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November 13, 2014


Soylent Red


Captain Hate

The NY Times notes that Obama might have a political motivation for his new carbon deal with China.

Water is wet redux.


A variety of polls show that a majority of American voters now believe that climate change is occurring, are worried about it, and support candidates who back policies to stop it.

And a variety of other polls, not to mention the actual election, show they are not worried about it. Not to mention, since when is a scientific question ("climate change is occurring") settled by polls?

Johnathon Gruber

--A 2014 poll by the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication, meanwhile, found that majorities of women, minorities and young people support candidates who strongly endorse climate action.--

That's because they're so damned stupid.

Wait did I say that out loud?

Sorry I guess I misspoke....but they are pretty stupid.


On that topic, there was a poll I fisked here a couple of weeks ago that ranked various topics on relative importance, including Obamacare, climate change, etc. While the headline comically tried to say it showed that people didn't care about Obamacare, what it really showed was that they didn't care about climate change. Anyone remember who did that poll, or where it was reported? I don't think it was Quinny, might have been Pew.

Captain Hate

Galileo would surely have polled poorly.

Jane on Ipad

I really was second but my post was swallowed. Hello from st Maarten.


Hi Jane! Hope it stopped raining.

Jane on Ipad

Last nite Mona Charon conducted a poll of 10 of who you wanted in 16', and who you thought it would be. I am happy to say it was overwhelmingly Walker, with only Senator Jon Kyl's daughter voting for Jeb. As Caro said, the establishment is soooooo establishment.



Gallup polls most important problems every month. SkyDragon doesn't make the list.

Jeff Dobbs

bet by the president ... that the environment will be a winning cause in the 2016 presidential campaign.

Obama cares as much about the 2016 election as he did about the residents of Altgeld.


Hi, Jane.

I'm so impressed that Obama was able to announce "targets" for the post 2020 time frame.

All of this just when so many "scientists" are leaving the climate change congregation.

Jeff Dobbs

I used to think that Obama would really really care about 2016 - that getting a Dem elected after him would be a big thing to him to burnish his legacy.

But after 2014, I think he'll be perfectly happy to be sidelined in 2016 - and then use that as the excuse for why Republicans won.

(and racism of course)


USA Today story on Barrycare forcing rural hospitals to close.

He's a man of the people, alright.
Dems just care about the middle class and poor. Yes they do.
I guess Hillary can't be blamed for every undercapitalized hospital going broke either.


Think I put this comment on twitter along the lines of...0's climate deal with the Chinese - the Chinese got the mine and US citizens got the shaft.

It's just that progressives always have something to throw out there to cause us grief. So now its back to 'climate' once again to wring hands over.

Or it will be raising min wages or the poor are not being served properly re healthcare, etc. It just goes on and on with the next thing in line to wring hands over and make the least strong mentally amongst us get scared and want the government to 'do something'.

Jane on Ipad

The news seems absolutely delicious - particularly Gruber. Last nite on CNN international Van Jones declared: "they all do it". It's interesting formulating the real story in my mind while hearing C NN.

Great panel yesterday on the Justice System with Andy McCarthy, John Yew, William Jacobsen, and Ed Whelen, moderated by John fund.

Fund predicts with certainty that Roberts will redeem himself on Obamacare, which scares the shit out of me because he sat across from me a few years ago and promised with absolute certainty that the SC would never pass Obamacare.

Also John Kyle promises we have no reason to fear the NSA spying on us, but then again, he's not in the tea party.

Panels this afternoon, then cocktails and dinner. Then 2 more days chalk full of info as we sail back to the real world.

Wish you guys were here!

Jack is Back!

From the Downtown Five-O-Five Club:

Tibet News: In a recent interview the Dali Lama said that he should not have a successor. When asked what happens after he dies, the Dalai said, “What do I care? I’ll be a fricking grasshopper.”

If you don't subscribe, you should:) I think they are out of Clearwater and meet up each month.


Thanks, Rick. This was the one I was thinking of:


It's an idiotic poll, since it only asks what is most important, and the choices overlap in all sorts of ways. Still, I think there's some information in where Skydragon rates, i.e. barely on the radar screen.


not so fast:


that byline is by Coral, (is this thing on)


Noted hack, Linda Greenhouse has wet her Depends over the SCOTUS taking up Barrycare.
I have no idea how long it will last but it is a very pleasant time to be alive and watch these power hungry maggots getting kicked in their mushy maggot mouths and crying wike wittle babies as they get just a tiny dose of what they routinely dish out.

Jeff Dobbs

Talking point update...

Toronto's Globe and Mail:

The deal, in short, is good for China, good for the U.S. and good for the rest of the world. Perfect? No. Significant progress? Yes. It will inject momentum into future climate talks by reducing the skepticism of small countries.

That's in their editorial without any hint of quoting or referring to anyone else.

Jack is Back!


Stay inside. Nothing to see in either St. Maarten or over the mountain to St. Martin. Only cheap T-shirts and straw hats.

"They all do it" is also Beckel's excuse on The Five. That and his asnine question whenver anyone challenges the integrity of The Champ: "Are you saying, that hte POTUS is a liar or theif or orders people to spy or lie or cheat". As if he has never heard of Richard Nixon and thinks the POTUS is a saintly figure in the spirit of St. Francis.


There are only two countries whose carbon emissions have gone down in the past several years and one of them is the United States. Every other country in the world has increased their emissions.

I expect that such a strategy, when 70% of the population is skeptical about climate change as presented by the Left, will be a historic loser.

Sort of like how the "War on Wimmen" blew up like a cigar prank in their faces 2 weeks ago.

Did anyone see the Washington Times article on the Army COL who is being fired because he cautioned two lesbian officers at a Regimental Ball for their dirty dancing, wriggling out of their uniforms, and basically drunken conduct? Regimentals are where the officers have to behave as mentors and a very few of the enlisted are usually out of hand.

I was at one a couple of years ago where the COL commanding the Brigade had to do some on site counseling with a dumbass PFC, and watched as he drew the kid to him forehead to forehead and very quietly spoke with him for a few moments. The kid was completely abashed and his buddies got him out of there quick. What I saw was real leadership. Not sure what happened to the kid afterwards, but enlisted tend to behave badly at these things. It's interesting seeing all the tatt'ed wives.

Jack is Back!

Kerry and Obama forget one thing: James Inhofe.

New Chairman of the Senate Environment Committee. The catalyst for exploding "green" heads. If I was the EPA, I would be preparing for some interesting and compelling hearings the next few years. Expect more than the usual verbal mud wrestling.

Captain Hate

Sucking all the gravity out of the room:



inject momentum

It sounds so sciency, though, doesn't it? From our betters who lecture and talk down to us.

There are only two countries whose carbon emissions have gone down in the past several years and one of them is the United States.

Yeah, though I do wonder how much of that is because Barry has kept the economy in an induced coma since 2009. Plus I don't even like to stipulate that reducing "carbon" emissions (which includes my breathing) is such a hugely desirable thing.

Captain Hate

The science is settled: Self medicating screamer and noted plagiarist are dumber than Meeka:



Jane-- 3" of snow forecast for the Worchester area tomorrow morning.

Enjoy the cruise.


BEIJING—Acknowledging the industrialized nation’s role in global climate change, China reportedly reached a landmark agreement with the United States Wednesday, pledging to significantly increase the rate at which it falsifies air pollution data over the next 15 years. “As the world’s leading manufacturer and a rising global economy, we consider it our responsibility to begin taking aggressive measures to fabricate pollution statistics and openly misinform the rest of the world about our level of carbon emissions,” said Chinese president Xi Jinping during a joint press conference with U.S. president Barack Obama, noting that, while China has already taken steps to misrepresent its air quality, it will steadily expand its current deception and begin distorting data in a variety of new sectors, such as grossly overstating its level of investment in solar, wind, and other renewable energy sources. “China is strongly committed to the goal of claiming its greenhouse gas output has been cut in half by 2030. We will work tirelessly to exaggerate, manipulate, and in many cases flat-out lie about the amount of pollutants Chinese factories and energy plants release into the atmosphere. That is our unwavering pledge.” At press time, Chinese officials announced that the country had already met its goal.



Nothing to see in either St. Maarten or over the mountain to St. Martin.

We had a pleasant week on the island in August. Some nice restaurants in Grand Case and a scenic climb at Loterie Farm (both on the French side). But be careful about mosquitoes, as the Chikungunya virus has been an issue in those parts. Not deadly, but unpleasant and sometimes long-lasting.


It was -6 degrees with 4 inches of global warming on my drive last night. Who are we going to believe them or our own lying eyes? Even the weather is letting Obama down.

Thomas Collins

I would hope that in a poll of sentient people, the question whether weather patterns in a given region fluctuate over geologic time would receive a 100% yes vote. The surprise would be if climate change is not occurring. How quickly that occurs, whether humans have any meaningful impact, and whether the administrative state should attempt to change any human behavior having such an impact, are the key issues. On these issues, to call the Obama officials ignoramuses would be an insult to ignoramuses.


... But together, and on average, I believe we will lose a lot of weight - let's go!

Not only that, but you're a despicable person if you don't support me.


Hey,TM,funny you should mention Johnny Damon. He will be the headliner at a benefit dinner in January. The Portland Sea Dogs sponsor "Strike Out Cancer in Kids" and the Hot Stove Dinner and Silent Auction is an annual fundraiser. Maine loves their Red Sox,but Damon is an interesting choice.



well they would need more cameras for his forehead alone, the cunning, cap and trade deal, fell through when the people found out the cost of the Skydragon netting, was higher than they were willing to entertain,

Jane on Ipad

Yikes NK! I've been to all these places on other cruises, so touristing around is low on my list.

Except for cheap wifi, I'd probably stay on the boat. Likewise, the rain doesn't matter. It's all about friends and politics. A lot like JOM.


Yes, TC, but I suspect most people interpret the question as not applying to geologic time, but to the past three decades. For that there is a case to be made that it's primarily weather, not climate, in the sense that it is nothing that can be extrapolated to the next 200 years.


It is imperative that Barry raise the minimum wage so that all the illegal immigrants Barry has enticed here can pay for the skyrocketing electric bills that Barry has caused.

Does there appear to be one common factor, the absence of which would solve all the problems?

Captain Hate

On these issues, to call the Obama officials ignoramuses would be an insult to ignoramuses.

Not just any ignoramus would willingly transform an, admittedly unattractive, lantern jaw into a full facial disfigurement.


And guess who has Barry's penchant for making people wait. Our very own Mayor Bane.

And of course the NY Post FTW:



Captain Hate


Mike Giles

"Teacher, teacher, Mike Giles yells; while frantically waving his raised hand in the back of the classroom."
Exactly how is Obola supposed to get this treaty with China through the Senate. He may think he's "El Presidente for Life", but he isn't. He'd have trouble getting that treaty through Reid's Senate. He doesn't have a chance in hell, of getting it through after January one.


Why would anyone inject momentum, when they can snort it, and feel the effects so much quicker?

(My guess is the President would prefer to smoke it.)


--Exactly how is Obola supposed to get this treaty with China through the Senate.--

Barry gets things around Congress not through it.
Really, what choice does he have if they refuse to send him the bills he wants?

James D.

"Are you saying, that hte POTUS is a liar or theif or orders people to spy or lie or cheat". As if he has never heard of Richard Nixon and thinks the POTUS is a saintly figure in the spirit of St. Francis.

The right answer, which I would love to see delivered to his face, is:

"Yes. I am saying that the POTUS is a liar and a thief. And that he orders people to spy and lie and cheat."


MM from the previous thread: "Waters should be given more air time in positions other than his excellent "Waters' World." He's a good commenter on The Five and should get to speak out more."

The word on the street (and by that I mean New Town Lane in East Hampton) is that Waters is being groomed for big things at Fox. The mother of one of his producers lives out here. And Waters was, apparently, a real hellion in his youth. His father is/was the headmaster of some prep school and he gave his father a lot to live down.

Of course, all the most interesting adults were hellious youths! (Says the mother of a hellion son hopefully!)

Cecil Turner

Don't inject momentum, save it!

(There oughta be a law . . .)


Mike you misunderstood. He not only cant get it approved and knows it, he will not even submit it for debate. It was window dressing, meant to appease the stupid green progs who apparently are way more gullible than even Gruber would describe the American voter. He wanted to claim some kind of victory so he signed a non binding meaningless piece of paper that does not bind him or his successor nor can it under the Constitution. Why would newspapers write about such a thing, and not about Gruber admitting deceit to sell Obamacare. You know quite well the answer on that one...


JimmyK-- don't you love the daily NY Post Mayor Bane bashing (both fair and unfair.) My wife lives for the dead tree copy I bring home every evening.


Now DiBlasio's really German no, aren't they supposed to be punctual, although really what were they thinking, when they voted him in
(that's a rhetorical question)


--aren't they supposed to be punctual--

Yes. They usually arrive at your border before they're expected.

Eric in Boise

I nominate "Doing Our Best to Inject Momentum Every Day" or something similar as the new masthead quote.




Perhaps we should picture the discovery of the Momentum Injector by President Merde Touch as akin to turbo charging a manure spreader. The attempt by the NYT/WaPo Axis of Idiocy to use polling as a nail gun to keep the Norwegian Blue SkyDragon on its perch is going to have roughly the same effect as the Senator Uterus campaign did in Colorado, where the campaign theme managed to increase male participation to 54% versus the national average of 49%.

The longer they talk, the more they lose.


the discovery of the Momentum Injector by President Merde Touch

Here's the eureka moment caught on film:


seriously what go wrong:


on the other hand, they did keep Governor Hickup, and reversed the recall elections results,

Jack is Back!

jimmyk, LOL. However, I always thought this was his preferrred "momentum injector".


I was under the impression that Reggie's official title was Momentum Injector.


So this "momentum" is an off-white creamy substance?


CecilT-- excellent Newtonian physics reference. Bravo.

Miss Marple

As I watch the snow flurries swirling past my window and the thermometer FALL, I am reminded that in January we are going to have higher electric bills even if it wasn't going to be Polar Vortex II.

We have 5 coal plants in Indiana that are going to be forced off-line (some have already gone) and due to the EPA's actions our electric bills "will necessarily skyrocket."

With a really cold winter (which is what they are projecting for our state) I foresee a lot of upset Hoosiers.

And what has Governor Pence done? Have you seen him on TV railing about this? No. He sent some minions to DC to "make our case" to the EPA. Obviously, this was pointless.

Maybe he's too busy hobnobbing with PAC's and such considering a presidential run.



In case anyone missed this at Insty's crib;

Does Walker sizzle? Not exactly. Is he a particularly charismatic speaker? No, he isn’t. But does he sit upon a throne made of the skulls of his enemies? Yes, yes he does.

Heh, as it were...


And that throne sits inside a rent free residence inside Richard Trumpka's cranium.


What are the betting odds that Gruber flees the country within the next two months?

I'll start with 2:1.


All these executive actions and treaties are taken with an eye on 2016. It helps to create a clear choice between the respective parties.

Obama has a historic climate agreement with China undermining Republicans only argument for for doing nothing on Carbon emission restriction:China isn't doing it why should we,na na na.

And so it goes; with Republicans fighting executive action on deportations and advocating for latino families to broken up,blocking the nomination of a black women to one of the most powerful positions in the country just because she's black and a woman,the destruction of the affordable healthcare act and taking health insurance away from 10 million people and on and on and on........it's foreplay for 2016. We're showing the American people who we are and what we stand for and we're doing the same for you.

Miss Marple

Is Schumer on the Judiciary Committee?


DavieDickbreath comes to after an eight day bender.

Miss Marple

I think Loretta Lynch should be asked to publicly disavow the anti-Semitic attitudes of that group she belonged to while at Harvard.

Jack is Back!

How well did those talking points of your's work out for the Commie Criminal Party of yours this year, DuDa?

Old Lurker

Yes he is MM.



Anyone who still believes in “climate change” is likely to be: a. a profiteer (like the financial wizards who put together those “carbon exchanges” a few years back, making off with billions before they went belly up), b. a scientist looking for a handout, c. a bureaucrat or official of a Third World country looking for a handout, d. an official of the UN (virtually the same as c), e. a moral narcissist, preferably rich, who thinks he knows better than us idiots, scientific training not required (cf. Tom Steyer, this year’s George Soros wannabe), f. a true-believing liberal camp follower of the sort that doesn’t care when Nancy Pelosi says you have to pass Obamacare in order to know what’s in it (this is the largest group), or g. a journalist blinded by panic about losing their job if they dare to tell even part of the truth or wander off the reservation.

Which one are you, DaveyDouche? Since we know you're a slacking parasite with no money, I'd place you in the f) category, i.e., stupid/gullible enough to trust Pelosi.


Miss Marple,

What advantage is gained by asking a racist to disavow her deeply held beliefs? Think of Ms Lynch as just another Momentum Injector on the road to 2016. I don't object to her voicing strident anti-Semitism whatsoever. It's wholly in keeping with the entire Marxist First administration.


All according to plan, right duda?


Miss Marple


My point is that it is something that should be asked about. I have some minimum standards for cabinet officers. Anti-semitism is something which should be a disqualifier.

Furthermore, I doubt she will be confirmed and I want there to be a reason which cannot be easily spun as racism or anti-woman.

Some Guy

You people seem to forget that The Won is a super duper genius playing three dimensional chess and he's always six moves ahead of his opponents.

That's why there are now permanent democratic majorities in both houses, and that tsunami of democrats taking over state legislatures across the country last week.

Was He a Manchurian Candidate sent here to destroy America? Right now it looks like he was sent here to destroy the Democrats.

Cecil Turner

Add to the list for legislation in the new congress:

Defund "environmental science" and immediately terminate any grants for IPCC conferences or similar crap. Hey, it'd save money and reduce GhG emissions (especially if you could get blowhards like Big Al to shut up for a few minutes).

I don't mind these guys jetting around the world and having coffee klatches over fudged data, but it seems to me they could do it on their own dime. And I would seriously like to see the effect on "hockey stick"-like research if there wasn't a financial incentive toward alarmism.



Good Lord! Click for the video at the end. George Costanza was a more able liar. Watch the stammering, the body language, the gulping for air, and, of course the batshit crazy eyes; that's some first class dissembling.


the agreement such as it is, is unenforceable nor will it be. How did the Budapest Memorandum work out for the Ukraine? The Kyoto Treaty was voted down in the US Senate 97-0 (even Kerry voted against it)?

The current US cuts have more to do with substitution of domestically produced nat gas and a pretty catastrophic drop in output.

>>>your alcohol to one drink per day or less<<<



Posted by: Cecil Turner | November 13, 2014 at 01:32 PM -

Yeah! that too.


"I have some minimum standards for cabinet officers."

Miss Marple,

So do I. It's my opinion the confirmation of yet another Marxist racist will aid in moving the additional 3-4% of the electorate which would substantiate a claim to a mandate in 2016. She can't do any more damage to the DoJ dump than has already occurred and having another racist shrew to tag team with the First Lady is a plus for Republicans.

Restoration is going to be a sixteen year project and I would like to see the strongest start possible in 2016.


On a recent thread, this site's resident retard, Iggy, said that it would be more fun to play with Bruce Jenner's mom than with [thee] luscious hottie, Kim Kardashian, herself.

From which we can conclude:

(a) Iggy is squirrelly.

(b) Iggy needs to take his meds.

(c) Iggy is a virus.


Phil Klein summarizes the big picture about Progs. What idiots like DD fail to realize it they are selling themselves out cheap for the Free Shite scraps the Prog oligarchs throw to them. As soon as they aggregate enough power, the Prog elites will slash the chocolate ration to idiots such as DD because they don't need the idiots any longer. DD being part of the Free Shite Army is like one of Khomenie's 11yos march into Saddam's mine fields in 1980. Just fodder. http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/grubers-obamacare-comments-expose-whats-wrong-with-liberalism/article/2556091#!


Good Morning!

As of 4 hours ago Democratic Sen. Begich still won’t concede Alaska race, after rival declared winner

Great. This is now turning into mockery, so I personally hope Begich continues to refuse to concede.



Kim sure fills a chair nicely. Other than that, what are her accomplishments again?

Old Lurker

One could make a decent start in sixteen years, Rick, but as you know true renaissance will require longer than that. Progs had about 100 years to get us to this point and after "injecting momentum" into the slide since FDR and the drugs of the 60's they made great progress. Making the party of opposition into the other party of big government helped a bunch too.

Old Lurker

As Rush just asked about Kim (not our Kim, the other team's) "does she make a beep beep sound when she backs up?"

Eric in Boise

Kim sure fills a chair nicely

I'll be laughing my own butt off at all the scaffolding and guy wires that attention whore uses to prop that thing up when she's in her 50s and 60s.

Her lovely husband will be long gone, of course.


"Kim sure fills a chair nicely." That's sufficient.

Carol Herman

Okay. There once was a time (before Kennedy was killed) for lots of people to register as a democrat. While it took the country club (rich)republicans ... to label themselves republicans.

Do you know that changed? People today, more often than not, label themselves as Independents. Where they're not going to be voting for either party's "lists of candidates." So both parties tend not to look at Americans when they vie for power.

The bonus to people, however, to label themselves Independents is that they don't get harassed for donations. (Though the republican mailers sure are the prettier of the two.)

There's also a box on your tax return. Doesn't look like much. But you can give a dollar. And, I don't know how that money gets distributed. The IRS does collect a significant amount, because of the tendency of looking at the amount "as only a dollar." Rather than as a contributing factor to why neither party is gonna change much.

We can't predict the future. But still I'd bet the reasoning behind changing the word "liberal" to "progressive," is that being a liberal almost guarantees a candidate's LOSS on election day. Don't ask me why.

Both parties tend to stink.

And, up ahead? I still expect nothing from the turtle. Heck, he just lost a senate battle to Louisiana's Landrau. Maybe, he's just busy measuring the drapes in Harry Reid's office?

We will see if any lessons got learned in the midterm elections. And, IF Landrau "survives" December 6th? Any bets?

Carol Herman

There are three losers on the democratic side that will (so far) vie for the 2016 democratic nomination: Kerry, Biden, and Hillary.

The media will jam the lines of anyone else! So these three are the ones who "battle" ... and whose fights see the light of day.

For Kerry the bad news is that he won't win a Nobel. Biden, on the other hand, has a chance "if something happens to obama in the next year ... or two. He steps into the White House. And, then? There's no great competition over who will run in the democratic slot.

Meanwhile, you've got the bully Chris Christie, who thinks his fat ass gets the nomination. (Which it doesn't.)

Ditto Jeb Bush.

Even though the Bush's have a very sophisticated Rolodex. And, Karl Rove keeps pushing (because there's money in it for him.)

Yeah. I'd like Walker to run! He's proven that he could win, even when the unions, etc., throw up as many roadblocks as they can. If anything? This would give Walker the mileage he needs to be recognized nationaly.

Sure. There's another clown on the democratic side: Jay Nixon. A laugh and a half that this moron can appeal to people living in the red states.

And, if we're lucky? The map that's come out from 2014 ... shows the slaughter the democrats underwent. Country's biggest boost is how many red states there are.

By 2016? Who even knows if the NY Times will still be in business? It takes democrats to keep their doors open ... as losses mount. Ditto, for CNN. And, MSNBC.

One super-duper good fact for the GOP is that their candidates are not dismissed out of hand by the millennials. Young voters are going to have a big impact.

Carol Herman

Funny. If something happens to Obama. And, Biden gets sworn in. He gets to pick his veep. Dollars to doughnuts he'd never pick Hillary!

Some Guy

"Biden gets sworn in. He gets to pick his veep. Dollars to doughnuts he'd never pick Hillary!"

Biden would pick himself, then remark, "heh, nothings gonna happen to me, nobody wants him in the White House. I'm a genius!"


Norma Desmond, will never get another acting gig, this way,

So Caliph Ibrahim, has apparently not gone 'Norwegian Blue, from most recent remarks,

Jeff Dobbs



"Dollars to doughnuts he'd never pick Hillary!" Really? She would be the smart choice, considering how their field has been decimated.


et tu WaPo-- even WaPo is staring to cover Pelosi's botoxed lies. Oh, and BTW, Pelosi in 2009 going on about 36M ADDITIONAL INSURED by ObummerCare. Were are we, about 5 million more on Free Shite MediCaid and 3M net on subsidized lousy ExchangeCare? 36M? .. Yeah right. Everything is a lie. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/the-fix/wp/2014/11/13/nancy-pelosi-says-she-doesnt-know-who-jonathan-gruber-is-she-touted-his-work-in-2009/


happy Birthday SBW!


now if we could make sure they would stay there, ala ransom of Red Chief



happy birthday, sbw,

Weinstein might have to start a Youtube channel, as with Python, for Herr Gruber,

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