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October 30, 2014


Sandy--Engorged Capital~Fallow Districts--Daze

I'm here.

Jack is Back!

My Uncle Frank:

My Uncle Frank was a staunch Conservative, and voted straight Republican until the day he died in Chicago.
Since then he has voted Democrat.

Jeff Dobbs

Oh, no, I am NOT going to cross post my NC stuff to this thread. Not in a million years.

Frau Lehrerin a.D.

Is that Harry R-e--i-d the Searchlight pederast?

Frau Lehrerin a.D.

How long can the progs get away with this carp? It's just disgusting.

Captain Hate

In Georgia, Democrats are circulating a flier warning that voting is the only way “to prevent another Ferguson.” It shows two black children holding cardboard signs that say “Don’t shoot.”

I'm still ready for that honest conversation on race.


Don Surber got fired for calling Michael Brown an animal - on his personal blog.

Danube on iPad

"And their source is surprising."

Only to the Times.

Carol Herman

Oh, I see. Perhaps they need a sign?

While Ferguson was ongoing ... I saw one that works for me:


These days the least scarey thing any politician can do is pull the "race card." Ain't worth a damn.


And yet there was all this hullabaloo, about Willie Horton, which illustrated Dukakis's policy priorities exactly,


-— invoking Trayvon Martin’s death, the unrest in Ferguson, Mo., and Jim Crow-era segregation — -

Um, do they happen to mention which party runs Ferguson or which party passed and protected Jim Crow laws?


I know I answered my own question:


Sandy fallow districts~engorged capital Daze

Elbert Guillory

Elbert Guillory: Send Hagan Home

Elbert Guillory: Mary Landrieu is Not Helping Blacks

Elbert Guillory: "Why I Am a Republican"

Racist !



Any self-respecting black should take offense at this. Some day they will.


I'm getting a strange feeling of dejavu:


Zaphod was on hard hitting Steve Harvey show, today,

Captain Hate

Regrets, I've had a few...



Biggest asshole AG of all time.

Frau Fragezeichen

Drudge: Obama prepares amnesty plan.
For himself?

Miss Marple

Good evening all. Behind me at the auction this evening were a retired nurse and a couple who are dealers; he is German, she is American.

The pre-auction discussion turned to Ebola, Obama, and the nurse in Maine.

NO positive commments. Dealer believes this is all going on because Obama is a Muslim. (I am not arguing this, just letting you know that this is going around and not just with knuckle-dragging types. I have a friend who heads a department at a hospital who thinks the same thing.) Nurse thinks they are making people afraid with their constantly changing policies. All are disgusted. Too bad we don't have a Senator up this cycle.

Lots of angry people out there.

Jeff Dobbs

Miss Marple:
Behind me at the auction this evening were a retired nurse and a couple who are dealers

Your marijuana dealers? You're two threads behind for the that thread.

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