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October 17, 2014



New ebola patient at new Dallas hospital. way to go ebola czar.


What authority does he possess? What is the Constitutional or statutory source of the authority?

If he has no true authority (like the rest of BOzo's czars), of what use is he?


TomM-- while Typhus took a break, all of us JOM kids were giggling and talking in class, like when a substitute teacher showed up in 4th grade. This was tremendous snark about the Klain stuff; the man has no clue about infectious disease epidemics, but he styed in a Holiday Inn once! However you did spoil the snark with asking a serious question about the Obamaniacs at the end. The Obamaniacs are not serious people, so they do not deserve serious questions. Let's see-- Klain overruled America's sharpest lawyer about Gore's recount, and he ran the 2009-2010 STIMULUS! for Czar Joe "Where's my kids Coke stash' Biden. Well those worked out so well...

Captain Hate

I just want AliceH to know that her comment about McRINO being on board with the czar concept, because it adheres so well to the Constitution, did not go unnoticed before this fine software did what it does best.

Speaking of worthless Repukes, will Rove survive the revelation about how he deep sixed mentioning the discovery of chemical weapons because of the politics of it, which he screwed up anyway? Nobody but Levin and a few members of the Horde seem to want to discuss this. And narc and I.


'Recount' was the first 'truthy' venture by Danny Strong, who would later move on, to sliming the Huntress in 'Julianne's Bender' and would dial up to eleven, in the 'Butler'

So should we.

It's all about the narrative, and Nature turns a deaf ear to human narrative.


--He’ll control the message better than most people would, which is really important from an economic standpoint...--

Klain helped Fannie Mae overcome "regulatory issues", in 2004-2005.
Seems like something was going on with Fannie around then "from an economic standpoint"....can't quite remember what though.

Oh well it was probably good and so we can rest assured we're in good hands with All-encompassing State and our new Ebola Czar, who promises to do for us re Ebola what he did for us re housing.

new lurker

The strange thing is is there's already an Ebola Czar--where is she and what have they--the administration--done with her?


I'm surprised Obama didn't pick Corzine.

hit and run

"New ebola patient at new Dallas hospital. way to go ebola czar."

What hospital? Thinking of Sue..........

Captain Hate

The Ferret's rolodex must be filled with people able to destroy housing while not going to jail.



My guess is they know: voters who mean nothing to them.


Be sure to read the last part of the Link first.



Nature may turn a deaf ear but Nemesis has heard of our Narcissus. She wants to spend some real quality time with him.

Danube River Guide

Just found this at the WHO website:

WHO is alarmed by media reports of suspected Ebola cases imported into new countries that are said, by government officials or ministries of health, to be discarded as “negative” within hours after the suspected case enters the country.

Such rapid determination of infection status is impossible, casting grave doubts on some of the official information that is being communicated to the public and the media.



Seriously -- where is this Dr. Lurie? all these announcements and not a sign of her. And TomM is absolutely correct to point out that the Obamaniacs have all these figurehead gals, but they bring in the white guy to clean up the mess. What's up with that?


Hit, don't know which hospital. Hoping it is another false alarm (if the false alarms are really false alarms), need something with a link rather than tweet detection.


I'm thinking of Sue also. She was upset the other day when she mentioned her daughter working at Baylor and ER patients being told to go there instead of Presbyterian.

Does Klain answer to Dr. Frieden? To Dr. Fauci? To the Secretary of HHS? Let the bureaucratic turf wars begin.



"It’s simply not feasible to build a wall—virtual or real—around a community, city, or country."

That's a very interesting statement, isn't it?


Some imbecile named Chris Matthews....no, another imbecile named Chris Matthews, writing in Fortune lectures us that Adam Smith's invisible hand is an illusion.
As evidence he uses the health and education markets to demonstrate his case that there is no invisible hand of self interest advancing freedom and virtue in free markets.

That he picked two of the most regulated, unfree, state distorted and corrupted markets to prove his thesis doesn't seem to occur to, or if it does, to bother the knucklehead.


"It’s simply not feasible to build a wall—virtual or real—around a community, city, or country."

Nigeria did it.

And as far as the ebola czar is concerned, when Ron Fournier is tweeting against it the so-called intellectual Left must be agin' it.


I saw that Iggy and the top of my head lifted for a moment. What a putz.

hit and run

"DALLAS, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – On Friday morning Baylor Hospital in Dallas confirmed a patient with ‘ebola similar symptoms’ also triggered a positive on a verbal screening questionnaire.

Although a positive test has not been confirmed, sources says it’s not unusual to have a patient screen positive considering the wider net for ebola now over Dallas."

jack is Back!


Klain reports to Monaco and Rice at the WH. Naitonal Security issue don't you know. That's why they picked a guy who is highly partisan and a political insider.

Smart Ivy League white men keep being asked to do the jobs women can't or won't do:)


"Such rapid determination of infection status is impossible, "

Is a quote from the 12:40 link.




so Hunter Biden's part of the Donbass repo team is more interesting, he's a prince so he gets the perks,

the dissolution of Iraq, read Jonah or Nahum on the fall of Nineveh, is an abject lesson, not to have the Arab people any real say, maybe Wolfowitz and Perle were a little naive, one notes how in the whole rolodex that is the Iraqi cabinet, they had not one slot for the one, who was in the wilderness and made it possible, for them to return to their ancestral home,


"Nigeria did it."

Yep, and Ivory Coast has instituted an informal "shoot 'n shovel" policy on illegal entrants which is proving to be effective. Liberian villages are also becoming noted for their lack of "Howdy, stranger." greetings. Informal self isolation and quarantine works pretty well with relatively small populations.


Now Frank Underwood, now President, would throw the offending bureaucrat in the Tidal Basin, and that would be a lesson for them to get it right,


Oh,geez...a teacher in Strong,Maine has been required to take a 21 day leave of absence because she traveled to Dallas recently to attend a conference.The epidemiologist at Eastern Maine Medical Center is quoted in the Bangor Daily saying,"this is a tremendous overreaction."
The school board in Strong was confronted by concerned parents and put the teacher on leave out of "an abundance of caution."


Marlene, in other words, DOOM!

jack is Back!

Meet Ron Klain; Election Thruther


Now you know the reall reason he was picked.

Captain Hate

The school board in Strong was confronted by concerned parents and put the teacher on leave out of "an abundance of caution."

She'll be making the same amount of money for almost doing the same amount of work.

Some Guy

The incompetence. It burns!


Update on the possible ebola at the Pentagon story -

A tipster with knowledge of the emergency response tells ARLnow.com that the patient recently traveled from the West African nation of Sierra Leone, and that four first responders are being held at the hospital due to possible exposure. That tip could not be immediately confirmed.

Arlington medic units and Fairfax hazmat units are on scene at Inova Fairfax Hosptial, according to news helicopter footage."



CH, yes. But mob action where government has failed is not a good sign.


the Journal piece has an update on Ashley, now director at the Delaware Center for Justice:

Hunter Biden has embarked on several different professional ventures, including his recent appointment with a Ukrainian firm, that have drawn scrutiny. In May, he joined the board of the Ukrainian gas producer, Burisma Holdings Ltd., which is controlled by a former security and energy official for Ukraine’s ousted former president. The announcement that Mr. Biden would be responsible for Burisma’s legal unit raised concerns about potential conflicts of interest, because his father, the vice president, was engaged in diplomatic efforts involving Ukraine.

Captain Hate

In defense of the Biden children, none of us know what it's like to be exposed to such an ignorant blowhard starting on Day 1.


Ha,CH. Yes,she's on paid leave.
Janet,we're coming down for Thanksgiving again this year. Want to meet? I'll be wearing a hazmat suit. :)


Posted by: Janet | October 17, 2014 at 01:12 PM-

YIKES!!! That is just right down the street aways.

Hopefully nothing.


an ebola czar ... more can kicking ... more temporizing ... those space invaders are getting closer.


If the people in Strong,Maine are freaking out,I can only imagine what is going on in large population areas.

I'm going to the cabin.No,I'm not panicky,we planned on spending a quiet autumn week-end. :)


Rush, in my tape-delayed first hour, is blaming Karl Rove for advising Bush to keep hidden the news of our troops belatedly discovering weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. He is aggressively elaborating on why that was a terrible decision to keep that news hidden, and how it caused untold amounts of damage to Bush and our war effort and to our Political side. I'm not sensing any love for Karl Rove this morning from Rush.

Charlie Martin

I'm *so* glad Obama has appointed a czar. Who is an attorney. Or has been primarily a fixer for various Democrats.

Captain Hate

ChaCo, you share our enthusiasm.


Caribbean Nations Restrict Entry

Don't those fools listen to President Obola?

James D.

If the people in Strong,Maine are freaking out,I can only imagine what is going on in large population areas.

It's going to get worse, too.

I really do have to laugh (otherwise I'd end up screaming at the TV/computer with every story I watch/read) at the government trying to calm people down and minimize the threat of ebola, etc.

These jackasses have spent how many years now hyping every problem and danger, pushing for new legislation and new agencies with every tragedy that occurs. Every time something bad happens, whether it's a criminal act or an industrial accident or simply an act of nature, it's always a CRISIS!!! and it demands a massive Federal response, and all our lives - and thoughts - need to change.

But here we have a disease that kills 60% of its victims, that nobody knows how it's spread, etc. and we're keeping an open door and the welcome mat out for travellers from countries where the disease is epidemic...and WE'RE the ones who need to calm down and relax and trust the experts in government who are there to protect us, and no changes to procedures or protocols or policies are needed, no sir.


Caribbean nations = Raaaaacist!


I need to chat with my daughter. Her Babysitter employer is a high ranking (head of?) NYU Hospital Emergency Room physicians. That's too close for comfort.

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

Ebola fear has claimed its sexiest victims: Two male strippers and romance novel-cover models, who sat close to Amber Vinson, the Dallas nurse who stoked fears after the CDC cleared her to take a flight despite a mild fever.

Axl Goode and Taylor Cole, who work as models for Ellora’s Cave, were sitting within three feet of Vinson, who treated Thomas Duncan before he died of ebola, and who eventually came down with ebola herself. According to the CDC, being within three feet of an individual displaying ebola symptoms is a low-risk exposure.


"If we want to ensure this doesn’t happen to more people, then I say we band together as a country and take responsibility. I don’t want to scare people. I don’t want to start a frenzy. I want to be solution oriented. I just want this to stop. To do that, it’s going to take every single person doing their part.
At this point, my part is going to be isolating myself. But ask yourself, what is your part? I do NOT want you going through this! I still haven’t been contacted further by the CDC and I’m not very confident in their abilities.
Whether it’s private organizations or the government, everyone that has come in contact with someone that has Ebola should be quarantined. No questions. As a country this should be easy to raise enough money and find the manpower to provide for people that have possibly been infected."

new lurker

NK, Your daughter has a babysitter who is head of NYU Hospital ER docs? Surely the babysitter does not need the extra money?


Stephanie, that's why Obama appointed a czar: individual responsibility is breaking out all over and could become a pandemic fatal to collective action.

Stephanie accidentally OnT?


As usual, attack first and verify later.


...Exposed hospital worker took a cruise on the Carnival Magic, now quarantined on the ship. Belize not amused...

We've got the Fun Plague!


obviously poor grammar on my part. The NYU Hosp honcho is the Tiger Mom, my college daughter is the sitter slave.

Steph's Link: so a male stripper/romance novel cover hunk is more responsible and thoughtful than the Frieden/CDC Crew? We are now in Bearded Spock Ebola Universe.


On the freaking out, I think every one of hubby's former multiengine students who now flies for a major called him last night. They all think this will make people simply refuse to travel.


Air Travel-- my wife is flying LaG-Chicago-Atl-LaG next week over 4 days. Oh joy.


My heart broke watching the video of Nurse Pham in her hospital bed.

I'm with you, Marlene. What a sweet, wonderful, great natured girl. Can't help but fall in love with her watching that video.


Hunter Biden has embarked on several different professional ventures, including his recent appointment with a Ukrainian firm,


This sounds almost like something out of 'Single and Single' :)

Eric in Boise

Hot Christmas gift 1996: Tickle me Elmo

Hot Christmas gift 2014: Hazmat Suits


"As a country this should be easy to raise enough money and find the manpower to provide for people that have possibly been infected."

For a while. If it doesn't spread much.

The isolation hospices we're racing to build in Liberia will never be staffed by volunteers. If we press the American military to staff them, we're going push the limits of military discipline into uncharted territory and we're either going to leave those who are infected to die in Liberia or strain existing capacity here to the breaking point while increasing the probability of a true outbreak here.

There ain't no 'Goldilocks solution' to this one and time, not money, is the lacking resource.



My niece who lives up here just cancelled Thanksgiving reservations to fly from here to North Carolina and back with hubby and 2 kids due to fears of this Ebola scare. I just mention it to illustrate the effect that this is already having on passenger Air Line travel, so obviously anecdotal, but there have to be many, many thousands making similar decisions.



Rush is still hammering Rove for the "Hide The Weapons of Mass Destruction" decision for the entire first hour. Rush is definitely PO'd but I have to think he is intentionally doing this to diminish Rove and his influence.


Everything this administration does is politically motivated. The man has zero experience in crisis management, emergency services, epidemiology, or any other discipline that would give our nation the necessary perspective and leadership we will need.

And the left just keeps chipping away at the truth like teredo worms. Every day they double down.

What did Rahm say? Never let a good crisis go to waste? We need to be vigilant, but at the same time realistic. These are the most un-trustworthy crew of bastards who ever ran the nation.


Chaco, good to see you popping into the comments.

an ebola czar ... the administration has officially gone insane.


Daddy-- no question. Family travel will definitely be waaay down Nov-Dec. Business travel far less... see my wife's behavior.

James D.

Out of curiousitY:

Does anyone else wonder, as I do, if Obama, ValJar and the gang see public fear, and unwillingness to travel or to gather in large groups and public spaces, as a positive development?

Do you wonder if they see economic damage, a dismal Christmas shopping season that puts dozens or hundreds or thousands of retailers (and hundreds of thousands of workers) out of business, maybe a bankrupted and failed airline or two or three, as a victory?

It's hard not to believe that, at this point.

Beasts of England

Nurse Vinsen may have been symptomatic during both her commercial flights. I guess they'll be looking for the second plane now. Probably still in service.


daddy-I had a reader from OR who planned to come down to LA to hear me next week say her family rebelled at the idea of air travel.

I personally am hoping there will be a bit more room on flights. Hubby did mention quarantining me when I get back from CA next Wednesday.


Or the other Le Carre tale, 'Most Wanted Man', or Alex Dryden's first books,

Rove's was a clear Captain Tupolev, hence his wingmen, on the Right Scoop link, yelling 'Ardilla' how covering up the presence of WMD's
was a 'cunning, cunning plan' sure go with that,


>>>"You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before."<<<

So what is the end run that the administration is hoping to pull off?


Good Morning Lila,
Did you get my email on a Copa Direct flight to Chicago for Dora?

If she buys it, make sure she buys trip insurance. Belize just told an American ship with 4600 plus passengers that they can not land in Belize.



James D, you thinking that the turn to a strongman after the mobs run wild for a while (basically everywhere but the US so far) is the plan? If they paid attention they would notice you never get the strongman you want, and even if you do you will regret it.

jack is Back!


I woiuldn't put it past them to use this to rig the mid-terms. After all, one of Klain's claims is that elections are rigged per his twitter account.

Lets scare the likely voter that touching an election ballot can give you Ebola. Sounds crazy but knowing this regime I wouldn't put it past them.

Off to pick up Frederick from school.


Don't know how I messed up with my 02:06 post,
but disregard it, please. It means nothing in relation to JOM.


See you compare a hire like Klein, to Nicole Wallace, the former furthers the party's interests, the second, a protege of the Perky Katie, only serves her own interests first, and the Clique second, she was in charge of that fabulous communications strategy in the second term,

I saw of the former, because Danny Strong, made sure to wrap her in a white Toga, in his truthy screenplay, ironically the actress who played her, Sarah Paulson, also played the overseer's wife in Django, unintentionally
closer to her real personalirty

Thomas Collins

Oh, great. This is the equivalent of FDR having Harry Hopkins instead of George Marshall as his chief advisor on the military operational aspects of WWII. Hopkins was just fine and dandy on the political muscleman aspects of FDR's efforts (such as Lend Lease), and I'm sure Klain is adept at the politics and crisis management. But if there is to be a czar, it should have been someone like Ben Carson who will focus on the medical aspects.

Of course, I realize that Obama giving Ben Carson a prominent role in anything is not gonna happen.

James D.

Henry, I wasn't even thinking about the strongman plan.

I just think they probably want us to be poorer, travel less, have a lower standard of living, lower morale, worse lives in every respect.

Whether it's because poor (and government-dependent) and hopeless/despondent people are easier to rule, or because poor people who don't travel emit less CO2 and so it's a victory against global warming, or because it makes the world more equal (since our standard of living is too high and we use too many of the world's resources), or because they just hate this country and most of its people and want to bring us down a peg or several (just out of spite, or as revenge for colonialism, slavery, whatever), I couldn't say.

Probably a combination of all of the above.


Rich, maybe they hope knowledgeable Republicans will be afraid to touch the voting booth lever while LIV Dems won't know enough to be concerned and will vote anyway.


"Of course, I realize that Obama giving Ben Carson a prominent role in anything is not gonna happen."

ThomC --You tax/bond lawyers have a gift for understatement.

Klain's appointment is like FDR making Joe Kennedy first SEC honcho.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

I'm watching "Mars Attacks" again and the similarities are depressing. On a positive note they just killed congress...

Do the Hollyweirdos not see the irony of making this spoof and then voting for the spoof to come to life? Rhetorical.


JamesD-- as Glenn reynolds has pointed out for years, serfs are easier to control. That's what the Progs want.

Miss Marple

Left food pantry early and went to get a flu shot, as I figure I should learn to be responsible for my own health.

I am not flying anytime soon due to finances, but I have a friend who needs to go to California for granddaughter's first birthday. She is concerned but went ahead and bought tickets when her husband said they were going if they had to drive. She is boarding with Chlorox wipes, a face mask, and probably gloves.

Am getting concerned about the food pantry, since a good number of those folks don't understand sanitation or pay attention to the news. I told them we might have to revert to handing out uniform bags insteaad of letting the clients shop.

Of course, one of the volunteers told me she didn't watch news as it was too depressing. Didn't know who Drudge was, either. (I pulled up the pic of the demonstration outside the White House and mentioned that was on Drudge.) The other people knew, though. And everyone except Ms. LIV is worried.


Banned: Republican Poll Watch.
This out to go straight to the US Supreme Court, IMO.


Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

I figure the refusal to ban travel is a feint to get us all to demand it and so much more when it proves inadequate and then us acting all shocked when they crank up FEMA camps for quarantine and then saying "you're the ones who demanded it" as they carry out their final solution.


More on the woman at the Pentagon:

Scott Trabandt @ScottTrabandt · 29m 29 minutes ago

#BREAKING UPDATE: 21 marines/retired marines on bus w/sick woman at #Pentagon told to self-monitor for 21 days. Released. No restrictions.


Double Wow---Rush continues to hammer the Rove "Hide the Weapons" decision for the 1st half hour of hour 2.

For those who have missed Rush, his overall point is that the decision to keep the truth of the Weapons hidden and to not fight back against the Dem's and the Media damning Bush's "Weapons of Mass destruction" as a false cause belli, emboldened the opposition to continue that behavior, and rendered the GOP Leadership so fearful of Dem attacks and and the MSM swaying Public sentiment, that they have effectively neutered themselves ever since, refusing to say what they are for aggressively, and instead playing kinder, gentler, get along-go along, in hopes that the Dem's and the Media won't effectively re-attack them like they did over Bush's Weapons of Mass destruction.

Rush also thinks that is why the GOPe attacks the Tea Party and NRA types, because the Media and Dem's can attack the Tea Party and NRA as angry opinionated Republicans, and that's what the GOPe's are desperately trying to avoid, so what better way to curry media favor then attack the Tea Party and the NRA types themselves.

Miss Marple

I do NOT understand this! (No restrictions and self-monitoring.)

Now if this woman tests for Ebola, what about those people? Will they be scattered all overthe country? Why are they not stopping people from moving around when they might have been exposed?

Either the CDC doesn't know what it's doing, or they are deliberately trying to induce an epidemic and wide-spread panic.

Dave (in MA)

After a week like this, I can't imagine what they could put out in the usual Friday afternoon bad news dump.

Miss Marple

daddy, I heard the last part of Rush on Rove when I left the food pantry.

I bought Rove's book when it was released. VERY disappointing, and totally all about him. I found it astounding that he hardly covered the Florida recount at all, but went on and on about how he was friends with Lee Atwater.

I think his connection to Atwater is dubious and was inserted in that book because Atwater is dead and cannot refute it. Atwater's campaign style was NOT something Rove seems to have adopted.

When I got tot he part where he said he had advised Bush not to answer those attacks, I threw the book across the room and didn't finish it. I was so darn mad that he had done such a stupid thing that to this day I despisehim.

I STILL think that the only reason he was successful is that he recognized a natural politician, very charismatic, in Bush 43 and latched onto him. From his book I see no evidence that any of his calculations of demographics made a darn bit of difference. I think Bush won on his personality (and probably his name). Bush, being a humble sort, thought that Rove was why he won.

I still think Rove left early to get clients before people figured out he was no good. I think he was advising Mike Castle and when he lost to the witch gal, his tantrum was because that easy win of Castle's was going to go on Rover's resume.

He is really not a very good political adviser, and probably Bush would have done better in the White House if he had left earlier.

James D.

Now if this woman tests for Ebola, what about those people? Will they be scattered all overthe country? Why are they not stopping people from moving around when they might have been exposed?

Even if these 21 people stay isolated in their homes for the next 21 days (not that they will, but let's pretend), what about all the people who will sit next to them on the bus/metro on their way home today, or brush past them on the sidewalk, or the lobby of their building if they live in an apartment, etc. ?

And who will monitor THEM? Who will even know? How many people, do you think, remember which car of which subway train they were on, on a given day?

But there's nothing to fear, nothing at all.

Comanche Voter

You know Obozo needed a physician who specialized in control and cure of pandemics; or maybe a military man who was experienced in handling and deploying large numbers of people--instead of calling for such a specialist, Obozo called for a political crisis specialist.

The dude does not give a flying flip for the protection of anyone or anything but his own precious little political backside. We elected him twice (although not with my vote) so I suppose we deserve what we get from him.

James D.

MM, I'd like to see Karl Rove hang from a lamppost.

Honestly, he's fairly low on the list of people I'd like to see that happen to, at this point, but he's certainly there.

James D.

Comanche Voyer, considering Zero's handling of the Secret Service mess, he doesn't even care about his own physical safety, let alone that of his wife and children.

Is there even a word for what's wrong with this guy?

Miss Marple

James D.,

My daughter works in the gift shop of a large museum which is one of the big non-sports tourist attractions in Indy.

She has hundred of people passing through there each day, many of whom are school-age children. Loads of tourists.

I am worried to death about her. Even if I remain fairly isolated, she cannot.

And then there's my grandkids.

I want this thing stopped.

Miss Marple

What is wrong with Obama:

He thinks nothing bad will ever happen to him. Why shouldn't he? He has been protected by fawning sycophants, affirmative action rules, political correctness, and a subservient press.

He probably thinks he can't get sick. (I notice he never seems to get acold or anything.)

Maybe he is the anti-Christ. I don't know. The whole thing creeps me out.

James D.

About my only amusement for the day has been reading the post-mortems (sorry) on the Jets' defeat last night. I liked this bit from ESPN:

The New York Jets did something Thursday night that defied comprehension. They lost a football game in a manner that was never done before.

The Jets became the first team in history to lose a game with 40 minutes time of possession (40:54), 200 rushing yards (218) and no giveaways, according to the Elias Sports Bureau. The time-of-possession statistic first was tracked in 1977, per Elias.
They managed to lose in a manner than no team in 37 years has done. That's an achievement.

And from the NY Daily News:

Rex Ryan’s Jets, 6, of New York/New Jersey passed away Thursday night after more than a month-long battle with shaky quarterback play, embarrassing secondary issues and inferior talent.

Official time of death: 11:59 p.m. EDT.

The team is survived by untold thousands, who have endured more than four decades without a championship and wandered down a painful path for too long. The death blow was delivered by a familiar nemesis in the most heartbreaking manner on a night when Ryan’s Jets deserved to live for another day...

...A public memorial will be held over the next 10 weeks at MetLife Stadium and other venues. In lieu of flowers, suggestions can be made to improve a terrible roster for the next man in charge on the sideline.

I'm laughing now because I know I'll be flinching/crying/screaming on Sunday when the Giants follow up last Sunday's slattering at the hands of the Eagles, with another likely defeat at the hands of the hated Cowboys.

James D.

Oops! but fixed, hopefully?

Thomas Collins

But, James D., you have to appreciate Amendola's TD catch. Amendola cuts inside, Brady throws it behind him, and Amendola makes the catch anyway. Thing of beauty and a joy to behold.

And showing true skill, unlike David Tyree getting a ball lodged in his helmet. . . .

JUST KIDDING. Coughlin's NY Football Giants played a great game on 2/3/2008.

Dave (in MA)

I don't know whether it was Geno Smith actually looking pretty good last night, or maybe was it just the Pats' defensive woes getting worse.
On the other side of the ball, they finally got something going with Amendola. Edelman had a mild case of the dropsies and maybe that got Brady to actually target Amendola for a change. I've wondered if he's been pouting about losing his "binky" Welker and refusing to use his replacement.


"It’s simply not feasible to build a wall—virtual or real—around a community, city, or country."

The reason I re-posted this comment from Freiden is that it says: It's not feasible for a country to protect its borders.

Did he get this from Obama himself? Surely he wasn't allowed to spout this nonsense all on his own, and Obama backed up Freiden's ludicrous logic yesterday.

It's not feasible for a country to protect its borders...


ThomC-- of course the 3 reasons the Pats beat the woeful Jets are Brady, BelliCheat, and the Jets pitiful defensive secondary players. The Jets pushed around the Pats defense... the jets are woeful, but the Pats aren't very good either.

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