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December 10, 2014





And two. And is there an echo in here?


Maybe they should dub themselves harridan, is this a Denton publication,

Danube on iPad

I am sitting here wondering whether I should try to sort through this stuff and figure out WTF went on. For the time being the answer is no.


DOT concur. Anything remotely related to Lena Dunham has the attraction of mayonaisse jar left in the Texas sun in the summer for hours...


MUST WATCH: Viral video - The Angel Rice The All Star Games 5 double twists 4 lines - INSANE Cheerleader stunt!!!


Old Lurker

I don't care about Lena Dunham and whether anybody would screw her.

I don't care about the girl at UVa.

I don't care about the Torture Report.

I don't care about the dead guy in Ferguson.

I don't care about the dead guy in NYC.

I don't care about the "40M" uninsured.

I don't care about "Dreamers".

I don't care about the 92M who elect to stay out of the workforce because we pay them so well to watch TV.

I don't care if any public employee loses his job. Sooner the better.

I don't care if anybody who helped bankrupt his company loses his pension.

Call me Scrooge...it's Christmas!

I do care what they all mean about how fast we reach the cliff, though.


Are there no prisons... are not the workhouses still in operation? ;)

Old Lurker

Darn right NK. Make those buggy whips and break those rocks. (Though I confess that as one who spent his life borrowing money, I do approve that we did away with Debtor Prisons!)


--Well, yes - the point of the controversy was that lots of people were confusing real, Oberlin Barry, well known campus conservative, with Dunham's "Barry", who may or may not be a campus conservative with a mustache, purple boots and a radio show but is emphatically, we now know, not named Barry.--

Her assertion, now months later, and only after threat of legal action, that "Barry" was a pseudonym and that she wasn't gratuitously smearing the guy named Barry to make a dishonest political point is not credible.
Unless she can produce a mustachioed, violet booted cowpoke who had a radio show and was a prominent conservative Republican who had a fairly revolting sexual encounter with her then she either intentionally libeled Barry by attaching him to some sordid story involving someone else or fabricated the whole thing to defame him.

Some Guy

I'm trying to think if I've learned anything from this epidemic of rapetalk.

As far as I can discern, we are supposed to go from "No means NO!" to "Yes means rape if I later don't look fondly on the experience".


OL: I totally agree!
Time to move on to how we win the war on terror and defeat ISIS. Also time to improve our rescuing operations. As I recall under Carter we couldn't get hostages out either. dems just don't know how. They are too busy dancing in the endzone over race and immigration lawlessness.
When will we know if McSally beat Barber? Also what about our deserter soldier Berghdahl and his verdict?


"Though I confess that as one who spent his life borrowing money, I do approve that we did away with Debtor Prisons!"

Timing is everything OL, timing is everything.

James D.

As far as I can discern, we are supposed to go from "No means NO!" to "Yes means rape if I later don't look fondly on the experience".

"Yes means rape if I later don't look fondly on the experience, or if saying so will advance my political agenda or help me sell books.""


Chris Christie's idiot plans to build dunes and dykes around da Joizy shore has the slight problem of not preventing flooding where it has been installed while next door where it hasn't been installed stayed nice and dry.
This big, big government activist would be a disaster.


I love, Tom Maguire. He can make me laugh no matter what else is happening in this crazy world.


A little levity:

The rain was pouring and there was a big puddle in front of the club at the Naval Air Station Oceana.

A ragged old Air Force aviator, wearing his Winged ball cap and old flight jacket was standing near the edge with a fishing rod, his line in the puddle.

A curious young Navy fighter pilot stopped and asked what he was doing.

'Fishing,' the old guy simply said.

'Poor old fool,' the Navy officer thought and he invited the ragged old aviator into the club for a drink.

As he felt he should start some conversation while they were sipping their whiskey,
the haughty fighter pilot asked, "And how many have you caught?'

'You're the eighth.'

I should add that I take no sides in inter-service jokes or boasts.


HEH..You made me laugh, too, lyle.


I want a "like" button.


I'll say this about the piece by Anna Merlan, it is exhibit A to the Complaint.


Is it too much to ask that the disgraceful hag, DiFi, or any of the grandstanding dem hypocrite Senators read this?


Captain Hate

Here's somebody else for the burning building:


Old Lurker

If you hold the door Cap'n I will herd Boehner, Santorum, Jeb, Huckaby, MyFriends, MyGal, FatMan, and who did I forget into the burning building.



Captain Hate

Add Romney and I'm in.


OT, but has anyone else noticed an increase in email spam volume? Recently I've been getting 30 to 40 per hour, and that's about double what I usually get.

Miss Marple

Santorum running proves to me that you can make a profit as a non-winning candidate.

It's like a cottage industry.

Captain Hate

If Reagan had been born looking like Santorum we'd probably be full commie by now. Some things can't be overcome even with the best of ideas. It pains me to say that because it's extremely superficial but it's true.

Captain Hate

Miss Marple, I just picked up a copy of Albion's Seed at the library. Not exactly light reading...


No change here Doc, but then I get 5-10 per day not 20 an hour.

Old Lurker

Huntsman and Romney are in the wagon headed for the flaming building.


OT, but worth a read:


A good article about what if the Fed goverment ultimately failed and what would the states be able or not able to do on their own. From the tail end of the article that explains the title:

“It would be hard for Idaho to build a new effective, four-lane superhighway system from Coeur D’Alene to Pocatello.”

Hard? It would be damn near impossible--and prohibitively expensive--since a significant portion of the somewhat direct line between the two cities is perhaps the most rugged, impassably steep terrain in the lower 48. Nitwits.


It pains me to say that because it's extremely superficial but it's true.

He could have tatted up and rode a Harley. He chose not to. He says this time will be different, but he still has to compete with this.


A little more NRO then I'll stop:

Many of the same media outlets that dismissed as incredible the Ferguson grand jury’s decision — a decision based, in part, on the testimony of more than 40 witnesses to the event in question — now find credible a report on a CIA program prepared by Democratic staffers who interviewed none of the individuals involved in establishing and running the program.

My emphasis.


Nice link, lyle.
The lefties' worst nightmare would be the Feds shutting down and people realizing the world didn't come to an end as the states stepped up and began doing those things necessary and we all realized how little government does is actually necessary at all.


Love the Cruz photoshops... those are photoshops, right?


Hear, hear, Iggy.

Captain Hate

I'm prepared to believe that Cruz could never be President for superficial reasons but when I see photoshops like those it makes me think it can happen. Santorum is probably a very nice person but when I look at him I see a cross between Howdy Doody and Norman Bates.


It's back!


Danube on iPad

"you can make a profit as a non-winning candidate"

Newt Gingrich made it an art form.

Jack is Back!


Ever taken the switchbacks down to White Bird? Did it at night and it was one of my scariest driving experiences ever:) But I completely agree with you in re a super highway in Idaho!

Danube on iPad

"prepared by Democratic staffers who interviewed none of the individuals involved in establishing and running the program."

Wlhen Rolling Stone does it, the criticism from all quarters is withering.

Jack is Back!


When do you leave for Bald,mor? Supposed to be cold as hell. Bring lots of Highland Park in the flask and don't forget your woolies.

Tom Maguire
For the time being the answer is no.

That was my call for weeks, and it still seems like a good one. Although the comic gold of that correction tilts the scales a bit.

Captain Hate

Newt Gingrich made it an art form.

Newt was second only to Reagan in engineering stunning GOP victories in the latter part of the 20th century. The Contract with America, most of which was influenced by RR, was probably the most intelligent party wide campaign in my lifetime.


Well, since everyday is Rape Day at JOM, I'm shocked TM hasn't posted regarding the WaPo's latest debunking of Jackie -- seems she lied about who was her date on the evening in question.

PS That isn't a criticism of her, I'm sure her PTSD caused her to lie about the date. Who here wouldn't falsely accuse an old high school friend of leading them to a rape pit? Why accuse the real person, right?


I won't post a Fabio pic, but I do think an overtly masculine Republican would have an advantage over an old and tired grandmother.

They're nerds at heart, but Cruz or Rubio might be able to pull it off. Not sure about the rest, but if one of them started riding a Harley up to the podium I predict a quiet shift of young voters to the R's, and lots of older women - and even men, too, since none of these dudes are intimidating enough to turn men off.

Gore had a style coach picking his earth-tones, which didn't work out for him, but that's what I'd be recommending. In fact, it might have been Bush's laconic smirk over Gore's doofus dominance move that made the difference in 2000.

As a little kid, I remember my mother planning to vote for John Lindsay for NYC mayor, and asking her why.

"He so handsome!"


CH, you forget that a miniscule change in the make-up of the House and Senate happened after the dreaded impeachment of Clinton.

Despite the lack of numbers to back up the notion that Newt caused catastrophic damage to the brand, he shall never be vindicated by some.

Jack is Back!

Well, if there were any white males left in the Dem party outside our resident trolls and Beckel, Feinstein's practical joke has probably chased them away completely.

As someone who had Mike Christian's widon and Charlie Stackhouse in my home at one time, I only wish John McCain would STFU. He is embarrassing himself. His torture is not the same as our EIT's and he knows it. But because he was tortured he has to say this carp. BTW, he gave up everything they wanted as info.

It Works.


Actually, she said "he's."


Yet another thread... :-)

Jack is Back!

Why I love Cheney: He does not mince his words, change his beliefs or tries to lie his way around any decision. Look at him versus that petulant charlatan in the WH.

One is direct and unapologetic for what he and his boss did to save the republic.

The other is fully conscious of his decision but he just doesn't understand what they are are and what they have done.

An American patriot who wanted to saves lives, even Ben's and DuDa's versus an American idiot who only wants to save his own ass as soon as he can find it.


"you can make a profit as a non-winning candidate"

Pull up Kaus's blog on how running for office is the Clinton means of production.


Jackie not only lied about who her date was - she texted pictures of her high school friend and told her friends it was her date (chemistry guy). And told her friends "Drew" (alleged date) was the one who lured her into a room and "asked" her to blow 5 frat guys. Most guys don't ask a girl to be orally raped by 5 guys.

Some guy who is Chairman of the Frats or some such believes that a single frat guy may have raped her.

Guess they really need to get to the bottom of who the rapist really is.

So far it's not her high school friend, not a Phi Psi member, not the lifeguard, and not the chemistry guy "Drew".

So at least 4 out of 5 (oral rapists) or 7 (vaginal rapists)guys - depending on which story to believe are not him.

That leaves a possible oral rapist, or 3 vaginal rapists still unidentified.

Miss Marple

Extraneus, the 50-something receptionist at the furniture store I used to work at voted for Clinton because of his HAIR. No joke.

She thought that was a valid reason.

I stood there and stared at her with my mouth open in amazement that anyone would be so stupid and then BRAG about it.

Agree with you about Bush vs. Gore. I fully expected the Kerry campaign to require Bush to wear a bag over his head during the debates.

Looks matter in the TV age. Sad, but true. In other countries, Diana was popular because she LOOKED like a princess, no matter how her personal behavior didn't match up.

Same goes here. Looks, vocal tone, accent, etc. all matter when dealing with the masses of voters who only pay attention beginning in the debates.

It's why Cruz needs to redo his hair before running, why Huckabee will NEVER win more than a few primaries, and why we need to get someone to give Walker a make-over.

Perry seems to have caught onto this, which is why he traded those old guy glasses for the black ones. Image.

Same goes for the candidates' wives. They need nice wardrobes that can not be criticized as either tacky or too flashy. Laura Bush is the template on that.

I realize this is annoying to people who are interested int he issues, but a lot of people are voting who think this is like American Idol.

Captain Hate

TK, Newt fatally irritated the GOPe careerists by including term limits in the Contract with America, which most of them disavowed after reaping the benefits of the strategy. As Arlen Specter and Richard Lugar have proven, there's a certain benefit to sending them packing before incontinence begins.


Would all those who continue to believe that "Something Happened" (a fine novel, by the way)raise their shaking little hands.


Pretty much tired of this topic, so I haven't read the latest WaPo article, but IF something happened--it only happened with one person is my take.


That is looking like a more and more remote contingency, MarkO.


Geez Louise, JiB, is there anywhere on this earth you HAVEN'T been? Wow. I have driven the old Whitebird pass many years ago before it was upgraded but it was in the light of day. Still white-knuckle, though. It's much improved now.

Per that link, it got me thinking if the Fedguv failed, then the states would be under no compunction to honor Fed land and their restrictions, right? Yay! We could eliminate the Frank Church (spit) Wilderness Area in ID.

Carol Herman

Gal's name is Jackie Coakley.

And, I want to know what happens when the lawsuits hit. Rolling Stone's pockets are deep enough.

And, Sabrina Rubin Erdely, what's her journalism "career" worth about now?

Plus, how did this story develop these legs? Well, it turns out the White House, and Senator Gillibrand pushed it. (But not out the window.)

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