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November 12, 2014


Miss Marple


The leftist blogs are where this starts. I personally think those people should be given the full public figure treatment.

Why did Andrew Sullivan get to rant on and on about his ridiculous accusations about Sarah Palin? We should have had people finding discarded partners of Sullivan's and interviewing them about his addictions and fetishes.


DoT, I agree.

JimmyK, amazing how better informed the commenters to that NYT article are than the author-Specially loved the slap down from the accountant--you know, someone who actually understands tax law and its consequences.

Captain Hate

They attacked his wife for having Multiple Sclerosis.

I promise this is the last time I'll talk about this but this is exactly why Romney was a terrible candidate and why that will never change. He had an opportunity to expose 404 and his ilk as thoroughly rotten people who will stoop to any level to destroy their opponent but thought it was more important to stay "on message". He should've quickly punched back against Hilary Rosen, the mouthpiece of that garbage, and made her a household name and a liability. Every day should have led off with "why hasn't Hilary Rosen been fired and why do you hate sick people". 404 would have been on the defensive which is when he sounds most like a blithering idiot.

Opportunity lost. Election lost. Maybe he'll run again.


Fun fact about Angus...when he was Governor,he signed a bill that required utilities to generate 30% of their electricity from green sources. After leaving office, he started a wind energy company that received a $102M DOE loan guarantee. He received a $400,000 "success fee."


Hit, You've outdone yourself.


You want some change you can believe in? Here is what the lying incompetent has done for his party. It aint pretty:

The number of GOP governors has risen from 21 to 31 since Obama took office (32 if Gov. Sean Parnell holds on in Alaska) — just short of the all-time high of 34 Republican governors in the 1920s.

Voters have also given those governors Republican legislatures to enact their agendas. When Obama first took office, Republicans held just 3,220 state legislative seats. After Tuesday’s vote, the number stands at 4,111 — a net gain of nearly 900 seats on Obama’s watch. Thanks to the 291 state legislative seats Republicans added in 61 chambers across the country last week, there are now more Republican state legislators than at any time since 1920.

Put another way: In 2008, the GOP controlled just 36 state legislative chambers. It soon will control 69 — and voters have given the GOP total control of state government in nearly half the country. In 2008, Republicans held both the legislature and governors’ mansion in just eight states. Today, the number is 24. By contrast, Democrats now control both the legislature and governor’s office in just seven states, down from 15 before the 2014 election. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, that is the lowest number of states Democrats have controlled since 1860


1860 that is like before the Constitution right Ezra?

James D.

Not to mention that we didn't have all 57 states way back then a hundred years ago in 1860. So as a percentage of the states, the Dems are even WORSE off than they were back then in Biblical times.

jimmyk on iPhone

"I promise this is the last time I'll talk about this but this is exactly why Romney was a terrible candidate and why that will never change. "

I don't believe you'll keep that promise. :) Not that you should. It's a point that can't get made enough. The even bigger lost opportunity was when he failed to pull a Reagan with Candy Crowley, not just for being wrong on the facts, but for sticking her fat a** into their debate.

Loved the Angus line.


yes, he has made the Democratic Party's appeal 'more selective' the same with Clinton, actually worse, the Razorback grifter were able to engineer an upset in '98.

there was a tandem nazgul assault on the Huntress, for Sullivan anything that would be turned up, would have made Tiberius blanch, the other part iannabe who they''ve continued to uses a gollum wann

Old Lurker

Gmax, five or ten threads back someone posted a nice bullet point list of elected offices by party 2009 vs 2014.

It was amazing to behold.

surbuban gal

Daddy--if you haven't, you would like, I think, the Judge Dee series based on Judge Dao by van Gulik


Obummer's destruction of the Dem party will accelerate with his Amnesty Shenanigans. Wash Examiner reports that 42% of new Medicaid signups are immigrants/children. Beyond that the Medicaid money goes into immigrant Drs, Nurses and SEIU hospital worker pockets. Amnesty is a politcal conspiracy to import Free Stuff Army recruits and ObummerCare is the pay off to them. This will be exposed by Obummer tyrannical Amnesty. Dems will pay the price. Will our politicians stand up to the oligarchs and the Chamber and end this madness? If not...


Ted Cruz and Net Neutrailty....heh.


Captain Hate


jimmyk on iPad

Speaking of missed opportunities, in honor of CH I will now refer to Crowley as Candy "Angus" C(r)ow(ley).


Odd, just swapped out computers and loaded JOM. An annoying audio thing ran on page load and refresh. Reminded me to download adblock to this computer. No more autoload audio carp. I wonder if this is what runs in the background locking up iPad page loads. Extremely annoying blather on celebrities... couldn't find a source for it (didn't look that hard, easier to stomp with adblock).

Miss Marple

Apparently the Gruber videos are making enough news that Josh Earnest had to answer a question about it while on the Asian trip. His answer is BS, but at least the story is moving into the general press.



Speaking of Crowleys.

Eric Shawn of Fox had Monica Crowley on debating Doug Schoen over the impact of Obama's Immigration Momentum Injection.

Eric asks, "So what do you do with the 11 million illegals that are here? You can't just put them in a box and ship them home."

Monica stammered through an incoherent answer about the Preezy being sleazy.

IMO, these idiots better get an answer to that question because it is the question that won't go away.

My answer?

Eric, first we will deport 1 (in a box if he/she chooses), then 2, then 4, then 8.....

How do you eat an Elephant?


Josh Earnest = Baghdad Bob

There are no Americans anywhere in Baghdad. We have triumphantly repelled the crusaders... Blah, blah blah


at the end of each dynasty, there was one screwup monarch, the son of the Dowager emperor, Ci Xi, was one, I believe,

jimmyk on iPad

Henry, as I mentioned the other day, adblock has made a big difference on the iPad, though it only works with WiFi. Before adding it, I practically could no longer read JOM on the iPad, now it almost never gets stuck. For some reason I haven't had the same problem loading JOM on the iPhone.

Old Lurker

Bob had a nice personality.


jimmyk, same here. runs fine on the iPhone and MAC at home (as well as my now less than 15 yo PC at work, I will miss XP), but a PITA lately on the iPad.


" “Every day that I wait, we’re misallocating resources, we’re deporting people that shouldn’t be deported, [and] we’re not deporting folks that are dangerous and need to be deported.”.

You forgot...'We uh,,,erm....ahhh...tortured some folks'


Has Anger now replaced Denial in Democrat officeholders? Cuz Claire McCaskill is now saying to anybody who will listen and outloud to even no one in particular that she will not vote for Harry Reid as minority leader.

No but Missouri knows you voted for him for Majority Leader, and after Ferguson, methinks you got a serious problem partly thanks to Jay Nixon and the Democrat Party. You have your own part in it, true, but if you want some other scapegoat try out panderer Jay.


McCaskill is one of the faux centrist Dems who knows they are next on the DOOM list. When ferguson riots, and that Nixon idiot mishandles it, McCaskill will really be cooked.

Captain Hate

You can't just put them in a box and ship them home.

Why not? What is the optimum thing to do with people who aren't supposed to be here? DoT regularly reacts to this that deportation is the worst thing in the history of humanity but, as he is wont to do, what does he propose as the right thing to do?

Soylent Red

How do you eat an Elephant?

You don't get rid of pests by trying to kill every mouse or cockroach or erecting a pest-proof wall around your house. You get rid of them by making the environment unattractive, if not hostile, to them. Same principle applies to illegals.

Start with levying a $100,000 fine, per infraction, on any company or individual found hiring or employing an illegal alien.

Then, immediately require proof of citizenship or legal immigrant status to receive any medical benefits or government assistance. Do away with anchor baby status.

Finally, make illegal entry into the country punishable by 20 years of hard labor on a prison farm, after which they can apply for citizenship.

Any or all of these things would reduce illegal immigration to a trickle, and get most of the current illegals to self-deport. But...they would cause a great deal of butthurt for the politicians whose oxes would be gored. Immigration is only an intractable problem for people who aren't serious about it.

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

For Daddy when he wakes up:


Some are quite funny.


In the 90's Clinton stole Republican creds by donning the sheep's clothing and stealing their agenda. I think they feared the same thing from the current Trojan Horse POTUS and have been waiting until 2014 to do their dirty deeds done cheap so they can take all the credit... :)

They haven't changed strategy for decades, but they really jumped the shark on misunderestimating the intelligence of the voter this year.



what does he propose as the right thing to do?

I'm not DoT, but what I've suggested as a middle ground is something along the following lines:

1. Offer to be made legal for some penalty, plus forfeiting any future full citizenship (for them and children not born here), plus with a work requirement.

2. If that offer is not accepted, they will be deported or more heavily penalized if found.

3. Regardless, anyone found ever voting illegally gets deported. (That may already be the law, I don't know.)

The point is that to my mind the bigger problem with immigration is the demographic impact on elections and on the welfare budget. (I don't worry about the "taking our jobs" issue, I just don't think it has much effect there.) The "no citizenship" condition solves the election problem, and the work requirement helps the welfare budget problem. But it still provides both a carrot and stick for getting people out from the shadows.


Start with levying a $100,000 fine, per infraction, on any company or individual found hiring or employing an illegal alien.

One problem with this is that, as we discussed a while back, employers get it on both sides: They are not allowed to ask too many questions or else get charged with discrimination. Also, I think the main victim of employers hiring illegals are the labor unions. So I prefer my solution :), though I'm sure holes can be poked in it as well.

Captain Hate

Your answer is pretty good, jimmyk. And I should note that when I said people are here illegally, there are shades of that which include inadvertent minor Visa snafus which are just as likely to be caused by our side as not; and as such could be quickly rectified.

Jeff Dobbs

This could be more fun (and lucrative) than election watching. From an article about the just concluded World Series of Poker final:

The final players brought more than online experience to the table at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino when play resumed this after a nearly a four-month break. The remaining players were dubbed the November Nine.

Third-place finisher Jorryt van Hoof's had a team of people poring through data, spreadsheets and the half-hour delayed live feed of the action on ESPN that showed each player's hands. The team analyzed player tendencies and a designated team captain reported to van Hoof during breaks.

Long live the spreadsheet!

I once built a spreadsheet to calculate the odds of every possible hand and scenario for the game we play most often . . . a game called 3-5-7. [never mind I won't go into all the details]

Oh, look - 2nd Thursday of the month . . . it's neighborhood poker night! Let's go find that spreadsheet.

Jim Miller

jimmyk - Voting before you are a citizen will, by itself, disqualify a legal immigrant from becoming an American citizen. I have read of a couple of cases where that happened, in the last year.

And they do ask about it in the application for citizenship.

(I don't know if these people are allowed to stay as legal residents, but suspect that some are.)


--One problem with this is that, as we discussed a while back, employers get it on both sides: They are not allowed to ask too many questions or else get charged with discrimination.--

A strong, mandatory E-verify system solves the vast majority of this and doesn't require the employer to ask any questions.
Voila, the supposedly mythical self deportation.


anyone see that video at Ace of the baby elephant?


We can't find one illegal to deport? Two?

You start with a Gavel March down the center of The Mall with the patient zero poster boy of the National sovereignty outbreak.

The environment will change much more quickly if there is no "buy my freedom" plan.

Danube on iPad

Jeez, jimmyk--I guess you're not a witch either, right?

"Eric, first we will deport 1 (in a box if he/she chooses), then 2, then 4, then 8....."

Anyone advocating such a course must surely know that it will never happen. Not ever.


Also make illegal the granting of scholarships or in state tuitions to those without legal visas or residency cards.In other words, start making it unattractive to come here illegally.

Refuse admittance to hospitals without payment for illegals except in the case of real emergency treatment.


On a day of Republican triumph, a majority of voters said they wanted to find a way to allow immigrants to stay in this country, even if they are here illegally. That position could not be more at odds with the one held by most of the new senators elected yesterday.

Two-thirds of voters complained that the economy favors the wealthy. But they supported candidates who largely back further tax cuts for the wealthy, who oppose an increase in the minimum wage, who have blocked expanding Medicaid for poor people and who want to repeal a law that has provided health insurance to those who couldn’t afford it.

They did it in order to send a message of deep disappointment and frustration to President Obama, but the message didn’t really contain much content beyond that. “I’m just tired of all the fighting and bickering,” Jeffrey Kowalczuk, a Wisconsin voter, told The Times yesterday, explaining why he voted for Republicans.

One of the Republicans who probably won his support was Scott Walker, the Wisconsin governor who was re-elected yesterday after causing more fighting and bickering than most through his assault on public employees. And that kind of contradiction happened all over.

Half of the Colorado voters who think abortion should be legal in most cases helped elect Cory Gardner to the Senate, even though he supports a “personhood” bill that would have the effect of banning almost all abortions. A similar amendment on the Colorado ballot yesterday was defeated, but a third of those voting “no” still supported Mr. Gardner.

Most Georgia voters said the economy was the biggest issue on their mind, but they elected as senator David Perdue, who as a corporate chief laid off thousands of people and expressed pride in how many jobs he outsourced to other countries.

And of course the new Senate majority leader will be Mitch McConnell, elected by a state that is benefiting greatly from the new health insurance system that he has vowed to repeal.

None of those little details matter, we are told, because when the people are angry, they simply lash out. But the results brought to mind a completely unrelated survey that also came out yesterday. Almost everyone who uses a cellphone for texting said they know the extreme dangers of doing so while driving. But three-quarters of them do it anyway. Destructive and inexplicable behavior is not limited to politics.


Old Lurker

New Thread


We will never deport an illegal.


People whom we should never advocate for their deportation:

Illegal Immigrant Kills Toddler Waiting In Line For Ice Cream


Not ever...

Danube on iPad

"DoT regularly reacts to this that deportation is the worst thing in the history of humanity"

That is absolutely untrue. There are innumerable people here whom I would very much like to see deported, and many I would not, and I have specified who they are and my reasons for the differing treatments I would propse. Because this thread is dying, I'll save the details for the next time the issue arises.


We will deport illegal aliens.


Thanks for the steer to Judge Dee, Suburban Gal. Cheers.


Dead thread, I know, but I love Judge Dee. The Phantom of the Temple is on my desk as I type, waiting for a lunch break someday. Maybe that day is today!

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