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December 21, 2014


Eric in Boise

After all, the protest movement has been so constructive and helpful to the nation.

Not to mention the economic benefit of all the construction jobs created by the destroyed businesses. I learned that in my ECON 301 class at Pitzer.

Miss Marple

This is all you need to see:

Miss Marple

Oops! Let me try again:

Eric in Boise

I think I need an ice bath now, MM. I hear it helps boiling blood.


Janet - healthy and jolly as a joker!

Oh my goodness, MM. :(

Miss Marple


We have to stick together through these bad times. The government has been taken over by Communists and criminals.

We can make it, though! We must NOT give up!


Miss Marple, don't forget these guys:


" suggests the six turned the White House "from a position hostile to Islamic groups and organizations in the world to the largest and most important supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood.""

Stephanie De Nile is a river in Progtopia



The arguments and such are similar dreck, but they are not the same person.

Who here wants to be the last person to give this jackass a secret thrill?

Miss Marple


Janet - healthy and jolly as a joker!

Judson Phillips @judsonphillips
How many #NYPD memorial shirts do you think #NFL athletes will wear today? #BlueLivesMatter #NYPDLivesMatter #ThinBlueLine @instapundit


Miss Marple


I should have ncluded them, although by my guess they also fall into the communists or criminals category as well.


It's not a thrill, much less secret. I've been trying to tell the mass of idiots who obsess over that identity for years.

I guess someone finally got it. Then she blames me for the mass hypnosis.

It's just not possible I can get the best of y'all without being some kind of cultural bogy-man. Really pathetic stupidity en masse.


Noah Rothman at HotAir

Can anyone post the link of Rothman’s calming comments on HotAir when the tea party over-reaction occurred after Giffords was shot?

Janet - healthy and jolly as a joker!

Is that Sharpton pic recent?

Janet - healthy and jolly as a joker!

This is rich - "“It’s unfortunate that in a time of great tragedy, some would resort to irresponsible, overheated rhetoric that angers and divides people,” de Blasio spokesman Marti Adams said in a statement following the union leaders’ remarks."




Probably not. He usually recharges his EBT card at the White House VIP center around the 1st of the month. He might have had to come in early for an advance draw though.


For a bit of good news, the rain finally has abated. The current cumulative rainfall is about half of our normal annual total rainfall, 50% ahead of normal YTD, and 5 times that of last year. We have a ways to go to end the drought, but this is a darned good start.

Also, Dungeness crab is in season, and we will enjoy our first of these wonderful critters for dinner in an hour or so.

Miss Marple

Janet, don't know. It popped up on Twitter. I know he was at the White House a month or so ago, so maybe from then.

Strawman Cometh

Mark Levin says we do not live in a Republic anymore.
Can't say I disagree.

Strawman Cometh

His comments are from Friday, before this latest atrocity.


Seems almost certain to me that Al Sharpton is in fact the product of the improbable successful mating of a human and a mudskipper.

Strawman Cometh

DoT you replied, many threads, a few days ago,:"the strength of our convictions". Were you being funny? In either case, I don't question the strength of our convictions, I'm looking for them in the RINOs we voted in in November.



You're just trying to get Daddy to repost his seal bursting his chausses with penguin vid.

Which reminds me - aren't we due for a Rape U post?


The WSJ opines not the latest GAB / John Doe disclosures. They claim access to documents in unredacted form.

Search for : Wisconsin Targets the Media



They claim access to documents in unredacted form.

I saw that. I wonder what their editorial page will say over the next few days.

Kings 108, Lakers 101. Life is good.


--The arguments and such are similar dreck, but they are not the same person.--

I don't believe our Dana has ever been the Pitzer guy; there has only been one Dana/Ben ever commenting here and he is not Dana Gilbert Ward from Pitzer college.

I can't state as a fact that Ben/Dana did not encourage the confusion early on but am unwilling to waste the time researching it now.

Danube on iPad

Strawman, I don't recall the context.

I will wait, no dount in vain, for one of the "moderators" in the forthcoming presiential campaign to inquire about each aspirant's intentions regarding Al Sharpton's tax delinquency.

Captain Hate

Bill Kristol, no longer a part of Rove News Sunday, ridicules self-medicating lunatic:



Posted by: DrJ | December 21, 2014 at 08:09 PM-

I'll cancel the ark for you out there.


rich, you're all heart! :)

Seriously, two more storms like the last one and we'll be fine. Who knows if we'll get that.

Captain Hate

Kings 108, Lakers 101. Life is good.

With all the exciting basketball being played in the West in the post-Stern era, I'm hoping that some of the legacy media faves, ie. Lakers, Celtics and Knicks, will be abandoned by ABC in favor of the Spurs, Mavs, Portland, Golden State, the Suns and Memphis for the Sunday games of the week.


Fun facts to tell at cocktail parties: UPS expects to deliver 34 million parcels tomorrow. Wow.

Miss Marple

Edelweiss, edelweiss,
Every morning you greet me...

I love this musical, no matter how many times I have watched it since 1965.


Iggy, when you get sick of logging, there's a future for you in ad copy/

Strawman Cometh

Agreed, Iggy is the shizzle.



If you have a moment, have you taken the chunnel train from London over to Brussels?

I am considering taking the train Cambridge to Waterloo Station to Gare Du Nord Paris in early Jan, instead of bag dragging thru the congestion of Heath Row. Would you recommend the train?



Just in from the dog walk and glad to see that FOX is doing live Judge Janine with guest Rudy Guliani on the NYPD murders, instead of replays of Huckabee and Geraldo.


According to the WHO, one death in United States, eight in Nigeria and six deaths in Mali were also recorded. The grand total of Ebola infections in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia now settled at 19,031, up from 18,569.

Miss Marple

daddy, If you decide to do that bypass of Heathrow, be sure and let me know how it goes. I hate going through Heathrow.

Miss Marple

According to National Review, Al Sharpton has been to the White House 61 times.

That alone should get Obama impeached.

Strawman Cometh

I don't recall the context.
Nor do I. But it comes back. It was regarding the RINOs passing the funding of all of the shit through 9/30/15 was anymeans to fulfill the promise of defunding it.

Frau Stachelschwein

What's going on with the military Pres. Reflux sent over to combat Ebola? Nothing but dead silence on the matter.

Miss Marple


Good question! All of this stuff moves through and then disappears. What's going on with that Ebola stuff? Why is the czar leaving? Why was it a big deal and now ignored?

Danube on iPad

That backup Seattle tight end who caught the 80-yard TD looks like Tiny Tim.


Dana Gilbert Ward is in fact Ben. Its so obvious that its impossible to believe anything to the contrary, The broken logic, the arrogance about stuff that should not trigger arrogance but rather embarrassment, and especially the verbosity verging on verbal diarrhea. Its him. He has tried to deny it, to the point of trying in vain to take his home off the county tax roles. Its is so him. He is worried one of you will show up at his door. I vote on Beasts making the journey, and knocking every so gingerly. except that ex wife number 2 now owns it, so he is in some flop house apts...

Stephanie - It's Bowl Time!!! Merry Christmas!

Bowl Picks results from day one:

Capt Hate 5/5
JiB 4/5
Stephanie 4/5
Holly 4/5
P4Freedom 3/5
TC 3/5
Daddy 2/5
SBW 2/5
Bori 2/5

Next game tomorrow night. BYU v Memphis

Stephanie - It's Bowl Time!!! Merry Christmas!

NOT, Gmax. One of our commenters has had some side discussions with him and they are NOT the same person. Not going to say more, but that is it.

Danube on iPad

I'm sorry, Strawman; i'm just not sure what you are asking.

My experience with the Chunnel earlier this year was that at the eastbound London end it was roughly as big a pain in the ass as your average airport.


So when are the children and the wives and the mothers of the murdered Policemen going to address the United Nations?

Michael Brown's parents testify at U.N. - CNN.com

Haven't they been invited yet?

Michael Brown's parents travel to Geneva to meet with U.N. ...

Isn't their pain as legitimate?

Michael Brown's Parents Get 'A Lot of Love and Support' at UN

Don't the murdered Policemen's families deserve "A lot of Love and Support' at the UN?

Michael Brown's Parents to Address Police Brutality at UN

Doesn't Brutality against Policemen deserve to be addressed at the UN by the murdered Policemen's loved ones?

Michael Brown's mom taking son's case to the UN Committee

Don't the mothers of the slain Policemen deserve the chance to take their son's case to the UN Committee?

Michael Brown family headlines delegation to UN

Don't Hispanic and Asian lives matter as much as Black lives to the UN?


Frau Stachelschwein

The tedious troll who shall not be named--and should be ignored--took JOM to task recently about treatment of the commenter who kept us informed bout Romney during the last presidential election.

'cleo was the only one who *ever* shmoozed up to Pal2Pal during any dust-ups.
SOB, folks. It ain't worth it.

Miss Marple

daddy, NO lives matter except if they support the approved narrative.

You are quite right to ask the questions, but the progs simply will produce some convoluted reasoning about how this is DIFFERENT because racism or whatever.

However, I will not give up, and will confront these people every way I know. They are evil, and that is all there is to it.

Some Guy

Giuliani said:

"We've had four months of propaganda starting with the president that everybody should hate the police."

To which Ben said

"Fuck you asshole."

Obviously, the truth left a mark. Ya'll are accessories to murder, you own that, and swearing on the internet isn't going to change it.


I had no idea there was a UN Commission on Stupid Thugs.

They must be pretty busy.



If only one of them or both had been undocumented workers then maybe the UN would care.

Never mind they were wearing blue.


The stupid thugs have been running the un for eons, how else to explain the ovations given Arafat, Amin, Castro, chavez.

Miss Marple


Sandy  "I Stand with Walker 2016"  Daze    ن

Thanks for the update, DoT. Great news.
For those who missed it in the tide of threads...

...The short version is that he's slowly but steadily improving, but there is a long way to go and no one can say how much further the progress will go. After five weeks in N.Y. he was flown to a rehab facility outside L.A. (his home). He has full movement of both legs and a few fingers on his right hand. The most recent triumphs, both huge, are that he is now breathing on his own and can swallow. He will go home before New Year's Day and will continue extensive therapy there.

Rothman, may have been at mediaite, at the time, showing all the proper restraint at the time, to the blood libel against the Huntress, shirley


Great news, dot

Danube on iPad

Thanks, Sandy and Narc.

It's hard on my sister, but she's indefatigable.


Kurtz was an idiot at the Daily Basilisk, so of course Siles had to scoop him up.


The Season finale of Homeland had one cheap shot, of nomsequitor, and one cynical twist which I didn't think was unlikely

Strawman Cometh

It goes back aways, so no worries as they say

Strawman Cometh

But in the recent news, re:Atkinson, I was happy to see her on the show today


Carlos Slims is of course 'yelling squirrel' re Brinsley


Glad to hear the news, DoT.


at the eastbound London end it was roughly as big a pain in the ass as your average airport.

Thanks, DoT.


Turn out the lights Arizona Cardinals - the party's over :-)


What an ass-kicking.


Who here wants to be the last person to give this jackass a secret thrill?

My bet was GMax while catching up on the thread.

My bet is still on GMax.



Who can't agree that a rag-tag miniscule group of loons, with their solitary request of adjudication of 1/3 of the POTUS eligibility, are the single most important demographic in the Union?

Too bad they exist outside Jindal's 100%.

Dave (in MA)
The Season finale of Homeland had one cheap shot, of nomsequitor, and one cynical twist which I didn't think was unlikely
I watched it-what were the cheap shot and cynical twist?

I thought the finale was just boring.



Jack is Back (on his iPad)


Eurostar is out of St. Pancras now (has been since 2005). Absolutely recommend. My old project. It and Eurotunnel. Too bad such short notice I might have been able to get you in the operator's cab:). But I think they changed the security/safety rules recently.

Not too many bags I hope but standard flight crew travel?

Go 1st also. They will arrange taxi w/o you having to waste in the awful queue at Gare d'Nord.

Jack is Back (on his iPad)


Forgot. Take the train from Camebridge Station direct to King's Cross. Not Waterloo. King's Cross is next to St.Pancras. Would like to here what you think of St. Pancras Station.

Jack is Back (on his iPad)


Heartening news about the nephew. Especially at this time of year.

Tidings of comfort and joy, I am sure for your sister.



The NYTimes piece you link sure seems to me to be trying to do a bit of ass covering for DiBlasio.

---...those close to the mayor have professed that securing the trust of officers was an essential, complicated task...

---Even when trying to defend officers, the mayor has, at times, been criticized by them...

---In fact, Mr. de Blasio has repeatedly praised the police, particularly throughout the recent sprawling protests...

---Even Rudolph W. Giuliani, a Republican and former mayor, offered a measure of cover to Mr. de Blasio, telling Fox News that it “goes too far” to blame the mayor for the deaths...

---“The transitional process is always tense and difficult,” the mayor said. “But I think we’re going somewhere.”

What a great Mayor!

And an addendum at the bottom of the link tells us this pertinent fact:

A version of this article appears in print on December 22, 2014, on page A23 of the New York edition with the headline: A Widening Rift Between de Blasio and the Police Is Savagely Ripped Open.

Page A23.

That "Savage Rift" between a wonderful New York City Mayor and his Police Officer's accusing him of having "Blood on his hands" must be a very unimportant story if it's buried on page A-23.

Makes me wonder what more important stuff was on page A-22.

Also sort of makes me wonder if all those Ferguson and Garner stories were relegated to A-23 status.


Thanks Jack,

If you built it, I'll probably give it a shot, since you did such a good job on the subway I rode on in Athens:)

I've done Kings Cross to Cambridge so Cambridge - Kings Cross should be simple, and I've got 2 days to do it in, so even if I screw it up royal I should still be able to get where I'm going on time.

Usually when we clear Customs in Stansted we're cleared Custom's-wise for all the EU, but if not, is the Custom's process at St Pancreas something that you'd give yourself an hour or so to navigate?

I'll ask some of my buddies who I think have done it recently just to double check. Cheers.


The other night we did not have the Astronaut. The F/O and I were waiting in the Lobby for pick-up, and up walks the 3rd guy and I said, "Hey, I've drunk beers with you. You aren't the Astronaut are you?", and he shook my hand and says, "Nah that's Charlie so-and-so. Sorta close name to mine."

"Dammit-all", sez me and the F/O. "We was hoping it was him and all we get is you."

Oh well. Standard fun stupidity. One of these days...


I've been biting my tongue for the last 24 hrs because, contrary to popular belief I am sickened by the murders of those two police officers.I am an asshole but I am not an insensitive human being.I can empathize with a life,even a strangers life and I can fill in the human details that make up the tragedy in New york.

And now comes the ugliness,the unavoidable disgusting horrible ugliness of the human condition and sadly it's this;the days of killing negros is well an truly over. It's over guys. No more. Ended.No more pulling up to filthy little black kids in playgrounds playing with toy guns and executing them just for the fun of it...it's over.

No one else will say this to you because it's politically incorrect, but seen as I pass myself off as a harbinger/speaker of truth then I will give voice to what is happening here....black America has issued a fatwa on white police officers...for every one of theirs you take, they will take two.

It's disgusting.Dublindave does not support violence but there is, the truth of it...a declaration of war/warning.

You know this to be true,just no one's actually said it yet.

Jim Eagle


Passport control for both UK and France is conducted at St. Pancras. Therefore there is none at Gare d'Nord when you arrive in Paris. Giver yourself at least 45 minutes.

There is a underground walkway from Kings Cross to St. Pancras so you don't have to go outside and walk down Euston Road to the station.

Correction: I said 2005 when it was 2007 when it opened at St. Pancras. No more service out of Waterloo.


Thanks Jack, Much appreciated.

BTW, Watch out over there.

FOX News reports this:

Fears of extremism spike in France after driver slams car into pedestrians

A driver deliberately slammed his car into crowds around the city of Dijon in eastern France on Sunday, raising concerns at a time when Islamic extremists are calling for attacks in France...witnesses apparently heard the driver say "Allahu Akbar," or "God Is Great,"

This follows an event over there 24 hours earlier: Knife attacker is shot dead by police in France

The assailant is said to have entered a police station, shouting "Allahu Akbar", or "God is Great".

Mentioning the 2nd incident the FOX story says this:

In the Saturday incident, two police officers were seriously injured and the attacker was killed, according to the ministry. While the motive remains uncertain, anti-terrorism police are involved in the investigation.

As we're told that acts like these, plus the Sydney murderer, or the NYPD Cop Killer, are all acts of mental loony tune guys, isn't it amazing that all these whacko's by odd coincidence just happen to have embraced Islam.

What is it about the Religion of Peace that just happens to draw murderous nut cases to it like moths to flame?

Perhaps it's that you get to shout a catchy slogan when performing murder.

Jim Eagle


Another "lone Wolf". Nothing to see here. Not terrorism. But I think we are now close to 100 or more lone wolves, if you look at guys like Nadal, the Times Square bomber, the Tsarnaev brothers, etc. Now the axe weilder, Brinsley and others. Its an assymetrical strategy to deflect from a mass operation like 911.

This is where it was a terrible political mistake to have shut down Poindexter's "Policy Analysis Market" which was gearing up algorithms and analysis to predict exactly these kind of stratgegies and tactics.

By the way, Poindexter's son Alan is an ex-astronaut on the shuttle missions. Don't know if he works for Mr. Smith:)


I am hoping that the murders of the NYPD officers opens eyes to the utter incompetence ---and danger to the average citizen--of the D administrations, local and national like the Ebola outbreak in Dallas did right before the election.

I have no doubt it played a big role in the results. Which is why it is verboten to cover it now. That "czar" who had the political background was effective, wasn't he? Must have threaten to break legs or poison their lapdogs or something.

Being in the OR the morning of the news breaking about the second nurse, the one who flew to Ohio for her dress fittings, made a huge number of LIVs I work with realize the posturing by the CDC and Feds actually could lead to THEM getting ill and dying. One woman actually pulled on my arm, asked me to step into the hall, and oh so earnestly told me "This is not racial. That man should never have been allowed into this country."
I won't tell you her skin color---but I will tell you we get emails every three month or so, forbidding "political discussions' In the lounge which is immediately adjacent to her work space, as she cannot differentiate between criticism of policy from racism.


Don't know if he works for Mr. Smith:)

Here's Someone else who won't be working for Mister Smith



Man Tran

daddy and JiB, I installed my detectors on both ends of the Chunnel back around '94 before it opened. Apparently they thought it best to not have a train pile up inside. Only time I ever got screwed on an exchange rate. BR insisted on paying in £ and the rate collapsed right after we signed the agreement.


That "czar" who had the political background was effective, wasn't he?

No kidding. He went to work and we heard no more of Ebola, not even from him. Amazing.

Jim Eagle


Box and Wheel or both?


"We Must Demand The Press And Politicians Disassociate Themselves From Al Sharpton"


Read it and weep for a country that loses every time Al Sharpton is promoted by the MSM and politicians,IMO.

Man Tran

WILD. We were co-located with a German HBD, that was a typical Teutonic overkill system.

The Brit installation was outside Ashford and the French installation was near a small village (Athol?) outside Calais.

Miss Marple

Good morning, all!

BBC radio had a business segment talking about how the Germans just will not go into debt for infrastructure which many in the EU think would help boost the economy of other nations. (Since I could look right at a recent example here in the US, I was a little puzzled on why they thought this would work.)

Anyway, the German constitution FORBIDS going into debt and requires a balanced budget. And the Germanas are not inclined to change it, since interviews at a Christmas market in Leipzig revealed plenty of people who either had NO credit cards or only used them for dire emergencies, the prevailing sentiment being that you didn't go into debt simply for a few Christmas presents. You could almost hear the BBC guy sputtering.

I was really amazed that no one in the BBC could figure out why the Germans had an aversion to debt. I assume that when they wrote the constitution after World War II, the memories of those wheelbarrows full of Reichsmarks and how Hitler came to power were fresh in their minds.


"News not fit"

"Four more Gitmo students graduate"

"But the Pentagon statement released Saturday said that “the United States has full confidence in the ability of the Afghan government to mitigate any threats that may be posed by these individuals, and to ensure humane treatment.”"

If you'll believe that etc, etc.



Good Morning! DISH has blacked out Fox,so I watched CNN and MSNBC this morning,about a minute for each channel. Ugh. When the Ferguson verdict came down,it was 24/7 news. The police murders,not so much. daddy @ 10:43 makes a good point. Have you seen a family member of the slain policemen screaming,burn this b*tch down! *sigh* I lurked all week-end and there were so many great comments. Oh,can you imagine NYC on New Year's Eve? Yikes.

Captain Hate

This thread is loaded with comments that summarize my almost complete disillusion with the GOP: http://acecomments.mu.nu/?post=353908

I'm still outraged that the House initiated that huge crap sandwich funding bill late in the process with no debate allowed and no allowances for a shorter term bill to enable the incoming Congress to address the mandate they were clearly given in November. And that Rove News Sunday hasn't even addressed it. And instead of arguing these exact points the GOPe apologists started accusing Ted Cruz of enabling 404's appointments to be approved; a complete misdirectional lie.

I'm tired of being lied to by the GOP. Where was super budgeting genius Paul Ryan in the design of this crap sandwich? Why was no shorter term spending bill advanced? Why did OrangeDrank violate his pledge to allow 72 hours to scrutinize any piece of legislation?

Boehner has to go; not returning him as Speaker of the House by the new Congress would be a good first step.

Miss Marple


You have my sympathies. A friend of mine from St. Louis said they had substituted The Blaze for Fox and she was NOT happy. She is on the warpath and will cancel her subscription. She says they are violating their contract.


"only been one Dana/Ben ever commenting here and he is not Dana Gilbert Ward"

Seem to recall Dana/Ben attempted to post a photo from his desktop. IIRC the url was something like danawardgilbert@pitzer.org

Hey dance with the troll all you want but let's not give it the satisfaction of arguing with each other about its lies.


MM, I was more upset when they blacked out the Turner networks,because I had TCM withdrawal. But it is such a minor problem. The national news is depressing enough,but there were two separate horrible domestic violence related murders in Maine over the week-end. Too sad.

Miss Marple


This time of year brings out the best in a lot of people, but unfortunately it also brings out the worst in some.

Yes, it's a small problem compared to all that's going on, but it is still annoying.

Captain Hate

As much as I might complain about the Rove News Channel it's unthinkable that any provider would delete a ratings winner (despite my huge ideological problems with Ailes, he is very good at enticing viewers) and claim to be market driven.


the cheap shot was comparing Begin with Haqquani, one could make a better comparison with Arafat, that had targeted noncombatants including diplomats, the twist would be that one would make a deal with such a thug, and expect it to be fulfilled, there was some melodrama, other words,

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