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November 20, 2014



except in Chicago, of course. There the Legions of the Dead are an important constituency.


'human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria'


Happy Birthday Dr. J and a belated one to our gracious host TM, SBW, and others I may have missed.

Beasts of England

'Now what? Let me tell ya now what. I'ma call a couple a hard, pipe-hittin'...'


BoE-- heh. God help me, but I do enjoy Pulp Fiction, and that speech contains the best lines.


Maybe an obsessed citizen journalist, backed by Howard Kurtz, will help the Times out with Candidate ID:



You have to have a picture ID to get on an airplane, get into certain government buildings, buy cigarettes, buy beer or wine, get certain medications, drugs or prescriptions from the drug store, and on and on. Try buying a can of spray paint at Walmart without a picture ID - you are not going to get it.

What I want to know is why are all these restrictions not seen as a suppression of my rights as a American? All I want to do is paint some lawn chairs but I have to have a photo ID to do this. I blame - I don't know who to blame.

Beasts of England

Obama announces his amnesty tonight on National Revolution Day in Mexico. Just a coincidence, I'm sure...


Just to keep you up to date.

Beasts of England

Me too, NK. I had to change 'what now' to 'now what' for the sake of the OP, but I rarely make it through a day without quoting that movie. My favorite line was delivered by WW after JW and VV cleaned the car, but I won't repeat it here. :)


Smoke screen, Beasts.

This is to give lawful presence to a pile of his Muslim buddies.


"Which revolution?" is my question. In a country that has had such a colorful past filled with the original inhabitants conquering and eating each other; revolutions against the Spaniards, the French, and revolutions against the central government etc. it's hard to keep track.

Captain Hate

Welp I just sent my pension election forms into the third rate utility where I spent 19.5 years of my work life. Forty years ago I never thought this would really happen.


Actually my favorite favorite line line is the Marcrlus speech to BW explaining why he has to go down in the 4th.. for his own good. Just a perfect mix of sinister gansta and protective father figure. Best overall scene for me; JW toying with the college boy dealers... "oh... did I interupt your train of thought... well let me retort... is Marcelus W a..... wha?..... say what again.. I dare you.. I double dog dare you!!" Guy Ritchie stole that scene in "Lock, Stock..." one of many Ritchie scene thefts.


Dr. J: Happy Birthday!

JiB: We will be in the City from Tuesday to early Saturday (I think). Will email you if there's a window where we can all get together -- would love it.

Captain Hate: Santa Cruz is a forager's paradise this time of year. Chanterelle and porcini mushrooms abound. If your interests lie even at all in this direction, let me know and I can point you to some good foraging areas.

Jeff Dobbs

FWIW, Dems got more votes in this election in NC *because* voter id was an issue.

"ZOMG! If you don't vote this year Republicans will never let you vote ever again!"

(for the record, as long as it wasn't your first time voting, and you weren't trying to same-day register and vote, you didn't have to show id at the polls this year . . . and even if you tried that without an id, you could cast a provisional ballot anyway, provided you followed up with an id . Actual voter ID requirements go into effect in 2016)

Beasts of England

1910, matt.

Beasts of England

I'm gonna have to dig out the DVD, NK. There goes the afternoon! lol

Captain Hate

Tonto, please do although my younger Hatette will be there also and I'd be surprised if she didn't know some herownself. Still it never hurts to have additional points of data so fire away please.

Beasts of England

Congrats, Captain! I'm not sure they make those things anymore. ;)


Chris Stirewalt says as far as we know, the Plan to be announced tonight only on Univision will have the following elements.

How exactly does a defunding strategy work here? Most of the biggies don't require funding.

**Temporary amnesty for an estimated 4 million illegal immigrants who are parents of U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents **Eliminating the age limit on the temporary amnesty Obama issued in 2012 for those who came to the U.S. as minors. The initial action applied to an estimated 1.2 million illegals under the age of 31, but only about half have taken advantage.

The administration claims that none of the recipients of the temporary amnesty will be eligible for government health coverage.

**Elimination of Secure Communities, a law-enforcement program that checks the fingerprints of all inmates with the Department of Homeland Security to verify their immigration status. The plan will reportedly offer a replacement system.

**Adding an unknown number of additional H1-B visas for high-tech workers, something long sought by the president’s business backers.

**Unspecified additional border security measures to reduce border crossings by undocumented immigrants will be part of the president’s plan, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson told reporters this week.

I'm asking because I'm hearing a lot of "the GOP needs to fight this!!!!!" and I just don't know what can really be done. The Constitution doesn't have a remedy for a rogue executive when Congress and the media have become so corrupt that impeachment isn't politically viable.

Captain Hate

DrewM with some GOPe slattering:



Tonto, my brother and his family live in Santa Cruz and I'm sure they would be interested, too.


Posting again for TM:

Attention Tom Maguire! Iowahawk meetup TONIGHT, Thursday, in NYC, at Murphys Tavern. jimmyk will be there.

David Burge ‏@iowahawkblog

Attention Wall St plutocrats and troubled loners: I'll be drinking at Murphy's Tavern in NYC (near Bowling Green MTA) tonight. #Hawkstock


Porch-- cutoff funding to the things Obummer needs and loves. No POTUS appointments will be considered by the senate. Pass budgets without discussing with POTUS. The focus needs to be on Obummer NOT the Mamacitas who he will graciously not deport after having to to el Nord and having anchor babies. The Gorditos and mamacitas are NOT the Issue, Emperor Barack I is.

Old Lurker

Well Porch (or is that now welp?), if you don't think the president or congresscritters are doing their jobs, then perhaps we could go look for the descendants of the judge DoT quoted on the previous thread (copied here because it is too good to lose on page nine of the other thread):

From DoT

Frontier Death Sentence

DEATH SENTENCE 1881 The following is a verbatim transcript of a sentence imposed upon a defendant convicted of murder in the Federal District Court of the Territory of New Mexico many years ago by a United States Judge, sitting at Taos in an adobe stable used as a temporary courtroom:

"JOSE MANUEL MIGUEL XAVIER GONZALES, in a few short weeks, it will be Spring. The snows of Winter will flee away, the ice will vanish, and the air will become soft and balmy. In short, JOSE MANUEL MIGUEL XAVIER GONZALES, the annual miracle of the years will awaken and come to pass, but you won't be there.

"The rivulet will run its soaring course to the sea, the timid desert flowers will put forth their tender shoots, the glorious valleys of this imperial domain will blossom as the rose. Still, you won't be here to see.

"From every treetop some wild woods songster will carol his mating song, butterflies will sport in the sunshine, the bee will hum happy as it pursues-its accustomed vocation, the gentle breeze will tease the tassels of the wild grasses, and all nature, JOSE MANUEL MIGUEL XAVIER GONZALES, will be glad, but you. You won't be here to enjoy it because I command the sheriff or some other officers of the country to lead you out to some remote spot, swing you by the neck from a knotting bough of some sturdy oak, and let you hang until you are dead.

"And then, JOSE MANUEL MIGUEL XAVIER GONZALES, I further command that such officer or officers retire quickly from your dangling corpse, that vultures may descend from the heavens upon your filthy body until nothing shall remain but bare, bleached bones of a cold-blooded, copper-colored, blood-thirsty, throat-cutting, chili-eating, sheep-herding, murdering son-of-a-bitch."


I just happen to be a keen mushroom hunter from my stripling years if anyone wishes to slay the mighty bolete.
So profound are my mad fungus skills that in the fall I even pounce on Amanita Callyptrderma which bears an unfortunate superficial resemblance to Amanita Phalloides the Death Cap. Still putting mileage on my original liver so I must be doing something right. :)
One caveat on the coast range; Amanita Phalloides is more abundant there so for God's sake if you aren't with a pro do not pick any white gilled mushrooms, period.

Jeff Dobbs

You have to have a picture ID to get on an airplane, get into certain government buildings, buy cigarettes, buy beer or wine, get certain medications, drugs or prescriptions from the drug store, and on and on.

Well, here's some of my experience over the past year...

Expired license. I'm a slacker about such things. No worries, I had a passport when I needed an ID.

On our way back from Idaho this year, we drove to Dallas where I was flying back to NC, whilst mrs hit and run and the kids were continuing on to her family's.

Turns out . . . my passport had expired in May. D'oh!

Went up to the TSA agent at Love Field and handed her my passport. You never know, maybe she won't even check. Nope. She saw it. "You know this is expired, right?" Cock my head, furrow my brow and say . . . "really??????"

She looks back down at it, then back up at me, our eyes meet, mine drop to the floor as I shuffle my feet. I start to stammer, "would it help if I showed you a picture credit card and my social security card?" She stopped, me - "no you're good, but you want to get that updated."

White privilege, I'm sure.

That was actually the second time a TSA agent let me through with an expired ID (I'm telling you, I'm a slacker). The time before was at the Jackson Hole airport 5-6 years ago.

I'm all caught up to date now on my ID's. But the only other time the expired ID was an issue?

When I tried to rent a rug cleaner from the local Food Lion.

They be serious about that sh*t.


Kit-- you need to send that to Insty to publicize about tonight at Murphy's.


Kit = Hit & Run


Sandy-on your question from the previous thread, I get all the relevant mailings and I would classify Martinez as an active collaborator with Jeb on the ed vision. As James put it and I would too (especially after reading Jeb's keynote address today), there is either active deceit or sloppiness going on with him.

Martinez is active in the entire vision. She may be looking forward to creating her state's Fascist economy plan to file with the Labor and Ed Departments.

I'd like to think Nikki would be surprised by what was put in place to lure all those car companies. Gag on the Workforce Readiness skills for all.


I am confident the plan is being announced tonite so Ferguson race riots will take it out of the news tomorrow. Obama sucks at everything important, but he excels at subterfusion.

Janet - I wish my family had a poncho

at Drudge -
'COSBY SHOW' repeats pulled...

NBC Scraps Comedy...

What other shows should be scrapped because of past or present deeds (or alleged deeds) of their actors?
Wll X-men be banned?
Can we eliminate all Kennedy family images now?
Roman Polanski films? Woody Allen films?

Captain Hate

I think you mean "subterfuge"; I like "subterfusion" as a made up word but unfortunately it already has a different meaning.


From clarice's link:

With angst building among conservatives about Obama’s order, senior GOP Republicans are warning instead of their own party’s potential overreach.

“Thoughtfully,” said Rep. Steve Stivers (R-OH), a close ally of Speaker John Boehner’s, when asked how Republicans should respond. For emphasis, he repeated the word twice.

“What we need to do here is be careful about changing the issue. The issue is what the president is doing, both the way he is doing it and what he’s doing. If we start playing the CR game or the government shutdown, that actually changes the discussion and it penalizes the rest of the American people for what the president does. We ought to be thinking of ways to shut down the president not shutdown the government,” said Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK), a senior member of the appropriations panel.

You know the translation...

Captain Hate

I take it back; it is a made up word so carry on...

Beasts of England

Dang it, Jane! Don't tell me that Teh Won excels at subterfusion! My boat is named 'Subterfuge' and I refuse for such a fine vessel to have any relationship to MomJeans whatsoever! ;)

Sandy  "I Stand with Walker 2016"  Daze    ن

rse, many thanks. Until and unless she denounces her support for, promotion of, and belief in Common (Communist) Core, I cannot and will not support Martinez for the VP slot. I'll leave that to the eventual nominee, although I do believe it is prudent to direct others' attention to this glaring issue, her support for the education brain-grinder.

But I can, with full voice, acclaim:




"The initial action applied to an estimated 1.2 million illegals under the age of 31, but only about half have taken advantage."

I find the nonappearance of Mythical Mexicans completely unsurprising. Of course, anyone understanding the predicates for the gruber models creating the Mythical Mexicans would find it unsurprising.

I'm positive NYT subscribers are puzzled though, just as they are about the appearance of that flaming ball that makes the darkness disappear every morning.


If this doesn't sum up my opinion of modern feminism, I don't know what will:

“Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a harsh critic of Islam’s treatment of women, said Wednesday that modern American feminism is focused on ‘trivial bullshit’ and needs to be reclaimed.”

Thanks Capn' My dementia appears to be kicking in.


If you're already pissed off, don't click this:


Captain Hate

Here's a link that has what lyle quoted:


I suspect Tammy Bruce will be all over this.

Danube on iPad

Injunctive relief in the courts is the best way to go.



Thanks for the link to the King piece. This part is interesting

With Obama presumably unswayed by the non-binding legislation, the House would then move to censure the president, a formal act of reprobation short of impeachment. Censure has no formal articulation in the Constitution but has been used a handful of times throughout U.S. History.
but I oppose a quick censure by the House alone. Both the House and the Senate have censured Presidents but never jointly.

I believe Obama has earned another first and hope to see a joint censure by the new Congress in January - just before the State of the Union. The establishment of the Joint Select Committees can wait until right after the State of the Union.


Again...I'm with RickB's 12:09

Think about this:

A background check which would cost the participant $500

And paying FICA taxes.


Not going to happen.

Illegals who do take advantage will find out this is another shakedown for dollars just as everything else Zero's done.

Old Lurker

DoT is the best vehicle for that Turley for the House, or is it the guy in TX for that state? Or should they scramb;e to get a bunch of states to join together?


Having amestied people subjected to the tender mercies of the IRS? Another I don't think so.


I think symbolism is big here. Not deporting the 60 yo mamacita of a 40yo citizen (by birth) small business owner is not and should not be the issue. In fact, that's a losing issue for conservatives and Repubs. The issue is the POTUS ignoring existing law and creating new law by fiat. So the POTUS needs to be the target of everything conservatives say and do. No appointment confirmations,no funding for the stuff he needs for the FSA-- goodbye ObummerPhones! no funding for more special STEM visas and any business that takes an Obummer STEM visa will be barred from obtaining one for 10 years; defund DHS nonsense unless they actively deport all fence jumpers and and begin identifying visa overstays etc. It's all about the Obummer, not the mamacitas.

Janet - I wish my family had a poncho

President Obama on Face The Nation 11-9-2014 - “Every day that I wait, we’re misallocating resources, we’re deporting people that shouldn’t be deported, [and] we’re not deporting folks that are dangerous and need to be deported.”

Will he & his administration continue to misallocate resources?
Will they deport people that shouldn't be deported?
Will they not deport folks that ar dangerous & need to be deported?

What proof can he give? He isn't doing it now, why should we trust him to do it?

James D.

Insty linked to a (to me, anyway) truly appalling and horrifying article from McArdle:


She is a first-class juiceboxer and a thoroughly corrupt and dishonest human being, who makes excuses for and justifies the corruption and dishonesty of those she writes about (and socializes with, and admires).

Anyone who writes:

Nor is it that politicians lie to voters. We reward them for lying, because we want to be told that we can have everything we want, plus a pony, and the only cost will be that some undeserving layabout will get their benefits cut off, or some very rich person we don't like will have to sell the second yacht and pay higher taxes instead. We should not be surprised when they tell us exactly that. I'm not saying that I approve of this, mind you; I'm just saying that the way to stop it is not to tut-tut at the politicians, but for voters to stop demanding that they give us the pretty moon.

cannot and should not ever be taken seriously again.


JamesD, Insty's retort is worth pointing out, if only to underscore the blindingly obvious:

On the contrary, I think it means that most journalists have chosen a side, and are sticking with it come hell or high water
Old Lurker

This is something that really ticks me off. Last week I went off on the government using fines and confiscations to bypass budgetary oversight and checks.

Now The Hill says today: " In a statement released by House Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers´s (R-Ky.) office hours before Obama´s scheduled national address, the committee said the primary agency responsible for implementing Obama´s actions is funded entirely by user fees. As a result, the committee said the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) agency would be able to continue to collect fees and carry out its operations even if the government shut down."

My point last week that all money going into the government from all sources needs to go through the appropriations meat grinder exactly for this reason. Put it all into the master account and give it back to agencies bit by bit as approved. How hard is that?


Congratulations, Captain!

Captain Hate

Have the networks had second thoughts on broadcasting Zippy the Pinhead's Excellent Adventure and Ratings Destroyer or are they willing to endure audits forever? If Gaylord Focker Chavez doesn't think anybody's listening to him, the meltdown will happen.


Gee. No discussion of impeachment. Disappointing that. :)

James D.

Lyle, that's true.

I guess my sarcasm/dry humor meter is not accurately calibrated for Insty. I didn't read that as directly hitting McArdle, but looking at it again, I think it probably was.

Still, I'd rather see her get no mentions at all, because she doesn't deserve the clicks (and I'm guilty as well for following the link even though I recognized her style from the quote on Insty).

Sandy--I Stand with Walker 2016--Daze   ن

The link to lyle's excellent 12:12 quote:

“Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a harsh critic of Islam’s treatment of women, said Wednesday that modern American feminism is focused on ‘trivial bullshit’ and needs to be reclaimed.”
Thanks, lyle.


Great death sentence, DoT.


(Never thought I'd write those words.)



Last night on Fox, they reported that DOJ was essentially boasting about the record fine haul this year, almost double over last year to the tune of ~$250B. Where does THAT money go?



DOJ has been collecting huge sums of money from fines on the really big banks.
A huge slush fund for Zero.


That's interesting, JamesD. I can recognize her writing almost immediately and I never click, either.

Sandy, you betcha.



Missed it by that much :-)

Danube on iPad

I don't know, OL. I feel strongly that it's important to get at least one case on file at the earliest possible moment, and to seek a temporary restraining order, followed by a preliminary injunction, blocking the order until the issue can be fully briefed and argued on the merits. I certainly hope that Turley, Abbot and others are at this moment deciding what is the best forum and who are the appropriate plaintiffs. There are serious issues involved in both decisions, and I would love to know how they are sorting it out.

Miss Marple

Good afternoon! Swell meeting with daddy over a couple of cups of coffee. It is so nice to put a face with a JOMer's handle!

Of course, It helps that he loves my city for a layover!

Janet - I wish my family had a poncho

Here's something - Lane County grand jury indicts prominent gay rights activist Terrence Bean in 2013 case involving a 15-year-old boy


"Bean has been one of the state's biggest Democratic donors and an influential figure in gay rights circles in the state. He helped found two major national political groups, the Human Rights Campaign and the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, and has been a major contributor for several Democratic presidential candidates, including Barack Obama."

"The indictment charges Bean with two counts of third-degree sodomy, a felony, and one count of third-degree sex abuse, a misdemeanor, police said."


she does miss the point, it's about abetting as Mark Steyn put it 'the fundamental relationship between the individual and the state' everything else is process, but this is goal.



My understanding is essentially DOJ doesn't have to account for where the dollars go.
Zero has neutered the Inspector Generals for most of the departments.

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

Happy birthday, DrJ!

Also, Happy birthday and anniversaries to any I've missed.


When seconds count, glasater!

Old Lurker

I know I know. It is wrong wrong wrong.

Why...next thing you know you will have an FBI team with it's own $60M Gulfstream Jet (Criminal Minds) or a CSI team equipped with top of the line Hummers for routine driving (CSI Miami) or NCIS agents in LA driving Cadillacs...

What? My TV shows are not real life?

Seriously, you all know my twin problems are the confiscation of money without a thorough judical and/or legislative proceeding, and then the spending of that money other than through the normal appropriation and budgetary processes.



I think we all have a pretty good idea where a lot of that lucre goes, glasater.

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

According to truthrevolt.org the WH didn't request network coverage from English speaking networks.

Though Politico reports that the White House is “exasperated” that the big English-speaking networks “snubbed” the announcement, the same report reveals that the Obama administration didn’t bother sending the standard formal request for coverage to networks Wednesday. Instead, the White House simply posted an announcement of the message on its Facebook page—perhaps the first such announcement of its kind.



Yes they do, Lyle.


Iowahawk meet starts 8:30-9:00 per his latest tweet.


Seek a preliminary injunction for a judicial order in the nature of mandamus to require Obummer to deport 30-80 yo mamacitas and leave their citizen children behind? Deport them to where? Is that wise?

seek an injunction against Obummer spemding any funds not appropriated by the Congress? now we are talking.

Captain Hate

Can we eliminate all Kennedy family images now?
Roman Polanski films? Woody Allen films?

Love the art but not the artist. I have a hard time trying to avoid something that I like apart from knowing anything about the person who created it. I enjoy Allen and Polanski movies while knowing full well they are sick freaks and refuse to lionize them like the Whoreyweird dumbasses, who are miserable excuses for human beings anyway. Like the Kennedys and Clintoons.

Captain Hate

Maybe Anderson Cooper should be called for a second opinion:


Miss Marple

It seems to me that agencies of the federal government should have to deposit their fees collected into a general fund and then request what expenditures that they need out of the same fund, with approval by Congress.

Otherwise, said agency could go rogue. What's to stop them for paying for a party with strippers, or fancy vacations, etc. out of those unsupervised fees?

Sic semper tyrannis.

These malappropriated fines and user fees are taxation without representation.

Captain Hate

Spill it, Miss Marple; what is daddy *really* like. jimmyk said really really nice things about him but he seems like much too nice of a guy to badmouth somebody who really deserves it. So are you but I've seen the fire in your eyes when talking about Mike Pence,

Beasts of England

Sounds like I need to send my résumé to the Department of JustUs!!

James D.

CH, I struggle with that, too.

When the artist has been dead for a long time, it's a lot easier. Richard Wagner may have been a thoroughly despicable human being, but the money I pay for CDs of his music or tickets to his operas doesn't exactly go into his pocket at this point.

When they're still alive, and when they've used their fame to escape punishment for loathsome crimes, I don't know. I do like some of Woody Allen's work quite a lot. But every penny he earns is money that's enriching a vile human being who very likely committed unspeakable crimes against children (who are still alive and still struggling with the aftermath of what was done to them).


First Order of busines in the New Congress:

pass a Budget resolution-- any DoJ/agency recovered funds MUST be used to PAY DOWN National Debt, and for no other purpose, unless judicial orders direct restitution to specific individuals. That is all.

Jeff Dobbs

My boat is named 'Subterfuge'

You have given me entirely too much information.

Don't tell NK.


there really isn't any accountability for a rogue executive, except one, which we dare not mention, much like that 'bloody mary' urban legend, in the Constitution,

OT, Dominick has really surpassed HR as the villain dejure on POI

Old Lurker

Works for me, NK, then pass the equivalent at State and Local levels.


I don't care. Sleeper is one of my all-time favorite movies.


Maine had the highest voter turnout in the country. The obvious solution to low turnout is a bear baiting question on the ballot. :)

MM,does daddy look like Terry Bradshaw?

Danube on iPad

No, NK. No mandatory injuction, strictly prohibitive. Prohibit the issuance of green cards, work permits etc. except as prescribed by congress. Preserve the status quo.

Miss Marple

daddy is a very positive person with a lot of interesting things to say, and I enjoyed meeting him!

He is the only person I have ever met who talks as fast as I do! LOL!


he was ok, till about 1979, then he became a unfunny weasel, well maybe after Annie Hall,

Old Lurker

Can't fool me, Hit. If that were Beast's boat, that hood ornament would not bear wearing a red bikini.

Captain Hate

James, some of my favorite European improv musicians have pleasantly surprised me with their political views, particularly Peter Brotzmann who has openly ridiculed some of the doctrinaire Stalinists in the UK. By and large their political views are pretty nutty and reflexively immature. It probably comes from living an uprooted lifestyle and doing a lot of drugs.

Old Lurker

Damn MM, "daddy is a very positive person with a lot of interesting things to say" when I used to hear that about blind dates it usually included "and she makes her own clothes".

Beasts of England

If you only knew how funny your comment is, OL!!!

Janet - I wish my family had a poncho

I don't mean that the movies & shows should be scrapped...but that is what NBC is doing to Bill Cosby.
Why do it to just Bill Cosby?

Danube on iPad

Good news:



DoT- we'll see what they actually do, but if the reports are accurate enough, the Obamaniacs have been clever enough NOT to affirmative change legal status. In order to be ripe for adjudication, we would need to make a justiciable claim that the EO affirmative changes status and there is standing to bring a prohibitive injunction action. There has to be an actual 'case in controversy'.

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