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November 20, 2014


James D.

CH, this paragraph in particular is just chock full of lies and garbage that renders Jeb unfit for the Presidency or, really, any public office at all:

“I respect those who have weighed in on all sides of this issue. Nobody in this debate has a bad motive. But let’s take a step back from this debate for a second,” he continued. “Only a quarter of our high school graduates who took the ACT are fully prepared for college. More than half who attend community college need to take some kind of remedial course. Six hundred thousand skilled manufacturing jobs remain unfilled because we haven’t trained enough people with those skills. And almost a third of high school graduates fail the military entrance exam. Given this reality, there is no question we need higher academic standards and — at the local level — diverse high-quality content and curricula. And, in my view, the rigor of the Common Core State Standards must be the new minimum in classrooms.”

"Nobody in the debate has a bad motive" ? That statement alone disqualifies him as a sentient human being.

His litany of the ways in which our schools are failing to educate students is true enough, but to attribute it to low academic standards is idiotic.

It might, perhaps, have something to do with the fact that half of the families in the country are now single-parent homes; that thanks to taxes and other government policies it's nearly impossible for most two-parent families to have one parent at home to help raise the child; that most adults no longer read for pleasure and have neither the time nor the desire to read to their children; the influence of TV, the internet and popular culture in reducing the ability of children to learn; the drugging of millions of children with powerful and poorly understood drugs so they will be more docile in class, etc etc etc.

None of those things - all of which are the fault of Jeb and people like him - are mentioned. No, the problem is lower standards, and the solution is to have unaccountable, crony-led shadow groups design new curricula, and then to shout down anyone who dares to question it.

Sorry, I'm in a ranty mood today.


JiB-- and of course Siemen's makes the light rail signal electronics and rolling stock.

James D.

Keep them out of Europe!

Even better: let them go to Europe, but don't let them back in the country.

Captain Hate

Walker seems like a political genius if he is exploiting the natural fissures in the donk bitches brew of special interests; I think Atwater was good at that but his "acolyte" Rove not so much.

Incredible food fight amongst the Horde over Dana PeRINO.


Seems as though Arpaio is the one suing in BR's post.

I thought Danube had sufficiently discredited that loon?



Dunno about passing the SAFE Act over to the Senate before the new Congress. The minstrel show has a two year contract for performances from the Oval Office and caution has to be exercised in fear of mitigating the damage being done to the Fascist Party. I'd rather let the MoPS and their Precious Snowflakes absorb the impact of slots being awarded to illegals for a few months. It will give them something to think about when they're not wringing their hands over BOzocare damage.


We can't even get people to use the bus system.

Perhaps a $1M bus stop with WiFi and a heated floor might help.

Captain Hate

"Nobody in the debate has a bad motive" ? That statement alone disqualifies him as a sentient human being.

He's just like his dumbass father who stabbed the Republican base in the back by passing a tax increase because the donks pinky swore they'd reduce spending. I think the commiecrats are still laughing over that. And then he befriends Slick who lied about him on the way to defeating him.

You can't fix a family going full retard.


James-I raised my concerns over that Keynote address yesterday. I had a reader who desperately wants to believe that jeb actually does want to empower parents. I pointed out he had chaired that Aspen Institute task force that issued a report that children no longer have to actually know things.

I hold that report against jeb far more than his CC support because it is impossible to put an acceptable spin on that advocacy. Plus that dc conference that ends today also shows the globalist aspirations of jeb's worldview. We do not need another Rep Pres enamored with the policies of that Hell Hole on Rockefeller donated land by the East River.


Safe Act-- yes, wait and pass it in January and send it to the new Senate

Janet - I wish my family had a poncho

Here is the Arlingtonians For Sensible Transit website - http://www.sensibletransit.org/

Just FYI if anyone out there is battling a streetcar/light rail project. No reason to reinvent the wheel. We should all be helping each other.

The "Get the facts" link is full of good info deconstructing "official" studies.
Many times the city's own studies didn't prove what they said it did. They even had to cherry pick their own stuff!

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

Issa has sent a letter to Gruber for a hearing on Dec 9.

Captain Hate

Janet, you're being much too modest. YOU were the person who said "Enough of this crap" and were the sand in the gears of the Good Ship Trolleycar and brought it to a grinding halt. You are already more successful than 404 was at anything in his trash community organizer role except in having a massive ego.

Jack is Back!


Not just Siemens. Alstom (French) and Bombardier (Canadian) and all the Japanese, Korean and soon Chinese manufacturers. The last domestic supplier was Budd, I believe. GE makes the world's finest electric/diesel locomotives but is MIA in transit systems especially light rail.

Because of the "european model of export support" Siemens and Alstom are tough to beat because they will put "skin" in the game in the form of equity and taking revenue/ridership risk which is a game changer for the politicians who want no liability for failure. They even accept consequential damages contract liability where that is a big no-no for most American companies that have even shallow pockets much less deep ones.

And, yes, it is the rolling stock and system suppliers who are usually upfront and first in line pushing transit projects. From my expeience most developers fall in line only after the routes are selected.

BTW, there is a very interesting book that spurred a lot of the 90's and and ealry 2000's movement on transit: "Transit Villages"


Some Republican awareness always welcome...


"- Behind the Blue Wall there were some new Republican Governors, but their success was very specific and did not translate down the ballot. None of these candidates ran on social issues, Obama, or opposition the ACA. Rauner stands out as a particular bright spot in Illinois, but Democrats in Illinois retained their supermajority in the State Assembly, similar to other northern states, without losing a single seat.

- Republicans in 2014 were the most popular girl at a party no one attended. Voter turnout was awful.

- Democrats have consolidated their power behind the sections of the country that generate the overwhelming bulk of America’s wealth outside the energy industry. That’s only ironic if you buy into far-right propaganda, but it’s interesting none the less.

- Vote suppression is working remarkably well, but that won’t last. Eventually Democrats will help people get the documentation they need to meet the ridiculous and confusing new requirements. The whole “voter integrity” sham may have given Republicans a one or maybe two-election boost in low-turnout races. Meanwhile we kissed off minority votes for the foreseeable future.

- Across the country, every major Democratic ballot initiative was successful, including every minimum wage increase, even in the red states.

- Every personhood amendment failed.

- For only the second time in fifty years Nebraska is sending a Democrat to Congress. Former Republican, Brad Ashford, defeated one of the GOP’s most stubborn climate deniers to take the seat.

- Almost half of the Republican Congressional delegation now comes from the former Confederacy. Total coincidence, just pointing that out.

- In Congress, there are no more white Democrats from the South. The long flight of the Dixiecrats has concluded.

- Democrats in 2014 were up against a particularly tough climate because they had to defend 13 Senate seats in red or purple states. In 2016 Republicans will be defending 24 Senate seats and at least 18 of them are likely to be competitive based on geography and demographics. Democrats will be defending precisely one seat that could possibly be competitive. One.

- And that “Republican wave?” In Congressional elections this year it amounted to a total of 52% of the vote. That’s it.

- Republican support grew deeper in 2014, not broader. For example, new Texas Governor Greg Abbott won a whopping victory in the Republic of Baptistan. That’s great, but that’s a race no one ever thought would be competitive and hardly anyone showed up to vote in. Texas not only had the lowest voter turnout in the country (less than 30%), a position it has consistently held across decades, but that electorate is more militantly out of step with every national trend then any other major Republican bloc. Texas now holds a tenth of the GOP majority in the House.

- Keep an eye on oil prices. Texas, which is at the core of GOP dysfunction, is a petro-state with an economy roughly as diverse and modern as Nigeria, Iran or Venezuela. It was been relatively untouched by the economic collapse because it is relatively dislocated from the US economy in general. Watch what happens if the decline in oil prices lasts more than a year.

- For all the talk about economic problems, for the past year the US economy has been running at ’90’s levels. Watch Republicans start touting a booming economy as the result of their 2014 “mandate.”


Tech question: In order to send or receive an email from Outlook I have to restart my computer.

Any idea?


Nice-- let's hear under oath what ACA intended from leading evil scientist. The Obamaniacs will claim Gruber is a liar and that was never the intent of the law, the few remaining Faux Centrist Dems will say they were lied to by everyone. Gruber will be fired by all of the other States who are paying him. It's all good.




I read this somewhere else and every time I think about it I laugh.



Gruber is going to make a terrible witness because he won't be able to hide the fact that he thinks he is smarter than everyone questioning him. Perhaps he'll beclown himself in front of Congressman Massie (MIT alum) as Koskinen did.


Barry forces gun dealers to sell guns to Mexican drug dealers to trumpet how much we need gun control.
He uses the IRS to silence his critics.
He dissolves the southern border.
He intentionally offends our allies and befriends our enemies.
He withdrew precipitously from Iraq and actively encouraged the worst radical elements in the middle east unleashing a revolution of jihadists across the region.
He is quite happy to spy on all Americans while pretending he isn't.
He has expanded the powers of the Imperial Presidency beyond anyone since our last two Progressive presidents, FDR and Wilson.
He praises the Constitution while using it as his unwashed handkerchief for six years.

There are many more examples, but the question behind all of them is, how would someone intent on undermining the USA, a traitor, act any differently?


CH, the mayor tried to gruber his way to a street car, but got caught and is being slattered by talk radio, with a pile on by by R state senate and assembly members. Enough talk radio hosts called on the NAACP & "diverse" city and county board members to get their statements on defunding of their neighborhoods and schools that a big food fight is breaking out.


Let me get this straight; our students do poorly so we need more standardized top down testing and curricula?

Has pinhead Jeb ever heard of a guy named George W Bush and his brilliant standardized top down program of testing and curricula No Child Left Behind that he and Teddy the Cowardly Lyin of the Senate Kennedy put together?


Any idea?

Buy a new computer?


JiB--exactly..so. They visit Europe and forget the difference in live styles, housing patterns and transit needs.


The last domestic supplier was Budd, I believe.

How about Trinity Industries, based in Dallas, Texas?

Janet - I wish my family had a poncho

you're being much too modest.

No, Captain but thanks. I just took Jane's advice & got up off the couch & volunteered...as did others.
It was a quiet group of smart people that picked apart the lies & organized the opposition. They just needed some people to stand with them & show up.

IMO, on a small scale, this is what many Americans are wanting. It is what the tea party movement was becoming until the MFM/Dem. machine slandered us.

It's frustrating with federal level insanity because it's hard to know what to DO....what action to take that will make a difference.


"Modern Democrats aren’t the first political party to abuse power – far from it. Obama isn’t the first president to abuse executive power – not by a longshot. But he has to be the first president in American history to overtly and consistently argue that he’s empowered to legislate if Congress doesn’t pass the laws he favors. It’s an argument that’s been mainstreamed by partisans and cheered on by those in media desperate to find a morsel of triumph in this presidency."


It's a horse of a different color when a Dem does it.

Obama acknowledges his overreach openly every time he argues that he intends to do the job of an obstinate Republican congress. In his speech, Obama scolded those who question whether he has the authority to change the legal status of millions of people, offering this: “I have one answer: Pass a bill.”


the original magic beans were sold to brother Neil, by a clique of grubers, who then sold it to the Medici.

Captain Hate

Jane, you could probably use another email package. I used to use Outlook and then changed it to Yahoo mail, which is no great shakes at all but at least it's functional.


henry-- have you seen this? way to go Chief Flynn. Even racial grievance scamster Ben Crump is forced to get defensive... 'crime has no color' according to Ben. Statistics and life experience says otherwise Ben: http://thelead.blogs.cnn.com/2014/11/20/milwaukee-police-chief-calls-out-protesters/


Are you still using XP, Jane?

Captain Hate

Auditioning for a Pitzer gig:



If the proper role of the president is to overreach and perform those congressional duties congress refuses to pass then it would seem the proper response of congress would not be to yield to extortion but to respond in kind by performing duties that the President refuses to perform.

A response in kind would be for congress to raise a congressional force of border security officers to go to the border and enforce the border laws Barry has abdicated.
If Barry didn't like it there would be one answer; enforce the law.

In its editorial this morning, however, the Wall Street Journal reports that the Office of Legal Counsel "made its justification public about an hour before the speech." Talk about just in time manufacturing! (The rationale is "prosecutorial discretion.")

... and there you have it folks ..

the reason ObamaCare waivers were given out .. "prosecutorial discretion"
the reason any criminal law may be ignored by the POTUS .. "prosecutorial discretion"


Come on. Selective enforcement is endemic in our esteemed culture of civil liberties. It's the way we roll.

Captain Hate

Why should Congress pass any immigration bill? There's no groundswell of support for one; in fact most polls indicate it's a very low priority item. Eric Cantor was sent packing because his emphasis on doing something about it flew in the face of what his constituents wanted. 404 is completely out of touch with what people want.

Dave (in MA)
Mike Golic: ESPN host poses for Kim Kardashian-inspired photo after losing a bet with Mike Greenberg
Facebook's idea of clickbait.

How about selective enrollment in colleges?

Let everyone in.


"Let everyone in."

Why noit? Lecture halls have empty seats and an education is not just validated by an official document like a PhD. If they want to learn without all the warts, let them into the lecture.


But did jimmyk make it to the Iowahawk meet up?

Sorry, all, unfortunately I faded last night. Daughter's b-ball game (8th grade) ran late (too much garbage time at the end), by the time I could have headed out it was after 9 and I just couldn't face a 45-minute trek all the way downtown at that point. Hopefully will get another chance, he seems to pass through every so often.

Very proud of the daughter, as she's worked hard, playing in a second local league to get more practice time on weekends. She's only 5'2", but now she's team captain and starting point guard, played 28 of 32 minutes. And her team won.


NK, Barrett and the city council just cut his request for more cops in half. He's been a good henchman up to now -- part of a fracturing of the lefty coalition?


New thread. Jane, try repairing the installation. Go to Control Panel, uninstall or change a program, click on Office, and choose "repair."

I'm assuming you're on a Windows machine.


Let in more people than seats?


Lots of empty seats unless you don't care about/ eat produce from your local supermarket.


Supermarkets are classrooms.

Janet - I wish my family had a poncho

The b-ball game sounds fun, jimmyk. I loved watching my kids play basketball. My Naomi was a short aggressive point guard too. She could steal the ball from the other team like a pro.

Her team played older teamss sometimes & even when they lost, boy...the other team had to work for every point they got.
Great games.


To JIB, Clarice, Boatbuilder and Marlene - thank you so much for your very kind words about my pictures. I really appreciate it very much!!

Don't work on my flickr page as much as I should.


"Supermarkets are classrooms."

Just responding per your metaphor. If you don't like 'em, don't use 'em.


Poor responses to non-existent metaphors results in ultimatums.


Back to the question. Should classrooms have limitations on who may sit in them?


Ben gets into an ongoing debate with TK..... OOOOOO......KKKKKKKK


Sorry you couldn't make it, jimmyk, but I totally understand. Congratulations to your daughter and her team! Since you say she's 5'2" I can't help but think of Sarah Palin (also petite, also point guard, also team captain).


It is what the audience wants, NK.


". Should classrooms have limitations on who may sit in them?"

Asked and answered.


TK... I gotta agree with you there ;)


Empty seats is an answer?



TK-- BTW late last night I watched a re-run of the NBCSN 'Off the Grid' show. The 2 Brits visited the AMG plant in Hockenheim. where 32,000+ AMG V-8 and V-12 power plants are 'hand crafted' every year, 1 engine assembled by one technician and his badge put on the engine block. 3.5 man hours to assemble an AMG V-8. Amazing.


Cool stuff, NK.

Old Lurker

New Thread


Congrats, Jimmyk.

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