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November 24, 2014


Jane on Ipad


Are you safe?


Shemp: angel Brown's body lay in the street for over four and a half hours, you racists.


We watched the verdict live as a family. We're currently an hour back on live coverage because we kept pausing to discuss the process and facts with the teen and tween.

My takeaway to them was:

1. Wilson fucked up. If you can't avoid putting your life at risk when you are in a cop car confronting two unarmed suspects, you shouldn't have a badge. Especially if you know backup is on the way. Not murder, but not right either.

2. NEVER, EVER, touch a cop's gun. If you do, you may not die, but he has the right to kill you. (I was lucky enough to learn this the easier way--a friendly touch followed by a lecture--but the lesson hasn't changed in at least 30 years.).

3. Do what the policeman tells you to do. If he's wrong, we can fix it later. If you're wrong, or he thinks you might be, we may not have the chance.

They were chastened. Spike said there were about twenty racist comments about equally split between whites and blacks in middle school today.

Eric in Boise

All set for the cop cars getting torched in Boise.

I was certain I heard the agonized sounds of urban convulsions, in my own neighborhood, on my very street today, Lyle.

Turns out the damn dog got into the leftover pepperoni pizza.

Thank goodness for dog doors.

Captain Hate on the iPad

I'm not sure what Ailes thinks he gains by keeping Shemp on the payroll.


Just knocked over Walmart and grabbed me a new tv. For Brown, you racists. Might have to torch some other businesses. For Brown, you racists.

Strawman Cometh

I don't like the Ravens, I've always liked NO, but I do like Steve Smith.


'some people, just want to see the world burn'


who didn't think the extra gasoline he poured today, he really is a menace, a blight,

Dave (in MA)

Sheptard would probably find that 11:37 Klein tweet profound.

Strawman Cometh

Otherwise, a night for the Nazguls.

Jim Miller

Here's an IBT story on the Russian loan to the Front National.

"French far-right Front National party said it borrowed €9m from a Russian lender, confirming an earlier report by investigative news site Mediapart.

The admission has raised concern among some commentators worried over possible foreign intrusion into French politics and comes at a time of increasing tension between Moscow and the West over the situation in Ukraine."

They say they couldn't get a similar loan from a French bank.

Incidentally, on economic issues, they are more on the left than the right, by American standards. (As I recall, the Wikipedia article on the party has some info on that subject.)

Strawman Cometh

doublin' down on the stupid, CH.
Just sad. How many news outlets we got on teevee? No voices of sanity and civilization. THe NC PBS is showing BBC. I need to find out what we are paying for that.


they came from the Poujadist, Lepen pere, was one, more populist and protectionist, it really is hard to find anything close to a classic liberal party,

devil's advocate, who funds the Socialist party?

Eric in Boise

Just knocked over Walmart and grabbed me a new tv

My goodness, I certainly hope you went to the new one on Overland in Meridian. Much cleaner than the one on Fairview, or God forbid, 12th Avenue in Nampa.

Better selection, too.

Might have to torch some other businesses

Just as long as you stay away from Flying Pie.

Danube on iPad

"What do we get?"

A Barcalounger at taxpayer expense. Throw in a weekly allotment of Wine Spodieodi and peace will settle upon the land.


Lots of traffic court dismissals tomorrow.


"Sorry it's been a tough couple of weeks for you, DuDa. Devastating mid-term elections, a sham amnesty EO that's going to hamstring the dems in 2016, and yet another fake race controversy that is going up in smoke"

If it's been such a bad couple of weeks why does the Republican party look like a Cosby rape victim rushing from a hotel room with underwear in hand?

Look,as well as having a reputation for being an idiot I also have been known to tell the truth on occasion, and I actually will on this night of nights give you an insight into the Liberal mindset;racial unrest for Democrats is much like the "fuck you pay me" scene in Goodfellas....sure,we'll be the patron of the African American but honestly, we really don't care how it all turns out for him.We don't care if there's peace on earth,collective enlightenment or if the entire thing goes up in flames....as long as we get fucking paid.


Wilson fucked up. If you can't avoid putting your life at risk when you are in a cop car confronting two unarmed suspects, you shouldn't have a badge.

I'd need a lot more information before jumping to that conclusion. Except in a 20-20 hindsight-y kind of way. Is a cop supposed to jump back in his car, roll up the windows and cower every time he is within 20 feet of a really big guy? It seems like we are back to "He should have stayed in his car."




I like the way the Mo. DA drug Holder under the bus with him. Brilliant!


Reports of a St. Louis Co. Police officer shot & taken to the hospital.

Beasts of England

Pres. Jackass can add this conflagration to his precious 'legacy'.


JimmyK, My F-I-L headed Internal Affairs (Management Control) for the San Francisco PD for twenty of the last twenty-five years. He hated cops who couldn't follow procedures.

Take a WAG at how many PDs train a single cop to confront robbery suspects (plural) in such a way that they can reach their gun before the officer can.

Might be different where you live, but a cop won't approach my car on a traffic stop unless I'm seated with hands at 10 and 2.

Does it matter usually? Of course not. But I'm pissed at the kid's parents, who didn't even live with their kid, let alone with each other. I'm pissed at Michael Brown, though he's someone else's problem now. And I'm unhappy with Officer Wilson.

I don't want to lose two Fortune 500 headquarters (Emerson and ExpressScripts) because two people made bad choices.

And yes. A cop should identify robbery suspects when he is outnumbered and call for backup. Paticularly if the call is being handled by a _team_ of cops in another car. If your local PD trains otherwise, you should move.



It looks like your new Ferguson Brewing Company t-shirt will be quite the collectible after tonight!

Danube on iPad

Googling "birther report donofrio" tonight yields up the following hilarity: Please scroll down to "Leo Donofrio, then and now."


What could be more fun?


St Louis City schools are closed as well.

The people who were blocking the interstate have marched away and just looted the pawnshop next to my favorite Vietnamese restaurant.

The owner moved here as a young man with his family after Saigon fell.

Seems only fair to blame him for the idiot who shot at a cop, doesn't it?


Tell us something we don't know, Doody.


--Throw in a weekly allotment of Wine Spodieodi and peace will settle upon the land.--



He hated cops who couldn't follow procedures.

Walter, I'm not clear on what procedure Wilson failed to follow. I believe he did call for backup. Brown did not get his gun, despite trying. Should he have not tried to stop him in the first place? Should he have not chased him after the initial assault in the car? Honest questions.


Murdoch addressed the press with his right side turned toward them and answered all questions in that stance no matter which side of the room and reporter asking the question.
When he left the podium his left leg was stiff and he walked with a pronounced limp. I'm just wondering what kind of infirmity this man has suffered to cause this.


No, he should not have approached them until backup arrived.

Yes, he should have chased him after the encounter in the car.

My point is that he should not have had to. His mistake was in not controlling the situation before it became life-threatening.

Once Brown got his hand on the gun, Wilson acted properly to protect himself and the community from a felony suspect willing to commit assault or attempted murder on a policeman. That part was good. Heck, it was selfless insofar as he got out of his car to chase two guys he knew were dangerous.

My expectation is that he either be able to manage a situation so it won't get out of control or recognize that he might not be able to do so and wait for assistance before attempting to do so. Again, not criminal, but he certainly deserves no awards for recognizing felony suspects and backing his car into a position where a 'knucklehead' could reach in and get a hand on his gun.


Like this bit from Ben Shapiro's column at Breitbart:

Now the media, humiliated yet again, riot. Ezra Klein of Vox.com asked, with the legal insight of a mentally malfunctioning goldfish, whether Michael Brown had an advocate in the grand jury hearing (the answer: that’s not how grand juries work). Fellow non-lawyer Chris Hayes of MSNBC lamented that the grand jury procedure was “so far removed from normal criminal procedure it’s unrecognizable.”


I'm watching local news, JK, so I may have confused you inadvertently.

There are currently two groups of rioters due to two different youts shot by cops.

The one in the Shaw neighborhood had his own--well, stolen-- gun and got off three shots before an off-duty cop returned fire. Apparently, range Tim makes a difference.

Wilson in Ferguson faced a robbery suspect without knowledge of whether he was armed.


Range time makes even more of a difference than range Tim.

If only autocorrect were as effective on my overall rhetoric.


Lyle you flunk looting 101.

You hit the dollar store, not the Walmart.

Elitist so-and-so.


And now for something completely different:

The Chooky Dancers - you have to watch from the beginning to at least past the 1:37 mark.


Will Obama's speech tonight be made available on podcast for Queen Elizabeth to listen to? Because all of her Obama speeches on her Ipod are years old. She may want to hear how he has EVOLVED


In the continuing annals of PC:

Officials in a Polish town have opposed a proposition to name a playground after Winnie-the-Pooh due to the bear’s unclear gender and immodest clothing.


Voice recordings of the meeting were leaked to the media in which officials complained that Pooh Bear is immodestly dressed and also lacks a clear gender. One called the bear a “hermaphrodite.”

Some said a fully clothed Polish cartoon bear named Uszatek would be a better choice.

Miss Marple

Checking in before an early morning dental appointment.

BBC Radio was covering this, too, so I got up because I was aggravated.

Miss Marple


To do calorie counts foods have to be sent to a lab for certification.

I want to know which democrat donor has the lab concession.

Beasts of England

'You're too big of a _____ to shoot me.'

-- The Gentle Giant

'Burn this b*tch down! Burn this b*tch down!'

-- St. Swisher's step-father, post verdict

'May I suggest using your night stick, officer?'

-- Billy Ray Valentine

Another Bob

Walter, could not disagree more. You blame the victim. Recall that Brown was only a jaywalker and possible cigar thief until he made the choice to attack Wilson. The idea that we must have twelve cops on hand to handle the most minor situations leads us to other undesirable places. Wilson has to be allowed to make a judgment.

I'm hearing people interviewed on newscasts who, despite the mountain of evidence, still express displeasure that Wilson wasn't charged. I want to scream at them CHARGED WITH WHAT, YOU MORON, THE PUNK BROWN ATTACKED WILSON AND TRIED TO TAKE HIS GUN.

Our main problem is we indulge this sort of stupidity instead of firmly correcting it. The interesting question is why.

Jack is Back!

I awake and read the comments by walter and am puzzled as to what Wilson did wrong. As I understand it, Brown and friend were stopped for walking down the middle of the street and Wilson rolled down his window to talk them into a safer position when the APB on the robbery came over the radio. Brown reached into the car through the open window, right? Or did Wilson try to open the door and confront them as suspects?

Based on those two scenarios, what was incorrect police procedure?


So did Obama really (and stupidly) think he was being helpful and calming in his speech, or did some part of him want to give the go-ahead to the rioters? Calling the anger "an understandable reaction," and saying "there are still problems, and communities of color aren't just making these problems up," sure seems like giving them the old thumbs up, even if he paid lip service to "rule of law" etc.


JiB, I thought McCulloch said that when Brown and his buddy ignored the request to get out of the street, and after Wilson became aware of the robbery APB, Wilson pulled ahead and used the car to block the street. That was the point at which the confrontation occurred, but I don't know the precise details, whether Wilson had the car window down and was ordering them to stop, or if Brown just charged the vehicle.


Yeah, Walter wants to make the cop problem #1 - that's a dodge. Sort of like if GZ only stayed in his car, none of that would have happened. Completely skates around the problem.

At this point I'm like many - if they want to burn down their own neighborhoods, go ahead. As for all the law abiding innocents paying the price, well, maybe it's time to address the glorification of the thug culture of your 'utes'.

Or keep blaming the cops and watch it all burn.


And I think Walter is saying that prior to blocking off the street and confronting them, Wilson should have waited for backup, as he was outnumbered and did not know whether they were armed. To me that has to depend at least on whether Wilson actively tried to apprehend them, or was attacked by Brown while waiting for backup.


I actually believe Officer Wilson acted accordingly. If you're a cop I can't imagine the fear of someone trying to wrestle your gun away from you. The overriding sense that you're going to die unless you can put your adversary down isn't something that can be simply be turned off with a gesture from your assailant.

But I don't care. This isn't trolling or performance art,I really,really don't care. We,the Democrats want something in return for the killing of Michael brown.

This is how the world works...you buy something you pay for it. For every negro you kill you owe us something....legislation,funding,a change in institutional policy etc. You pay us and we pay the African-American and they pay us with votes.

So, what are you going to give us?

Another Bob

And already, we have the ever-reliable punks at "Thinkprogress" writing pieces about how McCullough rigged the GJ. SMH

We all would be better off if the rioters burned down TPs offices than laundromats and liquor stores.


Ah, yes, entitlement. Might just swerve into the root of the problem if you're not careful here.


One of my favorite lines from The Exorcist --

Father Damien Karras: I think it might be helpful if I gave you some background on the different personalities Regan has manifested. So far, I'd say there seem to be three. She's convinced...
Father Merrin: There is only one.

The video from the convenience store should have made it clear what we're dealing with here. (And, no, not the devil -- just a homegrown reprobate).

Another Bob

I normally ignore things like DD.

But after delivering a mini lecture about indulging stupidity, I'm obligated to say...

I'd say you should be ashamed of yourself, but you have none. It's all yucks to you, but that attitude has created thousands of misguided rioters and is ruining people as we speak. Fuck you and your performance art DD.


Actually the "blocking off the street" part is not in Wilson's testimony, which I just looked at:

Evidently Wilson was driving toward them, opposite the direction they were walking, asked them to get out of the street, they said "F*** what you have to say" and kept walking, so he put the car in reverse to get back to them, and as he started to open the door, Brown attacked him through the window, went for the gun, etc.

I suppose you could second-guess his backing up and putting himself in a vulnerable spot, but that seems like 20-20 hindsight.


Read the Ferguson, MO Grand Jury evidence here




How about a couple more dead negros?


I don't know why everyone in the country isn't talking about this administration's promotion of race riots. It started with Trayvon and God knows where it will end.

Another brilliant Obama legacy.



Dublin Dave explains why in his 7:16.

Beasts of England

President - Democrat
Attorney General - Democrat
Governor - Democrat
Mayor - Democrat
Prosecutor - Democrat
Cop Union - Democrat
Cop - (likely) Democrat
Brown - (likely) Democrat

And the Republicans owe you what, DuDa? You're really slipping lately; time to step up your game...


45 seconds. The time between the first words and Brown's death. Shit happens very fast and people make split second decisions, a lot of them stupid.

Ferguson apparently doesn't have a lot of crime. The idiot stole the Swishers and had them in his hand as he walked down the middle of the street when the cop ID'd him.

Apparently all the cop asked was to get out of the middle of the street and then it went to shit. The thug grabbed for the gun and all bets were off.

He got shot in the hand twice and there was blood on the inside and outside of the car and the officer's uniform.

He ran, the cop pursued. The adrenaline kicked in with both persons. He turned back and apparently charged the cop. The cop discharged most of the magazine. 45 seconds.

End of story. Shitty situation, but we can't second guess this one.

Strawman Cometh

"rule of law" was a laugh line.


What we are witnessing are dividends being paid by the Great Society movement.


“You motherf*ckers think this is a joke!”

No idea how The Gentle Giant ended up like he did. Regular June Cleaver she is.


DD@7:16 is quite poignant, he's telling us how the Dem Gangster organization thinks and works... and succeeds. Idiotic Repubs like 'my friends' will demand introspection and understanding... and bucks for phony baloney race hustlers like Sharpton and Crump. It's all about the money boys; the hustlers trumped up some torched police cars (which in suburban Paris is called 'Mardi') so they have to be paid now. DD is telling us this because as a pasty faced mom's basement dweller, he doesn't get any of this particular Dem swag.


The DA had that limp when he first came to the press conference, not just as he was leaving.

Q: doesn't the inability to get any true bill from the grand jury negate any ability for the parents to bring a civil suit?


An ethnic group that comprises only 13% of the total population should really think twice before starting a race war.

Just saying.


OL-- your NYC Hotelier gets a shout out from HILLARY!!!... she's such a (rhymes with bunt.) Hotel's legal counsel publishes brief lawyerly response: http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/hotel-denies-hillarys-claim-employing-illegals_819848.html


Civil Suit by the Brown Gang-- that has nothing to do with the facts or the grand jury. It will settle using taxpayer $$$, including Federal taxpayers when Holder uses some of those Money Center Bank proceeds he holds in 'discretionary' accounts. Just spreadin' it around... spreadin' it around. That's what gangster leaders have to do to keep the Dem troops in line.


Saw on the news last night that "community" organizers in NYC had printed signs to pass out to protesters.

Fact that the signs were pre-printed and at the ready tells you what you need to know about eploitation of the "community".


The Left's strategy is taken from the monkeys throwing turds manual. Throw enough shit at something and it's bound to work at some point, whether it's money, lies, or people.

This is the antithesis of a smart society. In a smart society, rational thought dominates through logic, law and facts.

The Democrats are the party of the Id. Anything gos baby and F the Police (or society) as NWA so eloquently put it.

Have we identified any grown ups in the Democratic party lately? It is like Diogenes searching for the honest man.

Bonobos, man...Bonobos.....


Matt- very true. The Obummer and HildaBeast creatures are the exemplars of the thing called the modern Dem Party. The Rich Gentry at the black tie dinner at the Madarin Oriental and the serfs and their thugs in the street. HildaBeast collects the dough from the Gentry, and Obummer uses it to 'spread around' to the street thugs to manipulate the serf mob. The Dem party is now morlocks and eloi... what HildaBeast and the Gentry fail to understand is that they are doomed like the eloi, they will be consumed by the Prog morlocks.

jimmyk on iPad

Sheesh, the WSJ praises Obama's Ferguson incitement speech on Ferguson. I guess they missed the fact that Holder was there raising the specter of civil rights violations, and Obama's own wink and nod to the legitimacy of the grievances. Meanwhile, Wilson's life is ruined much like Zimmerman's.


WSJ = The Gentry patting the Obummer on the head for keeping the morlocks at bay....for now.

Miss Marple

I would like to point out that there were no riots in support of Nicole Simpson.


So we have reached the point in this country where the local St Louis Co. prosecutor and 12 GJs take their oaths and civic duties seriously... and the POTUS and Atty Gen are punk ass bitches. Just marvelous.


Zaphod, knew he still needed to ignite the gas, hence his last statement, a call to incitement.

OT, the Katherine Heigl vehicle, tonight had a reference to Simenov, in a way that proves one again that they know nothing, he was the KGB officer who advised the DGI, among them wherethe two trainees, Abrantes and Escalante, who were in Minsk at the same time as Oswald, one was executed by Fidel, in the Ochoa purge, another has been peddling disinformation for 35 years. Simenov also recruited Phillip Agee, the snot nosed Snowden punk of the day


Walter, good to hear you are safe. Your comments on police procedure are interesting. In Milwaukee a mentally ill man was shot near city hall when he grabbed the officer's baton and attacked after the (lone) officer started to frisk him. That was in May. The police department fired the officer for violating procedure, and investigations into the shooting continue. The police union voted no confidence in the police chief after the firing. The procedure is important, but does requiring back-up to advise a motorist they have a headlight out go too far?

We have the same calls for "no justice, no peace" as in Ferguson, the same nightly protests and blocking streets, and a far more sympathetic victim. Why did the national media pick Ferguson over Milwaukee?


Because Ferguson is in the "heartland".


henry -- events dear boy .. events. The Brown meme quickly became the 'hands up... don't shoot' lie that the drugged up punk Brown pal spewed. That meme drew in the race hustlers in, and once the race hustlers are in Obummer and Holder are in because.. well because they are race hustlers. This con played out a lot like Tawana Brawley. The meme was started by a lie, and once the lie was told the race hustlers had to play it out. Mercifully, this lie was put to bed a lot quicker than the Tawana farce. Crump and Sharpton have still got to be paid though. The Federal investigation will be put to bed with that civil 'settlement'.


BTW-- did any of you see RudyG's truth telling on MSNBC. Boy! Talk about fainting couches.

Janet - I wish my family had a poncho

Sheesh, the WSJ praises Obama's Ferguson incitement speech on Ferguson.

I can't stand to hear the collective "we".
"We have work to do" - President Obama
Who is "we"?

The lawless thug community goes on a rampage & "we" are suppose to understand them & try to please them?
Reminds me of the same insanity with Islamic kooks...Oh...why do they hate us?


"Added Brokaw: “But I think that there’s something else that goes beyond the event that we’ve all been riveted by in the last week. We have to work a lot harder (to understand) a motivation here."

We have to???

Janet - I wish my family had a poncho

or Miriam Carey.

"Miriam Carey, 34, a dental hygienist from Stamford, Connecticut, attempted to drive through a White House security checkpoint in her black Infiniti G37 coupe, struck a U.S. Secret Service officer, and was chased by the Secret Service to the United States Capitol where she was fatally shot by law enforcement officers."


Yeah-- Miriam Carey-- she resided literally 2 miles from my home. She winds up dead at the end of Constitution Ave, and the Congressional Black Caucus gives a Standing O to the Capitol Cops who blew her away with 9mm gun fire as she sat trapped in the driver's seat of her wrecked car, with an infant in the back seat. A standing O! Miriam Carey proves this 'people of color' rage at the cops is so much BS spread around by the race hustlers.


Blacks see institutional racism in every facet of the American system and get righteously angered about it, yet they remain blind and apathetic to the failures within their own communities that they themselves could fix.

Miss Marple


It's very evident on Twitter. There is a hash tag BlackLivesMatter in which someone said that "your" property (meaning white property) isn't as important as a black life.

And right under it is a black cake store owner pictured weeping because her neighbors burned down her store.



Looks like Quinny is at a 38-39% floor for Obummer: http://www.quinnipiac.edu/news-and-events/quinnipiac-university-poll/national/release-detail?ReleaseID=2115


Even the Daily Mail, is surprisingly tin eared about this, as if we didn't remember Tottenham and other 'expressions of social justice' that happened in their neck of the woods.

Does Bratton regret signing up with Bane's pirate crew, I wonder,



I am still waiting to see the severe damage to our means, sources, and national interests by Snowden.

Is Putin's aggression a result? ISIS? The collapse of the Middle East in general? Our tattered foreign or military policy?

Look at the expansion of the police state within our borders as our laws break down. The targeting of reporters. The witch hunts for leakers. Drones, data collection centers, trap doors in software, hundreds of millions of cameras much of it in the name of Homeland Security.

The southern border is unenforced which is one of our greatest dangers.

The greatest danger is in Washington, not some punk who tried to blow the whistle.


Euro Media-- ultimately like ours they are Prog Slags. 2 burned police cars in Ferguson? In suburban Paris, that's called 'Mardi'.


well matt 'the first rule of fight club', he might be closer to Christopher Boyce, in general impact, the latter wrote an op ed in support, the Panopticon is everywhere, including the Metropole hotel,

Stephanie riding a streetcar named Desire

Another example of Obama's merde touch...the democrat state governor is under attack for not calling out the national guard when the fires started. The rep dem governor is ripping him a new asshole over not deploying the national guard after he declared a national emergency and predeployed them and then they did nothing last night to stop the mobs. Was pressure put on him by Washington to "let it burn?"

Missouri goes 100% republican in 2016.

James D.

MM @ 9:20

It's exactly that attitude that endangers the lives of (mostly young, ill-educated) black men in the first place. But they can't or won't see it themselves, and their so-called leaders are perfectly happy to see them live in squalor and die in great numbers, as long as they can make money off of it.

Jeff Dobbs

From DrJ:
Officials in a Polish town have opposed a proposition to name a playground after Winnie-the-Pooh due to the bear’s unclear gender and immodest clothing.

Pants Off! Don't Pooh!

James D.

The squalid "culture' that excuses (when it's not encouraging or actually glorifying) street crime, drug use, disrespect for self and everyone else, etc. also shares a lot of blame for what we saw last night.

And who do the makers of that culture overwhelmingly support, with money and votes?


JamesD-- very true. race Hustling and the serfs they drag into it, is a culture that has a long pedigree... about 90 years worth, although it took off with the kennedys/LBJ 'Great Society' scam. But I force myself to remember, not all black people buy into this culture, probably not even a majority. So I take every one I meet, based on where they are personally, not this corrosive race culture.

Jack is Back!

Most Businesses Destroyed in Ferguson Minority Owned.


My surprise meter redlined at that news.


The jury has spoken"

It's a Grand Jury. You've heard of prosecutorial discretion right?

GJ's as you know are at the mercy of what evidence the prosecutor presents. Here we are discussing that aspect. However I don't think any mention of the young man being unarmed surfaced last night.

They knew for a week about the likelihood of no indictment, as the blow was being managed in prep for the release last night. It was a forgone conclusion, so the jury was already in.


"Look at the expansion of the police state within our borders as our laws break down. The targeting of reporters. The witch hunts for leakers. Drones, data collection centers, trap doors in software, hundreds of millions of cameras much of it in the name of Homeland Security."

Yes. The Jury is in on that issue as well.


Tammany was doing the same hustling in NYC in the 1850's. It was endemic in most large cities. It was called the machine and it doled out jobs and favors for party loyalty.

The Irish, the Italians, the Jews and most other minorities wised up and got their piece of the pie. Some of it was corrupt, some of it just the spoils of politics.

The Great Society was a well intentioned idiocy that hastened the disintegration of our society, especially affecting our black brothers and sisters.

Now it's the same with La Raza, but the grifting is especially egregious in the AA community. They have to figure out that education, self discipline and conforming to social norms pay off in a better quality of life and that bad behavior is not rewarded. Unfortunately, that is not true in many cases.


Local police depts haven't been getting enough cash from asset forfeiture so they have instituted their own form of tax collection, within the vehicle code.



Damned DEMOCRAT St Lou Co prosecutor who worked for Obummer in '08, Damned cop UNION who provided legal representation for officer Wilson, damned St Lou Co GJs who are mostly DEM VOTERS, damned black and asian store owners whose stores had to be burned. DAMN, DAMN, DAMN DAMN, says MR. Four (Kessler says three now, but I'll go with four) PINOCCHIOS.

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