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December 23, 2014



No big deal, the important war is in Afghanistan. Pass the choom.


Taliban means students. That's not even JV, just Rec League stuff. What's on ESPN7?


They invited Kerry to play polo? Good. What do you mean just his head? That reminds me, where's Reggie?

sammy small

New thread, as we close the Book of Henry


Thanks sammy, for a moment it appeared everyone got routed through the NK internet.


From the you can't make this BS up file.


My guess is this will be repeated over and over.
How dumb does one have to be to release these killers?

NKvirusedand back

Taliban uber alles? who cares. Obummer and John effin' kerry taught us 10 yeas ago that Afghanistan means nothing, it's all about victory in Iraq! ..... WAIT....

Cecil Turner

No worries. Ain't like we're fighting back.


previously on Homeland, despite the requisite cheap shot I mentioned in an earlier thread, they were disturbingly correct this season, the 9/11 denialist senior ISI chief, ala Hamid Gul, an
ambitious junior officer, like an up and coming Kayani, the former Senator, who is
the CIA director, is a throwback to the old line WASP, before the Panettas and the Tenets, the Bergdahl trade with higher stakes, the requisite Benghazi like siege


FULL MOVIE - probably the best Christmas Movie ever made. "It's a Wonderful Life":


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