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November 07, 2014



well Iran did aid the Northern Alliance, in the early part of the Afghan war, General Suleimani is good, but he's no miracle worker, he's lost many men, against the Azzam brigades and other outfits, of Salafi background,


Did he send a letter or a pdf?

Danube on iPad

Just thought I'd take time out to unleash a bellowing, raucus laugh at Wendy Davis.

We now return to our regular programming.

Dave (in MA)

He wanted to know whether Khamenei like-likes him or just likes him.

Danube on iPad

If he sent only a pdf without a concurrent or follow-up hard copy, the Iranians would probably not accept it as authentic.

Jane on Ipad

You guys are hysterical .

Danube on iPad

Bon voyage to you and all your shipmates, Jane.


Iraqi Shiite militias are streaming into Anbar to help the Sunnis defeat ISIS. http://iswiraq.blogspot.com/?utm_source=Iraq+Situation+Report%3A+November+6-7%2C+2014&utm_campaign=ISW+New+Iraq+update&utm_medium=email

I think we need a libretto or something.


What a pathetic pussy.
Carter looks like Tony the Tiger next to this milksop.

Danube on iPad

I'll gamble a three-cent stamp! I'll send away to Charles Atlas for his Dynamic Tension body-building program!


Dear Ayatollah;

I like you. Do you like me?

yes __

no __



Stephanie accidentally OnT?

Allen Cooper @AllenCooper20 57s57 seconds ago

History lesson

Bush 41 won on Reagan's coat-tails.
Bush 43 barely on Clinton's impeachment.
But Reagan won on merits of Conservatism.


Danube on iPad

Steph, do you realize how many one-loss teams are facing off tomorrow?

Pivotal Saturday, I tell you. Pivotal.

Captain Hate

Even though I never bought any of the Coop's albums a lot of guys in my dorm did and he really knew how to open Side 1 with adrenaline pumping rockers like "Caught in a Dream" and "Under My Wheels". His hits didn't do much for me though except for "No More Mr Nice Guy", shocking as that might seem.

A lot of my friends raved about Zappa's music but for me he was more useful for introducing Alice Cooper and Captain Beefheart to the world. Wild Man Fischer was another matter...

Captain Hate

Shit, I thought Allen Cooper was Alice Cooper.

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

When conservatives disagree with the will of the people, we're labeled as intolerant, bigots, homophobes, inbred rednecks, or whatever the liberal smear-du-jour happens to be this week.

When liberals disagree with the will of the people, then the people are stupid. The arrogant superiority of these self-important liberal elites is typical of the left. Will of the people be damned, we should ALL bow to their will, because they are so much smarter than us.


Don't feel bad, Cap, I thought it said Alice too.
I always liked Teenage Lament 74 myself.

Captain Hate

As I was saying:




Captain Hate

Here's for Iggy:



Don't forget DoT, there's a BOGO if you order the X Ray specs at the same time.
But wait! Order now and we'll toss in a free carton of sea monkeys for free. You just pay the astronomical shipping and handling.

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

Was just looking at the lineups for Saturday. Some possible poll shaking games.

Kentucky v Georgia... go Cats!
GT v NCSt What's the good word?

#1 shouldn't change. University of Tenn Martin? Must be homecoming.
#11 Ole Miss v Presbyterian - also probably homecoming.

Then the games get interesting.

12 Baylor v OKU
3 Auburn v TA&M
10 ND v 9 ASU
7 KST v 6 TCU
5 Bama v 16 LSU
14 OSU v 8 MSU
4 Oreg v 17 Utah

That's in broadcast order btw for a cheat sheet of when to tune in.

As usual the early games are mostly shit - except the GT games are always nail biting with the deficient Ted Roof secondary and Baylor v OKU.

I figure 3 possible upsets Auburn, WVU and OSU. Outside chance for upset Georgia, Oregon, and FSU.

It's gonna be another great day of football. I'm already getting antsy at the prospect of the end of the season approaching.

Captain Hate

Damn Bing videos; here's Caught in a Dream from the start:


Captain Hate

GT v NCSt What's the good word?

You can't spell "incest" without NCST?


This conversation reminds me that I should have mentioned Dick Wagner and Steve Hunter on that list of underrated guitarists awhile back.
Another guy who seems not to be mentioned as much as he ought to be is Phil Manzanera(sp?).

Off to watch Blue Bloods. Thanks for the clip, CH.

Captain Hate

I figured the Terps will get slattered by Michigan State but the win over Penn State means the season is a success.

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

I love the way IJReview does some of their reportage:


Stephanie accidentally OnT?


What's the good word?


Captain Hate

This conversation reminds me that I should have mentioned Dick Wagner and Steve Hunter on that list of underrated guitarists awhile back.

Excellent choices, sir. I used to work with a contractor who played lead guitarist on tours with Alice Cooper probably in the late 90s or Y2K. I should look for some live clips to see how good he was, which is probably "very".

Another outstanding guitarist who most people never heard of: The late Robert Quine (I'm sure at least a couple JOMers know who I'm talking about).

Here's a good example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8pKfwuc_kc&index=7&list=RDsyhZe_ZUDlU

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

Surprisingly, the comments are awesome.


At the Huffpo. Savor it.

Captain Hate


Stephanie accidentally OnT?

NO due process and now double jeopardy?


Dave (in MA)
Shit, I thought Allen Cooper was Alice Cooper.
Senior moment? Happy B'day, Cap'.

It's Captain Hate's birthday?


Well, hell yes. Happy Birthday my Captain.

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

O captain my captain, Happy Birthday!


Yowza. Not gonna happen. You can't have a puppet without a puppet master.


Valerie is Yoko to Obama's John Lennon.

Danube on iPad

OK Iggy, if the Thalman bushing checks out then I think you have to consider this:



did the letter also mention a courtesy blowjob, and a gay sex orgy with marxist 0bama and several other gay fugly retards like chris matthews and rachel maddow (who is really a male instead of female...)

rachel maddow was born with a rare severe case of liberalism/and extreme retardation that makes her genitals appear female.. when it is actually the opposite.
....she was also born with her ass where her/his face is meant to be. ...like almost all liberals...

maybe one day they will find a cure for her/it's disease. *lmao*


He must have been mentored by Norm Crosby, or maybe the world's foremost authority, Professor Irwin Corey (who BTW is still alive and now 100 years old.)

Stephanie accidentally OnT?


Speaking of... anyone heard from Beasts since early tonight?

JOM ATL meetup folks have mail...


Happy Birthday, Captain!


Remember the dumb broad who wrote about the trauma of picking up food stamps in her Mercedes?
She's ba-ack, as the world comes crashing into her tiny fake life once again and flummoxes her;
I’m a die-hard liberal. It ruined my parenting.
A sample of her distilled wisdom;

I’m a diehard, bleeding-heart liberal. And it’s ruining my parenting.

My intentions are good. I want my two daughters, 6, to think critically, to fight for fairness and justice whenever they can. I want them to value equality above all else. But sometimes, I also need them to do what I say. This contradiction is hard to explain.

"Equality above all else." It's possible she might know what that means to her, but her readers don't. Equality of what to whom?

Poor little shavers...dey nevah stoods a chance.


Happpppppy Birthday, Capt !


It's smart to be mean online; people think you're smarter.

I, for one, shall remain humble but lovable no matter how stupid I sound. :)


Narciso, in a previous thread, I like your description of ISIS as djinn. They can be used as a magnet for all latent jihadis in the West and then be vanished in the sand, a la Alf Layla wa Layla :)


And may the Russian tanks rolling into Kiev melt into chocolate puddles.


Skilled polemicist Matthew Continetti declares; Sir Edmund Hillary the biggest loser on Tuesday.
His reasons are clear concise and hard to argue with.

Hillary delenda est
How do you say "Hillary will destroy herself" in Latin?
Hillary delenda her own fat assium?
Pretty sure I conjugated something wrong there, but it's in italics so it's gotta be pretty close.


And my final thought for the night;

on Blue Bloods, does anyone think Occifer Danny Reagan will ever figure out that yelling "Hey Pedro!(or Leroy!) NYPD! I wanna talk to you!" from fifty yards away the moment he spots his perp leads him to many pointless and exhausting foot chases when he could just quietly approach and horse-collar the guy instead?


It may be better for Rs if Hillary, with all her baggage, runs and loses than for some unknown Dem to be nominated. Also, even if she runs, she may drop out at the last minute, so Rs will have to get some fly on the wall info for such a strategy re who her replacement would be.


Puddingface's tanks


Don't laugh, it works, it works. When I hear nuisance car sirens outside, I mentally turn them into marshmallow, pink Turkish Delight, melted metal or water and then the noise stops.


It begins...

Number of uncounted votes grows in Alaska U.S. Senate race

The number of uncounted votes in Alaska’s tightly fought U.S. Senate race grew by 21,000 between Wednesday and Friday -- and more than 5,000 of those were votes that hadn’t been predicted in early accounts of the number of ballots outstanding.

Three Alaska Native groups issued a joint statement late Thursday saying that “the election isn’t over until ‘rural Alaska sings.’ ”

Begich, whose message about the outstanding ballots was, “The more they find, the better it is for him, mathematically.”


You can't spell "incest" without NCST?

You can if you're a Football Player at UNC Chapel Hill.

Former UNC athlete sues school over academic scandal

A former University of North Carolina football player has become the first to sue the university over an 18-year academic scandal that kept athletes eligible to play sports by taking classes that never met...
Mike McAdoo...



Great 12:02 fun link about Mary Landrieu getting dumped by the Dem's. Lucianne has this wonderful story up late tonight on another Landrieu screw-up:

Landrieu Attacks Cassidy On Katrina Response. The Attack Has Backfired Horribly

... the attack Landrieu launched went horribly wrong...“When this hospital needed a champion to build and rebuild, literally out of the rubble of Katrina and Rita, where was Sen. Landrieu? Standing here and fighting. Where was Bill (Cassidy)?” (her run-off opponent)

Dr Bill Cassidy responded: Bill Cassidy ✔ @BillCassidy

Mary Landrieu wants to know where I was during Hurricane Katrina? Setting up a surge hospital for refugees.



from Stephanie's 12:39--

Guess who's behind the idiotic sexual assault stuff on colleges?

"Jarrett’s council also co-sponsors the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault, charged with “provid[ing] institutions with additional tools to respond to and address [campus] rape and sexual assault.”

Read more: http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2014/11/fire-valerie-jarrett-112659_Page2.html#ixzz3ISthfwex

James D.

Happy birthday, CH!

Captain Hate

Senior moment? Happy B'day, Cap'.

Why Hellz Yeah; officially today. Zuckerberg Data Mining Inc. is stealing hit's thunder. Thanks all.

Jane on Ipad

Hey Cap'n' ,

Happy Birthday!

Captain Hate

Thanks, Jane.

Here's something we don't see enough of:



Jeff Johnson and Warner Hodges are starting a new band. Jeff is gonna play guitar and Warner is gonna play drums. Drums!



Taking executive action on immigration reform cements the Dems alliance with wetbacks for the next 30 years. Why the hell would Democrats share a portion of that exploding demographic and the tens of millions of votes it contains with Republicans?

No. No way. Obama tells Republicans to go fuck themselves and reaches out to the greasers as some kind of arc angel protecting their families from being ripped apart by ICE...and that's the way we dems like it. We Democrats are very cinematic. We want to be the main hero in the story,the central protagonist....not one half of buddy-buddy partnership.

"Poison the well"?????Really John????REALLLLLY?????????? Firstly,let me congratulate you on getting through an entire press conference without sobbing like an old man whose testosterone shortage has given way to bouts of extreme sensitivity and a pair of hairy tits. Secondly,the leader of the Republican house bemoaning the loss of bi-partisanship is like a child rapist commenting on the erosion of family values.

Go fuck yourself!

Jack is Back!

Happy birthday CH. Have a Triple Chimay Brown and feel the years drain away😀


Happy Birthday Captain Hate!

59.3% of the 1 million eligible voters in Maine went to the polls on Tuesday. We're #1 in the nation for turnout!
I lurked yesterday,while cleaning closets. How does all that sh** (oops) stuff get into the closet anyway? Ha.


Happy Birthday Capt Hate!
Wishing you many more.

Ma shine.

Mornin' D. It's gonna be a bright, bright, bright sunshiny day.

Duda's evensong's begun.

er, Mornin' d.

Miss Marple

Happy Birthday, Captain Hate! (Captain Hate is the only JOMer I have met in person.)

I hope your beloved Terps pull off a surprise upset today.

Miss Marple


Bush went to Texas Presbyterian to visit the staff, including the black nurse who was treated at Emory.

Please note everyone in the pictures is smiling and laughing. I always appreciated his encouraging attitude and how he made people feel good about themselves.

Unlike the current Harranguer and Criticizer and Complainer and Whiner (all wrapped into one odious Oval Office Occupant).


HB Captain Hate.


Happy, Happy Birthday, Captain! Lots of love to you!!


happy birthday. Captain, didn't know it had become a musical thread.

Alice Cooper is Vincent Fournier,



I loved those comic book ads..I hated the Ovaltine ones because my mother actually made us drink the stuff after we clipped off and sent in the paper cover on the jars.


a little local news...
One of our Dem. County Board members said the reason the Dem candidate lost was because Arlingtonians just don't understand the streetcar.
We are misinformed, just like climate change deniers!

So all the people that usually vote Dem but went independent over the streetcar & fiscal responsibility are getting a taste of being called names. **You are stupid, just like deniers.**
I embrace "denier", but most Arlington voters are mad as can be at him. Good.

Jeff Dobbs


Why Hellz Yeah; officially today. Zuckerberg Data Mining Inc. is stealing hit's thunder. Thanks all.

The JOM Style Guide is like the Constitution and JOMers are a bunch of mini-Obamas.

Oh well, only hit and run knows you turn 65 today, though.

Until now.


HB Captain!


That can't be the real letter upthread. You left out the S.W.A.K.


BREAKING: Supreme Court will hear new case challenging Obamacare



Felicitations, CH. I can't hope Ohio State wins tonight, but I think their marching band is unrivaled.


HB, CH, you young whipper snapper!

Er . . . Please don’t show us how to snapper our whipper.


From DKos:

"That the court didn't wait until Monday is unusual. That the court is not waiting for the D.C. Circuit to conclude its en banc review of the companion Halbig v. Burwell case is also unusual. That this is happening the same week that Republicans swept Congress, largely on the promise of Obamacare repeal, is downright frightening."

Ahh. Love the smell of fear in the morning.

Old Lurker

HB Cap'n



Looking forward to meeting Dr J and Beasts. Steph and I met previously at an Andy McCarthy lecture at Emory on the MB.

Reading the above comments may turn me into a diehard Dawgs fan by next week just to needle her though.

Any other Atlantans hear and feel that 19 story building implosion this morning?


Happy Birthday, Captain Hate! I'll have a Corsendonk Christmas Ale in your honor.

Bon voyage, Jane, Caro, AliceH.


That last pic of GW with survivor Amber Wilson says it all. What a contrast to the bloodless BOzo. And this at the very end:

"The hospital released multiple photos showing Bush’s visit with health workers. In the images, the former president was seen talking to hospital staff and meeting with the intensive care unit."

BOzo doesn't "visit with" strangers; he only stands for prearranged pics with them around him. And allowing strangers to take and release multiple pics of him without his approval? Not possible.


HB CH that is all


Just read a Legal Insurrection poke at a state government grant for "fat suits" to study obesity bias.

I think the way to unbundle government from excessive largess is to turn such grant requests over to non-governmental kickstarter type funding.

That should lower taxes as it stops legislators from dipping into taxpayer wallets for pet projects.

Jane on Ipad

Thanks Jimmy. Bon voyage happens tomorrow. Today is cocktails with Cruz, Bolton & Rubio.


Wow, Jane. Talk about perfect timing for your cruise. I'd really like to hear their take on McConnell.

Centralcal on iPad

Happiest of Birthdays to you, Captain Hate!


Tomorrow is the 25th anniversary of the Berlin Wall's demise. Pres. Reagan will be portrayed as a mere bystander, so here's a reminder of the pivotal part he played.


truly, and Peter Robinson, wrote how much resistance State had to even giving the speech,

you know this could be settled very easy, with a redacted copy of the after action report:



they should stop trying to be so 'clever by half'



Tomorrow is the 25th anniversary of the Berlin Wall's demise.

Movie recommendation - "The Lives of Others"


Miss Marple


My concern about that is that the Weakest Link, Peter Doucey, is the one who got the story through developing a relationship with the guy after an introduction by a third party.

Fox is heavily hyping this special so I sure hope they did their homework and due diligence on the guy. Peter Doucey seems sort of gullible to me, and easily tempted by the opportunity to prove he deserves his job (which everyone knows he got the same way Luke Russert got his).


Why has the administration come down on Bissonette, and now O'Neil, while promoting the one who actually was leaked the name, Vickers, to greater things,

Captain Hate

Thanks all, my medicare card was in the mail yesterday.

For those wondering about planned liquid refreshments, I'm getting together with my music listening buds tonight and think I'll fill the growler with this: http://www.beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/158/1446/


OK follow an insty link to a weird story about depression, possible suicide, coke and hookers and I find a guy's blog writing about somebody else not himself. But I was taken by the tagline at the bottom of his blog, his self portrait bio. Let me know what you think:

a native Texan with a full head of hair and knows his way around a nice box of red wine. Dorn graduated (BBA) with a GPA sitting in the meaty part of the bell curve, not lagging behind, but not trying to show off, either. Golf is his game now. He's long off the tee but can't putt for shit.


Captain Hate

Cruz, Bolton & Rubio

Wow, tell them Captain Hate sends his best regards. And that Senator Dondi is on notice.


"The Lives of Others" is a fantastic film. I agree with Janet.

Miss Marple


That is a good question, and I smell a rat.

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