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November 07, 2014



"$1.79/g when the regime came into power"

Would that have been during the stock market crash caused by your parties policies?

Republican economic message:'Hey,we crashed the stock market but at least we lowered gas prices.....for a month'


Lynch has a good reputation, but from what Clarice has said, so did Holder from his years in DC as US Attorney and judge (a Reagan appointee!). I hope she still has it in two years.

Comanche Voter

Peking Lame Duck and Mooch Shu Pork--what a tasty combo.

Beasts of England

I can't wait to attend the ceremony when President Walker gives the Koch Brothers their Medals of Freedom.

Some Guy

And David Brooks congratulates the Rs for "pull[ing] back from the fever swamps," and from "insanity took the form of the Sarah Palin spasm."

Brooks' column, if you think about it, is delusional.

What is the single most important tape measure since the "Palin spasm"? It's seats flipped from D to R.

How many Brooksian republicans ousted a democrat since 2008? I don't recall the Lindsey Graham petticoat flipping any seats. Who ran on a 'Government is a good thing (if done right), Gang of 8 compromise, Chamber of Commerce free flow immigration, let's talk about Climate Change' platforms?

GOPe didn't crush the Tea Party, they adopted it's core principles and polished up candidates running on those principles.

It seems to me that at least 90% of the gains since "insanity" gripped the right aren't from taking the "sane" advice from Brooks or the other dandies.

Jeff Dobbs

Obama called the newly designated San Gabriel Mountains National Monument a gain for "social justice." WTH?

The White House
Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release October 10, 2014
Remarks by the President at the Frank G. Bonelli Regional Park in San Dimas, California

Let me be clear, there is unrest in the forest. As I have always said, there is trouble with the trees. On the one hand the maples want more sunlight, and on the other the oaks ignore their pleas.

I reject this false choice.

The trouble facing the maples, and they're quite convinced they're right - they say the oaks are just too lofty, and they grab up all the light.

This is a problem we must deal with as a nation.

Some say the oaks can't help their feelings, if they like the way they're made. They even wonder why the maples can't be happy in their shade.

This is clearly 20th century thinking.

We must address this trouble in the forest. All the creatures all have fled. The maples scream 'Oppression!'. And yet the oaks just shake their heads.

The oaks are clearly not being their brothers's keepers.

I propose the maples form a union, and demand equal rights. The oaks are just too greedy, we will make them give them light. Soon there will be no more oak oppression, when we pass a noble law.

And if necessary the trees will all be kept equal, by hatchet, axe and saw.

Some Guy

Would that have been during the stock market crash caused by your parties policies?

You are stoned if you don't know *your* parties policies are foundational to the financial crisis.


Ha! I'd love it if the new book by Bush 43 were titled "Dreams from my Father the President"

Beasts of England

lol, hit!!


I believe that there is an institutional core within the DoJ which now feels capable of beginning an attempt to restore the trust squandered by the Fascist filth political appointees. I'm not referring to "secret"conservatives because they don't exist, I'm speaking of sniveling bureaucrats who lacked the courage to resign in protest who recognize weakness and wish to attempt a restoration which will be much more difficult than they imagine.

I cannot wish them well for cowards deserve nothing but contempt. I do hope their poison is efficacious in deposing the political appointee scum though. Not quick or painless, just efficacious.

Jack is Back!


n re: Your 12:06

The most important book on my bookshelf when I was in DC.


Fascinating to see the tenure of some of the senior g

Jack is Back!

...senior guys ad gals....


RickB-- a rare disagreement. From where I sit the activist DoJ staff lawyers felt 'liberated' by the likes of Holder and Perez and did what they always wanted to do. The rest? just waiting on that pension.

Eric in Boise

Excellent, Hit. I love that song.

James D.

I know nothing about Loretta Lynch except this:

If Obama is picking her for Attorney General, then by definition she is unqualified and unfit for the position.


that's why Pierce's primal scream was more honest, Brooks is so far inside the cave, he's chewing on the bats, and you know where that leads.

Danube on iPad

How often will the GOP Senate be able to overcome a filibuster?


lol, hit, it's quite that level of absurdity,

Old Lurker

Bingo, DoT.


You are stoned if you don't know *your* parties policies are foundational to the financial crisis.

He does know. He also knows how smart it was for Dems to blame it on the money men, who everyone knows are Republicans.

Has any high-level Republican candidate ever yet had the stones to blame it on affirmative action mortgage loans? (He knows the answer to that, too.)

Old Lurker

Gillespie concedes VA.

Too bad.



You may well be right. Lynch is still an attempt at restoration and State, Treasury and the DoJ have so fully earned the distrust and contempt which they now enjoy that no one now employed by them will live to see the restoration completed. Those departments have reached the top of contempt the list. The rest of the permanent government is still crowding them.


Gillespie was just the type of Top Men, Brooks recommended, and he has thrown in the towel

Old Lurker

Fox: "The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a new challenge to President Obama's health care law.

The justices on Friday say they will decide whether the law authorizes subsidies that help millions of low- and middle-income people afford their health insurance premiums.

A federal appeals court upheld Internal Revenue Service regulations that allow health-insurance tax credits under the Affordable Care Act for consumers in all 50 states. Opponents argue that most of the subsidies are illegal."


What about now after 6 years under Obama?

You're welcome. l

Posted by: Dublindave | November 07, 2014 at 11:13 AM<<<

Where to begin? Where to begin?

[deleted ...]

Beasts of England

My Team Red Schadenboner simply won't subside!! I think after lunch I'll go oppress some members of the proletariat and then disenfranchise some poor people. Is this a great country or what!


OL@1:05-- SCOTUS is telling DC Circuit (Obummer packed DC Cir) "We got your en banc re-hearing right here."

Will Roberts redeem his constitutional soul regarding the Fed Exchange and federalism? TBD.


really wanted to rant though ... like a Dennis Miller Live rant ... f bombs, the whole 9 yards.

maybe I'll just set up a GoFund.me campaign for a bridge loan ...

jimmyk on iPhone

"the money men, who everyone knows are Republicans."


Old Lurker

NK, does taking this case put it on the June timetable for a decision?


BoE@1:09-- you remind me of a great moment in Ninotchka. Swanky capitalist lawyer Melvyn Douglas introduces Commissar Ninotchka (Garbo) to his butler. She notes he is old and should be retired. then she asks capitalist Douglas if he beats the butler. Douglas answers with a wry smile: "No.... but the thought of it makes my mouth water!"

Old Lurker

Rich, have you had the follow-up interview yet?


You might wanna see a doc, Beasts. You're heading for four days, let alone four hours.


OL-- have to check the SCOTUS decision docket. But yeah, I assume it's been put on for this term. Briefs in by February, argument in March, June decision is my uninformed guess.


Monday. just got off the phone with the recruiter for my interview prep. gotta go find the place though and a drive might do me some good to clear my head and get away from thinking about the monumental scale of my personal disaster.


I'll second or third "folks" and "infrastructure"

"bipartisan compromise" and "stakeholders" are at the top of my list, which is very, very long.

Did I mention "historic" or "comprehensive reform" yet?

Old Lurker

Good luck.

Beasts of England

lol, NK and Ig! Good luck, rich !!


OL-- here you go. SCOTUSBlog adds the Docket schedule details of Burwell and a link to the Order. Plus an editorial note that SCOTUS rejected the DOJ request to wait for further DC Circuit en banc decisions. I assume, the DC Cir en banc review is now moot and will not proceed. Clarice can tell us better. Oh Baby, sounds like SCOTUS may kill ObummerCare after all. TBD: http://www.scotusblog.com/

Captain Hate

Like a female Ray Maddow:


James D.

Good luck, rich!


I you want to get coffee, mull things over, vent,... Just give a holler.


thanks all ... before I head out the door ...

Can I get some advice from the people here on the interview. The technical portion I am comfortable with, but there is supervisory role with this job and I have some but it is limited.

I had a supervisory role in the army but that was usually just one or two people. It is best featured at UF where I was a team leader for 4 but that was years ago. In my last job, I would sometimes have to take charge during the evening shift but it didn't include much responsibility (tasking out things and making sure a tick box was completed).

What is the best way to feature the supervisory component? Talk in terms of leadership (4Cs:character, competence, commitment, candor) or management (4Ms: manpower, machinery, method, materials) ...

many thanks ...



sent an email over ...


I'll give you a call. Coffee sounds like a good idea.


There's a holdup in Kiev,
Iraq's broken out in fights;
There's a hegemon in Hainan
That's try'na close the Taiwan Straights;
There's a scout troop short a child,
Putin's due at Idlewild!
President 44, Where Are You??



Those actions of Cordes should be firing offenses. Essentially plagiarism, failing to check quotes, etc. She'll probably be promoted.



That one really does it for me. Far too many times I have seen that it only means someone less qualified but who checks the right boxes will get the job.

I don't want to get the job, promotion, contract because of "diversity", I want it because I am the one most qualified and capable.

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

I know one thing we as Republicans must not do, and that is listen to the all-too-predictable counsel coming from the mainstream media that voters want to see “compromise” in Washington, that the Republicans should “reach out” to the president to find areas of common ground over the next two years. Even Mr. Obama tried to push that narrative in his press conference the day after the debacle for his party. Compromise with whom? The rejected president?

It’s a preposterous argument, one that House Speaker John A. Boehner and Senate Majority Leader-in-waiting Mitch McConnell should reject out of hand.


It's really good. Miss him, too.


OL-- the DC Circuit en banc oral argument in Burwell was scheduled for 12/17/14. I assume that is now mooted and SCOTUS will decide the Fed Exchange subsidy issue all by itself. O...H....Baby! Can it be, Roberts kills ObummerCare at the RIGHT time, when it's in effect and deeply unpopular? And all based on the EXACT WORDS Barry, Harry and Nancy used. Oh joy....


"Talk in terms of leadership (4Cs:character, competence, commitment, candor) or management (4Ms: manpower, machinery, method, materials) ..."


What I listened for when hiring was the will to succeed coupled with flexibility and resilience in achieving goals. The framework in which those qualities were presented was not a primary consideration in the hiring decision. I always found the presentation of a particular situation which demonstrated the qualities in the form of a story to be effective. It won't hurt if the story involves a line concerning seeking advice from a senior manager regarding overcoming an unforeseen obstacle.

Stephanie accidentally OnT?


With its agenda totally repudiated by the voters, even in blue states such as Maryland and Massachusetts, the White House hasn’t earned a place at the table for the coming negotiations. Instead, I’d advise GOP leaders on the Hill to reach out to the 30-some senators up for re-election in two years. I’d include the nervous House Democrats who just held on to their jobs Tuesday with less than 55 percent of the vote. I’d give them a preview of the 2016 ads that will echo the devastating 2014 spots targeting Democrats who “voted with Obama” 95-plus percent of the time.

I would then point out to those Democrats that over 100 of their House colleagues and 28 of their fellow senators who voted for Obamacare in 2010 are no longer in Congress.

THEN I would start the negotiations.


Note to self-- never have to enter into negotiations with Stephanie... about anything.

Thomas Collins

SCOTUS trumps Harry Reid packing the DC Circuit (at least in this case). Expect a full court press on SCOTUS by Obama and his media rumpswabs.


What RickB said, rich. Focus on problem-solving and and tell a story to illustrate. Crediting both your supervisor (for good advice) and the folks under you (for achievement and teamwork) is important.

I never wanted to have a boss who took all the credit, nor would I want to manage a supervisor who took all the credit.


The SCOTUS news is huge. Could it be Roberts feels safer now after the election?


ThomasC-- I think this is a message from SCOTUS to DC Circuit. "You are no longer a legitimate Regulatory Law court of final review. We'll make our docket bigger and tell you what to do."
DC Circuit was great for 20 years. Obummer has has polluted it with profane appointments. Shame it came to this.


If not already mentioned - Gillespie has conceded.

Oh well. I wanted him to fight, but if he has a shot at governor which I think he does, best not to draw it out.


"Obama called the newly designated San Gabriel Mountains National Monument a gain for "social justice." WTH?"

Last time I saw the San Gabriels in passing by there was a lot of 'nothing' there - just like BOzo.

Don't mean to denigrate your lovely state, Frau but really...

Dave (in MA)
Would that have been during the stock market crash caused by your parties policies?

Republican economic message:'Hey,we crashed the stock market but at least we lowered gas prices.....for a month'

Put down the pipe. I don't have a party, but if I did, it wouldn't be the same one Barney Frank was in.


The SCOTUS news is huge.

Yes, it seems that they thought it appropriate not to wait around for the DC en banc Reid-packed court's review of the other case, a very good sign. There's a good summary at Scotusblog:


Jane on Ipad

I'm at the airport and Jet Blue is having a 1 year anniversary party. They are the only airline here. The place is full of balloons and cupcakes. It's as if they are as happy about the election as I am.


henry-this came out yesterday from the UN with MS sponsorship.


Beasts of England

While I'm gloating, I want to call out that Sen. Inhofe's likely assignment as Chair of the Environment and Public Works Committee has made the watermelons' heads explode! Full and complete apoplexy has engulfed these little greenie weenies! Sweet frabulous joy!


I love flying Jet Blue into Ft. Lauderdale, Jane. We'll be doing just that in three weeks for Thanksgiving.


Anyone have a link to a schadenfreude roundup? Every day I learn five new great things that happened on Tuesday.

Beasts of England

Give 'em Hell, Steph!!


rse, "sustainable" needs to be on that list of words to be tarred and feathered.


Yes, Steph, those are terrific suggestions.


Yes, henry, unless preceded by "fiscally."


Even there porch. I like the old fashioned "profitable."

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

Those weren't my suggestions... although they could have been written by me.

Those were Tom Delay's suggestions in the Wash Times piece I linked to.

Miss him? Me, too.


Sustainable sounds much better than acknowledging the UN and MS and others intend to use data to finally shift to the "socialistic, communistic society" that Uncle Karl envisioned so long ago.

Following through on a footnote in Etienne Wenger's book has sent me quite the confessional journey this morning. Thank you Leontiev for the mother of all confessions.

And Jeb's political future is not going to go well when people appreciate just how tied into, inadvertantly I hope, he is to ed reforms that were created to force "psychophysiological" change in the student. With lots of quotes to Marx and Engels. I started about 6 this morning plowing through and just finished. No more ambiguity at all.



Tidbit from Red Racing Horses re: DRSC ad buys for Landrieu:

LA-SEN Ad buy sources tell me the DSCC has canceled ALL its TV time in Louisiana, broadcast and cable. Cable numbers took longer to go through.

26, Male, R, NY-10
by: MosheM @ Fri Nov 07, 2014 at 11:34:36 AM CST

I get the sense Landrieu is going to bow out before the runoff, even though it's atypical for her and for her party. Dems have to know she's a goner; maybe they just don't want to spend any more money, time, energy or thought on the 2014 debacle and want to be done with it so they can lick their wounds and plot their next moves.


Oh, gotcha, Stephanie.

YES I DO miss DeLay. Another victim of an evil, lawless prosecutor. And we were all the victims since we lost his skills in the House. Which was the whole point of the exercise.



Can I get some advice from the people here on the interview.

MrsJ does interview prep for a living. She'd be happy to talk to you about your concerns. I think you have her number, but if you don't, let me know.


Even there porch. I like the old fashioned "profitable."

Me, too, but "fiscally sustainable" could at least be applied to entities that are not supposed to make a profit, such as for instance the federal government of the United States of America.


Even there porch. I like the old fashioned "profitable."

I prefer "creating wealth," particularly when discussing job creation. (Yes, it applies to a slightly different situation.) That term causes leftie heads to explode.

Carol Herman

There will still be a whole industry in place following 2016. If you think the birth certificate issue has been put to rest; it has not.

If you think there won't be insiders telling tales of woe ... you forget that Obama will hold no cards. And, in no way can hurt those who want to talk. Make money on their insider's knowledge. And, behave like Karl Rove. There won't be an election, ahead, where they'd turn down chances to "pontificate."

Reagan took full advantage of Jimmy Carter's "malaise."

It's still a free trip to China for o'bummer. How can this hurt him? Perhaps, in front of his mirror he's been striking Nixonian poses?

Even better, he's in another time zone. So if the lame duck democrats in congress call him asking for help in ramming through legislation ... "he's away from his desk."

I still think obama does not make it through the next 26 months. Biden wants a chance to BE president! On automatic pilot. You can only guess if, ahead, he gets a heart attack. Or not.


Steph's wonderful 2:14 somehow makes me think of how the ISIS captors forced their prisoners to watch others getting beheaded. But in a good way.


Don't go dissing my San Gabriel Mountains! The smog there is better than anywhere.

But on a clear day they are gorgeous. There are a couple of good little trout streams and some great hiking.

With the megalopolis we have here in So Cal we need as much open land as we can get. Otherwise it will be wall to wall strip malls and tract housing.


Neither "creating wealth" or "creating jobs" should ever be spoken in reference to government actions. While government can do both, they do it mainly by subtraction (getting out of the way of the private sector), and that phrase suggests something else. As usual I think Reagan was the only one who made that distinction.


oh good lord, is Ignatius a gullible lot,


"They're going to see Washington working better if this president has his way," [White House Chief of Staff Denis] McDonough said. "And that's what he's going to do."

Next, we will be told that Obama has the support of all extraterrestrial aliens because none of them ever voted against him. Ultraterrestrial aliens, too.

Some Guy

"They're going to see Washington working better if this president has his way,"


What a clueless moron.

A. Nothing, anywhere, ever got "better" with this guy getting his way.

B. The electorate just told you they don't want you to get your way.

C. See A

Old Lurker

Obama pre-lunch soundbite on the radio just now "I am not going to judge these ideas on whether they are Rep or Dem; I am going to judge them on whether they will work..."

See, even that choice of words and tone pisses me off. POTUS is not a "judge" as if ruling from the mountaintiop after listening to both sides. He needs a constitutional lecturer...oh never mind.


Nothing, anywhere, ever got "better" with this guy getting his way.

Seriously. Anything bad for Obama is good for this country.



I agree that the gov't cannot create wealth. But that brings up a story -- I can't recall if I've brought it up here before, but if I have and you recall it, please SOB.

Some years ago I attended a very high-end fundraiser that Michigan (the University) held in San Francisco. I was the guest of a (now late) friend who had set up a scholarship fund the in the name of his late wife.

It was pretty interesting -- the U president gave a decent talk and mingled with the crowd. She brought with her a dozen or so Profs who gave lectures on a wide range of interesting topics, and it was easy to talk with them after they finished. Of course the place was crawling with development people to rope in the big donations.

Over lunch I sat next to the fellow who ran the University Art Museum, a very decent one. Pfizer had just donated a very nice research facility (the previous R&D headquarters for Parke Davis) to the University. Mr. Art Museum was going on and on about all of the jobs that the facility would create, as new companies were hatched there.

I told him I was not concerned with creating jobs. Rather, I was interested in wealth creation that those companies could bring.

He did not say another word to me the rest of the lunch, and for the rest of the day. He was not pleased.

As I said, heads explode.

Old Lurker

Good for you DrJ. Chicken meet Egg. Line up in proper order please.

James D.

This is for all the classic film fans here:


"A Christmas Carol" (1938) and "Christmas in Connecticut" one day only in theaters, December 7th.

I might even skip a potentially winnable Giants game (vs. Tennessee) to go...

Jeff Dobbs

The place is full of balloons and cupcakes. It's as if they are as happy about the election as I am.

You sure it's about the elections overall? Look closer...


"folks" works for me.

Me, too, maryd. The word used to have a nice, calm meaning. Not any longer.

Danube on iPad

Rich, I recommend you cover up any neck tattoos you might have.

Eric in Boise

"They're going to see Washington working better if this president has his way,"

So the fascists are doubling down, are they? Go for it. Quadruple down. Quintuple down. The more (still) LIVs you can wake up between now and '16, the better.

This is the type of thing I can easily picture DWS saying; I expect to hear from her at any time. Red Squaw, maybe.

Hillary!, not so much. I think BJ McDressStain would whack her with a 2X6 if she ever got close to this level of stupidity.

Old Lurker

DoT "Rich, I recommend you cover up any neck tattoos you might have."

And with only a weekend, can you get those ear lobes, nose and lip tissues shrunk back into shape after you remove the inserts?

Eric in Boise

...although now that I think about it, the non-Obummer wing of the Liar Party is probably lacing up their running shoes as we speak in order to distance themselves from this carp.


Eric, they are scouring the internets for no-pink running shoes... preferably with velcro.


"Don't go dissing my San Gabriel Mountains! The smog there is better than anywhere."

OK, ok, Matt:-)

I was just comparing them in my mind to the mountains here in the NW. Snow on the peaks year-round unlike the SW.


The House Dem circular firing squad-- it's a much smaller circle than it used to be:http://blogs.rollcall.com/218/pelosi-seeks-to-soothe-caucus-in-post-election-conference-call/?SD


Nothing says winning in 2016 like encouraging their megalomaniac, raging narcissistic Messiah with the merde touch to channel his inner Chavez during these next two years.


"The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a new challenge to President Obama's health care law."

To paraphrase the village idiot, a big effin deal! Slapped it down on Friday afternoon no less. Right in Reid's court packing face. Whoo, what a week.

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