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October 01, 2014


Jim Eagle



I don't want mice to live longer.

miss Marple

Henry hates those meeses to pieces.


Me neither, henry. I'm having a hard enough time killing all the little bastards that get inside my Weber outside. I'm on number three now.

Jim Eagle

Would it change your mind, Henry, if mice could cure Ebola?




Stephanie accidentally OnT?

M O U S E.


heh, TM!


JiB, mice can live long enough to be experimental subjects (which for most experiments shorter lifespan means faster results). That is fine. Or if mice could understand that my space is not their space, they can live as long as they want. Until then, painful death via mousetrap. (I have beheaded many rodents for experimental purposes, I needed the brain cells. The little critters are filled with blood, and it all pours out if you pop the top. Classic traps are less messy).

Beasts of England

Third mouse or third Weber? Or both?

Jim Eagle

The way it was sung:

M.I.C see you next week

K.E.Y because we love you

Mickey Mouse.


Totally off-topic...

Last night I woke up and needed a band-aid to put on my finger. I didn't want to turn the light on, so I got one and was carefully, by touch, opening it up. I peeled apart the paper slightly and saw a distinct flash along the adhesive at the line where it was separating. I stopped, startled, and did it another two or three times, with a flash each time. I nudged DrF and said "hey, this is so cool, look at this!" He looked, said "It's called mumble luminescence. If you do it in a vacuum you get x-rays," and rolled over and went back to sleep.

...harmph... physicists... They've got an answer for everything!

Beasts of England

I have beheaded many rodents for experimental purposes, I needed the brain cells.

Pro tip: Don't f*ck with henry.

Jim Eagle

cathyf, I

saw your post on the beer pipeline in Brugge. Makes sense to me. Driving in those medieval streets is impossible. Everyone parks and walks.

Things are hard out there if you can't find a place to get it on.


Stephanie accidentally OnT?


Now it's time to say goodbye
To all our company
M-I-C, (See you real soon)
K-E-Y, (Why? Because we like you!)

That's the Goodbye song.

I can also quote the march at the beginning of the show. And the daughter knows most of the parade dances and has every scrap of Disney music available on line. :)

Which is fine until you get 7 hours of Disney parade music, music for standing in line (including the weird sounds in Space Mountain), songs, etc on your trip to anywhere. every.single.trip.

Dave (in MA)

Maybe Bandaids and Necco wafers are made of the same substance.


Necco wafers? couldn't stand those things. Gave them away from my Halloween bag.

Jim Eagle

Wow, Stephanie.

I would have never thought you to be a child of the 50's. Always figure you as much younger:)


bandaid flashes; I find that story fascinating.


rolled over and went back to sleep.

Are you sure he said "mumble" Cathy? I tried looking it up on Google and found the following:


miss Marple

Gold doubloons and pieces of eight,
All belonged to Applegate.....

Today is a day that is filled with surprises,
Nobody knows what's gonna happen.
Why you might find yourself on an elephant on the moon,
Or riding in an auto underneath a blue lagoon.
Well you Mouseketeers are sure to get some thrills,
And you know it's true that a laugh can cure your ills,
So if you're pleasure bent, we are glad to present,
The Mouseketeers' anything Can Happen Day!

And that day was Wednesday, which was also my grandad's payday at the Indianapolis Star, and he always brought us candy and comic books.

I have always like Wednesday ever since.


Happy, active, muscle bound lab mouse with hottie;

Depressed, skinny, indolent lab mouse with a real dog;

miss Marple

Ignatz, I believe that Mighty Mouse shot is from the famous Krakatoa Katie episode.


'What are we going to do today, Brain.' Narf'


Has there ever been a better time to be a mouse?


DrF has had a multi-year student research project where they have tried to detect x-rays from tape being pulled apart. The latest student has engineered a radio-controlled lego robot inside a bell jar, and they can see them pretty reliably.

Danube on iPad

A good friemd who is a retired judge and a gun collector tells me Moonbeam has recently signed a new bill into law. It provides that if a family member tells the police he is concerned about the gun-owner's mental state, the police can enter the house and confiscate all the guns. No hearing, no nothing. Iggy, is this real?


I once cut my finger, opened a band-aid, and got a paper cut.

The Dilemma ..... Would I run out of band-aids?

Beasts of England

I saw that, DoT. No chance of a disgruntled relative abusing that law...



Jim Eagle

More DOOM™ if you can take it:

Unreleased Poll: Democrats Deeply Split on Amnestty.

But read the whole thing to see how many GOPe are in the same box.



Yes it is DoT.
I believe the person then has 14 days to answer the complaint and explain why they're not looney.
The complaint is signed and filed under oath and it is a misdemeanor to lie on it so theoretically there is some protection but I'm not sure how it passes second amendment muster.


Dumbass Moonbeam also signed the bill banning plastic shopping bags statewide.

Captain Hate

Proof Zuckerberg isn't completely worthless:



I bet ebola is transmitted really really well in those reusable shopping bags!

Jim Eagle

I have a friend who was once very, very high in the SS.

He is retired and enjoying his fishing expeditions,.

He tells me that to save SS and make it exceptional take it back to Treasiury and away fro DHS.

From a real expert.


Having worked among mental and behavioral health providers for almost 20 years, I've found that the vast majority of them are uber-liberal, thus more inclined to go along with the Left's anti-2A efforts.

Anyone charged as too lonely to possess their legal firearms will have a very tough time clearing themselves of these bogus charges.


Too looney ..... Not too lonely. Damn spellcheck!


And to cap things off the petroleum industry will be subject to the cap and trade flim flam, come January first which will immediately raise gas prices an estimated 12-15 cents with 75c a possibility down the road.

Some news bimbo interviewed an air resources board communist mandarin who scoffed at the very idea of higher costs, denied the higher costs were a tax and defended using the dough collected for low income housing, etc.
He said the industry knew the costs were coming for a long time and had plenty of time to prepare for them, neglecting to explain how a long period of preparation could magically make state imposed costs disappear.


Reposting from the other thread:

Mythbusters on casual disease spreading, Stephanie:



Stephanie accidentally OnT?

Not a product of the 50s. Product of 1961.

Also a product of 38 trips to Disney with a Disney phile Daughter. She's got withdrawal symptoms now as we haven't been in 2 years. Serious withdrawal symptoms - as in "how bout we do Universal in January as our Christmas presents instead of clothes n stuff we don't really need?" Her: "OK can we run by Disney, too, please please please?"



New England College/NH1 News Poll – LVs

Brown (R) 47%
Shaheen (D-Inc) 47%

This same pollster had Shaheen up 11% just 2 weeks ago. At that rate, by election Shaheen will be an asterisk...


Too looney ..... Not too lonely. Damn spellcheck!

The one justified correction I've seen in months. (All the rest were evidence of weakness.)

hit and run

Julia becomes DNI, Clapper to IRS, Lerner to CDC, Ginsburg and Holder swap SCOTUS and AG.


The Cross tabs in the Kansas Senate race has the answer to the Roberts victory. He simply has to win back a chunk of the 30% of Republicans currently supporting Orman. Orman has donated money to Harry Reid, and Obama and run as a Democrat. I think a big chunk of these Republican voters will come to their senses. Roberts is not worse than Orman on the issues, and he wont vote for Harry Reid for majority leader.

Jim Eagle

Never been to Disney and live an hour and half away. Universal rocks as does Legolamd for Frederick but only been to those once each,

My firm designed and buiilt the MGM/Disney studio and I had to go there from time to time but not as much fun for me as Disney Paris which is tres bien:)


The mouse pic I posted earlier was just something I found on Google images, but am I the only one who didn't realize the technology had gotten to this point?

Genius introduces the Genius GILA MMO/RTS professional gaming mouse. GILA is the next generation MMO/RTS professional gaming laser mouse for the GX Gaming series. Comfortable to use with either hand or step-up twelve buttons design, Gila can be customized to conquer any gaming challenge and improve combat performance. Gila has a built in over-clocking SG Core II engine with a dpi range from 200 to 8200 so gamers can easily shift around in the battlefield. A full speed MCU with 32KB built –in memory prevents macro settings from game block and gives gamers 1-ms (8X quicker) response time. The Braided cable and gold-plated USB connector provide a stable and smooth signal connection during battle combat.

A reliable eight million life clicks give MMO/RTS gamers a comfortable button feel, and the adjustable weight design includes six metal weights – each 4.5 grams, customized to improve battle performance. Gila not only allows the X/Y axis dpi to be independently adjustable, but it includes the "Angle Snapping" function that instantly raises cursor precision at high speeds, and the "Sniper" button that instantly reduces the dpi when you need it.

Under $100.


hit and run

(All the rest were evidence of weakness.)


As were all apologies. Even if one rejects the JOM stylebook, it's Rule 6.

miss Marple

I grew up watching the construction of Disneyland on TV. Every week Walt would come on and talk about the progress at the park, along with schematic drawings.

To a little girl growing up in the Midwest, this was a Big Deal. Of course, this was in the days before the interstates were completed and before air travel was common.

A girl in my 5th grade class got to go with her parents, and she was treated like a celebrity when she returned.

I finally visited Disney World when I was in my late 40's. I am not ashamed to say that I stood in front of Cinderella's Castle and cried.

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

Yuck! And just as I figured, tk.

How to square the CDC claim about spreading the disease and Locard's principle? I don't think you can.

Or with the CDCs own warnings that sleeping with someone means you've slept with all of their previous partners as far as STDs...

Diseases devastated communities in the past by one person bringing in the disease and the others spreading it around by just living in close proximity and not traveling much more than 20 miles from each other. Locard in action...

Danube on iPad

Thanks, Ext and Iggy.

Stephanie accidentally OnT?


:cough: I cry every time I arrive and leave :cough:

Damn fairy dust. :)

If I won the lottery, we'd move here:


Stephanie accidentally OnT?


oh, holy shit!


Any worries someone will try to get your elephant gun confiscated, DoT?


"This same pollster had Shaheen up 11% just 2 weeks ago. At that rate, by election Shaheen will be an asterisk..."

Special Report just reported she is up by 6.

I've never been to any Disney. I really need to change that.


Here is the text of AB 1014 the gun restraining order law.
Five things jump out immediately;

1. By their definition of immediate family member my crazy ass brother could file one of these against me.

2. They allow them to be served by not only LE but third parties. If the person really is wacko how many process servers and deputies are going to get new orifices where they didn't use to have them and how many kooks who otherwise would not have gone off will once they're served and someone tries to grab their guns?

3. With an ex parte order any number of murderous thugs can ensure their prospective victim will be unarmed when they come knocking after they file one.

4. One of the criteria that can be used to judge whether someone deserves a restraining order is whether they bought a gun in the last six months. That seems patently unconstitutional.

5. It only applies to guns. The law is in response to the Isla Vista nut who killed three with a knife and three with a gun.


Special report was simply showing the Real Clear Politics average. Those with long memories will recall that I am not particularly enamored with RCP, run by an Obama supporter in Chicago. They tend to treat all polls equally, and seem quite selective on which ones they let in.

Shaheen may well be ahead, but I will bet anyone heads up that she does not win by 6 points. All momentum seems to be with Scott Brown, and he has shown before a talent for retail politics and closing out a race. If she wins, it will be a squeaker, and Brown may well ride the wave.

Beasts of England

I cried after realizing I paid about $10k in 'Rat Tax' for the one and only time we took our daughters. It was worth about twice that to them, so my opinion simply doesn't count.

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

Pick a special 'adult' time like the Spring Training, the Flower and Garden Festival or the Wine and Food Festival, Jane.

And go remembering those other visitors are strangers so you can be as childishly goofy as you want to be so if you want to dance in the parades, knock yourself out and it won't hit your facebook page. :)

Personally you can't beat the holidays so the 3 weeks from Thansgiving to the day kids get out of school for Christmas are both cheap (they don't get many conventions then or families) and line free. Plus the decorations are incredible.


We did the Disney Cruise last fall. Great time with 3 young girls. Princesses everywhere. The shows were great. It's a really well run company.


Apparently I'm not allowed to link this reference to an underutilized unit of measurement for good deeds.

The Prophet, peace be upon him, said: "Whoever keeps a dog, his good deeds will decrease every day by one qeeraat (a unit of measurement), unless it is a dog for farming or herding." In another report, it is said: "... unless it is a dog for herding sheep, farming or hunting." (Reported by al-Bukhaari)

The Prophet, peace be upon him, said: "Angels do not enter a house wherein there is a dog or an animate picture." (Reported by Bukhari)

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

beasts, figure 38 trips with an average stay of 5 days (4 day min and 9 day max - never again, btw) and I guesstimate I'm out over $150K...and I'm really good at getting deals from them due to my frequent stays.

Arrive super early on the first day, leave super late on the last and a 4 night trip is really 5 days in the parks.


Rat Tax? You do not speak of the Mouse House like that. Mickey has princesses ready to have breakfast with little girls, for only a small nearly insignificant fee. Ignor the running eggs. ( Why is it that Disney is great about everything, EXCEPT that the food is uniformly disgusting and unappetizing at every single restaurant? )

Beasts of England

If the only thing I knew about Islam was their stance on dogs, it would be sufficient to render my opinion.

Who's a good boy? Who's a good boy? That's right - you're a good boy! Yes, you are! Who wants some bacon?

Jim Eagle

Great new movie coming if you love the Bible.



Been to Disneyland twice....ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz
Second time was for the little squirt so it was fun because she had fun.


--( Why is it that Disney is great about everything, EXCEPT that the food is uniformly disgusting and unappetizing at every single restaurant? )--

Aint that the truth?
It's not even decent kiddy food.

Beasts of England

The ex was our travel agent, Steph. Money had no meaning...

Didn't mean to blaspheme, GMax! I thought the steak at the Canadian joint in Epcot was pretty damned pure.


Has anyone else wondered why Arabic is allowed to use "q" without a following "u" when written in the English alphabet?

Thomas Collins

Here is the mental/physical health study I'd like to examine: A study on whether people who pay attention to these types of studies have physical or mental health in excess of what would be predicted by genome, income level, etc. Baseball has wins above replacement as a stat. How about physical or mental wellness above expectation (POMWAE). I'm sure the social scientists who do these types of studies could come up with solid operational definitions for paying attention to studies, physical and mental wellness, and physical and mental wellness expectations.


Went to the Disney thing in CA once. Meh.

Dogs are much better than camels (even mice are better than camels, and mice are only good for experiments).


Just got back yesterday from taking the grandkids to WDW. Stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge and the kids loved it. Hate the new FastPass system with tiers. It's our second trip to use the magic bands and the system is working better. But you are definitely tracked. The new Seven Dwarf ride takes multiple pictures (almost undetectable in the daylight) and sends it to your photopass account immediately. Actually, all the ride pics go immediately to your account. Detects the magic band. Got a friend who works for WDW. She says if you're on Disney property, they can find you (assuming you're wearing the band). Can be good if a kids gets lost . . . .

The Halloween parade is fabulous.


I eat off campus for every meal I can, and try to limit my intake in the park to liquids for the most part. Its hard to screw up a hamburger, but Disney is up to the task. Their fancy seafood restaurant was one of the worst meals every served to me.


Another triumph of socialism as the formerly fourth largest lake in the world, the Aral Sea, has now basically dried completely up, thanks to Soviet river diversions.

miss Marple

The world can be divided into 2 groups: People of the Dog and The Others.

I do not trust any culture which abuses or marginalized dogs.

Thomas Collins

Re Aral Sea Basin drying up: Must be Boosh's and the Koch's fault.

Eric in Boise

If the only thing I knew about Islam was their stance on dogs, it would be sufficient to render my opinion.

Amen to that, Beasts. The prohibitions on beer and bacon are icing on the cake.


[OT] Hey, cowboys, I just saddle soaped my neglected Nocona boots and wonder what I should do to feed and protect them if I’m gonna retrieve them from the back of my closet and strap them on again. [/OT]


We ate at some Jungle Bar or something on the last day. Gack.
I felt like sticking my paw in my mouth like a dog and scraping the food off the roof of my mouth.


I've always heard that human bites are far dirtier than dog bites. Are we to believe otherwise based on the Prophet's scientific knowledge?


I think that's the transliteration of the glottal stop,

Thomas Collins

Not off topic at all, sbw. I'm sure social science academics have made tenure publishing on the correlation between taking care of footwear and physical or mental wellness.

Beasts of England

Mink Oil FTW!


Parenting tip: never wait until your child is 19 years old to bring her to Disney World. We realized when the daughter was a sophomore in college that we'd neglected to take her to Disney World. We had always taken her to "real" places...the Empire State Building observatory,Civil War battlefields,Washington,DC,etc,etc. I once took her to the statehouse in Augusta where we were the only two people in the buiding and we wandered around in every nook and cranny.
Stephanie,you will think this apostasy,but hubby and the daughter don't do rides. Imagine Disney without going on a ride?! Then one of the Disney Princesses walked over to the daughter and said,put a smile on your face,you're at Disney! Ha! Guess who spent the rest of her vacation sitting by the pool? We laugh now,but at the time,I was p*ssed at both hubby and daughter.You guys! Cinderella's castle!


If you have a good travel agent, a Disney certified agent, you can eat well at Disney. Disney also accommodates special diets. But you need an agent to plan it for you.

Beasts of England

@Holly: We went during our Fall Break and saw the Halloween Parade. I have to admit that it was my favorite part, aside from riding in the cockpit of the monorail one night coming back to the hotel - that was truly special.


Second the mink oil.


Once was enough for us too.

I've been thinking about the nurse not "fully informing the team" about the Liberia connection of the Texas Presbyterina Ebola screw up.
My money is on them using the Obamacare mandated electronic medical record, and I bet it's on her intake information---and that they didn't read it. These records have so much unimportant info that you lose the forest for the trees.

And if I was Rick Perry, I sure as hell wouldn't be parroting the Fed's story about these kids not being infectious if they don't have symptoms. Uh uh--wouldn't get me on video saying that.

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

Le Cellier at Canada does have really great steaks. Harbor House at Kingdom has a really decent fried shrimp and fries basket for $9.99. Cosmic Ray's for burgers. Narcoosee's at Grand Floridian for seafood. Victoria and Albert's at GF for duck. Shula's at Dolphin Hotel.

We do a "bean feast" one night: hit the Boulangerie Patisserie at France and nothing but desserts for dinner. Eclair, Napoleons, tarts, creme brulee... nom nom nom.

We did Animal Kingdom Lodge when it first opened and had a savannah view room - which was cool except for some stork like bird that squawked all night.

Prefer Beachclub to stay as you can walk to Epcot in 5 minutes and the pool is awesome. Boat ride to Studios, too, although we frequently do Coronado Springs as a more economical option. Won't do the value resorts except might try Art of Animation - their newest. It's got suites.

BTW the current wait times are as follows:

Seven Dwarfs 50 minutes
Space Mtn 30 minutes

Soarin 40 minutes

Toy Story 45 minutes
RocknRoller Coaster 25 minutes

And yes, I check the wait times occasionally and get misty eyed... sniff.

Rick B


The purpose of the "science" studies is to reinforce conditioning. I suppose a study which elicits a peck or drool response could be evaluated but I can't figure out why the evaluation would be of any more interest than the original study.

I'd rather see a truly blind study of NYT subscribers in order to determine the drooler/pecker ratio.


I'm with you, Steph. I love Disney. I go several times a year with the grandkids, and it's always a joy. We discover something new and fun every time.

BoE, before the 2009 monorail crash, families were allowed to ride in the cockpit. Just had to stand in line. Kids loved it. They also got a driver's "license" at the end of the "test" drive to show their friends back home. Very cool.

Another thing I love about Disney is Shades of Green, the only AFRC in the continental US. Located on Disney property. Military families get wonderful discounts at WDW. I have never gone to WDW without meeting at least one military family staying at Shades of Green.


I use a product made by or for Wesco (the West Coast Shoe Company), made out of bee butts or bee guts or something, SBW.
Here's the link.
They only recommend mink oil for storing boots.
Have bought all my logging boots there for almost 30 years.


Karl Rove just called our first black president lazy on Greta.

We'll see this in the NYT tomorrow

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

I have to admit that it was my favorite part, aside from riding in the cockpit of the monorail one night coming back to the hotel - that was truly special.

Can't do that anymore after some idiot had an accident... I still have my monorail driver's license somewhere.


MM we plan our vacations around theme parks. We do rides, boy do we do rides. Favorite park is Cedar Point. Kings Island was pretty good, need to hit Hershey and Kennywood and Busch Gardens Va. Oh and Six Flags NJ and Six Flags MMountain. My daughter's graduation trip was Disney. Her choice. 'Don't you want to go to the Bahamas and you can gamble and drink?' Her: 'Nope Disney World.'

K's dream right now is Disney Tokyo. Cheapest rooms are like $600 a night. Holy cow.


Thank you. When I store 'em, I'll go milk a mink. Now I'll go look up a bee butt.

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

Did he come on purpose?



Caught Mark levin on a rant on my drive home from training for a Sim ride tomorrow.

Apparently with Iraq imploding and Syria on fire and all the ISIS beheading and Hong Kong hard-balling and all the rest, the President got serious and addressed the real menace in the World today---Israel.

Apparently Israel is planning some new settlements somewhere near Jerusalem, so that is the outrage that must be soundly shouted down. I suspect Levin's blood pressure is even higher than mine.

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

"If you like your Ebola-free existence, you can keep it" things Obama kinda said

Beasts of England

You have to sneak up on minks vewy, vewy quietly...

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

Killed a wabbit! hehehehe

Damn you beasts, that is the worst earworm ever!

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