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October 04, 2014



Good morning.


I do not want Josh Hamilton or Ian Kinsler getting a ring. I should really not want Nelson Cruz to get a ring but since he didn't trash us when he left, I am willing to see him get his ring. Go Orioles!


Snow south of me in IL this morning. Since the Cards won, I may indulge by firing up the furnace even though it is above freezing (34) here.


go Royals!


Royals works too. Go Royals!

Frau Ohne Schatten

104 degrees is predicted for us today, henry. I'm not happy.

Frau Pest

Can we share a some ebola with the headchoppers, or is that chemical warfare?


Hell Frau, we do that and Obama will send troops to help the headchoppers. Oh and invite them here for a visit.


Biological warfare. It only becomes chemical when we help the via humanitarian spraying with chlorine gas.

Miss Marple

Joe Bastardi said this is the shortest time span between last snowfall in the spring and first snowfall in the autumn in Illinois recorded history.

(Reminder: shorter summer seasons indicate coming ice age. Just thought I would cheer everyone up! Maybe cold weather will kill Ebola!)


MissM, shorter summers will just cause the Canadian Menace to expand hockey season.


Fluke games. KC has played well, but we'll see what happens next. Angels are in a hole, though.

Miss Marple

If I heard correctly on Fox, the CDC is looking into over 100 "Ebola scares" in all 50 states.

CDC press conference this morning coming up shortly.

Pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Wouldn't want anyone to know their positions:


Miss Marple

CDC guy on TV. He's trying to talk in soothing euphemisms again.


Is that the same guy that lost some vials of anthrax?

Miss Marple

This guy is flat-out enraging. I am sick of the soothing talk, and I am really sick of him trying to tell us not to worry because no one exposed has symptoms.

It takes 21 days before you can be sure.

Pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Democrat war on Women.


Every single Florida Democrat in the Senate voted against this bill.

Be sure you understand what sharia law permits men to do to women.

Miss Marple

CDC guy is insulting my intelligence.

Also, they FINALLY have contacted the people who wwere in the ambulance AFTER it transported Duncan before it was taken out of service 2 days later!


ISIS beheadings now barely make the news. The new normal. Until a Republican becomes president.


Speaking of snow and ice;
Gail Collins beclowns herself over the walruses supposedly cooling their flippers on terra firma instead of the lost sea ice.
Climate depot applies the clown repellant by destroying the latest watermelon Goebbelsizations.
Koo koo ka choo.


Gail has taken up the goal to be more absurd
than Mo Dowd, mission accomplished,


Your final sentence could be appended to a regrettably vast number of observations, Porch. Have I mentioned how much I loath our press, lately?

Beasts of England

After a solid nine hours of sleep and a refreshing four mile run under a bright blue sky at 55 degrees, I feel like a million bucks ($1.214M adjusted for inflation).

Now for a Bloody Mary, a few warm-up games, and a few slabs of ribs on the Green Egg in preparation for the Bama game. And some deviled eggs, natch. And maybe another Bloody...

Keep calm and Roll Tide!!


Go Rebs! ;-0


blind squirrel finds nut, but there's one missing:


Frau Pest

narciso @ 12:52 - that gave me a great laugh. I bet Dr.Jill laughs all the time, too.

Frau Putter

Ben Franklin, it is said, wanted the turkey to be our national bird. Slo Joe is now our national turkey.


it's a good thing I was watching 'Blue Bloods'



Lena Dunham is a nutjob whose second season og "GIRLS" was a complete bust. She will say or do anything to get in the news and pretend to be a player. She is so unaware she doesn't realize her tattoos make her look unattractive. She wears ugly dresses to award shows and then complains about war on women. A disgusting person. Allison Williams{daughter of Brian Williams} is class personified and elegant.


narciso: I like the show "Blue Bloods "as well.

Danube on iPad

Tom Watson, uber-asshole:


My late mother-in law once had a house on one of the fairways at a course where Watson was playing in a tournament. A number of homeowners made their houses available to the players, and she and her husband drew Watson. The first day, after completing a practice round, the guy opened the sliding glass patio door and walked all the way across the wooden floor in his golf shoes. She asked him to please remove them in the future. He gathered up his stuff and left without saying a word.


I guess because it is a playoff game the umps allowed Molina to manhandle an umpire without ejecting him.


Maybe that gap in Watson's teeth is where one used to be.


the guy opened the sliding glass patio door and walked all the way across the wooden floor in his golf shoes. She asked him to please remove them in the future. He gathered up his stuff and left without saying a word.

I had no idea he was an ass.


I never liked Watson.

Captain Hate

Wow, I've heard more negative things about Tom Watson in the last week than I had heard at any time previously.

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