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November 05, 2014


Frau Bahnhof

Is this a Hillary! thread?

Frau Bahnhof



progs be honest, TM you are such a kidder. Its the Liar Party for a reason


Tom Steyer and his environmentalist buddies had a bad night.

The voters (and the public) might care more if these clowns didn't have the largest "carbon footprints" in the world.

"Do as I say and not as I do" sells about as well as "Hope and Change"


I urge everyone to go back to the One Damn Wave After Another thread and read Pagar's last comment and then never forget.

Comanche Voter

The voters were rebelling. Reminds me of the line that the Marlon Brando character in the movie "The Wild Ones" uttered. The frightened town person asked, "What are you rebelling against"? The Brando character replied, "What have you got?"

Harry Reid shut down the Senate--the laughably self titled "Greatest Debating Society In The World". There were no debates under Dictator Reid---only the sound of crickets. There was a price to be paid for that--and the first installment came due last night.

Dave (in MA)
Stephanie has a few pics that she could share.
Old Lurker

Is that the thread with the picture of Soylent holding a urinal cake in his hand?

Jack is Back!

Leading with your behind?


Cecil from a previous thread:

There's going to be some serious gnashing of teeth when vulnerable Dems have to choose between voting for things like the XL Pipeline or holding the line to preserve Obummer's veto. And if you think that's the ticket for 2016, I've got a bridge to sell you.

That's why I want Keystone first. I would incorporate fast track authority on at least two nuclear plants as well and toss in opening the Yucca nuclear waste storage facility to make sure Reid shares some of Obama's joy.

Frau Bahnhof

Stephanie has photos of Hillary's buttocks? ewwwwww!

Iggy, I went back and read pagar's last comment and would like to see it sent to all the Republicanmen and women who will be in charge come January 2015.

pagar and I agree on the necessity to true the vote quickly for the future of democracy in the U.S.

James D, Amen to your 09:14.

I would like to see the Republican leadership take the action recommended in your 09:09.

IMO, the Republican leadership should hire you to head up the effort to insure Voter ID is used in every state after insuring the person registering is an American citizen qualified and entitled to vote where registered.

Posted by: pagar | November 05, 2014 at 09:52 AM

Eric in Boise

Anybody hear from DWS this morning? :)


RickB-- I think the Repubs have to be a bit more ambitious than that. Push Keystone, nuke plants, Yucca (Nevada needs the jobs) PLUS continental shelf drilling (which the Va Dems want so there are 2 Cloture votes right there), PLUS no CO2 authority for EPA. Push all of them in one omnibus bill, Force the Senate Dems to vote for Cloture, then force Bam to veto, and let the Senate Dems triangulate against Bam to save the bill in some form. That's what I'd do.


Do people here the senate dems will can the Pederast? For Schumer?


From the previous thread. my opinion is that Obummer goes full rogue, and opens the borders

It would seem that, there being no immediate crisis, a federal judge could issue a restraining order holding implementation of the executive orders until their legality could be properly litigated.

Since immediate implementation was not necessary, one would imagine that the hearing could be delayed in discovery and pretrial motions until after the new Congress was seated.

At that time both the House and Senate could defund any implementation of the executive orders, daring Obummer to veto.

Meanwhile, Congress could work up several smaller bills for border security, and limited legal residence for some aliens for certain circumstances.

Any citizenship plan would not happen immediately and certainly would not jump anyone ahead of others in line.

Meanwhile, job visas could be selectively approved, only for those narrow fields required.

And chains of family could be restricted to immediate family and also consider repatriation.

Let Obama swing on his own rope for months.


god forbid Schumer is smarter than Reid


I wonder who the Dems need to contact about their losses -

"The White House is under fire for a blog post asking supporters to send "fishy" information received through rumors, chain e-mails and casual conversations to a White House e-mail address, '[email protected]'."

Maybe this email address is still good?


Washington Post, The Fix has a list of "firsts" due to this election. This one is my favorite (loser, loser, loser):

Charlie Crist lost his third election in Florida -- but his first as a Democrat. He is also most definitely the first former governor to lose races as a Democrat, Republican (the 1998 Senate race) and independent (the 2010 Senate race).

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


or Obama could resurrect the "Not Optimal" meme




The objective is to break the broomstick and burn the teepee over 12-14 months. I'm only writing about what I'd like to see up first. I'd put convening a few joint select committees on various items of grave concern second. Red Witch looks a little tired to me. A good flogging on Benghazi and the entire Arab Spring fiasco should help lift her spirits.


Republicans winning is "Not Optimal"!


From the "Need Better Editors" dept. and completely OT:

Officials say Shattuck performed oral sex on the boy at least 2 times -- once while outside walking the dog and again when they returned to the bedroom.

Walking the dog AND giving oral sex? Any of you libertines have any thoughts?


Oh, and did something big happen in the last 24 hours? ;-)


RickB@12:47-- you do have a way with words.

Old Lurker

I like all of NK's & Rick's energy ideas and would add fast track for a refinery or two as well.

But as soon as it covers several bases it gets long and complicated and time consuming.

Perhaps a one page Keystone Approval yes or no could start the flow? Then flood the system with a bunch of bite size very clear bills that force cloture votes then veto override votes as said above.

BTW, could someone remind me what class of bills (budget?) can get floor votes with 51 not 60?


Here's the story. So Obummer will grow his own and Choom constantly... oh... this will be GOOD. He'll be effin' constantly stoned.

Beasts of England

NK@12:35 - Sounds like a good start!

Old Lurker

Why are VA and AK not called yet?

Frau Scherzhaft

lyle, like Barry, Ms. Shattuck is flexible.


Insty asks if the GOPe will get the message.


Click to see how all the dems who backed Schumer's Gang of 8 immigration bill fared yesterday. No guessing!


OL-- 51 votes will be 'reconciliation' of the House and Senate Budget bills after conference committee. Here's a primer from 2009: http://prospect.org/article/50-vote-senate

Danube on iPad

My guess is that this guy will definat; he knows no other way. I can't think of a single instance where he has compromised on anythimg.

Dangerous times.


The Rothman kid is pretty dense, but he's right about this:http://hotair.com/archives/2014/11/05/democratic-civil-war-begin/

Jeff Dobbs

Oh, and did something big happen in the last 24 hours? ;-)

Butch won by 13 points.


Dangerous times.
Posted by: Danube on iPad | November 05, 2014 at 01:03 PM

Yes they are, but remember your Frederick the Great (and Patton) L'audace, L'audace... toujours l'audace.' This is an opportunity to forge a majority conservative consensus as an alternative to Obummerism.



I'm not so hot on simple bills. I like the idea of varying dosage and type on the poison pills included to preclude habituation and increased tolerance.

Sure, it means the progs will linger a bit longer but at least they'll suffer more during the remainder of their pathetic existence. If it gets boring, we can always switch to scorpions in a bottle.


Can you believe this guy?

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has reached out to his presumed successor, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, saying that he hoped they could work together “to get things done” in Washington.

In a statement, according to Mediaite, Reid said, “I’d like to congratulate Senator McConnell, who will be the new Senate Majority Leader. The message from voters is clear: They want us to work together. I look forward to working with Senator McConnell to get things done for the middle class.”

What a jackass.

Soylent Red

Is that the thread with the picture of Soylent holding a urinal cake in his hand?

That was a giant marshmallow.

So Obummer will grow his own and Choom constantly

This presumes he's not already doing that, and probably more. He has the manner of a person who does copious amounts of coke, and then chooms to get the edge off when out in public. It has been mentioned here before that he has the dead, soulless black eyes of a habitual drug user.

My only question is how long it takes for him to spark one up publicly.

BTW, I'll bet he's worked his way through several hundred dollars of Kools and Nicorette in the last 48 hours.


Soylent@1:08-- excellent observations I bet you are right.

Old Lurker

He he, Soy...

So Obama is growing his own dope? Probably in MO's garden beside the WH, right? Is that not the garden found to be contaminated with lead paint? Perhaps lead tainted smoke explains a lot.

Frau Scherzhaft

Dangerous times, you betcha, if we focus on things like Ernst's giddy laughter last night and allow that to define her just as Palin's accent was used to make her laughable and distract from her messages.

Beasts of England

The message from voters is clear: Stop Obama.

FTFY (alleged) Pederast!

Jack is Back!


He is just stealing Brokaw's lines:)

In Re: Immediate action on Keystone. H.R. 3 passed the house in March of 2013 and is in the Senate in-box. Wouldn't take much to move it to the PosTUS' desk. Let him veto and let the Dems pass on over-riding.

The reason the Dems won't be as intimidated as they should be is the lack of Dem seats in Red states up for renewal in 2016. Its the reverse then. Mostly Red state republicans will be up that year. They may just sit it out and bet they keep the WH and it has coat-tails to win back the Senate.



I posted this on the dead thread for DoT but I'll drop it here too. VA still has some counting left but it will probably be Warner absent something earth shattering.

Posted by: Danube on iPad | November 05, 2014 at 11:08 AM-

Coleman v. Franken would most likely be the standard. Absent a clear rule, the entire state would be recounted. In VA there is not an automatic recount procedure but if the total difference is <1% the loser can pay for the recount. Given there are clear rules in VA with what counts and what doesn't, Gillespie would have to find evidence of substantial fraud to challenge at the precinct level. Given the history of voting patterns around the state, and his vote difference, it would be difficult for Gillespie to make that challenge. Again it comes down to turn out ... Gillespie needed to lose Fairfax less badly and needed to do better in the rural areas to have closed the gap. The killer is how much ground the GOP has lost in Loudoun County over the years. Gillespie won it by a few hundred votes, but less than a decade ago a Rep would have taken the county by thousands.

Coleman v. Franken for your review


Posted by: rich@gmu | November 05, 2014 at 12:24 PM


Return message to Harry Reid: "If you like your 60 vote cloture, you can keep your cloture. By the way, don't let your desk block janitorial access to the brooms."

Beasts of England

Don't know, JiB. After that ass whipping last night, I'll bet there were a lot of sleepless nights and their confidence is flatlined. Not a single person on the left saw that coming. No one.

Frau Scherzhaft

I hope Mitch McConnell gives the pederast the Dick Cheney salute to Leahy.

Wasn't it Reid the Racemonger who called Justice Clarence Thomas "an embarrassment"?

Old Lurker

Thanks Rich.

AK, anyone?


There are about a dozen (bipartisan!) VA reform bills sitting in the Senate since before the scandal that could be dusted off and passed.

Jack is Back!

The 16 Most Epic Meltdowns on Democrat Underground Last Night.


Worth a few laughs. One guys suggests OhNobama resign so as not to give the ReThugs the plesure of impeaching him. I agree.

Beasts of England

Great photo of Mia Love at the top of Drudge! Awesome!!


Is that historically true, the Republicans lost the Congress in '54, and Eisenhower was reelected, now when there were further losses in '58, that presaged the narrow loss in '60,
then you have '94 and they subsequently lost in '96, and then you have 2006 and they lost in 2008, the record is at best mixed,


media coverage of the VA senate race ...


and I was in error. The state picks up the tab if the difference is between 0%

Jack is Back!


As I understnd it Alaska has 30K ballots from 70 outlying villages to be counted and it will take a week. Supposedly, this is an Alaska process in place for years to allow the natives to get their ballots in.



in re: Alaska: I think that has to do with remote precincts and absentee ballots (reservations?) but historical patterns look good for Sullivan. Not sure of election laws there so Begich might challenge the outcome as well.

Beasts of England

Anybody remember who predicted 52 / 245 the other day?

Not to brag, or anything. ;)

Jack is Back!

The killer is how much ground the GOP has lost in Loudoun County over the years. Gillespie won it by a few hundred votes, but less than a decade ago a Rep would have taken the county by thousands.

And that ladies and gentleman is another illustration of how the government and its receipient culture (beltway bandits, contractors, etc.) has grown and grown and grown.

Thomas Collins

I'm losing count, BOE. Does 52 include Alaska and Louisiana, or could it go up to 54?

Frau Scherzhaft

DoT - This Obama quote in a Jack Cashill article (American thinker 4 Nov 2014) reminded me of the Obama Jr. vs Obama II designation I mentioned recently:

“They got together and Barack Obama Jr. was born,” said Obama to a largely black audience.

Again, curious, but not important.
According to Bill Ayers' book "Dreams From My Father," Obama saw/had his birth certificate.

Old Lurker

Thanks guys. I'm just trying to get Rick to his 8 with his 9th coming when LA decides.

If we were Dems, we could probably find enough votes to get VA back through the challenge process but since we aren't, that is not going to happen. Sadly. That was a great run by Gillespie, and the lesson there is that he ran on, you know, actual things.


weird my 1:26 got clipped ...

the state picks up the tab if the difference is between 0 and .5. the current difference is .57 or about 12k votes. it would come down to challenging absentee ballots.

Old Lurker

TC, 52 counts neither AK nor LA, and the Dems 45 does not yet count VA. So it is 52:45 with VA,AK and LA tbd.

Beasts of England

52 now, which was my Wednesday morning prediction! ;)


did you put some money on those picks beasts?

I was out on the ledge with OL, James, and others. Think I promised to bbq up some crow and a hat ... dang it.

in other news gotta interview here this afternoon. probably saying something about will jinx it but it looks promising.

Thomas Collins

OK, thanks, OL. So we are probably looking at 54-46 (although I'm not giving up on Gillespie just yet).

Has David Brooks come out with an op ed pontificating that the GOP Reps and Senators need to be like Rockefeller Republicans now that they control both branches of Congress?


well Bruni is a proud acolyte of the sky dragon netters;


honestly no decent oligarch should touch them now,

Frau Scherzhaft

Fingers crossed for you, rich, and "Toi! Toi! Toi!"

The extent of the "calibration issues" is unclear. Virginia Department of Elections Commissioner Edgardo Cortes said 32 of Virginia Beach's 820 AccuVote TSX machines were pulled from service by 3:30 p.m. Another four were discontinued in Newport News, where most votes were recorded on paper ballots.

Cortes said he didn't know how many people voted on the machines before they stopped using them at the 25 precincts.

Cortes blamed the problems - which could prompt candidates to file legal challenges of the results - on how the machines were handled before the polls opened. He noted that the machines, some of which date back to 2005, were calibrated before they were transported to the precincts and could have been jostled along the way.

"We don't believe this is anything more than a calibration issue," Cortes said.


My touch screen phone didn't experience calibration issues after I threw it through a sliding glass door.

I call BS.

Danube on iPad

Thanks Rich. I'd forgotten that case.

Likely to end up at 54-46.

Be honest, Frau: dismying as it may be, Palin's voice and accent were/are quite a detriment.

Miss Marple


I am with you. I believe that "calibration issue" is the technology version of "5 low-level employees in the Cincinnati office."

Thomas Collins

The current Virginia numbers have Gillespie behind by a little more than 12,000 votes, so that could well be a stolen election. However, the Libertarian candidate probably helped Warner more than fraud.


Low level button pushed-ers.

Miss Marple


If she had wanted to be a serious contender, she should have gotten a vocal coach. It wasn't her voice or her accent which bothered me, but her odd sentence emphasis, like stopping in weird places and running on in others. It made her difficult to listen to.


Narciso-- Carlos means to eat the NYT whole. He's not shy about his plans, post defenestrating the Ochs-Sulzbergers he plans to shut doen the dead tree edition but keep the 'content' and 'content' only. That means he will turn the staff into serfs, do you think the union/guilds survive that Mexican Standoff? Pass the popcorn.

Thomas Collins

I want to give the performance of the night to Gillespie (even if in a losing cause) or Love or Hogan, but, given that he faced corrupt prosecutors and unions for whom defeating him was priority number one, I'm leaning towards Walker's 53 something percent as the performance of the night.


I am posting this for GMax (to use as future reference for polling info):

John Ekdahl ‏@JohnEkdahl 10h10 hours ago

Final RCP Averages:
Cotton +7 (+18 actual)
Orman +0.8 (Roberts +11)
Perdue +3 (+8)
Ernst +2 (+8)
McConnell +7 (+15)
Warner +10 (+1)

Some Guy

"Be honest, Frau: dismying as it may be, Palin's voice and accent were/are quite a detriment."

I quite disagree. I believe she has a lovely voice, and that those who found it "annoying" or whatever were doing so only out of pure bigotry. What is truly dismaying, is that those people weren't derided and marginalized.

Carol Herman

The only way the democrats win, ahead, is through fraud.

And, there's no software written yet that can detect machine failures.

The only way out of this is to DEMAND paper ballots. People want to press computer buttons? Let them. The machine should give them a receipt while it makes a deduction from their debit card.

But paper ballots also have their problems. LBJ once bragged that he had a full box of votes ... And, if he saw his numbers dropping, he'd just have "voting inspectors" open up his special box. And, count.

Sure. Exit polling works, too. In that it could uncover chicanery. But most people who volunteer to work at polling places don't want to go to jail. About as close as you can get to an honest system. (While computer software changes the ballgame's results into the "unknown" category.)



Unsurprising. She's...entitled, dontchaknow.


I rather agree with you Some Guy. It's not her voice or her accent that annoy me at all - but sometimes her pacing in speaking her sentences sure needs some work.

Old Lurker

Hope Mitch remembers this:

"100% of Newly Elected GOP Senators Campaigned on Repealing Obamacare"


Palin's time has passed.


The killer is how much ground the GOP has lost in Loudoun County over the years. Gillespie won it by a few hundred votes, but less than a decade ago a Rep would have taken the county by thousands.

I don't know VA, but it seems to me that Gillespie didn't try very hard or spend very much. He was considered toast from the beginning. Presumably past Rs campaigned more seriously.


Fluke lost by 22 points. :)



@Porchlight from a couple of threads back, re: being a secret red in a blue workplace.

All during the W Bush years I worked at Lincoln Center. I think, and this really is not an exaggeration, that there were fewer than 20 of us on the entire campus who voted for Bush. When the Republican convention was held in New York, we received an email from an exec (for every Lincoln Center employee) of one of those phony Republic Convention Schedules that started out: "9:30, The Burning of the Constitution", etc. etc.

After Bush won, I was at a programming meeting, and the head of programming said, "Well, I know we're all depressed, so we'll just sit here in the dark and listen to Shostakovich."

My department head (Community Programming) was always trying to get Amira Biraka or Mumia (reading from jail) included in Lincoln Center Out of Doors events.

It was like going into a war zone everyday.

jimmyk on iPad

"the record is at best mixed,"

What's not so mixed is that the party of the 2nd term President loses the next Presidential election. Only Ronaldus Maximus was able to carry the Rs into another victory. Before that, the last was Hoover, or maybe FDR if he counts. (Truman doesn't count because he was an incumbent in '48).


So Drunken Danny won in Ct this year with fewer votes than Foley had in 2010. Just pitiful. Foley is a capable enough guy but he gives normal people no reason to vote for him. There is NO Repub party in Ct. Just pitiful.

Jack is Back!

Talk about "every vote counts". Col. Martha McSally (USAF Ret.) is up 36 votes on Ron Barber in Gabby Giffords old district. She is someoe I have been supporting for the last two election cycles. Imagine a recount is at hand.



Palin suffered from creating made-up colloquialisms* to sound like one of the guys/gals.

"Joe six-pac" and "good ole boys club" type shit should have never been said more than once on a national stage.

Her accent made a dumb saying sound like an f'd up line from a middle school rendition of "Oklahoma."


I agree with Some Guy.

Re-listen to the announcement and convention speeches that electrified tens of millions of people. Nobody was cringing about her voice back then.





jimmyk on iPad

I'm afraid 36 vote is not nearly enough to cover the margin of fraud. A box of ballots will be discovered somewhere in a blue precinct.


It was like going into a war zone everyday

I'll bet it was. You're a better person than I. I would have mouthed off.

jimmyk on iPad

"Palin suffered from creating made-up colloquialisms* to sound like one of the guys/gals."

Which Barry and Hillary never ever do./sarc

The difference is that the Ds and MSM and Hollywood don't jump all over them.



My take is that his race suffered some of the same defects that the GOP gov race and the Presidential race. A bad turn out and gotv model and not deploying adverts well (spending way too much on TV in Fairfax and not sending out volunteers in the rural areas). Overall though, I think Gillespie should have hit the corruption theme harder (local scandal involving a judgeship and state senator) and better targeted adverts esp showing how much Warner is as liberal as Obama. Warner was a tough beat though (he has a folksy charm that can cover his progressivism well) and actually learning some lessons from 2010-2014 would be nice.


I doubt I'll ever see a convention speech better than Palin's - speech, delivery, everything. Plus she looked like a million bucks, of course.

Her relatively late endorsement pulled Walker over the finish line quite easily. Not bad for someone whose time has passed.

Jack is Back!


And that is the crux isn't it. The only ballots ever found in a red district were by Thad Cocoran this year:)



Thanks for that. I know many have or had it worse than I do. That must have been tough. Librarians vote D about 500-1, and our organization has fewer than 500 employees.

People here assume you share their politics, but they can't do anything officially (state university in a red state), so at least I don't get emails or anything like that.


--@Porchlight from a couple of threads back, re: being a secret red in a blue workplace.--

I'm not sure whether to cringe at the possibility of being a "secret red" these days or if it's an ironic badge of honor that we are now patriotic insurgents against an established politburo.


Did someone say "Hollywood"?




Those speeches struck intense fear into the entire left wing of this country. They weren't making fun of her accent back then. They were too busy worrying about her being president someday, and fantasizing about murdering her.

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