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November 26, 2014


Frau Zeitung

Klein and BS. A match made in Journo-Land.

Ah, my unconscious friend.

Who will rid me of these troublesome rillos?


May I be first to say I wish Ezra was in the car rather than Wilson?

Comanche Voter

Little Ezra is an experienced street brawler. A second grade girl kicked his ass--when Ezra was in fourth grade. He's stayed away from brawling since then, and his information is a little out of date.

Maybe Ezra and Pajama Boy could go a couple of rounds--sharpen up Ezra's skills. Shall we let them have down pillows as weapons in the honeymoon suite at some low rent motel in the Poconos?


ole' better than ezra ...

>>>more like a moment meant to connect Brown to the robbery<<<

guess he didn't see the tape of the robbery (shoplifting?) at the gas station ...


Little Ezra, gettin' all "street" with his hunches and instincts due to his hard scrabble life in the 'hood with his homies. Ghetto cracka that he is.


Well, maybe not first first, but what was that German word again?


ooops ... should have read on. i'm red faced like Ezra ...



slap face or punch face ...


I'd say from the description, backed up by the store video, that Brown was accustomed to easily prevailing in these situations. Otherwise, he'd have dropped the rillos on the ground.



lol ... he probably cruises into work in his Prius rappin' to JayZ ... kinda like Michael Bolton in Office Space.


... and I'm going to have to go outside for some firewood. think the snow (mostly slush) has stopped.


Good one, rich.

Danube on iPad

I'd like to see Brown's mother and stepfather get tons more airtime.

Jack is Back! (Between Good Ground and Water Mill)

Fools. Ezra Klein is pajama boy.

Plus he even looks like a young brother of gruber.


I guess it's beyond the little putz Ezra's comprehension that the Mike punk was THC'd out of his frikkin' mind and did really stupid things that afternoon, like strong arm the store manager in front of the vid camera and attack a cop. What a lttle POS EKlein is.


does anyone else here remember when hit posted that gangsta translate page here ... let me see if I can find it.


BTW-- excellent snark in this beatdown of Ezra, well done Tom Maguire.


Happy Thanksgiving to Tom Maguire and family and to all of you here at JOM. Have a happy and healthy day tomorrow.



Danube on iPad

Forced to choose (to some extent) between the accounts given by the police officer and young Dorian Johnson, Ezra naturally picks the one who, at the time of the event, was facing charges of filing a false police report. When you have the template before you, such choices are easy.


I have it on good authority Ezra played Mortal Combat once.


ezra is a multiple wedgie survivor and has PTSD from it. Go easy on him.


>>>Actually, Riots are Good: The Economic Case for Riots in Ferguson<<<

from the sidebar ... good grief, take it Mr. Bruening has never heard of the broken windows fallacy or that the wanton destruction is ruining much more than economic value.


well it's Gawker, the traditional hive of 'scum and villainy,' and errrant stupidity,


more like an interlocking venn diagram, frau.

honestly some of this writing is as ludicrous as the two nuclear weapons that became a sperm whale and a bowl of petunias in hitchhiker's guide,


Posted by: lyle | November 26, 2014 at 07:05 PM-

I have a better one upon some reflection (and dang it, I can't find the clip). I'm a fan of Michael Bolton's character in Office Space (I've even said, just after I was laid off "...but I add value", anyway) so I can't besmirch him with a comparison to Ole' Ezra. He reminds me of Beavis when he decided he was going to be black. Maybe I was drunk when I saw it and it wasn't really that funny, but man, I'm thinking that that is Ezra's level.


Jim Miller

JiB - Thanks for your thoughts on Flournoy (on he previous thread).

I really do wonder who Obama can get to be Secretary of Defense now, given what has happened to the last three.


Same story with St. Skittles. Fed by the media.

Why? Because it makes great TV. And, there's not much you can do about it, either.

The good news? Well, they didn't lynch Zimmerman. And, they're not going to lynch Wilson, either.

Jack is Back! (Between Good Ground and Water Mill)

Jim Miller,

Inside the beltway has already figured out that working for this putz is a dead ender. I will bet its an aceademic. Some one like Ben/Dana who fits the meldable mold of being absolutely complicit and agreeable to the madhatter's tea party that Rice and ValJar wil throw.


Wes Clark? He probably isn't even oily enough to want to take the job.


they'll probably go with Ashton Carter, the PLA's BFF, who will be acting secretary anyways,



I fear you are right and the next SOD will be a Rice/ValJat puppet. Can't think of a time in the last 50 years when we have been this vulnerable.


Posted by: narciso | November 26, 2014 at 08:14 PM

good point on that. just saw the headline and resisted the urge to click over.



Rush Limbaugh tells the True or Real Story of Thanksgiving



kim un, wonders why don't I get press like that,



ray shielded to protect severe brain damage:


Jack is Back! (Between Good Ground and Water Mill)

Frederick, Mrs. Jib and I are watchijg Spiderman Nol 1 on FX. I usually don't watch anything like that but being the eve of Thanksgiving and having endured the rain and wind and drives around Amangasett and Montauk anything beats that.


well after Spiderman 3, 'beetlejuice, beetlejuice, beetlejuice' I gave up on the series, but seeing that Emma Stone is in it,
I've taken a second look,

Eric in Boise

I fear you are right and the next SOD will be a Rice/ValJat puppet.

I think that goes without saying.

Can't think of a time in the last 50 years when we have been this vulnerable.

Nor can I. Ed Morrisey at HA seems to think Jeh Johnson might be a candidate due to the paucity of other sources. Nothing would surprise me at this point.

On a more important note: Be careful out there, Nor'east JOMers.


yikes, really, summon the SMOD



someone brought the turkey early


Strawman Cometh

A Thanksgiving prayer:
My Friends graciously accepts appt as DoD.
Joe Arpaio assumes Senate seat.

And a trial fo Ferguson. The shitizenry feels cheated. Give them trials. Many trials. For perjury arising out of the GJ testimony. For incitement. For traveling across state lines for incitement. Terrorism. Robbery. Vandalism. Discharging a firearm in the city limits.

Strawman Cometh

I really meant to type "for". If I was going all racist I would have typed "foe".

Strawman Cometh

or, maybe "foh"


ah, the 'gnashing of teeth' from both events, might constitute 'a crossing of streams'


a bit of a micro-aggression Strawman ...


--May I be first to say I wish Ezra was in the car rather than Wilson?--

You may, Ex. I will be the first to say I wish Ezra was outside the car rather than Brown.

Strawman Cometh

On 4th thought, it would have been "fo'"
But the point still holds.


Iggy, Captain Hate, his son-in-law and I had a wonderful meet-up. CH deserves a lot of credit for traveling to Sacramento from Santa Cruz on likely the worst day to travel in the entire year. It took him about 3.5 hours to get there; Iggy and I had about an hour transit time. Thanks!

We met at the Virgin Sturgeon, a barge that floats in the Sacramento River. To be generous, it is funky, but the food is OK (for bar food) and the day was lovely: lower 70s and sunny, so we sat outside. (As a side note, this is where Elliott and I first met ManTran.)

CH scored points immediately by stating that Iggy and I were not at all what he was expecting -- we were much younger than he imagined. I don't hear that a lot anymore!

The conversation flowed in and out of many topics. We didn't talk much about politics, sports or even JOM people. Simply, it was a pleasant chat between friends who seemingly have known each other for a long time.

Two hours went by very quickly, and then we all departed for home. I do hope CH's drive back is not too much of a challenge.


Posted by: narciso | November 26, 2014 at 09:49 PM -


>>>In the meantime, we keep losing national elections because we’re so focused on the next “rising star” that we’re not laying the groundwork for victory.<<<

Weird. During the Obama Administration Dems have lost 69 house seats and 13 senate seats. Nearly half the dems who passed Ocare have been voted out. I'm leaving out the Dem wipe out at the state level because I'm not that much of a nerd but it has been comprehensive-I mean West Virginia has flipped with GOP in control of both chambers of the state legislature since when-Reconstruction.


Just got home from a very nice late afternoon lunch on the Sacramento River waterfront with the always entertaining DocJ, mon Capitan Hate and the Cap's handsome and very smart son in law.

The Captain is kinda well, just like he is here; funny, plain spoken, smart and, despite his handle, a gentleman.
I hope I haven't offended him by calling him a gentleman. :)


Or, what Doc said.

Jane on Ipad

I also heard Jeh. Johnson who appears to be enough of a puppet and equally unqualified for the job.

But I say, let's not confirm anyone. The awkwardness of a fired Hagal who promised to stay on until a replacement was found, with the inner circle would be a joy to watch.

It sounds like a great meet-up you guys.


the gobbler sturred up the Horde, earlier today,


the Captain, is 'just a loveable fuzzball' at heart,

what did you think of last night's PoI,


Thanks for the meetup reports. I haven't had the pleasure of meeting DrJ or Iggy, but Iggy's description of the Captain matches my experience.


I'm jealous, I've met a couple of Jom'ers, and Henry and I have become friends, but Iggy, Dr J and Capn' seemed to have a wonderful meet up.

Danube on iPad

Would love to have been there with those guys.

I already knew that CH is a gentleman, and I know that about all others present. Over time, it's easy to tell.


Great to read the JOM meet up report. So capth has done bi-coastal meets

Miss Marple

I've known Captain Hate from earlier days at another site. He's a wonderful guy. Mrs. Hate is nice, too!

Jack is Back!

I envy the Virgin Sturgeon gang.

BTW was the gangway sloping down or up? One of my favs in Sac. We always sat outside near the bow.

Glad you guys met up.

Miss Marple




BTW was the gangway sloping down or up?

It was sloping way, way down. It is yet early in the rainy season! And how does one tell the bow from the stern on a barge?


I'll make to to NY one of these days. I have a number of invitations, and I can combine it with a DC trip. Stay tuned!


which one is this, rich:


Danube on iPad

A touching and lovely Leo Donofrio farewell:


Poor guy. And to think he was once at the vanguard of the Birther movement. The Birther Report loved him. Threadkiller loved him. Orly Taotz loved him.

And now...and now...Jeez, they never heard of him.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Thanks for the kind words, DrJ, Iggy et. al. The ride back was a piece of cake traffic wise. Go figure. Great to meet you two and finally place a face and voice with verbiage. Time very well spent IMO.

Beasts of England

Early to bed for me. My dear old Mom volunteered us to cook at the Rescue Mission tomorrow - which I find to be a nice idea. Not sure which dishes we'll be cooking, but I'll be in good hands with her around. The 6:30 kitchen call will come early, but it's not the day to whine.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my JOM friends and safe travels for those headed away from home. God bless our country.


Strawman Cometh

DoT, we click your birther links out of courtesy, but please, that's almost 2 years old.


We do?

Danube on iPad

"but please, that's almost 2 years old."

Like the Mona Lisa, like Michelabgelo's David, it's timeless. Keep clicking.

Strawman Cometh

Speaking of timeless

Strawman Cometh

Ixnay, Ignay


HB Soylent!

And a Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Best wishes for Safe Travels and profitable looting from STL.

Captain Hate on the iPad

I enjoyed last night's POI a great deal except I don't think there's any way Dominic's right hand man would've survived the blast. I think Shaw being outed was handled realistically (including the steps Miss Groves took to prevent her from re-entering the fray). I find it interesting how Greer is dealing with Samaritan's blind spots by beefing up human intel; I think a good discussion could be had (and I might initiate one at Facebook) regarding whether Greer fears systemically undoing Root's coding because of the potential for harm, whether unleashing a virus that may be triggered by undoing it or having Samaritan lash out at anybody screwing around with its code.

Although I like Elias's character I don't consider our heroes dealing with his travails as anything more than HR redux.



sorry not following. She's good looking though.

great to hear about the meet up.

a happy thanksgiving to everyone here especially DrJ and Mrs J for their kindness and assistance during my job search.

and a thank you for our host Tom Maguire for providing the forum.


Happy Birthday, Soylent!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

/still cooking at 1 a.m.


Who cares about two years ago when, only moments ago, Donofrio of Thought gave up the game.

On the last thread you will find his odours opus.

White jacket time, old friend?


Sorry to see you go down this way.



Oh Dear Lord TK. I had a large interest in Favre's career, and I think he was freakin' awesome, but, his end came in MINNESOTA, face down unconscious in the SNOW. He couldn't walk away!!


Yep, Gus.

Sad to watch.



TK, Obama has been sacked and bleeding and mumbling like a CORPSE-MAN in a puddle of FECES. Favre was a successful WARRIOR and loved the sport. Obama is a bleating pile of goat shit. I admire Favre.
Favre went out fighting.

Captain Hate on the iPad

And Iggy, no matter what I think about it, Mother and Father Hate would be glad to know they raised a gentleman.

Captain Hate on the iPad

What DrJ said is true; through our interactions here I felt like I knew both him and Iggy so there were no awkward intros but rather jumping right in to find more details of things of mutual interest. And in addition to being younger than my mental image, I found both to be handsome in a non mancrush way.

Stephanie riding a streetcar named Desire

He's a hottie that DrJ. And beasts - nomnomnom. And I've seen Iggy on FB. Hubba hubba.

JOM it's not just the pics that are hot!


Stephanie, You are such a nice nice lady. DrJ, Capn and Iggy are icons. All 3 are gentlemen, scholars and great dudes!!!
I've never met any of those 3 YET. But I'm certain that all 3 are FRIENDS.


Happy Thanksgiving one an all!

Jack is Back!

Happy Thanksgiving to all. Woke to no snow. It's all to the west of Long Island and north. But there is snow in Ferguson to damping the raging mob.

Jane on Ipad

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Sandy  "I Stand with Walker 2016"  Daze    ن

I'll see your "Happy" Jane and raise you a Joyous...

Happy and Joyous Thanksgiving everyone !

Pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Wishing everyone a wonderful day.

Jack is Back! (Between Good Ground and Water Mill)

Washington, D.C.
October 3, 1863

By the President of the United States of America.

A Proclamation.

The year that is drawing towards its close, has been filled with the blessings of fruitful fields and healthful skies. To these bounties, which are so constantly enjoyed that we are prone to forget the source from which they come, others have been added, which are of so extraordinary a nature, that they cannot fail to penetrate and soften even the heart which is habitually insensible to the ever watchful providence of Almighty God. In the midst of a civil war of unequaled magnitude and severity, which has sometimes seemed to foreign States to invite and to provoke their aggression, peace has been preserved with all nations, order has been maintained, the laws have been respected and obeyed, and harmony has prevailed everywhere except in the theatre of military conflict; while that theatre has been greatly contracted by the advancing armies and navies of the Union. Needful diversions of wealth and of strength from the fields of peaceful industry to the national defence, have not arrested the plough, the shuttle or the ship; the axe has enlarged the borders of our settlements, and the mines, as well of iron and coal as of the precious metals, have yielded even more abundantly than heretofore. Population has steadily increased, notwithstanding the waste that has been made in the camp, the siege and the battle-field; and the country, rejoicing in the consiousness of augmented strength and vigor, is permitted to expect continuance of years with large increase of freedom. No human counsel hath devised nor hath any mortal hand worked out these great things. They are the gracious gifts of the Most High God, who, while dealing with us in anger for our sins, hath nevertheless remembered mercy. It has seemed to me fit and proper that they should be solemnly, reverently and gratefully acknowledged as with one heart and one voice by the whole American People. I do therefore invite my fellow citizens in every part of the United States, and also those who are at sea and those who are sojourning in foreign lands, to set apart and observe the last Thursday of November next, as a day of Thanksgiving and Praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the Heavens. And I recommend to them that while offering up the ascriptions justly due to Him for such singular deliverances and blessings, they do also, with humble penitence for our national perverseness and disobedience, commend to His tender care all those who have become widows, orphans, mourners or sufferers in the lamentable civil strife in which we are unavoidably engaged, and fervently implore the interposition of the Almighty Hand to heal the wounds of the nation and to restore it as soon as may be consistent with the Divine purposes to the full enjoyment of peace, harmony, tranquillity and Union.

In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Seal of the United States to be affixed.

Done at the City of Washington, this Third day of October, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-three, and of the Independence of the Unites States the Eighty-eighth.

By the President: Abraham Lincoln

William H. Seward,
Secretary of State

Centralcal on iPad

Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving all. Handsome men, gentlemen, abound here. It is just a given.

James D.

Daisy passed away last night at 10:30. She was my best friend in this world.

Jack is Back! (Between Good Ground and Water Mill)

Ah, Geez, James D. She is in the great meow in the sky. But still be thankful for all the love and happiness she gave you.

Miss Marple

Good morning, and Happy Thanksgiving to all!

For anyone watching the parade, Center Grove High School from my neck of the woods is marching in the Macy's parade. They have been saving money for 2 years to go and perform in it.

My son was in that band back in the 80's. It has a long tradition of winning championships and has grown to a huge undertaking, with it's own semi for hauling instruments and uniforms and a food truck which they take with them to competitions. (I don't think the food truck went to New York, though.)

Centralcal on iPad

So sorry to hear about the loss of Daisy, James.

Miss Marple

Oh, James, I am so sorry about Daisy. Losing them is just so hard, but its because we love them so much.

Jack is Back! (Between Good Ground and Water Mill)

Just saw this on Insty. The bolded sentance says it all about Ferguson and our societal woes in general:

ST. LOUIS • Two men indicted last week on federal weapons charges allegedly had plans to bomb the Gateway Arch — and to kill St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch and Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson — the Post-Dispatch has learned.

Sources close to the investigation were uncertain whether the men had the capability to carry out the plans, although the two allegedly did buy what they thought was a pipe bomb in an undercover law enforcement sting.

The men wanted to acquire two more bombs, the sources said, but could not afford to do it until one suspect’s girlfriend’s Electronic Benefit Transfer card was replenished.


so sorry to hear that James,


Condolences, James.

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