consensus-by-fiat style of policy leadership where we are always only one counter-factual reveal – the sick nurse or the sick economy – away from a breakdown in market or governmental confidence. I am angry that we have been consistently misjudged and underestimated, treated as children to be “educated” rather than as citizens to be trusted. I am angry that our most important political institutions have sacrificed their most important asset – not their credibility, but their authenticity – on the altar of political expediency, all in a misconceived notion of what it means to lead.

And yet here we are. On the precipice of that breakdown in confidence. A cold wind of change is starting to blow. Can you feel it?

W. Ben Hunt, Ph.D.
Chief Risk Officer, Salient


Crist cheating reminded me of another dem named Sink also cheating. Look what happened to her.
Crist reminds me of a guy that doesn't know when to get off the stage. We've seen his act as a Repub, Independent and a Dem. Other than his bromance and hug with Obama he's a non celebrity.
Like Pink tennis Shoes in Texas ,now any publicity is ok as long as you are not ignored or forgotten. Get the hook...


The Post reports that dispatchers have been instructed to use the code ‘F/T' when discussing callers that have a fever and have a history of travel to West Africa.

What code word do they use to refer to callers that have a fever but no history of travel to West Africa, such as Nurse Pham and Nurse Vinson?


This is funny - http://bidendogs.tumblr.com/

Dogs impersonating Biden.


"F/T" ... short for "Fear and Trembling"?




DuDa!! weak my man... very weak.


If one took any so-called "anti-rape" screeds and haverings, and substituted "Jew" for any reference to the Male sex, and "The German Volk" for any reference to the Female sex, one could scarcely tell the difference between then and NAZI anti-Semitic propaganda. This is no coincidence: The attach on (mostly) white males has nothing to do with "rape" at all. It is purely political, and it is working.

"Higher education" in this country is being intentionally stamped out by the Left. with the Feminists leading the charge.

As for Klein, no he his opinions are not "marginal", they are mainstream, and not just in the Left but among the useful idiots who trail behind them. They truly do believe that there is an "epidemic of rape" and that the (again mostly white) male sex is behind every problem on this earth.

Our society is upside down and completely disordered--the worst sort of people are in change.

Our civilization crumbles into farce. This latest bit of Feminist fit a vapors on campus is not joke: It is fixing its way into law.

It is no about rape at all, but about doing away with due process. The point is to create a climate where the Left can do whatever they so please to any opponent whatsoever for whatever reason.

DO not lid yourself that this is a problem just in the Ivies or in CA, or particularly confined to Academia.

It is, in microcosm, exactly what the the Left is about: Pervert language and discourse to redefine "crimes", pump up hysteria around a false "crisis" and then seize more power.

They are getting away with it.

I think few here spend any real time on American campuses. More here should--it is quite shocking what is going on, but not as shocking as the fact that



Thank you for posting Dr. Hunt's analysis. He is absolutely correct as to what is being destroyed.


Interview at 11:20 CA time on KFI in LA. Just in case anyone longs to hear a southern drawl this morning.


Why is Amber Joy Philson being transferred to NIH?
Is it because their employees are refusing to care for her?

Because Texas Presbyterian is in a very difficult situation because they are monitoring all their employees who got exposed to the late Mr. Duncan.

And let's see what you say our healh care workers should wear, and compare it to what you wore in Africa. You are covered head-to-toe. How do we douse the people here with chlorine when you allow their heads and necks to be exposed?

What did you think patient zero was going to look like?
Our goal has been to get hospitals ready.
Do you think hospitals have the right kind of protective equipment on hand?
Balance between protective equipment and familiarity.


Watching Cspan, anonamom?


Link to MT's brilliant post @ 1:32:


hit and run

Oh shit. I'm sitting out on the plaza in lieu of attending the keynote.

They just started broadcasting it on the big screen out here.

Al Gore. Maldives, dinosaurs, mass extinction, moral dimension of confronting climate change.

I'm outta here.

hit and run

Ebola is linked to global warming.
stuff Gore just said


Hitler is mildly perturbed by ebola





The live Ebola Hearings are being broadcast now on FOX, FOX Business, CNN, and the MSNBC Rowan Farrow Show,


Nurses across the country are saying they have no training or equipment.

We have a three step plan:
1. Think Ebola
2. Isolate
3. Contact CDC

Speechless when asked when the plan for the nurses was made.

"The day the diagnosis was confirmed we sent a team to Texas"--day three of Duncan's hospitalization. Too late for nurse Pham and Vincent.

Dave (in MA)

That's pretty impressive how those dogs are able to dumb themselves down like that, Janet.


The National Guard is already in Liberia! When I read about the Guard being called up,I thought,wait a minute.When I was in NH over the week-end,WMUR-TV 9 in Manchester had a report about the NH National Guard being sent to Liberia.They are setting up diagnostic labs and treatment facilities. They have biohazard gear,but they won't be in contact with Ebola patients.
Sounds like more National Guard are being mobilized?

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

"The day the diagnosis was confirmed we sent a team to Texas"--day three of Duncan's hospitalization. Too late for nurse Pham and Vincent.

Horse. Barn.

Rob Crawford

Everything is linked to global warming. Jupiter's red spot? Global warming. The discovery of planets outside our solar system? Global warming.

Toe fungus? Global warming.


TK, I needed that!


I spoke with a university policeman on campus on this topic a few months ago and mentioned it at the time. He was a 15 or 20 year veteran.

He said that the rates are about the same as they have been. The causes are about the same as they have been (relationships gone bad, parties).

My takeaway is that the Left are once again using this as a club to both gain publicity and control. They are subtle, evil people at times.

Overall crime rates have dropped tremendously over the past 20 years. Now something that is very private and complex is being painted with a big brush in order to drive the sexes even further apart.

Frau Edith Steingehirn

Thanks for the time and station, rse.
BTW I'd like to know how many time "Judge" Jenkins (not a real judge-judge) has soiled himself since his grandstanding visit to Ebola ground zero.


Which State are the National Guard Troops that Obama is going to send to Ebolaland going to come from?

I suppose we should start off by asking which State does Obama dislike most?

Texas I would think would be at the top of that list, but I think it would look bad for Obama to take troops from a state with an uncontrolled border and send them to Africa to patrol the border.

I don't think he could send Alaskan Nat Guard Troops until after the Election, as people up here would take it out on Mark Begich.

Here's a question. Does the Governor of a State have to agree to send his States National Guard Troops if the President says he wants to send them, or as the in State Commander in Chief can he/she refuse?

My preference is that he decide to send National Guard Troops from the state of New York, and have them fly in and out of JFK and billeted in Manhattan during the 21 day post deployment quarantine period.

Rob Crawford

No, daddy, any troops he sends over there should be transported back on his jet.


Some WI NG troops are getting sent somewhere, Walker saw them off yesterday. Don't know where they are headed.

Rob Crawford

And send Michelle over the to help the Africans eat better.



Perhaps 911 should try pig latin. Nobody speaks pig latin anymore: Ethay atientpay ashay ebolaway.

Thomas Collins

Although not directly addressing Chait, 28 current and former Harvard Law profs demolish Chait-type arguments.


The professors are a veritable rainbow coalition of diverse political views, but they all agree that Harvard's response to the Dept. of Educations's bullying is abysmal.

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

Dept. of Education

Misnomer if I've ever heard one. Degree program with the lowest SATs? Education.



Coast to coast.

Miss Marple

I have no idea what Freiden and Fauchi have been doing. Here is the list of things they do NOT know:

How many planes would be needed to fly supplies and how many supplies will be needed.

What countries have imposed travel restrictions.

How the nurses actually got it.

Who spoke to the Nurse in Cleveland.

On and on and on. He knows NOTHING.


Yale Doctors: Patient With Ebola-Like Symptoms Stable, Tests Results Within A Day




Who told CDC head that protecting fledging countries was OUR effin priority?Watch Friedan tapdance.


so things are being done right:



other questions, why are the CDC protocols, different here than West Africa, it's the same virus right, unless our variant is less communicable, dubious,


Frieden is one fine obfuscator.


Meant to post this yesterday:


Jenkins predicts a clarion call for huge gas tax now that the px is falling.


"To work, "Black Gangs Say No" needs to create a world where gang-bangers are afraid....

Critics worry that prisons will fill with cases in which courts convict young Black men (and, occasionally, young Black women) of being gang members for genuinely ambiguous situations. Sadly, that's necessary for the law's success. It's those cases — particularly the ones that feel genuinely unclear and maybe even unfair, the ones that become lore on streetcorners and cautionary tales that parents e-mail to their kids — that will convince people that they better stay off from joining gangs."

Is this not the opposite argument of those that want to end Stop and Frisk in NYC?


"F/T" ... short for "Fear and Trembling"?

Too funny!

I used to use pig latin when I was trying to be sneaky & was up to no good (pretty often). Our phone was located next to my mother! hah!...the kitchen actually, but that's where my mom always was.



jeblet is good, but would you consider expanding the concept to include jebberish?



The two go hand in glove. :-)


The military relies on the Guard and Reserves more than ever, especially when it comes to doctors and support organizations. We have been gutting the Army if you haven't noticed. So the problem is exacerbated.

So when the call comes, your local ER doctor may well be on a plane to somewhere bad.

Just listed to RSE on the radio. Great job! Very smart and articulate, like so many of the people here.

Frau Edith Steingehirn

rse - what a treat to hear you and hear you interviewed by someone who took the time to read some of your material. You covered common core well in the short phone interview.

jack is Back!

A Dem rep from Louisville at the Ebola hearing gave a shout out to the Kentucky NG who are supporitng the 101st in Senegal.

But the 101st is in Monrovia and the NG is setting up a cargo facility in Senegal.

We are using one our elite war fighter units in LIberia while ISIS, Taliban and AQ run ruin over Iraq and Afghabistan.


Got wings, this virus does.

Heh, JiB, lends new meaning to the term 'airborne'.


Clearly this is a governor that we conservatives should gratuitously mock:



For God's sake, people, I beg of you. DO NOT click on this:


The visage is just too horrifying and your brain will not be able to wash away the ugliness.


Dr. Frieden is having a real hard time answering whether he's had conversation with the WH about a travel ban.
He's been offered Yes and No--neither seems to work here...



For Henry... Your old stomping grounds - St.Louis County is a right mess. Frightening "tyranny on the margins" by way of County Courts acting as revenue collectors.

Frau Edith Steingehirn

(rse) You covered exposed common core well in the short phone interview.



jack is Back!


You have to give the Dems credit: They stay on message. I am watching the hearing and everyone of them makes it a point to bring up the GOP budget cuts, blah, blah.

Not one Repub has shot back and called it BS. But where they are making inroads is the travel ban becasue constituents want one without partisanship. So the CDC and Obola not enforcing one are only digging another electoral hole there is no ladder big enough to crawl out.


Re: troops. How safe are they?

Not having contact with high risk situations.
Not zero risk.

Samaritan's Purse says they were blown off when they told CDC
protocols are lax.
I'll look into that.

You said protocols were breeched. Do you know that for a fact? Were protocols breeched, yes or no?
Mumble mumble mumble...Time up!


Because of genetic programming, usually, I delight in being proven right. This Ebola/Frieden disaster, however, gives me no pleasure, instead I am horrified and gravely concerned. This disaster proves us right that for the ProgNazis, their narrative and agenda comes before country and even lives of the innocent. Frieden was appointed to CDC to keep with the NannyState meme. Since the outbreak, Obummer has undermined US public health to further his open borders agenda. people have died and many more will perish; the Progs don't care; the Narative trumps all. They really are Nazis...eff' Godwin's Law, it's true.


For those watching the hearing, this is what the minority chair was referring to:



Matt: more to the point: this is a matter for the police to handle. The school may have a general policy on dismissing those with criminal convictions (but not cases pending).
It should not single out particulate types of crimes in either.

This is an attempt to take the law into their own hands. I hear that there is actually a case going on now where a man is using for kidnapping as he was held against his will by unauthorized "campus officers". Hope he sues their socks off.

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