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October 21, 2014



Oh for Pete's sake@#$ Primo!

Jeff Dobbs



Josh Kraushaar in the National Journal is playing a funeral dirge for Democrats. The sound is melodious! Here is a quote from the article which has lots of tidbits but this one is savory:

One senior House Democratic official told National Journal that internal polling in Iowa shows Ernst leading Democratic Rep. Bruce Braley in all three of the state's battleground seats, making it challenging for downballot House candidates to put away winnable races—even in Iowa's Democratic-leaning districts.


Stephanie accidentally OnT?

Go fourth and multiply (threads).

Danube on iPad

Pistorius is a sicko.


Rasmussen from Sunday, and remember Rasmussen is finding more Obama support than virtually any other pollster, if that is the case here this would be a blowout:

Foley now picks up 50% of the vote to Malloy’s 43% in a new statewide telephone survey of Likely Connecticut Voters. Two percent (2%) prefer some other candidate in the race, and four percent (4%) are undecided.

I alluded to one dwarf last thread. Here's not an allusion but a real--mental--dwarf, TM's favorite NYT columnist:


No guesses!


Ct. = Quinnipiac King.

The Margin of Fraud is about 8-10k total votes from Brideport, Hartford New London and waterbury. The GOPe pro told me he was told, "it's not happening for Foley" TBD.


Your daily Knish:

The progressive pajama boy era is over. The asexual messenger bag toting wonk has met an ISIS Jihadist and run home to its non-traditional family. Liberalism isn’t over, but its contenders are trying to butch up their act.



Excuse me while I go vote.

Captain Hate

Time for fewer trite threads.

Captain Hate

Time for Shemp to be unemployed.

James D.

CH, I think that train has long since sailed!

James D.

(the Shemp-be-gone train, I mean)


Just a smidgeon more:

The liberal verdict on the age of Obama has been written. It may change with history, but for now the Hope and Change period will be praised for its idealism and its innovative political organizing, but dismissed for its policy incompetence and its inability to listen to voices outside its bubble. It was an elitist phenomenon whose diversity was faked with media imagery and the party will now work to try and recapture its lost position among the rest of the country, particularly among white Democrats.

The progressive will continue to haunt American politics, but his current hipster incarnation is headed for extinction.


pray god Knish is correct.


Your daily People's Cube:

African countries to ban all flights from the United States because "Obama is so incompetent, it scares us"

Knish sounds a rather lot like...you, NK.



Social justice kittens calendar

Pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Refer 02:21PM

Why would anyone be supporting the Democrat anti farmer candidate or any other Democrat candidate in Iowa?


great minds Lyle... great minds...


There's just too much munchy goodness here if it isn't one of your daily stops:


Today's fave:

Obama declares november 4th a national day of quarantine.

Hmm. Maybe that's too plausible to be funny.


When I lived in Marquette, MI I went to the Norther Michigan football games. This was the Steve Mariucci QB and National Division II era. Alum and suit and tie types sat in the south stands and the rowdy student body in the north stands.

The band always played the Alma Mater after the anthem. Unfortunately the music was the same as "I wish I was an Oscar Meyer Weinert". You can imagine the lyrics the student section sang:)

Pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Blast from the past.



Love that calender, Clarice. Hilarious.

James D.

I think I want a T-shirt with "I Drink Your Tears, Oppressor" on it...


Me, too..I twas my favorite.


Lena Dunham did the copy for the clarice's kitten calendar, right?


She collaborated with Pajama Boy.


Any other JOMers going to the FIRE dinner/event this Thursday in NYC?


Who said it?

“I have to really disagree with his characterization of the president,” [redacted] told CNN. “The president is a deliberate person in an appropriate way. But he’s also resolute once he makes up his mind.”

“So I think that what Leon said in the book is unfortunate, and frankly I don’t think it’s something that a former cabinet member should do while the president you served is still in office,” [redacted] added. “That’s not something that I would even consider doing.”


HildaBeast? or Geithner?


Hope you go Tonto.
I've sent them money--they are doing the Lord's work.

The president is resolute??--like that red line with Syria, right?

Jeff Dobbs



Scott McClellan

Jeff Dobbs

The president is resolute??

The only association you can make between Obama and resolute is that's where he puts his feet when he's in the Oval Office.


Stedman, the chinless wonder. In light of that, how unintentionally funny is this line:

“That’s not something that I would even consider doing.”

Of course not, you lawless hack.


Holder-- he's worse than I thought. I thought he was smart enough to keep his mouth shut at this point.... guess not.

Miss Marple


Someone with more legal knowledge than I have could maybe explain why the defendent's attorney does not want him found not competent to stand trial.

Seems strange to me.


"For the average man in the U.S., do you think it makes sense to vote for Democrats?"


At last.


Expect more of these columns from putative conservatives:


Let me add that I'm not all that confident in the GOP leadership, such as it is. But columns like this are as predictable as the sunrise.

Danube on iPad

God mafe a liberal:



For all we know, MM, the female SS agent may have tripped on her own tit.

They may be opting for an in your face defense that is humiliating in order to get a better deal.

Are the charges against him, if successfully prosecuted, enough to extinguish his second amendment rights? Maybe he doesn't want to loose that right through an admission of being a ptsd lunatic.


Oh no.

Cowboys release Michael Sam from practice squad


Thank you for a wonderful summation on New Hampshire.
Marlene: Please give us all the info about Michaud. He continues to lead even by .04 at times.
Gmax : I love your polls and your optimism.
Porch: I usually agree with your posts. Yes Obama is a disgusting person. What about his statement before he was elected about not being blue states or red states but the United States of America. He has degenerated to "our people" just like Holder's "black first".


I pondered about this days ago on this board:


lyle: 1 Daily Beast: 0


Just in from Voting.

Was surprised at the heavy turnout. Our population overall in this town is about 300,000. Took about 25 minutes of standing in line to get verified, then to get a ballot, then to vote, and then leave. In the Verification line I was asked to please stand in line and wait for about 5 minutes, in order let the Voter's voting thin out, as that took a bit longer than the verification process. .Never counted less than 25 Voters in the place during the whole process.

My verifier lady was quite excited about the unexpected good turnout.

I was close to the youngest guy there, as everyone else looked like retirees. The turnout made me optimistic.


Arkansas has been relegated to leans Republican-Oh happy day!


What are you hearing on the ground about Begich? Most down here in the lower 48 seem to think he is a goner


State Senator Nasheed that's been on MSNBC was arrested last night protesting in Ferguson. According to police she smelled of alcohol and was carrying a loaded 9mm pistol. Can't make this stuff up.


Any other JOMers going to the FIRE dinner/event this Thursday in NYC?

Didn't know about it, at the moment have conflicting plans. Will make a donation if I can't go.


"The turnout made me optimistic."


You'd need to be rooting for Begich to be pessimistic. The outer darkness awaits the proglodytes and the wailing and gnashing of teeth among their infernal choir is going to be amusing. I believe Sultan Knish will be proven correct concerning the court eunuchs. They no longer have any utility.

jack is Back!

I drive by our Community Center early voting place two or three times a day and the parking lot (100 cars) is 3/4rd full every time. But then the last time I voted early at the Library in 2012, well, you know what happened. A friend of mine was further back in the line and when we serpentined next to each other he noted "Jack, these are not the people who understand what is at risk".

Boy was he right. Ex-FBI agent who obviously been to profiler school.


Watch Duck Dynasty daughter Sadie Robertson dance ‘Age-Appropriate’ Rumba On DWTS


jack is Back!


I'll send Mrs. JiB, who you know. She is in Southampton with her PA doing God knows what but it will be a surprise she tells me when I go up for Christmas.



I'm a "Nervous Nelly" about Begich. I know in my cul-de-sac we are not Begich fans, so my gut feelings are probably untrustworthy and I'm surprised at myself for feeling optimistic after voting today. (There must be something wrong with me:)

Begich still gets almost entirely favorable Press up here, and tons of big money ads are playing the "War On Women" meme against Begich's opponent, Dan Sullivan, for when he was Attorney General. However, Lisa Murkowski has found a spine and cut an ad I hear ever hour or so, saying that as Attorney General Dan Sullivan was a huge help fighting for Women's Issues", and that the attack ads being run against Sullivan are false. Because of that I think Begich's charges will not be nearly as effective as the Dem's hope, and I believe we are going to pull it out.


Your post just reaffirms my belief that finally people are realizing what is happening to our country and are going to put a stop to it.
daddy: I particularly want Begich to lose after the false charges against Senator Stevens allowed him to win by a small margin. Someone needs to be held accountable for that travesty.
Politico has an ugly picture of Trumka screaming that Walker is going down. Disgusting.


State Senator Nasheed that's been on MSNBC was arrested last night protesting in Ferguson. According to police she smelled of alcohol and was carrying a loaded 9mm pistol.


It is a misdemeanor to possess an unloaded fire arm under the influence of drugs or alcohol (it is a felony if the weapon is loaded).


jack is Back!

Does anyone think that Indies move their voting preference because of Clinton or Moochelle showing up? Do they also, the pair, motivat AA's to show up?


The (still) shifting transcripts of the President’s remarks

Transcript given to reporters:

“When we think back to when I first took office, one of the nice things about being home is actually that it’s a little bit like a time capsule because Michelle and I and the kids, we left so quickly that there’s still junk on my desk, including some newspapers and all kinds of stuff.”

What a reporter heard:

“One of the nice things about being home is actually that it’s a little bit like a time capsule. Because Michelle and I and the kids, we left so quickly that there’s still junk on my desk, including some unpaid bills — I think eventually they got paid — but they’re sort of stacked up. And messages, newspapers and all kinds of stuff.”

Official record, from the White House website:

When we think back to when I first took office, one of the nice things about being home is actually that it’s a little bit like a time capsule because Michelle and I and the kids, we left so quickly that there’s still junk on my desk, including some — (inaudible) — newspapers and all kinds of stuff. We always thought we’d be back every month and we’d kind of get everything in order and filed, and it hasn’t happened.



The latest AP-Gfk poll affirms your belief. Mitch McConnell has a 40 unfavorable, Harry Reid has a 50, John Boehner has a 49 unfavorable, Nancy Pelosi has a 55. BOzo? He made it to 54% unfavorable among LVs.

There has been no improvement concerning any Democrat leader.


Brown privilege:

Visa Granted to Student Stuck in Mexico After Seeing Dying Mom

A junior at Harvard University who is an undocumented immigrant has been granted a visa to return to the United States after he was stranded in Mexico while trying to save his mother with an experimental cancer treatment....


Don't attempt this if you are a Marine.


an ugly picture of Trumka

Is there any other kind?

The get out the fraud buses are running top speed. High turnout in early voting here is not good. The reports I've seen suggest 2012 levels -- very not good. The John Doe I email dump plus a Urinal Central editorial (pure fiction) suggest the all out lie, cheat, and steal push is at ramming speed. Third time may be the charm for Trumka, or Mighty Case-of-the-Runs may strike out. tbd


Catch-up Question.

Yesterday the Navy Spokesman said in a briefing that we inadvertently dropped a Pallet of Weapons into ISIS territory around Kobani, but that we later hit it with a bomb to render it unusable.

Today I see the top story on Drudge, and also on TV, a video of ISIS opening the pallet and looking at a box full of grenades.

Has the truth emerged today?

Is that the same pallet that later got bombed, or a different pallet? Obviously it's tough doing pin-point drops, especially without having men on the ground to verify who controls what bit of territory. I simply want the truth.


Nov 4 might be time for some major highway construction on the Ill to Wis route.

jack is Back!


We shoiud be putting GPS chips in the rifle butts that we drop on ISIS. Makes it more surgical for the strikes.


I simply want the truth.



Twitter is getting reports of chemical attacks on the Kurds in Kobani. I assume these are the chemicals that Obama got Vlad to get rid of.


Gary Hart named envoy to Northern Ireland

Kerry calls Hart one of the United States' most respected senior statesmen

Well I just put Rick Scott over the top a few hours ago here in Fla. Early voting requires photo ID. They did not want to see my voter registration card, told me that was for my information.

Pam Bondi got my vote too.

Take your friends, remind your acquaintances its important.


Gary's a bit long in the tooth these days.


I'm no Adonis but Hart looks like crap. Too much monkey business?

jack is Back!

Its like the Alien spawn. They lay in waiting until picked for some duty in Northern Ireland or Liberia.

Miss Marple

Lyle, I would bet that just like the late Senator Kennedy, he thinks he's a real hot studmuffin.


That AP Gfk poll has Zero at 60% disapproval! And has it R + 8. That might be why you are seeing tight races popping up in deep blue districts...


Mark Halperin is tweeting about a National prominent Democrat Senator burning up the phones lines to DC, worrying about losing. Speculation seems to center on Shaheen, Franken or Durbin. Any but especially all would be quite satisfying....


Gretta is doing the story on the ISIS weapons pallet now.

The ISIS video certainly looks authentic to me. Verbatim.

Jennifer Griffin: "Pentagon Officials say they can't rule out that the images are authentic, and that some of the aide may have been captured by ISIS Fighters. It was very windy when the air-drop took place. It was the first time the US had resupplied the Kurds in Kobani by air.

So seems to me like the word we received that the lost pallet was struck with a bomb was "inaccurate."

Jennifer Griffin also said this to Gretta: The Pentagon has not ruled out more Air-Drops of this kind. None of the fighters on the ground in Kobani say they have seen any Turkish Kurds or Iraqi Kurds arriving in Kobani despite public promises by the Turkish Government yesterday that they were willing to open the border, Gretta.

Seems like there's a rash of "Inaccurate statements" going around these days.

Miss Marple

On Twitter I am seeing that Key Hagen just didn't show up for the debate! Tillis is there taking questions, and her people are providing spin, but she isn't there!


No doubt, MM. No doubt.

Pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Reference 07:18.

How would anyone be able to pick the biggest loser out of those 3?



The wings are off limits...


This studmuffin's a bit over-baked.

Expand at your own risk.


HotAir story sez Lewinsky's resurfacing is spooking Shrillary's donors. Damn shame, eh?


Henry, We Shall Overcome.

As for Gary Hart. Class, real class. The complete libtard package.


Last month a Mom in Austin, Texas was visited by Child Protective Services because she let her 6 year old son play outside up the street

In July a Mom in Augusta , Georgia was jailed for letting her 9 year old play at a park unsupervised.

So with that as background, what action should the cops take against the 2 sets of Colorado parents who's 15, 16, and 17 year old daughters jumped a plane today to Germany, where they were stopped before they could continue on to Syria to join ISIS?

According to the story, nothing. "The FBI has spoken to the teens and interviewed their families, and the agency said at this point they are not facing any charges."

So just to clarify:

Cop: "Mamm, Where's you daughter, Sally?"
Mom: "I think she's in the park next door, probably on the swing set or the monkey bars. Why do you ask?"
Cop: As we suspected. You're going to jail. Turn around, and place your hands behind your back so I can cuff you."

FBI: "Mamm, Where's your daughter, Sally?"
Mom: "Beats me. Last I heard she was on an airplane Germany getting ready to fly to Syria to join ISIS. Is there a problem Officer."
FBI: "No Mamm. You have a nice day."


Ariz. County Sheriff Arpaio: Illegal Immigration Starts with Obama


Captain Hate

Gary's a bit long in the tooth these days.

He looks like Louise Slaughter's constituent who needs a dead sibling's false teeth.


GMax @ 7:18: Please God, forgive my selfishness, but let it be Shaheen!As second prize, I'll take either one of the other two!

Danube on iPad

"Brown privilege"

Getting a Visa?

What has being a Marine got to do with it?


Here is the Halperin tweet. He is on speed dial to tons of Democrats, as a Time reporter...

JUST ASKING: What nationally known incumbent Democratic Senator is burning up phone lines, including to DC, deeply concerned abt losing?


I'm no Adonis but Hart looks like crap.

2 nights back the Perry Mason episode I caught had on the gorgeous gal that later played the Female Star Trek Officer who fell in love with the God Adonis on whatever planet he got sent to:

Naturally enough, she played a model who somebody tried to kill but failed. She got exonerated by Perry, but boy did she look great on the Witness Stand!

Reminded me of a Pan Am Flight Attendant from the 1960's:) Can't wait for tonight's episode!


to my recollection, Ollie never deliberately delivered weapons into the hands of the Sandinistas, heck of a job,

Captain Hate

Maybe Colt McCoy won him over:


Danube on iPad

Franken was very recently up 11. My guess is Shaheen.

jack is Back!

Ben Bradlee has checked out.


Karma can be a bitch, eh what?

As early voters head to the polls for a landmark election in Texas, a new survey conducted for KHOU-TV and Houston Public Media shows Republican Greg Abbott with a commanding lead over Democrat Wendy Davis in the race for governor.

Abbott’s supported by 47 percent of likely voters surveyed for the poll, compared to Davis’ 32 percent. Another 15 percent were undecided

Bull S. White managed 42% in the last losing effort. Looks like Wendy is going to underperform even this pitiful showing. don't you just feel sorry for her. Bless her little heart...

Captain Hate

The Ewok and Horde weigh in on the fatass who still needs her moral compass tuned:



Clarice's Social Justice kitty calendar led me to their creator at LiartownUSA.

Warning; some parts extremely NSFW, but SOB and many parts are excruciatingly, tears-in-your-eyes funny.
A seemingly endless supply of what I would describe as James Lileks on acid.


Kerry calls Hart one of the United States' most respected senior statesmen

Good Lord. Kerry is such a sickening doofus...admiring another sickening doofus.

It is awful reading the news lately. I weep for our country.

jack is Back!

Gians up 1 on the Royals. I would love to see the Royals win it all bit I don't think they have the pitching or Total Baaseball the Giants have. And they have had it for years under Brailey.


Franken has $4.3 million on hand, Durbin has $6.5 million and Shaheen has $4.2 million. I can't really guess which one is spitting salt water and staring fearfully at the crabs.

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