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October 18, 2014



Did TM Larwyn his own blog?


I believe he did.

Too late for you, pal.

Now he wants America to be strong?


This idea is of course crazy which is why I would not put it past Obama to try and implement it. {In secret of course}.


should be cuatro on the comments.


Straighten up!

Obama should go circle Liberia in a helicopter.

Yeah, that'll work with spinmeister Klain in charge.

Me too.

Tom's in a rage, heh.

Beasts of England

Roll Tide!!

(in Italiano!)

Beasts of England

Hey! What happened? We were all leaning to the right! ;)


Klain's sordid history includes
Denying or eliminating from the Florida recount in 2000 absentee military ballots. All of this with Gore's approval which is why I have always despised Gore.
Klain also advised Holder and company on bypassing protocol in the Marc Rich pardon case that was initiated by Clinton. Neither Rich's ex-wife or her friend Beth from Coloras=do {ski buddies} ever suffered any consequences from taking the 5th and refusing to testify.
Anytime he is involved Klain manages to spin his out and to muddy the waters with false meme. He was appointed to show Obama doing something. Unfortunately is is nothing more than a spin doctor who has to answer to liar Susan Rice and Lisa Monaco. Meanwhile The new head of HHS steers clear of the broken down bus of this administration.


Maybe they will be sent to the hospitals where Obama was born.


Does Guantanamo have some towels to soak up infected blood? Send them there.

Comanche Voter

Insane Clown Posse? You're giving Obozo's bunch too much credit with that moniker.

As for Klain? The new Ebola Czar missed the first staff meeting on the Ebola situation. His job is to run political interference, not deal with the health problem. He's a political Doctor, not an MD or Epidemiologist. (Although a tidal wave sized outbreak of BS occurs wherever Klain goes--that's what he's good at, and it's why Obozo appointed him.)




sbw: You are spot-on in your comments as is Iggy.
With dems calling them unpatriotic allows them the platform to mock you. Show with the numbers how their prog policies don't work. Call them on the untruths. On the Five yesterday, Beckel said it's the campaign season and democrats are going to lie . How did we get from "misspoke" to "Hey, dems will lie to achieve their ends"?
If the dems are proven liars why should we vote for them. We must expose them as liars. I loved the women on the show questioning how weird it was that Crist always needs a fan. We laughed hysterically at my house because my children and their father all have their own fans.We didn'r realize other people are strange like us.


They will mock anything you say, maryrose.

Some Guy


If I may impose some advice regarding your situation from last night. If it's that hard, it isn't meant to be, and you'll be happier in the long run letting it go.



"It is unpatriotic to lie."

Beasts of England

Followers of the Insane Clown Posse are known as Juggalos. Maybe we could call this adminstration's crew the Juggearalos?

Danube on iPad

The Klain appointment is as cynical a move as this administration has ever made.

Beasts of England

Thanks, Some Guy! It is, as they say, complicated! Appreciate the thought...


What Danube said. And that's saying something. Mind-blowing cynical move.

In character and utterly predictable.  Heh, in 2008.

Naw, it's simple, and characteristic. Obama has always thrived with spin rather than effective administration.


Obama knew full well appointing Klain would rankle anyone really paying attention. I can't wait for his attempt to get some lame-ass thug approved for AG with a Republican Senate. Ruemmler is reportedly on the short list. She of the SS and IRS cover-ups. As if.


Obama won't get Perez either despite the fact that he is Hispanic. He will have to settle for a largely bipartisan candidate which I am sure will truly upset him and as the other post stated "make him angry".

les nessman

How many of the thousands of troops sent over to Africa will be able to vote now?

Beasts of England

Just more in-your-face from an administration knowing fully that between a worshipful media and blind support from ~40% of the country, they're bullet-proof. Cynical hardly covers the evil and ugliness emanating from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.


Could it be that doctors are failing to heed the call of the Global Village Idiots due to the fact there is no "treatment" to administer? Does rehydration require a doctor or someone who can find a vein?

What's the count on beds available in facilities which have a chance at containing the disease? Will there be beds available for survivors from Camp Abandon Hope upon their return? Remember - we're stretching the time the bed is used here in the US considerably. The average time in the isolation hospices is calculated to be 6-8 days from admittance to burial or cremation (12 days for those making a vertical exit). Brantly was at Emory for 20 days, Duncan's bed was available in 11 days.

I don't anticipate a surge of doctors into Liberia regardless of whether we offer a "guarantee" of treatment should they become ill.


You're being naive if you don't think 404 isn't going to push another far left hack for AG, maryrose, and get the hack thru before Christmas. Putting Klaine in should have disabused you of the sheer, brazen cynicism of this admin. It's double down time now and if the Rs take the Senate, it'll be triple or quadruple down from there.


Don't forget Catalist, Beasts.

He's a clear and present danger.

He's angry? Someone must have slipped up and called him President Obola. A month ago I proposed 'Obola' or 'Ebama', but 'Obola' is the one that has been independently inspired many places.

Beasts of England

A clear and present danger, indeed, Kim.


Oh, and Beasts from last night? Did you forget to mention to her the $3,650 thing? ;)

Danube on iPad

If he nominates Ruemmler, load up on popcorn for the questioning about the Secret Service investigation.


How can he get a nomination through if a Republican puts a hold on it until the new Republican senators take their seats?


I think one of the reasons he is angry is that all these very public screwups make it much harder to sell the long-intended template for controlling the Western economies and people generally.

How do you realistically sell the idea that people's view of government needs to be rehabilitated?

That governments should be in charge? It will be perceived. I hope, for the self-interested crony scam it always was at its core.


I'm betting on a spineless, non-combative GOP, maryrose. Always a safe bet.


He is angry whenever a domino in his destruction maze topples early.

I do wonder why a "hapless putz" would be upset though.


--Could it be that doctors are failing to heed the call of the Global Village Idiots due to the fact there is no "treatment" to administer? Does rehydration require a doctor or someone who can find a vein?--

Persactly. Rehydration and even blood transfusions are hardly high tech. The idea they have to transfer people here instead of sending supplies there is, well, kinda insane.


The court decision on recess appointments sets a timetable for the definition of recess, maryrose.

AFAIK Reid calls the shots on recesses.

Maybe that is why the dems haven't made such a stink over the opinion.


No one wants a dumb tool like Holder in there. Repubs will demand a person with some insight that doesn't have a "Black first" sticker in their wallet.


I condemn myself with this comment but I hope the AG pick is not a woman like Janet Reno. Next to Holder.I'll never forget my s-i-l's face when she saw poor Elian Gonzalez's face with a gun pointed at it and didn't realize how awful his future was going to be in Cuba.


My best bet is Tom Perez, he's Latino (father was a diplomat for Trujillo) hates cops, is a dhimmi toward Islamists, filled the Civil Rights division with Zampolits,


TK: Have a repub senator in the Senate chambers at all times. They can rotate the assignment until whenever the new senators are sworn in. Reid went beyond the pale with the nuclear option. He will now witness the utter folly of that decision.
Obama has been slapped by the SC for his former recess appointments. The new Senate will tear him a new one if he tries anymore of his lawless behavior.Immigration isn't the slam dunk he thinks it is. Parents of recently deceased children from the entero68 virus will not approve of his amnesty thrust.


Defeated senators should not be permitted to vote on future cabinet positions. They lost the privledge when they failed to get re-elected.


I hope you're right, maryrose.


Seems to me that, with His program of Natural Section, God is thinning out herds to ensure survival of the fittest.

This is occurring with a few species in Africa, including plants and reptiles, not just with certain people, which became too numerous for the continent to sustain them.


There is no bloody way any of Klain's "skills" are going to help in this Ebola situation.
You can't spin a hemorrhagic virus.

Total transparency, honest communication, and no blaming is the only way we will keep this from becoming the disaster it has potential to be.

And there is no need to have any doctor or nurse exposed to Ebola--there's absolutely nothing anybody more responsible than a 12 year old can do for these people once they are infected. Bring in the grandmothers to care for these people!
(My 82 year old mother told my 24 year old son, who has been working with a clinic in Sierra Leone for the past two years, that she would go over in his place if he felt compelled to go back .)

I could make the medical decisions that need to be made for these people from this couch I'm sitting on. The difference in survival in Liberia between being cared for at home--70% mortality--and the hospital--67% mortality. Absolutely not worth losing a nurse over.

It's an unbelievable waste to be losing these doctors and nurses.

Do you wanna dance, under the moonlight?

Any idea what it is that survivors have and non-survivors do not? As you point out, it doesn't seem to be the care involved.


no leaving out the conspiracies, really Queenan,
there is only a limited number of facilities and beds, we can treat a few at a time, who wants the Solomonic job, to decide who is eligible,

no God is not like that, that's the other guy,


Anybody but me actually cheering the news that ISIS is "training" pilots? I'll bet every non jihadi fighter jock on earth is. Let's see what they got.


Any idea what it is that survivors have and non-survivors do not? 

This is my beef with the great Dr Brantley. We have no idea how sick he was or how he survived. All we do know is he did his endzone dance in DC to the applause of a bunch of dimwits.


Have a repub senator in the Senate chambers at all times.

Whacko birds.

James D.

Here's my campaign message if I'm an R:

Obama has refused to ban commercial travel from heavily infected countries. We know from centuries of history, and recent experience by countries N AFRICA, that this works to stop the spread of ebola.

The President, and the Democrats generally, are responsible for Every single American who contracts ebola, and every single American who dies from it. Every single death is on their heads, just as surely as if they'd taken a gun and shot the victims personally. Every single one.

There. Simple. Straightforward. And completely true.

Miss Marple

I am wondering about the article I posted from the female doctor from Nigeria who survived Ebola.

She drank a lot of a rehydrating fluid. A lot, to the point she had to force herself.

I wonder if the drinking of fluids flushes it out or prevents it from attacking organs. (I am not a doctor nor do I play one on TV, so this is just speculation.)


Re: to moonlight dancer.

There is a technical term known as LD50 which indicates the amount of a poisonous substance required to kill 50% of the population it is administered too. It seems to me that Ebola is a disease where the lethality just happens to be balanced at 70%. The rest is luck.


Once again, JamesD for RNC chair. And, yes, I'd like to subscribe to your newsletter.

Carol Herman

First of all, Obama is real angry at his own people. Those who are elected as democrats.

You can ask, how exactly will these people come in? Passengers need to buy seats on different modes of transportation.

You think Enterprise will lend them cars?

That people who work for the TSA will be willing to stand close ... and rub them up and down with gloved hands? (Of course, while wearing masks.) This is NOT going to go over well.

But as a magic wand, Obama is inflicting pain on his own assortment of political dregs.

Why is he so angry at them?

And, doesn't he understand he's pouring gasoline on his own reputation ... which is up in flames, already?

There's a small possibility that come January, and a new Congress takes its oaths ... a democrat (from the minority) will aim for impeachment. Why? Because you tell me, the GOP would dare to say "no?"


TK, Brantley was infected, bleeding into his gut, and would likely have died had he not been transported,OK?? Samaritan's Purse shelled out for his transport, not you.

What the heck is your problem with doctors? I'm sorry if you ran into the very few who are assholes, but the vast majority are some of the best people who walk this planet. Who completely give up over a decade of their lives to learn what they need to know to just start taking care of people. If you aren't happy with the care you got, about 90% of the fault is on the government and its regulations.
Get some help and get over your bad experience, because if the shit hits the fan and you get sick, you need to ally with your doctor, not be an adversary.

He was also 33 years old, and probably very healthy--I'm betting he didn't smoke, and if he ever drank, it was minimal. He survived because he got outstanding fluid repletion , transfusions from survivors and the very last dose of that Zmapp stuff.
And he'll be the first to tell--probably millions of people were praying for him.
It can't hurt.


MM, can you repost that link to the doctor who survived in Nigeria?

Unlikely that she "flushed" anything out--just that she was able to get enough fluid in to replenish the fluid that leaves her blood stream with the bleeding and diarrhea.

But her account is something everyone who wants to comment intelligently about this needs to read. It's three pages long, but outlines what kind of facilities can be effective in hot spots.


"It's an unbelievable waste to be losing these doctors and nurses."

I find it extraordinarily believable. There isn't one second in any day when human sacrifice isn't practiced by progressive fascists. It's who they are, it's what they do, it's what they have always done.

The reality is that they already recognize that doctors and nurses aren't going to willingly climb the steps of the progressive Aztec pyramid to experience the final moment of glory on the altar.

That's why the progressive slime has ordered American troops to be sacrificed in their place.


Here is Dr. Brantley's testimony in the Senate--


I fail to see where there is any thing to take exception to.

This is absolutely NOT "an endzone dance in DC to a bunch of dimwits."


Well, the listeners may be dimwits...


"We cannot fool ourselves into thinking the vast moat of the Atlantic Ocean will protect us from this disease."

Dr. Kent Brantley, September 16, 2014, concluding his remarks to the US Senate


An interesting point brought up by a local respected Pollster on local Alaskan Talk Radio the other day.

The Pollster said, lets assume it's Election night. Lets assume the Repubs have picked up 5 new Senate seats. So one remaining Senate Seat could tip the balance.

Well the last Senate seat in play is Alaska's, and our polls will still be open until Midnight East Coast time, so we will be well aware of the results of the important contests from the Elections back East and the National spotlight will once again be on us.

Will the MSM and local Media (all left) and outside Dem money be doing it's damnedest during those last few hours to do anything possible to damn the Right and get voters to the polls? Probably.

His point was that all eyes would once again be on Alaska (since Hawaii's Election is a forgone conclusion), and he was wondering how nasty and vicious it would in the closing hours.

What made me think about this was that last night my doorbell rang and some aggressive lady with a clipboard knocked on my door and shoved some out of state "Research Triangle" Survey in my hand that she essentially demanded I respond to, related to HealthCare and obviously with a political agenda. I told her I was uninterested in her survey and shoved it back at her and she responded accusatorially so I told her to get off my porch and I angrily shut the door. That was the first time I can recall anyone other than Trick or Treaters or Mormon Missionaries or the Fedex Driver knocking on my door. Her "guilt tripping" tactic struck me as almost as personally offensive as the girl in the video screaming in that restaurant about people eating Chicken, so I wondered if this was part of the Left's pre-election effort to use paid workers under the guise of some BS Federally funded Health Survey, to get my personal info so they could work on getting a database to get voters to the polls, since traditionally we have a very lower voter turnout on Election Day. She sure didn't strike me as some Tea Party type.


I explained my position on Brantley to you several threads ago, anonamom.

He is a pawn whether he or you accept it.

Miss Marple


Here is the link.


This is not quite the same as the one I found the other day. I will continue to look for that.

Because she is a woman of faith, and because it is a highly detailed description, it seems to have been picked up by different web sites and formatted slightly differently.

There are also descriptions now listed from other Ebola survivors. Googling "How I survived Ebola" pulls up quite a few articles from Africans, with varying degrees of helpfulness.


That's chilling, RB. Absolutely true, but chilling.

jack is Back!

Do you think Mark Udall will get the same treatment the MSM gave the Huntress?

Watch him baffled aoubt what 3 books have influenced him and the latest song he listened to:)


More importantly he reveals what a Prog tool he really his for Colorado.


TK, Brantley makes a heartfelt plea to send money to treat/KEEP this disease in Africa.
Tell me how that makes him "do an endzone dance in front of dimwits?"

This guy is a missionary, who took his wife and kids to Liberia--not somebody who pontificates on somebody else's blog, for God's sake.
He walks his talk.

Back off.

Better yet, admit he is a better man than either you or I.
(not to get hung up on the fact I am not a guy.)

Miss Marple


Long ago I considered going to med school. (I beat out the pre-med students for an A in zoology.)

My son was in grade school and I felt the pressure to earn money, as Mr. He Who Has Decamped was not liking me not providing a return on his investment. So I opted for geology as a major, instead.

I always wished that I had gone ahead anyway. I appreciate doctors because they have kept me in fairly good shape over the years, despite my not living the most healthy of life styles. (Here, have some chicken fried steak and white gravy when you finish that double martini.)

I assume when the critics get sick they will go see Suzanne Somers or one of those shamans. LOL!

Brantly's recovery from the virus is somewhat of a mystery. Doctors have been unable to determine whether an experimental drug, a blood transfusion from another Ebola survivor, specialized care at a medical facility in Atlanta, Georgia, or a combination of all three saved his life.

What is evident from his appearance at a joint meeting of the Senate health and appropriations committees is that that he is fully rehabilitated. 

Sen. Barbara Mikulski noted Brantly's remarkable recovery during the afternoon hearing, noting how happy the committee was to see him.

'What's so great about seeing you Dr. Brantly is one, that you're well enough to be here. You were well enough to travel here,' Mikulski, a senior Democrat on the committee, said.

'And you're well enough that we're not afraid to have you here. And we can smile, but this is a stunning, stunning, stunning accomplishment!'

The bipartisan group of Senators weren't the only U.S. leaders who were brave enough to meet with Brantly during his trip to Washington.

President Barack Obama also sat down with the Ebola survivor on Tuesday afternoon in the White House before leaving Washington for a trip to visit a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention facility in Georgia.

The White House did not release details on the meeting but it did share a photo of a smiling Brantly and his wife Amber sitting in the Oval Office with the president.  

'I had the privilege and honor of meeting with President Obama this morning and we discussed his commitment of more military and medical resources to fight this epidemic,' Brantly told Senators in his opening statement.



Brantly said it was 'imperative' that the president follow through on his plans to send 3,000 troops to Liberia and to establish a military control center for coordination, as well as his proposal to build 17 new treatment centers for Ebola and hold training for medical professionals in the country. 

Up to this point, the U.S. government's response to the outbreak has 'remained sluggish and unacceptably out of step with with the scope and the size of the problem that is now before us,' Brantly testified.

The disease has already infected close to 5,000 West Africans and roughly half of them have died.

'As a survivor, it is not only my privilege, but it is my duty to speak out on behalf of the people of West Africa who continue to face unspeakable devastation because of this horrific disease,' Brantly told the senators.

Brantly warned that Liberia would not be able 'to turn the tide on the disease' without the $88 million the president has requested from Congress to fight Ebola, including $58 million that would go toward creating more of the antiviral drug that Brantly received and another drug believed to be a vaccine.

Better man send better troops.

Danube on iPad

"They lost the privledge when they failed to get re-elected."

Actually, they didn't. The Senate is a continuing body, and each Senator retains his position until he dies or a successor is sworn in.




I let that maryrose comment slide, DoT.

Miss Marple

Dr. Brantley was being polite to the president, which is what most non-political people do. He has been a missionary in Liberia for many years and no doubt has a deep personal connection to her people.

If you want to get the US government to help, you need support from the party in power, which you do not get by handing out gratuitous insults.

Leave the insults to people like me. I am not a missionary nor a doctor, and I can think of plenty to hand out.


If you want the government to help you, be the first Ebola victim/"super survivor" on national tv, and then blow kisses at Mikulski.


Betcha 20 to 1 Brantley, whatever his virtue, is a committed prog. Any takers?


daddy, they tried that survey stunt here on us beginning some months ago--I told them to get away, too.

Danube on iPad

"Better man send better troops."

What a flippant and entirely impertinent comment. He's a better man because he had the courage to go there and help.

Dr. Kent Brantly, the American missionary who contracted Ebola while working in a Liberian hospital and survived, said he thought there was “a lot of irrational fear about Ebola spreading in the United States.”

“The answer is not simply to close the borders and let them deal with it themselves,” he told CNN’s Anderson Cooper in an interview aired Thursday. “We have to go put an end to this epidemic [in West Africa] or it’s going to keep coming back to cause problems and suffering in the global community.”

Existing restrictions have already complicated efforts to fight Ebola in Africa, which the United Nations says require flying in large numbers of personnel and supplies, including 300,000 pieces of personal protective equipment a month.




So the troops aren't better?

Miss Marple


Please stop.

Thank you.




Scott Brown: “We Would Not Be Worrying About Ebola Right Now” If Romney Won

Brown is impressing me this time. He's playing hardball. The Sheehan ads sound damning and desperate, she keeps accusing him of working for an unnamed company to take jobs out of the US. Oh and being funded by the Koch brothers.

Oh and the new liberal screed is that "Koch" is a John Bircher.



Stop what? Providing something for Danube to rebut?

Or do you mean having an opinion?


Ok, I'm out for a few hours. I'll check back in for any of you gamblers.


“The answer is not simply to close the borders and let them deal with it themselves,” he told CNN’s Anderson Cooper

The "simply" and "and" are important parts of his comment. It's consistent with what Dr. Ben Carson says, to paraphrase, "Of course close the borders, but send resources to Africa to help stop the epidemic, because otherwise it will inevitably spread and become harder to keep out."

Miss Marple

You have given your opinion about Dr. Brantley. anonmom has given hers.

Posting over and over again, criticisms on him does not make you right.

It's boring and insulting, so I am asking you to stop. That's all.


the problem, that doesn't jibe with the way Firestone has dealt with the problem, or Nigeria,
or even aspects of Sierra Leone, the good doctor could recover, because he was administered a very laborious treatment protocol, if there were a hundred such cases, it's unlikely this would have been the case,


Klain is not starting for 5 or 6 months?

You are kidding!


Beasts of England

She's seen my vehicles, boat and houses, lyle. I think she suspects I may have $3,650 hanging around somewhere...

Beasts of England

And, she's on her way to the lake right now. It's gonna be an E-ticket ride, for sure. Holy cow! I must be nuts.

Don't answer that! :)


I appreciate you asking. But I doubt I will stop.

I am not happy with the circus he participated in and I don't think that dissatisfaction is best healed by making decisions on whether he is better than me or not.

Am I supposed to post how many lives I have saved to be on team "moral high-ground?"

That is not how I roll.

jack is Back!

Sharyl Attkinson strikes again: This time its Cheryl Mills and Benghazi Document Separations.


Interviews ex-Commerce Dept. Employee who Witnessed the same manuever back in the Ron Brown days.

Danube on iPad

Go figure this one:

My sister's son, a 56-year- old former F-18 pilot, very fit (and movie-star handsome) went back to NYC last weekend for some movie award function. Monday afternoon he became violently ill, with vomiting, high fever, muscle and joint pain, and diminishing myscle control. He was taken to Mount Sinai by ambulance. Since Tuesday norning he has been paralyzed from the waist up, and is in the neurological ICU and is heavily sedated with a breathing tube. Yesterday he moved his arm once;he has been able to communicate by moving his eyebrows.

They immediately ruled out Ebola and Guillaume-Barré, but as yet have been able to make a diagnosis. Their best guess right now is West Nile Disease. They do express confidence that he will make a complete recovery.

They have also ruled out the enterovirus D-68.

(A)Nuther Bub

I have nothing but respect for your knowledge and skills, anonamom, but I am genuinely puzzled by your two statements, in close position above:

And there is no need to have any doctor or nurse exposed to Ebola--there's absolutely nothing anybody more responsible than a 12 year old can do for these people once they are infected.


TK, Brantley was infected, bleeding into his gut, and would likely have died had he not been transported,


My prayers for your nephew and family, Danube.

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