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October 14, 2014



Like Mayor Parker took a page out of the Wisconsin and IRS handbook.



Houston is farther left than Dallas. San Antonio is surprisingly only modest left, but Austin is a peoples republic. Fort Worth amazingly has become more conservative in the last 10 years...

Beasts of England

Speaking of Miss Lindsey, any other JOMers come out of the closet while I was on my West Coast telecon?

Miss Marple


Investors also thinks we should rethink Frieden as CDC head.


weird ... a whole page of comments just vanished.

Beasts of England

Click the arrow, rich...

Mad Jack

thanks rich, I did some further checking and it seems to be true. Looks like a dick discovery move by the city attorney. Exploding cigar type move. What's up with Texas?

Dave (in MA)
weird ... a whole page of comments just vanished.

Happens every 100 comments or so, I've observed.



Miss Marple

Captain Hate!

The Hand of God is still in operation!

Mary Landrieu, in her debate just now, referred to parishes as "counties." For anyone supposedly from Louisiana, this is a BAD mistake.

It will cost her, because it shows people she has lost her Louisiana identity.

Jack is Back!

We have 3 young priests - only one over 40 - barely. 2 are Americans - local guys and the third Nigerian.

I have never seen any of them use prepared notes or written sermons.

We have an associate priest who is a retired Navy chaplin - full pay at O-6:) who writes out his sermons and you can set your Rolex to them. 11 minutes and not a second more:) He woiuld love it if some progressive politician wanted to read them. They would be very educational since he loves to take on abortion, poverty by entitlement and the savages of Islam vis a vis Judeo-Christian civilization.

Danube on iPad

"Why its alright to require ID in Indiana, Ohio and Texas and not in Wisconsin is certainly not clear to me"

From a very cursory glance, my understanding is that the 5th Corcuit didn't rule on the merits of the Texas law. They just said that at this point it was too late to change the rules for the upcoming election.


Mary Landrieu is burnt toast. She knows it, and so does anyone else paying attention. She may be the last Democrat to represent Louisiana for a very long time...


Did I mention recently that all close races tend to go in the same direction during waves? Has any close Senate race moved in the Democrats direction in the last two weeks? Nope.

Things will have to continue in this direction, but there is at least a possibility of + 10 in the Senate. How does that leave the Democrats in 2016?

Dave (in MA)

Howie Carr raised a good point on his show yesterday. While everyone's focused on ebola which has killed only 1 guy in the US so far, the enterovirus (basically the same as polio only there's no vaccine) is spreading like wildfire and it seems not unlikely to have been spread to this country by illegal aliens. Thanks, Obama.

Miss Marple


I would like them to come take the sermon from our Indian priest last Sunday. He included the history of Hebrew weddings, Winston Churchill and Stalin, traditions of the Indian Army derived from Britain, wedding customs in Northern India, and the wedding garments we receive as part of the Bride of Christ at baptism.

I just love Father Francis. He is really devout and passionate about the faith, and he always has sermons which tie disparate things together, like the one last Sunday. I also like hearing about the Catholic Church in India.


IRS suspected a fishing boat owner wasn't paying proper wages to his deckhand and sent an agent to investigate him.

IRS AUDITOR: "I need a list of your employees and how much you pay them".

Boat Owner: "Well, there's Clarence, my deckhand, he's been with me for 3 years. I pay him $1,000 a week plus free room and board. Then there's the mentally challenged guy. He works about 18 hours every day and does about 90% of the work around here. He makes about $10 per week, pays his own room and board, and I buy him a bottle of Bacardi rum and a dozen Budweisers every Saturday night so he can cope with life. He also gets to sleep with my wife occasionally".

IRS AUDITOR: "That's the guy I want to talk to - the mentally challenged one".

Boat Owner: "That would be me. What would you like to know"?


--I have never seen any of them use prepared notes or written sermons.--

They will be required to turn over their brains.


Sanity in an Insane world!


Miss Marple

Dr. Doom is going to speak with Megyn Kelly.

This is a test of Kelly. Dr. Doom is going to do his usual tap dance.


Way to go Megyn for coming right back at Dr Friedan and blowing his nonsense out of the water about telling us that nothing he has said so far since this thing began is wrong.

Beasts of England

Counties? Even I know they're parishes. She's an idiot. In the words of Jean Paul Sartre: Au revoir, gopher.

Miss Marple

HA! She went to the CDC web site and she is not accepting it.

CDC doesn't recommend FOOT COVERINGS!

jack is Back!

The only counties in Landrieu's world are Montgomery, Arlington and Fairfax. DC has no counties unless you count Georgetown.


Pagar, we had two John Does, why not two Randa rulings? I'm certain a petition to stay this ruling will be at the 7 th Circuit by first light tomorrow morning. Mprobably granted by lunch time -- can't have judges go off script by following the circuit's own rulings now can we.


He ain't convincing Megyn and he ain't convincing me. He is saying that walking into an Ebola victims room to give him treatment, that it is better to not be entirely covered head to toe than it is to be completely covered head to toe, and it is better to only have on one pair of gloves rather than 2 pairs of gloves.

Did his logic make any sense to any of the rest of you guys watching him? It sure does not to me.


thanks Dave and beasts ... refreshed the page and poof. anyway.

mad jack-

it seems some law firms are on it and a number of the pastors are spoiling for a fight. think the City of Houston will lose in both state and federal court. odd that something like that would pass, was it a super secret vote with little outside input?

I would say that I am stunned, but I'm not.

and when Jim Miller stops on by, the Oregon story got an extra helping of crazy ... the Govs girlfriend also tried her hand at growing some weed. good grief, but it probably won't prevent the Governor from getting reelected.


Dr Small Gulp no Salt just ended his own career on Megyn Kelly. There will be no LARGE outbreak of Ebola here. Confidence is sexy don't ya think!!!!!!

Miss Marple


Brit Hume isn't buying it either.

Says his excuse about stopping flights makes no sense.

Brit says stop the visas.

Brit also says this type of stuff makes people think they aren't being told the truth, and makes people even more scared.


Not verbatim but darn close---

Megyn Kelly to Brit Hume: "So how'd Dr Freiedan do in my interview?"

Brit Hume: "Dr Friedan seems like a very nice man and a good doctor but his answers to you were manifestly not true."


Dr Thomas HUSSEIN Freiden, just said he'd go into a patients room without head covering. This guy is dumb as floor wax. This mf'er shouldn't debate Megyn Kelly without a helmet. It was painful to watch. The guy is a socialist Mister Rodgers, without the sweater.

Rob Crawford

Does this mean Houston mosques are handing over their sermons?

Sure. In Arabic.


Henry, what I'd really like to see is why the vote of a person who only has a piece of paper identifying him as occupant counts as much as a person who has a known identify recorded on the voting rolls?

Miss Marple

Gus, Great description of Friedan!

Brit says he thinks that they are a faltering agency which thinks that if they say this stuff it will prevent panic, but in fact the effect is just the opposite.


Brit Hume: We live in an era where people in Govt seem unable to ever admit a mistake was made...In this case we are seeing that behavior, and maybe they are doing that in order to not spread panic, but I think the result of their not admitting mistakes causes the reverse of quieting panic among the public.

Jane on Ipad


I was half listening and he sounded defensive and evasive .

Dave, have you read the 4 questions on the ballot?

Miss Marple


Brit's analysis is spot on. (I disagree with him that Friedan is probably a good doctor and a nice man, but that is immaterial.)

Jim Eagle


I just sent Frederick to bed thinking it was 1:00am since you showed up. The poor kid is mortified.

Then I checked my watch gand its only 9:25!

What is the opposite of insomnia:)

Miss Marple

You know, we really do live in very strange times.


Yes. Biker gangs from the Netherlands have joined the Kurds. I am not making this up.


Miss Marple, we are of like minds:)

I got no use for that Doc at all.

How about instead of him constantly spouting "First Do No Harm" as his defense, he instead revert to a more important slogan, "First, Tell The Truth."


An interesting meeting today with the national director of Catholic Relief Services. Just back from the West Bank and Jordan working on the Syrian refugee problem, which keeps on getting worse.

Her next one is the Ebola crisis, where they are doing census work, establishing community clinics and outlier hospitals. The people refuse to go to the Ebola hospitals because people never come out except horizontal. By going into the communities they can still isolate patients and have their families near. Some very interesting stuff CRS does, and very efficiently.


Miss Marple, the "Nice guy shit is specious"
Remember how NICE Jack Lew was? Cheese Sandwich Apple and Lil Red Book on his desk.
Freiden is from the same mold. A feckless commiecrat given power and following Dear Leader dutifully. A Bloomberg accolyte who does not respect your safety unless you dare put SALT on your french fries, or if you dare try to buy a 33oz Dr Pepper.

(A)Nuther Bub

Laughed at your joke, Jeepers. Sent it on to a good friend who owns a boat for tourists in Waikiki. I'm sure there'll be immediate recognition.


Pagar, because people from Chicago should be able to earn extra cash ensuring election of commies bought and paid for by unions. That and La Raza FSAs should be able to vote for commies that give them more free shit without deporting their illegal butts. Most important: White Priviledge. Tea Party Terrorists. Rape Culture. War on Women. Climate Change. Oil companies. Assault rifles used for deer hunting. #Ferguson

Miss Marple


This morning I discovered that he used to be the New York Health Commissioner under Bloomberg, and is the author of all of the stuff like trans fat bans and no Big Gulp drinks.

So how in the heck does this even make him an expert on Ebola, since he has only been in his current position since 2009?

He is a bureaucrat hack and probably a democrat. He is unable to change his position, admit a mistake, and the more I see him the more I think he should be fired, like O'Reilly said.

And I am not buying that BS about commercial flights being better than charters. How did we get troops to Saudi Arabia during Desert Shield? CHARTERS!

This is just terrible.

Did you hear Brit say something at the end about how Friedan's actions are controlled by someone else? (Words to that effect, not a direct quote.) I am sure hoping it isn't Valerie Jarrett.


So Joshing Not so Earnest, said we have a coalition of 60 nations.
He couldn't list 15. This administration will go down in history in a very ugly way. IF WE HAVE HISTORY.


That's nothing. Wait till the Democrats raise taxes.

(A)Nuther Bub

Did his logic make any sense to any of the rest of you guys watching him? It sure does not to me.

No daddy. But it wasn't quite as unfathomable as his explanation for why we are safer letting W. Africans into our country than temporarily keeping them out.

Beasts of England

As I pointed out the other night: Dr. Frieden was a community organizer in his earlier career. He's a dangerous fool. And not a nice person in any way. I won't curse, but I want to badly. These idiots are endangering our country, our freedoms, our way of life.

This is real, folks. Anyone who supports democrats and their resultant leftist, bloated bureaucracies is the enemy.

Jim Eagle

Yes. Biker gangs from the Netherlands have joined the Kurds. I am not making this up.

Well, now I know why the Biketoberfest here is so short of wild, beer guzzling, Dutchmen this year:)



"Yes, we are succeeding in this effort" to defeat ISIS.
"Yes, Turkey is letting us use their Air Bases.
"Yes, We are stopping the Ebola outbreak in its tracks and our CDC Protocols are correct and we have said and done nothing wrong so far.

And this is all like in the last 2 days.

(A)Nuther Bub

If you looked carefully into Dr. Frieden's eyes as Megyn interviewed him you could see great anger and great fear.


The Obama administration is so stupid, and the Republicans even more so, for not recognizing that this lie of "60 allies" in this coalition is most damning.

If 60 allies and the U.S. are failing so badly to stop ISIS, then something needs to change.

It didn't take that many allies to defeat Nazi Germany and Japan.

Miss Marple

Beasts, I do not understand how anyone gives him credence, when he had apparently NO experience with infectious disease before 2009, when he was appointed.

As I said a few days ago, he keeps repeating the same phrases and acts like if all of the brochures are printed and boxes checked, then everything will be ok.

Of course, this is how Obama is running the ISIS operation, too. Just say stuff and act busy and the "dumb public" wil think we are winning.

ebola is serious stuff, and we need to stop it in its tracks. I do not approve of on-the-job-training for Dr. Friedan.


Wait until the union nurses start complaining of respiratory problems from inhaling the sodium hypochlorite vapors they're apparently spraying all over the place. The CDC recommended N-95 !! masks aren't going to cut it. No justice, no peace, baby.


Yeah that's it!! We've got 431 countries in our coalition. That's it!! Zero boots on the ground 50 airstrikes. What are the other countries doing??


Posted by: Beasts of England | October 14, 2014 at 09:34 PM-

know how you feel.

CNN's doc showed how inadequate the CDC's protect protocols are.

our betters ...

Carol Herman

Yup, much more wampum to buying insurance.

I first noticed this "burp" when Anthem started billing $80 every month. Rather than $80 for two months.

Now? Anthem has exited the Los Angeles market! Disappeared. Probably because Los Angeles was not a profitable market!

As soon as the "Affordable Care Act" came down the pike, fees rose! (Just as John Roberts said: It's a TAX!. Just not called a tax. And, he's still sitting on the Supreme-O bench.)

The most amazing thing about health care is that the costs are so astronomical! A long time ago, (before insurance swelled up so much), people saw bills that could resemble a week's wages ... But now they see bills higher than they'd pay for a new house!

In other words? We're no longer attached to any American pocketbook.

Medicine also feeds lawyers. Since lots of people like to find reasons to sue. (Even the Ebola patient's family was looking to sue; until the nurse who treated Duncan came down with Ebola, herself.)

America is different than Africa in the respect that people actually communicate information (along with their fears). While in Africa the population is counting on voodoo.

I've just added Ebola to the list of things Obama got wrong.

As to the "flying public?" Let's see what happens the day following Thanksgiving; when all retail businesses dream of profits.

At shopping malls? I wouldn't be surprised for the big department stores to put in a "bleach smelling" spray ... to make people feel safer ... coming in to shop.

And, this is counting on it NOT becoming an epidemic! You can't pay people enough money for them to spend their working hours in HAZ-MAT suits!

Miss Marple


Of course. It only took almost 2 years to find this out.


Is Dr Kervorkian available to take Dr Thomas HUSSEIN Feidens soon to be vacant job, or is he still dead.


--... the Govs girlfriend also tried her hand at growing some weed. good grief, but it probably won't prevent the Governor from getting reelected--

I figure these stories are being fed by the
Governor's camp to energize the base; she breaks the law to help an illegal stay in the country and she is a pot grower.
Win/win in Oregon.


Posted by: fdcol63 | October 14, 2014 at 09:41 PM

Kerry failing his Global Test. We dodged a bullet when he lost.

Wonder if they'll consider the Netherlands Biker Gang as part of the coalition?


If you looked carefully into Dr. Frieden's eyes as Megyn interviewed him you could see great anger and great fear.

Yep on the anger part A(B). When she said he had made mistakes he came immediately back at her hard in what I took to be angry self defense, but she came right back at him armed with the facts and didn't let him him cower her, or get off the hook.

And his goofy answer about Airlines and Charters made no sense to me at all, unless you view him as simply committed to the President's policy of keeping the incoming flights coming in from West Africa at all cost, regardless of facts or logic.

Jim Eagle

As I understand it San Marino, Andorra, LIchtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco and the Vatican have joined the coalition.

All have pledged either secret bank accounts, special stamps or futile military action.

Jim Miller

rich - I saw that Oregon story. Cylvia Hayes does have an interesting, and rather entrepreneurial, past, doesn't she?

Pure speculation: I have been wondering, ever since the two of them didn't get hitched whether Kitzhaber might have felt she was just a little too interesting.

And now that they have become engaged, I have started wondering whether they might be looking forward to not being required to testify against each other. (I am assuming that Oregon has some sort of legal protection for married folks, since so many states do.)

The timing of the engagement -- August -- is one of the things that makes me suspicious. Given how much the Willamette Week has dug up, I am guessing that they have been investigating for months -- and it seems fairly likely that the couple in the governor's mansion would have heard about the investigation before August.

But perhaps I am just too cynical and suspicious.

Beasts of England

Let me rail against Jeb Bush one more time this evening.

Does Common Core help anyone here at JOM, or their children or grandchildren? No.

Does Common Core represent a detriment to anyone here at JOM, or their children or grandchildren? Yes.

Does immigration 'reform' help anyone here at JOM, or their children or grandchildren? No.

Does immigration reform represent a detriment to anyone here at JOM, or their children or grandchildren? Yes.

He's neither a conservative nor a Republican. He's sure as heck not a Libertarian or even a classical liberal. He's a democrat. And one of the enemy. Screw him.

Jim Eagle

Sorry, but I forgot the Faeroe Islands and the Seychelles who have also joined and are contributing smoked cod and orchids just in case they are needed.


Oh, I'm sure some of those 60 allies have sent ISIS some of those dreaded and feared "strongly worded resolutions". LOL


Well let's start a pool. THERE IS NO GAMBLING AT BUSHWOOD SIR!!
Let's start a pool. Let's call it the WAG THE DOG POOL. Before the week is up, there will be a distraction.
I'll go first. I predict Obama will personally GET Bin Laden, and GM will stay alive.


Brit Hume: We live in an era where people in Govt seem unable to ever admit a mistake was made

Hmm. Kinda like Big Brother in Orwell’s 1984, using the Ministry of Truth to craft the newest truth.

Miss Marple

rich, Have a friend with Danish relatives who says that Kurd-descended Danes have gone to help.

Erik Prince was on Fox last night and sounded like he wanted to send people in from whatever Blackwater is now called.

It would be interesting if regular people took up arms sort of like the CRUSADES.

Beasts of England

1984 is a how-to manual for these idiots, sbw.

Danube on iPad

There is a power in yew that is greater than any power that comes against yew.

We need a specially designed boutique gas for this guy.


These 60 nations,,,, where are they basing their operations?? NEVERLAND RANCH?



"Houston's embattled equal rights ordinance took another legal turn this week when it surfaced that city attorneys, in an unusual step, subpoenaed sermons given by local pastors who oppose the law and are tied to the conservative Christian activists that have sued the city."


"The city attorney's office has not responded to requests for comment."

Who really is "the city"...the citizens or the government? How about the citizens of Houston subpoena all the "sermons" from the mayor, the city attorneys, leftist advocacy organizations, etc. ...
Even if you are labeled a "conservative Christian activists" you are still a free American citizen & you have 1st amendment free speech rights.

Leftist advocacy groups are like locusts in our nation & then when conservatives try to organize at all, we are brought up on charges & harassed.
Scott Walker, the IRS, the EPA,
Sierra Club pushing for streetcars, LGBTETC groups suing,suing, suing, enviro. groups sue & settle, ...

Some Guy

60 in the coalition should be easy for Zero and Lurch.

You start with the 54 states...

Miss Marple

Beasts, I have no use for Jeb Bush. I think he is a wheeler-dealer and is not concerned with what the common folk care about.

I have followed him on Twitter since I first got on. He rarely posts anything, and when he does it is about education and the usual junk derived from Common Core.

He never posted in defense of Sarah Palin when she was first attacked. Never defended the GOP from attacks. Never stood up for Romney during the campaign.

I find him a weak and self-serving guy, more concerned about his career in politics rather than the country.


Danube!! Watch the commercial with Osteen, and watch his "attempt" at hugging the guy.
Praise Jesus, put your hand on top of your TEEVEE and send me 20 dollars.


I thought there were 57 states? LOL

Jim Eagle

Nytol. Slaap Lekker,


fdcol63! If you count all 57 states, plus Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Cuba you have 60!!
All we need now is D.C. and we're set!!


Don't forget the state of denial.

Miss Marple

Danube and Gus,

Olsteen is one who probably drives 2 people away from Christianity for every one he converts.

My daughter and I have been repulsed by that add, particularly when he looks right into the camera with that smarmy smile.

However, he must appeal to some people, or he wouldn't be so successful. I don't get it myself, but then I am one who liked Pope Benedict far more than Pope Francis.


Oh Yeah Daddy!! EGYPT!! Will the Muzzzztard Yaya Brotherhood help us!! Stay tuned.


Gus, you got it! LOL

Beasts of England

Agreed, Miss Marple. He's Fredo Bush. ;)

Miss Marple


Doctor on Hannity talking about how ebola cells can get into the lungs and be exhaled.

Dave (in MA)


Yes No Yes No


Joel Osteen should head to Liberia and tell those peeps that there is more power within them, than the Ebola that goes against them!!!
He could take Thomas HUSSEIN Freiden.
And both could wear ZERO HEAD GEAR.

Miss Marple

By the way (going back to Olsteen) any power we have derives from God. It is not something we inherently have which we can tap if we only have confidence.

I don't like this stuff because I think it makes people feel that if they don't get their prayers answered the way they anted, it is because they are unworthy and sinful.


It's the glorious Malabar I mean Baghdad front, in Libya it has been General Hafter's Operation Dignity that has been getting things done, but they lost their aircover after David 'Abbott'
Kirkpatrick, was leaked the story, that same reporter is the only one, that Greenwald congratulates in his cheerleading for Team Doha,
the place where officials in the Central Bank and the Ministry of the Interior pass the cup for AQ
and the Islamic State.




Narciso, not to be too critical, but you didn't get the message. It is not a STATE and it CERTAINLY is not ISLAMIC.


As I said a few days ago, he keeps repeating the same phrases and acts like if all of the brochures are printed and boxes checked, then everything will be ok.

These kinds of checklisters have been running the world for a while now. I first became aware of them with the flood of Sarbanes-Oxley compliance types almost ten years ago. I had always known that the soft side areas like HR was like that, but they have now infested Information Security and even IT Enterprise Architecture.

There is a dismayingly common idiocy that afflicts people easily mistaken for normal. This idiocy manifests as a belief that risk can be eliminated so long as all the I's are dotted and the T's are crossed. It is plain old Cargo Cult magical thinking.

Idiots like Friedan make their livings based on the volume of the paper trails they produce. Nevermind the content or applicability, it is the sheer weight of crap they produce to be filed away that counts. And this mindset is a death spiral because it repels people competent enough to recognize the futility of these exercises at the same time that it attracts natural petty bureaucrats like moths to a flame.

Miss Marple

Hey, Dr. Friedan, think all of these guys breeched protocol?


16 Doctors Without Borders infected. NINE dead.

hit and run

Sitting on a patio down on the wharf here in beautiful San Fran. Just finished me clam chowder, about to finish my second Anchor Steam, and I'm having something called lobster and shrimp spaghetti. #yolo

I succeeded in skipping the Hillary speech this morning.

The afternoon keynote session included the Beach Boys, which was fun. Dadgum they're old. But still a lot of fun. Daddy still took the T-Bird away....

Spaghettis here and time for beer three.


Beasts of England



Goodnight Beast. I heard that the poor dead Liberian had really bad diarhea and Juan Williams is proof. What a fucking idiot. Willfully stupid, stuck on stupid and quite sure he's the smartest guy in the room. I can't watch him anymore. His MASTERS tell him something and he believes it. Simple as that.


Anyone else watching Megyn's interview notice the irony? They showed clips of the guys in head to toe hazmat suits with portable interior oxygen supply - and then she shows the CDC sketch posted in hospitals with the face mask and the one pair of gloves while he insists it's safer to NOT wear head gear or foot protection?

Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

I'm jealous, hit. Contrary to sophisticated opinion, I am a sucker for the Wharf. First there in 1957 with my family (we had lunch at Alioto's). Then the day I left for RVN 10 years later. Many times at ABA conventions from 1990-2004, once with two of the daughters. Anchor Steam and sourdough still tasted real good. That pasta dish sounds good too.

Miss Marple


daddy mentioned the "safer to wear less" meme. I wasn't watching, only listening, because my TV is over my left shoulder here in the office.

The CDC guy seems to be determined to stick to his unbelievable statements, no matter what.

I am beginning to wonder if he has been threatened to stick to this line, or else. It reminds me of the video excuse for Benghazi. No matte what, they stuck to their ridiculous script.

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