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October 28, 2014



"Medivacing infected Drs/nurses to the USA facilities in controlled circumstances for treatment is actually a good idea..."

No it's not. It might be if the personnel involved were performing tasks beyond the capabilities of the indigenous population but they are not. Money expended on "We care." lapel pins cannot be expended on bleach, Tyvek and rubber or supporting indigenous personnel.

The progs are just killing blacks for sport again.

Old Lurker

He's had a great seven years, Iggy.

Nationalized health care industry.
Opened the borders wide admitting the FSA.
Emasculated our military.
Empowered Putin, NK, Iran and ISIS.
Removed Congress as a Check or Balance.
Emasculated private property rights (BK, EPA)
Ran huge deficits and used unlimited debt.
Removed what was left of States Rights.

The list writes itself.

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

Yikes... NOT my granddaughter, my friend's granddaughter. I don't have any grandkids yet.

My daughter is supposed to house sit for her this weekend and watch her Bichons while she goes to JAX for the GA/FLA game...


Sorry to hear that Stephanie, prayers for that girl (note to Narc@11:04, not Steph's granddaughter, but her friend's).

promise that the U.S. will be the world’s medical backstop.

American exceptionalism! We can be the world's medical backstop, but we cannot be an exemplar in freedom, national security, supporting allies, etc.




Ever since I installed OX Yosemite I'm having troubles with this site.

Danube on iPad

"Is she the epitome of the narcissistic society we live in?"

I'm giving this one an unequivocal "yes." I would like to see her taken into custody and forcibly quarabtined. And of course for the safety of the arrestin officers she would first have to be tased.


sorry about that, OT, PoI is just seeming slightly implausible, Samaritan has to pick up on all these anomalies,


The alternative to bringing infected DSF types into the USA for intensive treatment is the current refusal to impose a travel ban and Dr Spencer and Kaci traveling as they please. Treating infected DSF and local West African docs, while imposing a non essential travel ban is a rational response to the calamity. As to how to address the West African calamity, that is a separate matter.


what's interesting to me about that hacking of the White House computers is that the Office of the First Lady is one of the agencies that was included (along with many others.) If this was a Snowden type, the administration may be getting blackmailed to prevent personal or embarrassing information from leaking out.

James D.

NK, the problem is - and we all know this is how it will go - Zero & company will bring the infected people in and also NOT impose the travel ban.


you can treat a few at a time, but as Dr. Lahita points out, it is an extraordinarily labor and equipment intensive endeavor, something like six nurses for patient some 112 changes of garb, per day


OK,I'll say it...I think Ron Klain has been busy orchestrating this Kaci situation and she is a willing accomplice. If our attention is distracted by the legal machinations,then we won't be paying attention to the possible real threat to public health and safety.


office of media affairs and press secretary also hacked, wouldn't that be interesting to know if the White House participated in a journo-list type chat room. And we were tipped off by a foreign government, so the threat of extortion is getting more likely

see Power LIne blog

Old Lurker

Don't we still have hospital ships?


btw, I use argon to preserve opened bottles of wine, now they are getting personal


well sure, anything else you haven't told us about:



Having trouble with the new operating system Yosemite..


I'm always about two operating systems behind on our Macs just for that very reason...of having problems.

My half-baked theory is that security is such an issue with all computers the engineers go overboard in that department.

Have a friend who upgraded to the operating system previous to Yosemite on his laptop Mac and it damaged the logic board of all things!

So a word to the wise is to NOT be in a hurry to upgrade. It's saved me a lot of grief.

HB, Beasts :-)


James-- well of course the Obamaniacs will not do anything rational in the public interest.

The Cyber attack comes just as oil prices crash and Putin loses the initiative in East Ukraine. I have a guess who is perpetrating the attack.


seems to have been conjured by the same dark magic behind Vista, on mt. doom:



Happy Birthday Beasts!!!

Danube on iPad

Maybe I missed something, but I think this guy has had six years, not seven.


DoT,your 11:17 made me laugh. I've been imagining the townspeople of Fort Kent taking a stand against her entry into town at the historic blockhouse. The fort is a reminder of the border dispute between the U.S. and Great Britain. The treaty settling the dispute was signed in 1842. The site is maintained by local Eagle Scouts.

Some Guy

Maybe I missed something, but I think this guy has had six years, not seven.

It makes sense if you factor in all 57 states.

Old Lurker

Seems like 70 to me, DoT...


Maybe I missed it, but does anyone know where Jane is? Haven't seen her post in quite a while?


He won 7 years ago.

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

New thread. Got milk?


One should recall, who Leibovich, he's the chronicler of Mos Eiseley, aka the Town, the abode of the likes of the Searchlight strangler, the departed Tim Russert and his apprentice David Gregory, so why wouldn't he look askance at Ernst or the Huntress,

Captain Hate

PoI is just seeming slightly implausible, Samaritan has to pick up on all these anomalies,

Yeah last night's episode seemed slightly off in that regard although God knows what Samaritan would make of a Reese wannabe. Btw that guy looked exactly like my image is of somebody who listens to police band scanners.

I wonder what type of code Whistler Finch planted on the woman's laptop that would pique Samaritan's interest; surely something he and the Machine agreed on.


I'm so grateful that CH, Narc and Iggy like POI and talk/write about the ongoing plot(s). Sometimes I have a difficult time figuring out what's going on with that TeeVee show :-)


--Maybe I missed something, but I think this guy has had six years, not seven.--

I think I said "nearly" seven years; he's about to complete six and enter number seven.
If ever "close enough for government work" applied I'd have to say this is it.


--I wonder what type of code Whistler Finch planted on the woman's laptop that would pique Samaritan's interest;--

I thought it was the other way around; he and the Machine figured she was in Samaritan's sights and so he planted a device to keep track of her, unbeknownst to Samaritan.


New England Journal of Medicine:

Health care professionals treating patients with this illness have learned that transmission arises from contact with bodily fluids of a person who is symptomatic — that is, has a fever, vomiting, diarrhea, and malaise. We have very strong reason to believe that transmission occurs when the viral load in bodily fluids is high, on the order of millions of virions per microliter. This recognition has led to the dictum that an asymptomatic person is not contagious; field experience in West Africa has shown that conclusion to be valid. Therefore, an asymptomatic health care worker returning from treating patients with Ebola, even if he or she were infected, would not be contagious. Furthermore, we now know that fever precedes the contagious stage, allowing workers who are unknowingly infected to identify themselves before they become a threat to their community.

Other sources with different science-based conclusions?




jimmyk on iPad

I asked about Jane a day or two ago. Is it possible she's on the NR cruise? That's happening sometime soon.



I'd say the scientistic basis for the consensus view presented is somewhat weaker than the scientistic consensus which rejected the bacterial hypothesis regarding ulcers.

I would suggest more lab coats and eyeglasses to strengthen the appearance of the consensus.

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