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December 21, 2014





remember who really the FCC, and it makes sense,

we had a wonderful Christmas service with carols, which made one forget about all the ugliness for a while.

Captain Hate

TK's link is pretty good; I'm inclined to believe Fox but would like them to address what Dish had to say about Fox bending them over to crank up the rates on their sports and entertainment channels. Let me put it this way, what Rupert has done with the WSJ has caused me to question everything he does.

Captain Hate

Marco Rubio appeared on Levin's last hour of the year on Friday (without my daily input of red meat I'm counting on the commentors here to let me know if I show any sign of creeping RINOism; thanks in advance) talking about 404's overtures to Cuba. Despite my differences with Senator Dondi about his ill considered alliance with McRINO on that joke of an amnesty bill, he was very well prepared for this. One thing that he didn't mention, and should be of interest to what 404 claims to believe, is that Stedman's "my people" have fared very very poorly under Castro.


Morning Joke gets a clue, although it's in a discount bin,


apparently Rothman, was not around on Mediaite, at the time, of the Tucson event, when the Huntress, issued her defense of the Tea Party, where almost no party covered themselves in glory


a quick look back,



for rse, U Wisconsin move to race normed grades. Apparently hydrogen bonds are a form of white privilege.

Captain Hate

Rubio tore apart 404's absurd apology for "colonialism". Dondi has rehabilitated his image imo.


this is who they've made a deal with:



McCain laughs off idea of Palin primary challenge

U.S. Sen. John McCain is anticipating a possible primary challenge as he prepares to seek a sixth term in 2016, but he said Friday he is confident it won't come from his former running mate Sarah Palin.

McCain, R-Ariz., is expected to officially announce his re-election bid after the first of the year. The New York Times reported Nov. 25 that national "tea party" leaders consider Palin, a former Alaska governor, "their fantasy candidate" to run against McCain in Arizona's Republican Senate primary and hope to persuade her to do so.


Thanks henry. I have the higher ed docs calling for that as essential to achieve an economic justice democracy. The equity in grading in higher ed or K-12 simply becomes the excuse to make social interaction around real world themes the point of all coursework.

I put up some links in the comments yesterday that describes all the connected cronyism tied to reorganizing the economy in the name of Climate Change. We become a kleptocracy and the tech companies can all exhale that their lobbying in ed reform and on Climate have made innovation less likely to take their bacon.

Christian writes a depressing but very important piece on how DOJ under bo and holder has made policing so difficult. http://pjmedia.com/jchristianadams/2014/12/21/4745/?singlepage=true

I have something going on with one of my parents that could be quite bad. Should know more later today as I accompany her to doc who has worked her in. Funny aspect though is my bossy younger sister who really does not know me well told me to "take a book."

My kids thought that was funny since anyone who knows me knows I always have something to read and the pleading is sometimes "please do NOT bring a book to the [insert play, concert, required meeting, etc].


the world is so upside down, predatora like Curtis Jackson and 'Uncle Murda' should have long been repudiated, they did nothing but ravage the community in their criminal phase, and ravage souls commercially,

whereas people worthy of respect, like law enforcement, military, intelligence personnel are demonized and sometimes threatened with death,


I just wanted to say how about them Cowboys? And Merry Christmas in case I don't have another chance.


the cheap shot was comparing Begin with Haqquani

Yes, that was cheap, not just because they were soldiers (which at least was mentioned), but also because Begin issued warnings.


well there is that, but it's a further point, we've already seen what Haqquani
is like in power, with his associate Mullah Omar.


Show time in Milwaukee. Radio is reporting the charging decision for the officer that shot Dontre is today. Sheriff Clarke asked for National Guard on standby, Walker set it up. Mayor Barrett and city police Chief Flynn don't want the guard. (The police union in Milwaukee voted no confidence in Flynn over firing the officer a month or so ago). SEIU paid thugs are running the Sharpton mob here, alternating between "can't breathe" stuff and living wage idiocy.


of course, they would also be considered accomplices, nowadays:



Btw, here's a pic from the link above.


From Insty:

Top 10 feminist fiascoes of 2014

I can't believe I missed this one...

The overreaction to Nine West's sexist ad campaign

First, there’s Time’s Charlotte Alter, setting us straight on the dogma:

“In other words, Nine West shoes appear to be created only [for] women looking for a man or taking care of kids. Because that’s what women mostly do, right Nine West?”

Beth Greenfield of Yahoo Health calls the ads a threat to women’s mental health:

“Nine West, apparently dissatisfied with the amount of self-esteem issues that women already struggle with, has issued a clear but disheartening message with its latest ad campaign: We know you like pretty shoes, and we know why you like them — so you can do your walks of shame, hunt for husbands, and (once you’re properly married — to a man, natch), send the kids off to school in style. Right? Groan….”


“On Twitter, critics called the ads ‘gross,’ ‘silly & insulting,’ ‘reductive and heteronormative,’ ‘unacceptable,’ and reason enough to boycott the brand. “I definitely don’t need or want husband hunting shoes. In fact, after this ad I don’t need ANY Nine West shoes,” tweeted New Republic editor Hillary Kelly.”

wonder where Hillary Kelly is now?


the Dog Trainer is an exercise in absurdity,


Looks like now we know:


We gave in to some of the vilest Communist in the world,IMO.



no charges in Dontre shooting. Sharpton / SEIU mob have next move.


sadly, past is prologue, pagar, the latter is what happened 20 some years ago, the March 13th tugboat sinking,


what I was referring to:



WI legislature looking at cleaning up the WI SC. Possibilities include changing how the chief justice is selected (requires constitutional amendment) and setting a retirement age (the current chief justice is over any age they might pick).

*** trigger warning on picture at link ***


WOW henry; she could make a fortune playing witches in scary movies.

Rob Crawford

"Ben" is the pseudonym of a long-time troll.

James D.

I don't even know the words to describe how sick I am about the news this weekend - all of it, Cuba, the police shootings, the report Pagar just linked - it just goes on and on and on.

And we have two full years of this garbage yet to come, with (as far as I can see) very little hope that the new R Congress will do a damn thing to stand up to Obama and his criminal administration.

jimmyk on iPad

Funny, maryd, I was just about to ask if that was Margaret Hamilton playing the WI SC Chief Justice.


DrJ - Dungeness crab is in season? I hope it still is when I get out there!



It should be -- the season lasts until about February.


-She is on the warpath and will cancel her subscription. She says they are violating their contract.--

They dropped my local CBS affiliate for a week or so. They dropped TCM and a couple other Turner channels for a month or so and now all the Fox News channels.
They no doubt have some lawyerly terms buried in the contract allowing for such, but it doesn't feel like we're getting what we're paying for sometimes.


--Seem to recall Dana/Ben attempted to post a photo from his desktop. IIRC the url was something like danawardgilbert@pitzer.org--

The Protein Wisdom guy gleaned that years before which is why I said I couldn't deny Dana hasn't encouraged the confusion.

Is it possible it's all some elaborate., false-flag operation with different profiles, backstories and pictures at different places for some unknown and tedious reason?
Yes, but if it is he's going to an awful lot of trouble for no easily discernible reason. Stranger things have happened of course.
Doesn't matter to me much one way or the other.


daddy - there are 2 legged and 4 legged threats out there. I know sometimes we "feel safe", but that might just be what the 2 slain NYPD Officers felt as they were on lunch break. Being safe and feeling safe are not the same.

As Extraneous said, fuzzy little deer will kill - very sharp hooves. How to rope a deer just for "perspective". In my neighborhood just 2.5 miles from the "D", we have 1/2 dozen deer, wild turkeys (one tom big enough to feed two families), and a six pack of coyotes (the ones I have seen/tracked). It helps that we have lots of woods around us.

Everyday Carry (EDC) is a S&W M&P 9 or 9c. Going into sketchy urban areas, the 9 is primary (OC - OWB) and the 9c is secondary (CC - IWB) with extra 17 round mags. Out in the woods up North where we have plenty of Black Bear - Cougar - Wolves, the Ruger GP-100 .357 Magnum or Ruger Redhawk .44 Magnum gets the nod. If I was up in daddy's neck of the woods, 10 MM Colt Delta Elite, .44 Magnum, or 12 Gauge Shotty would be the carry choices.

If it were up to me, I would want everyone here be armed as much as possible especially given the current "environment".


well the real Dana Ward, has been on sabbatical, for the better part of two years.


Posted by: DrJ | December 22, 2014 at 10:28 AM

Schweet! Stone Crab in Key Largo, Dungeness in San Fran, all within 2 months - color me happy.


Man Dressed As Santa Shoots 2 At Detroit Gas Station

Lump of Lead instead of Coal in the stocking. Right down the street from where I worked (RenCen). Glad I work from home/remote now...


Looks like Klayman's record of no wins will not be broken:http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/dec/22/judge-takes-dim-view-arpaio-lawsuit-obama-amnesty/


Klawman did not win against the NSA.




In regards to your 1046 last paragraph, I agree 100%. Would just add the qualifier of "those lawfully allowed".

Stay safe brother

Wishing all JOMers a safe and Merry Christmas.


Klayman/Arpaio need to appeal to obtain a reasoned response.


Has any opinion been rendered? Or is it just speculation based off of the Judge's "dim view?"


Is it possible it's all some elaborate., false-flag operation with different profiles, backstories and pictures at different places for some unknown and tedious reason?

Someone just needs a hug.



Heh--live by the sword.


Tk - no opinion yet, based on the oral argument


"Would just add the qualifier of "those lawfully allowed"."

People v. Dupree, 788 NW 2d 399 - Mich: Supreme Court 2010

"We originally granted leave to consider whether any of the traditional common law affirmative defenses are available for a charge of felon-in-possession and, if so, whether the defendant has the burden of proving the affirmative defense. We conclude, however, that only the common law affirmative defense of self-defense was properly raised before the trial court. Limiting our analysis to the issue preserved below, we agree with the Court of Appeals that self-defense is generally available for a felon-in-possession charge if supported by sufficient evidence. Defendant introduced sufficient evidence from which the jury could have concluded that he violated the felon-in-possession statute but that his violation could be justified because he honestly and reasonably believed that his life was in imminent danger and that it was necessary for him to exercise force to protect himself. Therefore, we hold that self-defense is an available defense under these facts.

We also take this opportunity to reaffirm that the prosecution bears the burden of disproving the common law affirmative defense of self-defense beyond a reasonable doubt. Finally, we conclude that the Court of Appeals properly ruled that the trial court's modified jury instruction on the momentary innocent possession defense was erroneous. Because this instructional error more probably than not resulted in a miscarriage of justice, defendant is entitled to a new trial on the felon-in-possession charge. Accordingly, we affirm the Court of Appeals' result and remand for further proceedings consistent with this opinion."

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