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November 15, 2014





Perfect storm--delayed this info until after the election and the news arrives right after the Gruber videos.

Sandy  "I Stand with Walker 2016"  Daze

I walked into the Shell gasoline station the other day, and the woman behind the counter, one who at best I've said "hello" or "good morning" to over the last few years, all of a sudden launched into a veritable tirade against the a-c-a and the executive, filled with #$%^&&^%$ words and such, asking why one of the fence jumpers could not have gotten all the way into the wh and complete the mission...

I was inwardly shocked, there was no prompting from me, no sign in my apparel or anything else, regarding my political views, and nothing in general that would separate me from anyone else. She did not and does not know me from Adam. That is to say, she did not care who heard her rant, she was so PO'd.

The tenor and ferocity of her exclamations was stunning.


nothing in general that would separate me from anyone else

. . . except the way you carried yourself.

I’ll bet you were clean cut and stood tall.

Old Lurker

UK Daily Mail via Lucianne (I looked but did not see this in WaPo:

"Four U.S. states and the federal government have padded Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber´s wallet to the tune of $5.9 million since 2000, including millions connected to his work on the Affordable Care Act. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology economist has been pilloried for collecting $392,600 from the Obama administration´s Health and Human Services Department while the law was being written, but that was just the tip of the iceberg. Gruber´s consulting contracts give states and the feds access to a proprietary formula that can determine how changes in a health care system´s structure will affect costs. The ´Gruber Microsimulation Model´



The Ivy League brothels are chock full of grubers willing to offer their expert opinion that less is more. We can count on the NYT to publish a column by their favorite gruber, the Enron adviser, explaining why everyone should be happy to pay more for less.

I wish it were possible to know how many Lackwitz Sisters and Millenials have taken the "never again" pledge regarding voting for the Fascists. It's difficult to estimate the final electoral toll of Obamacare and the Liar in Chief without knowing the "never again" count.

Old Lurker

Speaking of delayed information, what about the Pentagon report on the walkabout soldier?

Miss Marple

The walkabout soldier will be disappeared around Christmas Eve.

There will be a little announcement put on the Pentagon web site after all news bureaus have closed at noon.


explaining why everyone should be happy to pay more for less.

I must be the only one who thought that Dana Loesch didn't do such a great job with Ed Schultz. Granted his questions were of the "Have you stopped beating your wife?" sort. But, for example, when he asked "Were there people with junk insurance before Obamacare?" she should have said "No. They had policies they chose. Maybe the policies didn't cover sex change operations, but they weren't junk. They had policies that allowed people to use the doctors they knew and preferred," and so on. Instead it looked like she was avoiding the question. And that happened again and again.


doesn't she know, that the networks are 'more selective' Bergdahl is interesting, in so far
as it illuminates the role of Qatar,


yes,but in her defense, dealing with a pure Otto, like that, loses you 15 IQ points right off the back.

so the National Cathedral opens up to Moslem, on the anniversary of the last caliph's invocation,


7 in 10 ? should 10 in 10 if it was working ... and after rate increases the number will drop to 4 in 10 ...

Miss Marple

If my only contact with conservatism was Dana Loesch, I would not be one. I wouldn't be a liberal, but I would sure not interest myself in politics.

I find her program to be excessively rude and grating. And she is full of herself and not as smart as she thinks she is.


I guess this isn't surprising, did Robert Pear's byline appear on the front page,

Captain Hate on the iPad

Maybe I, non cable guy, only see Dana Loesch in small doses and never get beyond the hawtness. Using Special Ed as a benchmark for debating standards is like watching 404 clanging basketball shots and concluding that nobody can play the game because it's more boring than soccer. No upside.



Gridlock is what the Founders wanted in the structure it set up--the dems' permanent majority is in the same category as "If you like your insurance you can keep it".


I'm shocked, gambling is going on here,


you can tell, that Swedish spy thriller is fiction, the Brits are the 'heavies in the tale,


2015 employee health insurance plans are morphing into the same crap in the exchanges.

JQ Public will start raising hell after the experience of meeting a $6000 out-of-pocket becomes common place. Vast majority of people can't raise the money without a credit card, and will spend months if not years recovering.

Gruber would be well advised to find the best personal security that money can buy.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Nice job by Boehner's staff of vetting the Imam. The level of incompetence is unforgivable but I'm sure I'm a horrible person for pointing that out.

This software is in the meltdown mode.


"after rate increases the number will drop to 4 in 10 ..."


Probably not. Those buying through the exchanges are receiving subsidies. Their satisfaction is actually a reflection of happiness over receiving Freeshit. The Gallup survey is somewhat less than worthless due to exclusion of the vast majority who were not surveyed concerning their satisfaction with paying the Freeshit subsidy via higher premia.

Typhuspad sux worse than usual today.


Comet lander Philae is in timeout.
Bad luck landing in the shade.


Fiddling while Rome burns with all this domestic distraction.

Russia's physical gold just surpassed China's. Straw houses manufactured by Fed and IMF don't stand up to BRICS.



--Straw houses manufactured by Fed and IMF don't stand up to BRICS.--

Okay, that word play was actually pretty good.


I thought it was just vekakte laptop


Janet - I wish my family had a poncho

OL's link - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2835384/Obamacare-architect-Jonathan-Gruber-billed-federal-state-governments-5-9-million-advice-videos-surface-showing-undercutting-landmark-law.html

Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber has billed federal and state governments at least $5.9 million for advice, as more videos surface showing him undercutting the landmark law

-MIT economist got $392,600 from the Dept of Health and Human Services for his Obamacare consulting
-National Institutes of Health paid him $2 million for Medicare consulting
-Justice Department has added $1.7 million for expert witness testimony
-Four US states combined to pay him another $1.6 million for advice about health care laws, and contracts for four more states were unavailable
-If those states followed suit, Gruber's haul would exceed $7.5 million
-Gruber has become a thorn in Democrats' sides since videos emerged of him candidly discussing how the Obama White House misled Americans to pass the Obamacare law

Jane on Ipad

Watching Kevin Williamson, Michael Walsh (aka) Charlie Cooke and Jonah Goldberg talking about A Conservative Manifesto (also the name of Charlie's new book ).

You really should be here.

Janet - I wish my family had a poncho

This is clever - Ambision vs. Shirt

Trigger warning - **SHIRT**


h/t Sandy

Jane on Ipad

Oh, and Jane WON!


Gruber coverage explained. HT Chitown lurking person.


They're out of sympathy cards for Sarah Bernhardt?


IMO, there are Americans who will never pay the 1st 6000 deductible off that they put on a credit card.

Balance Interest Rate Expected Monthly Payment Expected Payoff Time
$6,000 19% $97 248 months
Debt Repayment Chart

Principal: $6,088
Interest: $17,968

Before the first $6000 is paid off there will be another emergency. They will miss a payment. The interest will than increase to 29%. etc, etc.


Gruber??? Gruber??? Nope. Never heard a him.

Sort of like the IRS counsel who visited the WH over 400x or Bill Ayers or Rev Wright.

Obama makes St Peter look like a piker.


too much light, flooding into 'the Cave' can blind, henry


" They will miss a payment. The interest will than increase to 29%. etc, etc."

Are you lamenting the legal usury of our corporate loan sharks?

Maybe they can go to an Advance Paycheck drive-thru for a better, legal rate of interest. That's one of our incredible choices as free citizens of a democratic republic.

Old Lurker

Janet, your (and Sandy's) Youtube at 10:44 was great.

Allow me to add my LUN as one measure of said apathy. AKA that cart is getting mighty full.


exactly, why would you have a 6,-10,000 deductible, that's cost prohibitive,

Centralcal on iPad

Miss Marple. I rather agree about Dana Loesh.

And then there is Jedediah Bila, who I can watch on TV on occasion, but cripes, her Twitter feed is like voyeurism into the narcissist personality. She tweets and retweets photos of herself all the day long (and nights too) and usually accompanied by the comments of some fan telling her how great, beautiful, hawt she is.

Amazing what people reveal about their personality on Twitter.

Jack is Back!

I don't which one was better: Janet's Ambition Vs. Shirts or that cartoon at Henry's 1050:)

If you are NBC are you shamed enough or is this the price you pay for being a suck-up?


exactly, why would you have a 6,-10,000 deductible, that's cost prohibitive,"


You have to think like a gruber to appreciate the elegance of the solution. Ivy League grubers have spent decades "proving" via their models that Americans spend too much on health care. Increasing the initial out of pocket cost will reduce the total amount spent and kill undercaptialized peasants in the process.

This is a real win-win for Ivy League Fascists across America. Dr. Emengele will probably have a higher death toll when the Kill Granny panels are running full out but the death of every undercapitalized American adds to the luster of the Progressive Elimination Project.


RNC Grubering spot. Not bad. Keep hitting it.

Janet - I wish my family had a poncho

Skoot's link didn't work for me. Here it is a Breitbart - http://www.breitbart.com/Breitbart-TV/2014/11/14/RNC-Hits-ObamaCare-Proponents-with-Grubering-Video

Janet - I wish my family had a poncho

Ambision vs. Shirt

Ambition vs. Shirt

Sandy  "I Stand with Walker 2016"  Daze
so the National Cathedral opens up to Moslem, on the anniversary of the last caliph's invocation,

Posted by: narciso | November 15, 2014 at 09:30 AM

Thanks for the earlier link, narc.


you're welcome Sandy"



--exactly, why would you have a 6,-10,000 deductible, that's cost prohibitive--

In a relatively free market it is a very sensible option. If one is relatively healthy the difference in premiums very quickly adds up to several years worth of deductibles.
Were it coupled to an HSA it makes even more sense.
In fact it's kind of what insurance is supposed to be; insurance against a catastrophic event while everyday costs are born by the buyer.

Again, I find it amusing that Barry's socialist instincts accidentally are pushing health care toward what a free market would provide; catastrophic insurance separate from employment. Now if we could just get the government out of the market it would do it more thoroughly and much cheaper.


you can tell, that Swedish spy thriller is fiction, the Brits are the 'heavies in the tale,
Posted by: narciso | November 15, 2014 at 09:55 AM

Am I going to have to beg, Narc or are you going to tell me the author and title of this thriller? :-)


-sorry about the bad link.


Sometimes in life one's adversaries are more admirable than one's friends are. Mary Landrieu did what she was paid to do, and she did a good job. I salute the little lady.


Iggy's 12:14 is where we should go.

And make Zero replace the 780 billion he stole from Medicare to implement ACA out of his slush fund. Or make him work it off after he leaves office.

Old Lurker

eg we have had a deductible of $20,000 for my wife and me for years and have enjoyed the comfort of knowing that BCBS has our backs for something major and gives us access to their negotiated rates for all the routine stuff. The benefit for us has been a really inexpensive policy the savings on which have greatly exceeded our out of pocket costs for paying all routine bills out of pocket. And so far it is grandfathered in. I am sure that will not last much longer.

Texas Liberty Gal

Repub. need to do a video showing all the times Obama said he didn't have the authority to do immigration control on his own and then show reporting that he's going to do that which he said he could not do!

Old Lurker

That video was on Fox Bret Baier last night. It was awesome.

Cecil Turner

Gruber??? Gruber??? Nope. Never heard a him.

After all your posturing, all your little speeches, you're nothing but a common thief.

[Gruber]: I am an exceptional thief, Mrs. [Pelosi]. And since I'm moving up to kidnapping, you should be more polite.

Happy trails, Hans.



it looks like it bounced a few times and its harpoons didn't fire. unfortunate, but they did get some data from the probe. Rosetta is still in orbit as well.


the latest spin ...


The video is the latest in a series showing Gruber dismissing critics of the law.


and does the stylebook require it to be gruber ...

to gruber- having you lies exposed ...

Jane on Ipad

In case you are wondering what you are missing: Ricochet podcast with the usual suspects (Lilemks, Jonah and Rob Long) with guests so far: Allen West, Charlie Cooke, and John Podhoretz.

Wish you were here.


it's sort of their update of 'Enemy of the State'


at the center of the story is the truth, put they play the reassuring narrative,


Those of us with means can easily manage a high deductible policy. But most young singles and couples simply don't have the financial reserves.

Just a few years ago, companies frequently offered several plans allowing one to assume the risk they could realistically manage. Not nearly as common now, and I think a lot of people are going to find themselves unprepared when they have a health crisis.



Great reports from the cruise. Wish I was there as well. A balmy 39 degrees and my room is oddly cold soaked.


>>>Not nearly as common now, and I think a lot of people are going to find themselves unprepared when they have a health crisis.

Posted by: Buckeye | November 15, 2014 at 12:52 PM<<<


jimmyk on iPad

"to gruber- having you lies exposed"

That should be the reflexive form, to be grubered. To gruber is to be so disdainful of the public that you think it's ok to lie, because they don't know what is really in their own best interests.


Jane and Caro and Alice: it sounds like a fabulous trip. I am so glad you are all having such a great time!
Janet: your posts are great!
centracal: Come back and post .



thanks. want to make sure I get the usage right ...

and GO GATORS. down just a td early.

Centralcal on iPad

Hey, maryrose, I'm here. Posted earlier, but got a lot of chores so I am in and out. However, typhuspad is practically unusable from my iPad these days.

Miss Marple


You are so right. A couple with several children and the usual childhood ailments and injuries, plus maybe one semi-serious operation like an appendectomy, could put them in financial straits really quickly.

My beautician, young and single, is signing up for insurance this year because of the increasing fines. She has always paid cash for her medical care. She said the deductibles are so high, she is still going to be paying cash without ever getting anything back, plus she is going to have to spend $300 per month. So it isn't replacing something for her; it's just an extra expense.

Jack is Back!


Are you going up to Nantucket for the Christmas Stroll this year?


I wish I were there with you, Jane. Along with Caro and AliceH.

Want to report to my JOM twitter pals (and you know who you are) that my iphone 5s twitter account is really messed up.

It is too complicated to explain right now.

To get the new iphone 6 super-size I have to deal with Apple directly so says carrier AT&T. Another ARRRRRRGH! But that's the only way I've figured out how to get my original twitter account mobile. It seems once you've downloaded the mobile app say on ipad or iphone you're locked in. I can't figure out a way to start over.

So I figure by this time next year I may it all straightened out.

Jim Miller

Iggy and rich - IMHO, the Philae lander should have been nuclear powered (as I said in a post the other day), precisely because of the possibility of this kind of accident.

Now that may have been politically impossible because of opposition from European Greens, but it would have been a better solution, technically.

(There's an argument for having both kinds of power systems. I'd have to know what each weighs, before I could decide on whether a belt-and-suspenders approach would be best, in this application.)

Old Lurker

Not this year, JiB.


"To gruber is to be so disdainful of the public that you think it's ok to lie"

Too complicated.

gruber (noun) tenured liar specializing in modeling

gruber (verb) to lie through manipulation of statistics/models

It's actually just the scientism described by Hayek in The Counter-Revolution of Science.

Jane on Ipad

Now Jay Nordlinger and Mona Charon's podcast, talking about Gruber. Mona cited 5 videos out now, Caro and I shouted "6" and Jay responded "our first podcast with audience participation".

Wish you were here!

Jack is Back!


Ever read the Martin Beck series by Maj Söjwall and Per Wahlöö? I read all 10 back when I was in Scandanavian Crime mode. Then along came Kurt Wallender:)

Old Lurker

Buckeye and MM are right of course about having the means to stay out of the swamp. Too bad the LIV and FSA conspired to empower the progs to destroy what was left of an insurance market. But gee, somebody has to pay for sex changes and illegals.

Jack is Back!



Posted by: Jim Miller | November 15, 2014 at 01:12 PM -


nasa uses the belt-and-suspenders approach for some missions (Spirit froze to death after if got stuck with a broken wheel) and it is of the reasons why Voyager is still active after all these years.

Jack is Back!

Well Dingy Harry packing the District Circuit Court has won a big one.


Federal Court Rejects Caholic challenge to the contraceptive mandate.

I believe the Biships and the Church will go into civil disobedience mode big time. I hate these progressive Commie criminals masquerading as justices, political leaders and champions of our rights. A self-proclaimed Abortioni-on-demand advocate wrote the opinion. What a skank!


Gators tied it up going into the half!

Sandy  "I Stand with Walker 2016"  Daze

Would it be wrong usage to say,

"Pick up your dog's gruber. "

Old Lurker

Johnny, stop throwing grubers at your sister.

Frau  Hochstapler

It's now officially the Democrat Party Gruber Party:

"Everything is permitted to those who act in favor of the revolution." 1792 - Collot d'Herbois at the French Convention
Danube on iPad

"To gruber" is "to boast repeatedly about shamefully dishonorable behavior."

Frau  Hochstapler

One more gruber and you're out of here for good.

Sandy  "I Stand with Walker 2016"  Daze

Episode 237a: Night Owl Session#2: Reports From Hollywood And The Culture War

I think Jane & Caro attended last night.


Does Pitzer offer majors besides Gruber?


Jim would have helped if I read your blog!

Cassini would be a better analogue. It is both an orbiter and lander (Huygens on Titan) although it had its own problems. The Huygens lander didn't have one ... write up here http://saturn.jpl.nasa.gov/faq/FAQHuygens/

... nice write up at your blog.

Danube on iPad

Somebody tell me who can sue to block executive amnesty.


Eminem grubered at the Veteran's Day concert.

Gruber grubered on tape.

Obama grubers.

Sandy  "I Stand with Walker 2016"  Daze
Does Pitzer offer majors besides Gruber?

Posted by: henry | November 15, 2014 at 01:42 PM

Excuse me Henry, but I believe the style guide says that gruber, in any form used whatsoever, should never, ever be capitalized, thus:

Does Pitzer offer majors besides Ggruber?

I believe is the correct usage, but I could have made a gruber.

Sandy  "I Stand with Walker 2016"  Daze

But, to be honest honest, I don't really give a gruber one way or the other.

I do believe, however, that gruber shouldn't be capitalized if your name, Henry, is not capitalized.

Carol Herman

Peggy Noonan got it right. Obama is the loneliest man in the world.

Then, you've got to ask, at what point did Nixon know he was in trouble? It's said he got a visit from Barry Goldwater, informing him Congress was going to Impeach.

Is there going to be a game of chicken, where Boehner and McConnell are afraid to exercise Impeachment? Even after Obama signs "amnesty" into law bypassing Congress?

How much faith do you think people have in congress right now? Can Ted Cruz outflank the turtle?


who would be harmed? and wouldn't it have to be actual harm and not theoretical or possible harm?

a. legal permanent residents (actual harm and equal protection?)

b. county sheriff's departments.

c. school districts.

d. hospitals.

just spitballing ...



"Now that Walker is officially unofficially running for president, he is kicking his compassionate conservatism up a notch by adding a little patriotism:

“Beyond that, I just ask the basic question: Why is more people on Medicaid a good thing?” he said. “I’d rather find a way, particularly for able-bodied adults without children, I’d like to find a way to get them into the workforce. I think ideologically, that’s a better approach, not just as a conservative, but as an American. Have more people live the American dream if they’re not dependent on the American government.”

Don't you just get the feeling that he is going to just love all the poor people to death?"

Pitzer rejected his application for transcript fraud.


Sandy, yeah. That slipped past my ivy education after I hit post. I'll drink 6 beers to atone.


such a terrible thing for someone to have a job ...


I wondered how they were going to manage a landing like that, now I see they didn't

seeing we're half way to "Interstellar's retro dystopia, I was glad for the try,

the novel, does like Voight and Nicolson's character, and gives them a monologue, since they are the heavies, but a network not unlike the one that supplies, the IS's franchises are the main point,


they did manage a landing. the lander did send back some data ... it isn't cheap, nor is it easy.

is Interstellar any good?

Jack is Back!


Did you see where 40% of women and 23% of youth all said they did not want a job or to work? And those are just the Pitzer graduates:)

Janet - I wish my family had a poncho

I've got a friend's niece coming over for motorcycle riding lessons...Yikes! A bit nervous to teach anyone. I tend to be ditzy & on the verge of wrecking every time I ride!

My little 250 is good to learn on though. The right size & it's already been pre-dumped (not by me). Looks like it has had some touch up jobs with red nail polish in a few spots too!

Wish me luck...or...um...wish her luck. hah!

Jack is Back!


29 Senators who voted for Obamacare and now won't be part of the new Senate. Make that 30 when Landreiu loses.


Wonder what happened?

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