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November 24, 2014



"There was very little "conservative" and nothing "libertarian" about W's tenure"

But you voted for him twice, despite your misgivings?

You can't have it both ways. :)


Rick B, no, I do not think the originating(not the secondary) organizers care about Danegeld. It really, truly, is about joy of destroying everything: capitalism, property, infrastructure, civilization. They may sometimes move their mouths and make noises about brave New post-revolutionary world, but most really aren't concerned about or interested in that. It's irrational and can't be explained rationally. My 2¢.

Beasts of England

NK@11:11- Exactly. Their menagerie of identity politics cabals couldn't last forever. A small to medium implosion will be enjoyable to watch.


The Labor Market disgrace (ObummerCare and other Prog taxes on employment and job creation)and declining 'median' income -- open borders brings in a massive number of impoverished households, hence median income declines -- and the mortgage backed security credit freeze were all --as in ALL-- the result of activist Big-Government and Crony manipulations. Small government conservatives opposed all of those things, Progs demanded all of them, (except for Big Bank Crony profits from MBS.) Conservatives get to rightly say 'told ya so'... even the voters are catching on.

Beasts of England

I thought I wished Soylent a happy birthday a few weeks ago? ;)

Happy Birthday, Soylent!!


--But you voted for him twice, despite your misgivings?

You can't have it both ways. :)--

Sure I can. Half of the discussions here center around the hopeless protest vote vs the lesser of two evils vote.
So far the lesser of two evils vote has prevailed only because the Dems seem bent on becoming as evil as possible.


Effin' idiots like Ben voted for Obummer twice, and now those smart assed libs will be purged by Obummer's Third World Racialist Socialist OFA party. Smart move Sherlock.


--Progs demanded all of them, (except for Big Bank Crony profits from MBS.)--

Took em awhile but now they're even demanding those as tribute and DOJ is more than happy to oblige.

Danube on iPad

Where are you, CH.?

Jane on Ipad

I'm taking great delight in Schumer's desperation.


Thanks for nothing, Ferguson.

Due to the current situation in Ferguson, MO, we have decided to move all crews operating into STL to the Airport Marriott until further notice. Flight Ops and Corporate Security will continue to monitor the situation in Ferguson and throughout the U.S. Any additional safety/security changes will be made if/when required.


Good point Iggy. Whatever is left of those MBS fees have been shaken down by Holder's gangster tactics and steered to OFA. SOooo.... EVERYTHING bad about the economy is Prog supported Big Gov. Simple truth.


"Ben voted for Obummer twice,"

And I am accountable as a member of the electorate. We get the gubmint we deserve. Protest votes don't matter in our two-party monopoly.


Hey Ben;

Fuck you. I know Kelly Thomas' father and I know the case all too well. Those were rogue cops who got off on a crappy prosecutor who thought they had it in the bag. People around here are outraged at those monsters.

Our own son could have been Kelly Thomas. Homeless, mentally ill, and helpless. You have no fucking clue.

Beasts of England

A two-party monopoly? Mono, anyone? Oligopoly, perhaps?

Miss Marple

Ben can try to take the high ground on morality all he wants. I don't believe any of it.

Gruber. Gruber. Gruber. Gruber.

The entire dem party is full of morons and their masters, the Grubers.

I want nothing to do with it, and will vote GOP until someone demonstrates out candidate is also a Gruber.

At which point I will cease to pay attention to politics and instead earn as much money as I can to leave to my grandchildren in cash, where the government cannot get it.


DoT, CH is in Santa Cruz. We intend to meet in Sacramento.


Americans should not favor other Americans over foreigners, Obama demanded. "Sometimes we get attached to our particular tribe, our particular race, our particular religion, and then we start treating other folks differently... that, sometimes, has been a bottleneck to how we think about immigration," he said in the face of many polls showing rising opposition to his immigration agenda.

Did he just say that Al Sharpton is a bottleneck to immigration reform ?

Beasts of England

MomJeans risks free fall anytime he speaks extemporaneously.

Has anyone else noticed his new tick of pointing and jabbing at the air with his left hand during his pontificating? Quite the tell. He's not getting enough attention and I bet he's really just dying to flap his arms while speaking. Look at me!! Look at me!!

Pitiful little boy...

Some Guy

Irony alert.

Gentle Giant's parents vow campaign for requiring police body cameras. If Darren Wilson was wearing a body camera, nobody in the world would have ever heard of Michael Brown.

Captain Hate on the iPad

I'm in Santa Cruz, DoT, and in an hour and a half will be driving to Sacramento.


" I know Kelly Thomas' father and I know the case all too well."

Your understandable outrage is misplaced. Save your energy for activism on behalf of your son and many others.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Schmuckie Schoooooomer deserves every bit of the pain he's feeling. He could've put the brakes on the runaway train but chose to be the fireman piling on the coal in large quantities. Eff him.


Body Cam:

If Wilson had one, Fat Mike would have been a national story... for one day. It would have been "Mo. Cop defends himself after violent youth robs convenience store and attacks officer-- here's the video."

I knew this whole thing would play out this way when I was forced to hear a CNN interview with Moms Brown in the Bermuda Airport in August. She admitted her little angel shouldn't have died for : 'making a 'mistake'".... yeah a 'mistake', chooming it up so he's THC'd out of his mind, sucker punching a cop and trying to grab his gun... then charging back at the cop. Moms says that was a just a wee 'mistake'.

Beasts of England

True, Some Guy! You'd think after the security camera showed their stupid thug assaulting the poor store clerk that they'd try the opposite tack!

Well, stupid is as stupid does.


Well if Zero via OFA thought this would make the Congress give him money, he is most definitely going to be sadly and truly disappointed. That party has no tunes, and the beer is flat and warm...

Miss Marple

Lots of white Occupy types in that demonstration in St. Louis.

And it's starting to snow.

We might as well have a blizzard in the Midwest, too. It would muffle the rioters' shouting and eventually send them home.


Would you guys please preface your responses like MM does:


I realize he's a beguiling and captivating conversationalist whose opinions are certainly worthy of taking over the blog, but this one favor would help me save a lot of time.

Thanks in advance.


A.N.S.W.E.R. is the group that started up the anti-war marches during the Bush administration.
I "credit" them with getting me more involved in politics!


Happy birthday soylent.

Heads up-the various ed journals pushed on by HuffPo are urging schools to 'bring up' the nonindictment of Wilson in the death of the 'unarmed black teenager.'

And the Education Commission of the States today released a radically different view of civic education to create desired beliefs and community actions. It fits with the controversial C3 Social Studies framework but unless you are reading releases the day before Turkey day it will be missed.

Good thing I have learned to watch as this admin has turned this into an annual tradition. Civic learning to be required for all American students now has as a requirement "the willingness to collaborate with people of differing views and backgrounds toward common solutions for the public good."

Doesn't that go well with the open borders, amnesty, post-law America?

Miss Marple


Perhaps I should add a warning to my reply.

Examples: "Reply to moron follows," or "Waste of time paragraphs following!" or "Se monsters here!"

Jeff Dobbs

Nu thred


'taking over the blog'.

No. Just inserting some context.


--Ben can try to take the high ground on morality all he wants. I don't believe any of it.

Gruber. Gruber. Gruber. Gruber.--

To be fair and to his credit, anarchist Ben who believes the government is not to be trusted with pretty much anything, is in favor of single payer government monopoly healthcare, not Barrycare.


Yeah. And roads and bridges...dams et al.

Conservative libertarianism would make us more like Afghanistan.

I think the US spends more on infrastructure there than in our own country.


Ben has been conceding obliquely that he made a BIG mistake when he voted for Obama.

But you're neither paying attention, nor reflecting on the flip-of-a-coin choice that he had.


Bill Clinton - Ooogle-opoly

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