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October 30, 2014


Strawman Cometh

create a new problem for the Obama administration.

Focus noted. How many problems have the so called "Obama administration" created for us. Rhetorical


Can it be I'm first? Finally!! And so now - at a time when it is so important to have Israel by our side and helping us - look at the idiots in the State Dept. Calling Bibi a chicken----. I think it is obvious who is the chicken----.

For the life of me I cannot understand why God lets some of these people live. How can someone who is that stupid be living anyway? I refer of course to Lurch, who had the courage to toss his medals over a wall and then maligned and defamed and lied about our military in front of congress.

And those gutless, spineless, yellow belly bastards in the White House - all of them including Obama -how dare they question his courage? They aren't fit to clean his toilet, much less his shoes. I'm so damn mad I could chew nails. I hope they all die of Ebola. I hope a house falls on them and crushes them. I hope they fall off the nearest steep cliff - God - I am so mad.



I think many are missing the point about calling Bibi chicken, they are upset because he did not take care of the problem for them. Maybe they hope that he still might.

Now the Administration is forced to either get tough on Iran or negotiate some sort of settlement that does not make them look too bad.

If only Bibi had destroyed the Iranian program, they could just posture against Israel and breath a sigh of relief that it would not be up to them.

I sensed the same pattern with Libya, Syria, Ukraine, etc. in of them the Administration seems to be waiting for others to lead, so that they may follow. Bibi just did not play that game.



When the machines can cope, nothing else matters.


I think we all miss the point when anonymous WH sources are setting the narrative.


Bori - I agree I think that is exactly what is going on - I really do. But you know what - once in a while I would like to see some class. It is painfully embarrassing to have to watch and listen to these people. And other people in the world know these people are Americans and that they represent our government. I cringe with shame when I see Lurch or Chuck Hagel twisting themselves in knots to say nothing, looking and sounding like village idiots for all the world to see. And Joe Biden - tell me honestly - would your parents in their wildest imaginings ever have thought that someone like him could be Vice President of the United States?

Why can't anyone in the White House or State or the Defense Dept show any manners or class? Does anyone here know what I am talking about? There are simply some things in life that are not done. And that goes for public life as well as private life. It is sickening that they are so classless and ignorant.



I totally agree, Kerry and Hagel should know better but they are following their leader. Community organizers don't get marks for class, they make their marks by tearing others apart to get what they want.

They have no class, they would not know what class is. To them class is what losers do, and no matter how much they f-up they would never admit defeat, it is always someone else's fault.

Bibi is now that someone else, if it wasn't him they would find someone else to blame.

Totally despicable and shameful.


Amphipolis Tomb Update:

It looks like we may have been snookered, both by ancient Tomb Robbers and by ancient Tomb Builders@#$.

Latest is that the hole in the wall leading into the 4th chamber isn't really a 4th Chamber at all, but is instead simply a hole dug eons ago by the probable grave robbers:

...archeologists excavating Ancient Amphipolis were expecting a fourth chamber to be found, as a gap in the wall seemingly led to another chamber, but the dig revealed a marble stanchion had been removed from the spot by human hand. “The tomb has obviously experienced human intervention, as we can see so far. Since the beginning of the announcements, we had said and repeated several times that we have very strong indications of looting,”

A smidgen of hope remains alive tho'...

...there are hopes that a fourth vault might be discovered underground, covered by a horizontal sealing wall...Archaeologist are currently digging through one meter of sandy soil to reach the floor of the third chamber, hoping that the burial room is underground, covered by limestone.

So my fingers are still crossed, and for those interested, here's a fun little video of the workers inside the tomb sifting thru the dirt.

Mind over Matter

-1, +1 then +3

2 can play that game.
Dems may be surprised to find for every R vote stolen, added to D, can be changed to 3Rs.




The admin strategery for all things is based on a false premise: the JEF and his chosen henchmen are smarter than everyone else. When events show they are in fact dumb as rocks*, events which occur every two weeks somewhere, the game plan is to sweep it under the rug to maintain the premise. For this they deploy their enabler brigade in the MSM who knw themselves to be smarter than everyone else with even less evidence.

* not enough pixels in the universe for a complete list, here are a few to start:

Reset button
Fast & Furious gun running
ObamaCare (with its own infinite sub-list)
Ad infinitum

Miss Marple


I completely know where you are coming from. Boorish, classless, tasteless people who have no appreciation for manners, decorum, or anything in which normal civilized people regard as dignified behavior.

On top of that, they have a complete lack of knowledge of history, human behavior, common sense, or other cultures (other than whatever Obama picked up in Indonesia.)

And they are thugs. Graceful wining isn't in their repertoire. They snark, and threaten, and spoke the ball in the end zone, gratuitously insult, and generally are loathsome types. And they are the epitome of sour grapes when they lose.

I have seen a much better class of people in car dealerships, coal mines, and carnival midways.


henry raises an interesting philosophical point... how many mistakes of the Obama administration can dance on the head of a pin?


The case could create a new problem for the Obama administration,

*two Northern California sheriff’s officers
*Border Patrol agent Javier Vega Jr.
*Border Patrol agent Brian Terry
*Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty
*Boston marathon runners

All these Americans deaths were so inconvenient for the Obama administration. How dare they cause problems for Obama...

James D.

TexasIsHeaven, I agree with you 100%, but there's one nit I hav to pick:

I refer of course to Lurch, who had the courage to toss his medals over a wall and then maligned and defamed and lied about our military in front of congress.

Wasn't it someone else's medals that Lurch tossed over the wall, before his appointment to malign, defame and lie about our military in front of Congress?


"how many mistakes of the Obama administration can dance on the head of a pin?"

In reality or in a faculty lounge? IOW - will a proof which begins with "assume pi = 3" be acceptable if the sophistry and casuistry applied to the balance of the equation produce an answer which the blind will accept as elegant?


Ah, Janet, I was just thinking of you! Look at this, Hillary's proclivity for hiding documents even prior to those found under her bed in the WH, during Watergate, a la Sandy Berger.


re-post from prior thread:

Hit&Run-- are you on bald head island? which area? been there about 12 times over the years, warmest water of the year right now. have a good time, and hit the little white ball straight.

James D.

I have no interest in reading the NYT article, but can anyone tell me if there's even one word devoted to the actual, you know, consequences, of the various Administration foreign policy failures and debacles?

Or is it just 20 paragraphs about how bad it feels to be criticized in the press, or to have to work late nights because those darn inconsiderate foreigners won't just play nice and behave like Obama wants them to?

Jeff Dobbs

Yes, NK, we are over near the East Beach.


Good Morning! Where to begin? Last night Kaci gave an impromptu press conference outside of the house. She thanked the people of Fort Kent for (except my mother-in-law) and said she looks forward to going out for pizza. The state's court order was submitted to a judge last night.
Sen.Angus King switched his endorsement for governor from his "friend" Eliot Cutler to Mike Michaud.
Barbara Bush is in an ad for LePage saying "he's blunt and direct,like me."
If Kaci is physically restrained,the cameras are waiting and it will be all over national news. I'll continue updates from Maine.

Jeff Dobbs

THEIR Ability To Cope?!?




I hear ya, BR.

Our rotten press doesn't care... or they are too lazy to do some digging.
JOMers do more digging, expose connections, & ask better questions than the MFM.


fresh cup of doom, here:


expecting competence out of Susan Rice, winning the future?

Miss Marple


I went over and read it. Lots of carp about how they are exhausted, how Obama doesn't have heavy-hitters anymore like Gates and Hillary, how Obama is mostly cerebral and methodical and cautious (that Ebola blow-up was uncharacteristic, you know), and quite a bit about McDonough being dispatched to do things and lots of comments from Susan Rice.

There is also a detail that someone from the Clinton Administration is worried that the National Security Council is too heavily involved in diplomacy. (I took that as a slam at Susan Rice.)

However, not one jot or tittle about damaged relationships with allies, loss of Iraq to ISIS, rise of Putin, Ukraine's loss of the Crimea, Iran's nukes, or anything else.

They speak approvingly of bringing in outsiders like Ron Klain to inject "new blood" (which seems a laugh since he is the ultimate insider).

So, pretty much what you expected. Don't waste your time reading it.


"Live one day at a time & just be happy"...& go out for pizza!...& go bowling!

We can't have any delayed gratification...even for the health security of an entire nation. No. Kaci needs to go out for pizza.

James D.

JOMers do more digging, expose connections, & ask better questions than the MFM.

My cat does more digging in her litter box than the MSM does into anything remotely important or relevant.


East Beach-- long way from the golf club house, must be a what 8 min cart ride? Enjoy your stay and the Shoal Club, sunrise must be beautiful.


The NYT story is just some more enabling from the bitter end Obamaniacs there. The tension amongst the NYT Progs is whether to dump on Obummer as a deeply flawed technocrat who betrayed the brilliance of Progism, or enable Obummer no matter what because Obummer IS Progism. This writer/editor are in the latter camp.

Old Lurker

PJM has a big story about all the illegals voting in MD and VA.



OT, a good friend posts on fb: has there ever been a more dominating performance by one pitcher in a World Series as Bumgarner? taken together with his performance in the three tiers of the playoffs, I wonder. However, the 2014 Royals are not the greatest team ever to win the AL championship, so there's that....

Old Lurker

Can you imagine the next two years if it is Hil vs Jeb?


the Agonizer would be less painful:



Hillary's lying positions:

A la Jane Fonda, Air-o-bics for the homeless:

1. Sleep on your back on the ground - good for bums

2. Sleep on your right side, head on right arm, legs straight - good for fat right hip

3. Sleep on your left side, knees bent - good for knee muscles and to fit on park benches

4. Sleep on your stomach - good for neck muscles, also fools hunger pangs

5. Sleep standing up and pretend you're lying


well it kind of fits, just keep Shia and the other distractions away;



The judge better sign the court order ASAP. Kaci and Ted are a bike ride.


Election night-- Right now I don't feel any great anxiety (except for Milwaukee and Racine fraud, but even there I expect Walker to be all over that), I assume the NC Senate seat is lost to that twit Hagan,(biggest dissappointment since Mo. Del and Nev senate elections) but I think the others will go well. What if somehow we wind up with Scottie Brown and Foley winning in new england and Crist winning in Fla? Tsk tsk Fla conservatives, you've fallen behind the curve. We UN-friend you :)


I think Peter Berg, would better adapt the material, where do you think the strigoi are coming from, NK, your neck of the woods,

although seriously our governor's team is right up there with the Royals,


I've met Peter berg a few times at my daughter's fancy pants school. He seems remarkably normal for a Hollywood producer-director.


The Economy Stupid-- good 3Q GDP#. Consumer spending was weak and Gov't spending was high, but still. Expect consumer spending to pick up as gas/food prices drop until the end of the year. God, if we could just repeal obummercare, and muzzle the EPA, growth and jobs could really accelerate from here. TBD.


*on a bike ride*

Miss Marple


We have flurries forecast here in central Indiana for the weekend. Trick-or-treaters will have to wear coats over their costumes tomorrow night.

If we have a long, cold winter a lot of the surplus from lower gas prices will get spent on heating bills, so that portion will be a net zero for any other spending, at least in the northern half of the country.


LOL. Mary Burke now says she was reorganized out of her Trek job (what a dim bulb, at that time the operative term was "organizationally enhanced" where the organization was enhanced by your absence). The COO gave an interview that played on the radio saying she was canned in Europe, but not from Trek (sent on sabbatical instead) due to sensitivity of family owned company. MSM forced to admit they didn't vet Burke -- in every paper in WI!


I say, because of his work, on 'the Kingdom' which I think viscerally captured the nature of the conflict, in Saudi Arabia, with the climactic showdown, in their version of Benghazi, the Riyadh slum of Suweidi, where AQAP had it's first real rising,


I'm shocked gambling, yadda yadda.



From the voter fraud article:

The group, Virginia Voters Alliance, says that it compared how voters in Frederick County filled out jury duty statements compared with their voting records. The group’s investigation found that thousands of people in Frederick County who stated that they are not U.S. citizens on jury duty forms went on to cast votes in elections. Either they failed to tell the truth when they were summoned for jury duty, or they cast illegal votes. Both are crimes. The same group previously found that about 40,000 people are registered to vote in both Virginia and Maryland.

Private groups strike again!

I wonder if the reason the GOP can't figure any of this out is because they are more interested in an electorate that has sympathy for illegal alien mothers of three that illegally work and illegally pay taxes?

Or maybe the 100% Jindal pines for is made up mostly of the illegal alien mothers of three that illegally vote?

Repeal their fraudulent ballot box and Replace it with a more conservative fraudulent ballot box.


What type of separation did the Biden's purchase for their warrior?

Jeff Dobbs

THEIR Ability To Cope?!?
Oh, I think those questions have been answered; why doesn't the Times worry about the rest of us?

The Times cares about the rest of us about as much as Obama does:

Mendacity of Cope

Danube on iPad

Kerry's own medals were displayed in his Senate office. For years he remained silent while the press ran with story that he had thrown them over the fence.

Old Lurker

Daily Caller from the other day:

"The pro-amnesty Hispanic activist organization the National Council of La Raza helpfully promoted a Washington Post article explaining which states people can vote in without having to use a photo ID.

“Voter ID laws are at-issue across the country, with newly Republican-controlled legislatures having passed them in numerous states after the 2010 election,” explained The Washington Post’s Aaron Blake. “Most states still request some form of ID, but don’t require it. Another 20 states don’t require identification. In case you’re wondering where your state is at in all of this, a helpful (sic) graphic from the Post’s graphics team.”

Captain Hate

taken together with his performance in the three tiers of the playoffs,

Inexplicably the Nats were able to catch up with him but not the noodle arm pitchers on the rest of the staff. Go figure.


For Miss Marple @ 7:41 am

Thank you for saying what I was trying to say and couldn't. I thank God my parents have not lived to see this day and time in America.

The cowards in the White House or State - whoever it was - I bet would never say to Bibi's face what they were so glad to say behind his back.

They are totally devoid of any integrity, loyalty,
honor, or virtue.

Am I naive to believe that people who work in our government should have and exercise some of these qualities? Do they all have to be liars and backstabbers and guttersnipes?

Maybe we could have a few that are loyal to America and our allies?

Captain Hate

I think I've encountered the first Facebook troll. It was on a POI forum where there's usually some good discussion. He started a thread about how much he hated Miss Groves and then started badmouthing anybody who disagreed with him. It quickly started a food fight and ultimately he was either banned or suspended. Needless to say I couldn't keep my big yap shut and weighed in, although not with the usual profanity owing to having to use my real name there, but stuck to just stating my opinion rather than personal attacks.

People who sign on to a show's site shouldn't expect to get a lot of traction by saying "Wellll I wish the show was this way instead of how it is".

Jeff Dobbs

NC early vote update...yesterday's vote totals:

DEM 63,410 | 47.3%
REP 43,222 | 32.3%
UNA 27,173 | 20.3%
LIB 201 | 0.1%

DEMs added 20K the the lead over REPs, the total lead is now 120,072.

I'm not resigned to a Hagan win - I think it will still come down to the wire. I still think it's uphill for Tillis, but very doable.

It all comes down to ground game, ground game, ground game.

Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.




You could go door to door with your chainsaw to get out the vote......


California doc in quarantine says he'l take no chances, although he can go jogging by himself.
Eugene Volokh left an interesting comment on the Kaci hag's case for defying an imposed quarantine; she has none.


If massive voting by illegals, Ebola, enterovirus and two dead cops via an illegal criminal reentering thrice through our non existent southern border doesn't kill amnesty and open borders I guess we better get used to becoming the northernmost state of Mexico.

Old Lurker

Tru dat Iggy


Iggy-- your link. Did you read the Brooklyn Federal judge's decision in the smallpox quarantine case. God, there used to be so much more common sense in this country. BTW-- what is the Libertarian case for quarantine? Reynolds rightly supports quarantine, but how does he philosophically justify it?


Terrorists Barry matriculated through Guantanamo now fighting for IS and other jihadists in Syria.


--BTW-- what is the Libertarian case for quarantine?--

Libertarians (those who aren't libertarian simply because they like recreational drugs) believe the legitimate function of government is to protect one citizen from the harmful actions of another or from foreign aggression. That doesn't conflict with quarantining somebody to prevent them giving me an incurable disease.

James D.

NK, libertarianism is not anarchism. Extremely limited government doesn't mean no government at all.

Protecting the populace at large from a deadly, highly contagious disease (especially a virus which can apparently be spread by coughing or sneezing)
would seem to be a basic function of government that even the hardest-core libertarian would not take issue with.

James D.

Or, what Iggy said!

Frau Lehrerin a.D.

"On top of that, they have a complete lack of knowledge of history, human behavior, common sense, or other cultures..."

Miss Marple, my husband pointed out yesterday that with every prog reform of education, people learn less and less. He taught at the university level and was shaking his head 20 years ago.

Frau Lehrerin a.D.

From Volokh via Iggy's @ 10:25:

Still, in part because quarantines have rarely been imposed since World War II, there is relatively little direct precedent on their permissible scope and circumstances. But a brief review of the cases suggests it extremely difficult to challenge such an action without a clear showing of medical unreasonableness, or discriminatory application. Indeed, I found no cases in which a quarantine has been lifted due process grounds (though there have been some successful challenges to conditions of quarantine).


Man who repeatedly tells us how private he is can't help repeatedly telling us what he does with his genitalia in his spare time.

Why does one subset of people insist on telling the rest of us how "proud" they are of what they do with their plumbing?
Is it because of hetero oppression or maybe something a little more in "the lady doth protest too much" department?



The cowardly GOP has Reid worried?


I suspect that Iggy's 10:49 is rhetorical



Just in time for Trick-or-Treaters.



Another first for this administration...


Hey y'all. A note after reading all the wonderful things yesterday.

First, I'm a numbnut and appreciate you all, only one whom I've ever met (Lessen Michael Gibson lurks around here every now and then) showing such compassion to me over the last several years.

Now, my post was reflecting that the test had not gone well and we had had our family meeting. Not long after that another doctor came in, discovered that the test had not been performed correctly (Mom has been under constant sedation since last week) and so the test means nothing until all effects of the sedation are removed. Dad immediately bought into this, so we are sitting here waiting for the drugs to end. Worse, as we get dragged through this they are now talking about maybe her blood pressure got so low that she has lost brain activity.

It is horrifying. Nobody here is on the same page. The
Doctors are not communicating and some chick is hammering us about decisions. She has no idea how we are seething at her, but I am from a very serious redneck family and we are done with her. She had better learn to understand the concept of treading lightly or getting the fuck on down the road.

It is not good, but she is still here as I write. I apologize profusely for intimating otherwise.

Oh, and from our entire extended family we've discovered that there is one thing we all agree on. Completely. Through all 4 generations
Represented here.

Obama sucks.


Breaking news! Guantanamo revealed as secret terrorist training center.


I just WISH a GOP-controlled Senate and Congress had the friggin' cajones to impeach Obama.


Igy/JamesD-- but in the case of the Stanford Dr and Kaci, they are asymptomatic and tested negative. I am plainly in favor of requiring their isolation for safety's sake, but I'm no libertarian. STATE mandated isolation in their asymptomatic cases is pushing the Libertarian limits, no?


No impeachment. Let him twist slowly, slowly in the wind.

Send him bills to veto.

Obama the Obstructionist.


I figured I needed to wait for a report, donald, before I chimed in.

I am thinking of you and your family.

Sounds like you rednecks have your heads screwed on straight, and that's a good thing!

Hope the doctor gets with it.


As worldwide debt tops $100 Trillion and the world economy remains stuck in the doldrums, some dumb sunuvabitch at Bloomberg let's us know what the world needs now is more John Maynard Keynes.

What is it about the human organism that defaults to more gasoline being the answer when it has already set the house on fire with a stupid idea, rather than reevaluating the stupid idea?


In order for any form of discussion of impeachment to be viable Obama would have to be directly linked to one of the many instances in his administration which can be construed as impeachable, such as the IRS crisis or the surveillance of reporters or F&F or Benghazi or his alleged plan to flood us with illegals.

If the Dems lose I expect them to torch any previous standards of decency in trying to enact their agenda until the new Congress is seated.


STATE mandated isolation in their asymptomatic cases is pushing the Libertarian limits, no?

Not really. It just seems odd due to the lack of States exercising their own power. Hatecocks is doing a Sandra Fluke on the GOP to see if another divide can be exploited.

The divide only exists because of the reach across the aisle republicans.


MarkO@11:03-- exactly. That is my personal wish. PLUS, if the Repub Congres get's its act together, he'll be vetoing things voters WANT. He'll help slay the HildaBeast.

Thomas Collins

OK, congrats to the Giants and their fans. Mad the Bum has already accomplished, at 25, World Series efforts that rival or surpass the Gibsons or Koufaxes of the world. But I still think it's too bad that Gordon didn't make the turn at second a little cleaner. With a three base error and the game tied, Mad the Bum no doubt would have gotten the third out. And then we would have seen if Bochy would have sent Mad the Bum out for the 10th.

In any event, great Series by both teams. One of the more enjoyable for me to watch.

Danube on iPad

My guess is that Virginia Voters Alliance is comprisedalmost entirely of Republicans, but does not identify itself as such because of concerns about the Consent Decree. If you read their mission statement you will find it impossible to imagine a Democrat joining them.


So when Hit posts statistics re the D ballots coming in It means those voters receive a ballot where they can only vote for a D or is the R on that ballot also.


So true, Matt. This is why I wish the House Judiciary committee would at least start an inquiry.

Some groups have already drafted Articles of Impeachment that seem fairly well detailed. I posted one here before but I can't find it now.

It would be nice to see something get in the congressional record even if the establishment kills it off later.

James D.

STATE mandated isolation in their asymptomatic cases is pushing the Libertarian limits, no?

I don't think so, no. It's setting a simple, bright-line rule. If you are coming into the country from an ebola zone, you are isolated for 21 days (I'd prefer 30, since 21 is not a set-in-stone number but the middle of the range). It doesn't matter what the thermometer says, or what the tests say.

I'd argue that, because it's non-arbitrary, and it treats everyone equally, it's more legally and logically defensible.


of course, the problem isn't gitmo, it's the environment to which they return:

here's one lad from this spring



PRAYERS again for your famiy, Donald


--STATE mandated isolation in their asymptomatic cases is pushing the Libertarian limits, no?--

The question is the safety of others. One of the points of quarantine is to see if those exposed but asymptomatic develop symptoms while quarantined. If they develop symptoms without quarantine a very good chance exists innocent third parties will be harmed or killed.
This is a no-brainer from a libertarian standpoint. In fact you will find most libertarians MORE emphatic that the government enthusiastically and wholeheartedly perform those few legitimate functions it has because it makes it easier for the citizens to perform the rest of the functions of society when legitimate threats to those functions are contained.

Old Lurker

Bright Line? You wanna Bright Line?

How about:

"No person of any country including US citizens shall be allowed entry or reentry into the US who has visited one of the Ebola countries in the previous thirty days."

Not perfect, but works for me...

James D.

Works for me, OL!



They seem a little disenfranchised.

Danube on iPad

Two possible reasons for not impeaching Obama:

1. Cowardice.

2. Doing it with a a Senate that is certain not to convict would be so monumentally stupid as to surpass all understanding.


about what I figured,



I think I see a coping skills seminar at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in the next week or so. Probably next Wednesday morning.


--It is not good, but she is still here as I write. I apologize profusely for intimating otherwise.--

I think it was more of an inference than an implication, Donald.
Your family is in a kind of limbo which is in a lot of ways harder to deal with than after it is resolved.
You have my sympathies.

Comanche Voter

Susan Rice, Samantha Powers, Jen Psaki, Marie "Heifer" Harf, and Ol Lurch--Jean Fraud Kerry----what could go wrong with a team of hitters like that?


Can the bright line be pushed to include persons that shared a plane with persons that visited the Ebola countries?

Since the exact form of transmission of Ebola seems to be a secret, do we error on the side of caution?

Thomas Collins

Re DOT's 11:26 AM post: It is tough for me to imagine a constitutional depredation effected by Obama that would convince 2/3 of the Senators to vote to remove him from office. Perhaps a decree that he would govern without Congress and appropriate funds on his own might do it.

When Obama rewrites immigration law on his own through an Executive Order, I think the best that could be hoped for is a GOP House and Senate presenting Obama with a budget that prohibits the use of federal funds to implement Obama's Nightmare Executive Order on immigration.


When Obama rewrites immigration law on his own through an Executive Order....

.....I expect a significant portion of the GOP to want to fix things by codifying his EO.

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