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December 28, 2014



find the stories about white mob violence

Well, MM, some of the occupoopers were definitely white, a bunch of loony off-color professors have been fomenting riots, and there are a lot of deluded white progs.

But, Julia’s problem is that her polarizing lenses require color differentiation, whereas the decent people on this blog prefer processes of peaceful problem resolution and will defend those processes with appropriate means if necessary.


anonamom - see here: https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/teenage-girls-frequently-coerced-into-anal-sex-due-to-boyfriends-porn-use-n


do tea partiers 'vent about their victimhood'?

Are concerns about, say, the threat of militant Islam, the exploding federal deficit, rampant government inefficiency/corruption, the failing economy, oppressive taxes and uncontrolled illegal immigration, expressions of 'victimhood', or concerns about how we organize our society?

How does the progressives' insistence in recognizing only concerns about personal victimhood relate to leftist jurists' insistence that 'standing' to enforce Constitutional rights requires tangible personal injury?

Beasts of England

Another major difference: when idiot whites protest, e.g., Occupy, Penn State, they are rightly called out as the idiots they are; when idiot blacks protest, the race hustlers and white guilters start making excuses.


Progs like 'Julia' insist on categorizing people by the color of their skin, not by the content of their character.
MLK is currently rolling in his grave.

Jim Miller

There was a small pro-police demonstration in Seattle the other day. It got decent coverage in the local TV story that I saw.

(It didn't hurt that most of the demonstrators were women who were married to, or the mothers of, police officers. And, just as you'd expect, they looked attractive without looking flashy, and looked respectable, without looking stuffy.)

Jim Miller

Clarice - The Seattle Times likes Doonesbury, too.

On national and international issues, they often are farther to the left than, not only the WP, but the NYT.

Favorite example: They described the five-terrorist-leaders-for-Bergdahl swap as a "triumph for both sides". Really.

It's odd, because on local and state issues, the Seattle Times is (mostly) fairly rational.

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