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December 07, 2014



Expounding on what I had said earlier, from the Mayo Clinic.

Signs and symptoms that a student might be experiencing depression during college include:

Feelings of sadness or unhappiness

Irritability or frustration, even over small matters

Loss of interest or pleasure in normal activities
Insomnia or excessive sleeping

Changes in appetite or weight

Agitation or restlessness

Angry outbursts

Indecisiveness, distractibility and decreased concentration

Feelings of worthlessness or guilt, fixation on past failures, or self-blame when things aren't going right

Trouble thinking, concentrating, making decisions and remembering things

Crying spells for no apparent reason

For many young adults the adjustment is very hard, many go from being the best, most popular and brightest to just another freshman.

Wanting to belong, to fit in can cause extreme behavior. Lying or making up stories to fit in with a group is not unusual.

Is this what happened to Jackie, we don't know.


Ultimately, though, from where I sit in Charlottesville, to let fact checking define the narrative would be a huge mistake.

Does this mean we can drop the “alleged“ when commenting on the sexual proclivities of Harry Reid?

Danube on iPad

"Name the 'or law' that makes John McCain a Natural born citizen."

You sure that isn't justice? Perhaps it's both....


Stephanie : I agree with your comments wrt "Jackie" Narcissistic personality disorder comes to mind and the ability to rationalize and project one's own behavior on others.
Anonamom: many students struggle the first semester with adjustment problems. At competitive schools the number one students in their high schools become one of many number one students. Competition is fiece and peer pressure to drink and belong is ferocious.
" Jackie sounds like she got in over her head and tried to come up with an alibi after regretting her behavior. What happened to her so called date? He didn't protect her or watch outfor her did he?
I can't judge definitely because many facts are missing.
False accusation is the worst possible scenario so I can see her sense of self-preservation setting in. I don't think we will ever arrive at the real truth.
Girls need to
A. Bring their own drinks and hang onto them and
B. Stop drinking before they are drunk
C. Have a wing gal even if you are with a date or some reliable friend at the party to watch your back.
I am thrilled about Landrieu getting the boot. Not at all surprised that the DNC dumped her.
Ohio state played Kent state University and the University of Akron on their schedule this year. I would venture to say that Baylor and TCU had tougher schedules.Last night's Wisconsin game was just embarassing to watch.I loved how Georgia Tech made it a contest.


Aren't their enough Right Sector Nazis in country?



Maybe someone just had to come up with a reason for failing grades.

Why are you flunking 3 courses? Ummmmm, this terrible, traumatic thing happened to me. The worse the grades got, the worse the trauma?


The whole McCain theory boils down to considering him as Natural born solely because a group of fence hoppers with what is arguably much less of a claim on the United States give that superior status to their soon to be born.

Danube picks fairness over the law and defends that position with nothing.



Love this pic:


Show of hands...how many of you covered by Obamacare would receive a CT Scan for a sore throat?

Depends on who's paying for it.


Often one cannot fully check programming code so one will look for warning flags that might serve as a preliminary indication whether or not to trust the code. Is it well documented? Is it well organized. And so on.

Similarly, the Rolling Stone article has too many warning flags. It doesn’t matter if it contains a kernel of truth. It is untrustworthy.

No amount of trying to re-inflate the story is going to give it credibility.

Lie once, and I have no reason to trust anything you say ever again.

Beasts of England

They need to stop all that rioting and burning crap in Berkeley - UCB owes me some another check and I don't want it to be collateral damage! ;)


This story says by Blogger Richard Bradley who I believe is the guy who blew the whistle on this story in the first place, says that Reporter Erdely has dropped off the face of the earth: Aftermath

2) Sabrina Rubin Erdely. The woman who accused UVA of “stonewalling” has gone underground; she has said nothing publicly, and is declining to respond to journalists’ inquiries.

I hate it when journalists do that. How can we expect others to talk to us if we won’t talk to them?

I appreciate that this must be a very difficult time for Rubin Erdely, but I don’t think that’s the right approach to take—even if it’s the one Rolling Stone wants her to.

Before the story collapsed, Rubin Erdely—whose Facebook image is a picture of Linda Carter as Wonder Woman, and who posted pictures of herself schmoozing with rape victim Tori Amos—seemed to be reveling in the acclaim her story was attracting.

On November 29th—five days after my original post questioning her story—she posted this on Facebook (we’re not friends; her page is, as of now, public):

"I’m in the back of a big black car, on my way to MSNBC. Watch me on Melissa Harris-Perry’s show at 10:30 this morning! You know what I’ll be talking about."

I’m sure that Rubin Erdely, who has apparently written a lot of great stuff in her career, will eventually address what went wrong here. But it’s not courageous to enjoy all the attention when you’re riding high and then vanish when things go south. It has now been two weeks since I and others began faulting her reporting. In that time, Rubin Erdely has done nothing but defend her story and suggest to people that they are misguided for trying to confirm it. When she has spoken, it’s conspicuously to mainstream media outlets, like NPR, that are likely to be more sympathetic to her. (Rubin Erdely has not responded to two emails I sent her.)

Captain Hate on the iPad

Time to turn the ball over to Johnny Football no matter what happens in this game against the Colts. I've been in Hoyer's corner but he's done the absolute minimum to squander a superb defensive effort against a top line quarterback.

Danube on iPad

"Danube picks fairness over the law"

No I don't. I pick law, justice and fairness. Every time.


CH: Did we lose to the Colts and Luck?

Captain Hate

Yes we did, maryrose. Josh Gordon can piss up a rope and then have it tested for controlled substances.


If only you could pick "law" as vociferously as the others.

What law made McCain a "Natural born citizen?"

Miss Marple

Sorry, Captain Hate, but the Colts were protected by my not watching or listening to the game. They have done pretty well all season with my non-participation, so I am going to keep it up.

I want the team to win because it is good for the city. However, every time I get interested, they lose. So this is my strategy to help them out.

Perhaps I should follow the same strategy with presidential candidates!


Jackie is clearly a serial confabulator. The entire story is filled with quoted from sex-assault advocates

What almost certainly happened to Jackie was that she participated -- possibly while intoxicated -- voluntarily in group sex with multiple males and then became seriously ashamed of it after the fact, inventing a ridiculous story that grew more ridiculous with age as Jackie grew accustomed to the support her lies engendered.

Just a few months ago a poor young woman was caught on tape in Ibiza in such a situation: young college age women trying to impress good-looking males are not ideal decision makers even when *not* intoxicated.

It seems fairly clear that "Jackie" allowed herself to be manipulated into a situation inconsistent with her morality and self-conception and then immediately regretted it. Accordingly, she is certainly a sort of victim of "sexually predatory" young males…but not apparently criminal predators or rapists.

If anything, Jackie is most seriously a victim if people like the credulous and imbecilic author of this blog, who is so ideologically committed to the prevalence of a "rape culture" in which every third instance of heterosexual congress on a college campus is some instantiation of patriarchal hegemony that cldn't possibly be classified as anything other than rape.

You see, if people like you and Ms Erdely weren't so intellectually dishonest and vehemently opposed to consideration of actual hard facts, it's likely that Jackie would have found some othe façade to mask her painful embarrassment.

Instead, she ended up causing a lot of monetary and psychological pain for her accusees as her ever-evolving confabulation finally reached the boiling point of national furore. Jackie bears some responsibility for her lies, of course…but without a peanut gallery of "activists" encouraging her to promulgate her rather obviously incredible story in the attitude that it is not their position to engage in rational criticism of accusations that could ruin someone's life, it's certain that Jackie wld have had to turn elsewhere for redemption.

But we have Jackie identifying actual individuals with obvious characteristics in a national publication, accusing them if a most heinous rape, because of people like you.

And when it turns out that *literally every detail* of her story is a fabrication, your refrain continues to be "OBVIOUSLY SHE WAS RAPED SOMEHOW GAIZ"?

After every concretely recorded detail of the story turns out to not only be mistaken, but apparently invented out of whole cloth, your reaction is to demand justice for Jackie, who was obviously gang-raped by *some* group of boys since she concocted a story about being raped by a hand of boys led by someone *she never even met*?

You are the problem.

Unfortunately, the truth is that both men and women invent stories of rape for various reasons. It seems in Jackie's case there was no malicious ingredient to her motivations whatsoever; that she reportedly vehemently resisted the identification of her "assaulters" is at least as much a testament to her lack of malice as it is a red flag hoisted above her credibility.

But the consuming hatred of the irrational and ideologically motivated "justice warrior" set demands that someone be punished for the invented crimes of a type of bogeyman far less prevalent than some apparently need to believe. And so a thinly-disguised actual person -- who says he never even met Jackie -- was outed in te national press as the ringleader of presumably countless gang rapes performed as fraternity initiation rites.

If there were a "social justice war", dear, people like you and Ms Erdely would be one of the terrorists.

Danube on iPad

But if we close Gitmo they won't hate us anymore:

"House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers called the anticipated release of a long-awaited Senate report on coercive interrogation techniques under the Bush administration “a terrible idea,” saying it would result in 'violence and deaths.' The Michigan Republican predicted Sunday the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report, which is expected to be released in the next few days before Congress adjourns, will be used as a propaganda tool by terrorist groups. 'I think this is a terrible idea,' Mr. Rogers said on CNN’s 'State of the Union.' 'Our foreign partners are telling us this will cause violence and deaths.'"


What is it about college guys that leads to so much rape? Why wouldn't non-college guys commit rape in equal or even larger numbers?


Of course he thinks it a bad idea. Nixon should have destroyed the tapes. Rogers/Feinstein et al have much to account for.

But they needn't worry because...redactions will create plausible deniability.



A willing captive audience. Young people who have been "empowered" all their lives and feel they can handle any situation.

Some Guy

What law made McCain a "Natural born citizen?"

The far more important question is 'who gives a gnat's ass?'

He lost. He'll never run again. The issue was only slightly interesting SIX years ago.


"Symptoms of PTSD include memory deficiencies around the events of the trauma. In other words, details get lost or confused. "

So basically we cannot believe anything a PTSD victim says because they lie or are confused about what actually happened. Why on earth would they want to go with that narrative. I think it's bullshit designed to cover for false rape allegations.

Captain Hate

No worries, Miss Marple; I don't dislike the Colts so it was just mild disappointment. Not like the current game where I'm forced to cheer for the Iggles over that human garbage named Pete Carroll. I feel so philthy.

Jack is Back!

A personal note on journalism and reporting: Everytime I was interviewed (trade and society publications) they either quoted me compoletely wrong or used what I said out of context. Even when it was harmless to me bu unrepresentative of what I actually said.

All completely inconsequential since it was either engineering or legislation or project related stuff but it was not accurate.

So I often wonder when I read anytihing in the press what to believe and what not to believe because it is made up, exagerrated or misreported.

Anyone else have the same experience?

Miss Marple

I wonder if the Iggles fans will tromp the "die-in" planned for outside the stadium, blocking traffic.

This seems to me to be a foolish idea concocted by someone not familiar with the Iggles fans, possibly by an OWS type from California.

THAT might be worth watching!

Andrew X

This is all SO crazy and confusing and foggy.

It's almost like, in the history of civilization, it seems no one ever considered how fraught with difficulty, emotion, and misrepresentation the issue of sexual behavior can be.

I mean, didn't anyone ever consider developing some sorts of sexual mores and customs that would keep both genders from finding themselves in this morass? I mean, the wisdom of the past few decades in this issue is obviously unassailable, so I guess maybe this never occurred to anyone. I guess we have to sit down and come up with some socially re-enforced standards that will help address this.

But what a tough task. Apparently this is new to human experience.

{sigh} WHY has no one ever thought about this before??

Miss Marple

Jack, I have had that happen tome, to my relatives, to friends, to schools I have volunteered for, and to churches I have attended.

It is why I keep admonishing people not to run off in a frenzy whenever they read something in the New York Times, because I do not think their reporters are any better than anyone else.

I am not believing mush of anything I read anymore, and especially not anything that is obviously pushing an agenda.

Some Guy

Time to turn the ball over to Johnny Football no matter what happens in this game against the Colts.

Be careful what you wish for CH. Between the two, Hoyer is more likely to be a legit NFL QB. Johnny Overrated is the another in the long line of athletes touted to 'change the game of football' -- Vick, Scam Newton, RG3, Kaepernick, etc. But the game catches up to them before they master the game.

The guys like Steve Young who changed their game/instincts to be true NFL QBs are the very rare exception not the rule.


Jack, as an IBM marketing rep who sold to local government accounts, I can back up your observation 100%. The local joke line in the office was "were we really at the same meeting?"

James D.

I wonder what Dan Snyder thought of this:

The Rams coin-toss captains for today's game against the Redskins were Janoris Jenkins, Michael Brockers, Zac Stacy, Stedman Bailey, Greg Robinson, and Alec Ogletree -- the six players on the active roster who were acquired using draft picks from trade in which the Redskins landed since-benched QB Robert Griffin III.

Captain Hate

A die-in outside the stadium? Watch for real bodies floating in the Schuykill; more than usual.

Old Lurker

JiB, my first boss, an extremely private and successful gazillionair, had a rule or at least we all believed it was, that any of his hundreds of employees ever quoted in the DC press would be fired. Even if quoted favorably.

Now as a hot shot 24 yo MBA I thought that was silly, but with each passing year I am more impressed how right he was to just say NO. Thus I have lived my life with that same policy.


What is it about college guys that leads to so much rape? Why wouldn't non-college guys commit rape in equal or even larger numbers?

Yes, I'm with Bori: Opportunity. Thousands of potential victims in close proximity, many living away from home for the first time, naive, insecure, and lacking in strong values. Not that I think there is an epidemic, or anything remotely like the one in five the activists like to claim.

Seems like most, especially the newcomers here, are presuming nothing happened and hypothesizing why she lied. I guess I'm with Iggy: Maybe something happened, maybe it didn't, we'll never know. But having not taken the responsibility of making the complaint at the time, reporting it to the police, etc., she should not be getting it into the press now.

And in case someone says, Shouldn't that apply to Juanita Broaddrick too: In her case I believe she did keep quiet about it, but was pressed to come forward by Paula Jones's lawyers.


I have had the same experience, my last interview was for some local news channels, one of them was a Spanish channel.

Though I spoke to both, the Spanish channel choose the English interview to show on the local news, but the translation of what I said was not even close to what I actually had said.


The best technique to show no interest in a topic is to make a comment about the topic.

Gnat's asses aren't what they used to be.

Captain Hate

Some Guy, then they may as well get it resolved sooner than later so a roster spot isn't lost. Nice stunt by the Rams for the second week in a row. They may win the war but at least RG3 took the Skins to the playoffs which St Louis hasn't sniffed since Kurt Warner took them to two Super Bowls.


Jackson: Your attack on Tom Maguire is without foundation and totally uncalled for.

JiB, Reporters regularly mangled the facts of every case I was involved in--they do not know what they are seeing in a courtroom for the most part--Matt Apuzzo of AP was a singular exception in my experience.


I think it is more than opportunity and too much alcohol and binge-drinking habits. Because there is a great deal more promiscuous sex where girls, especially Freshmen, do not make multiple partners who are barely known a secret, saying no to a male seems personal in a way that was not there before.

A certain troubled personality views that 'no' as an unacceptable diss both because of what they see on campus and via media. Accepting a 'no' would mean accepting something is wrong with them.

Another bob

JIB, absolutely yes re. media interaction. I chalked it up to need to edit for space, or the fact that journo schools don't actually teach anything about how the world works. Only later did it occur that maybe they already knew what they wanted to report and needed a quote that could be twisted to justify, or that it was being invented from whole cloth.

Another bob

I'd love SBW's take on that btw.

Beasts of England

There is certainly brutality dispensed by law enforcement around the country. Here's one in my backyard. Doesn't fit the narrative, but it's awful, nonetheless.

Street synopsis: Guy messes with the significant other of a Sheriff's department employee. Guy ends up in a state colloquially referred to as d-e-a-d, dead. Dead dude's friend raises Hell about the killing and finds himself in the hospital with a severe beating. Friend sues and collects $675k. FBI catches wind of this and is investigating.



Ferguson. What can't it do?

Students ‘traumatized’ by non-indictments of cops may reschedule exams

The law school has a policy and set of procedures for students who experience trauma during exam period. In accordance with these procedures and policy, students who feel that their performance on examinations will be sufficiently impaired due to the effects of these recent events may petition Dean Alice Rigas to have an examination rescheduled.

I'm excited about this development!

I don't want to go to work tomorrow because I'm traumatized by today's Natural Born Citizen discussion.

Anonamom, would you please write me a note I can give to my boss when I show up maybe Wednesday or Thursday, or whenever I feel less traumatized?

And please write one for Captain Hate. He sure seems traumatized by the coaching moves of the Cleveland Browns. Ditto JiB, re: the Redskins.

Anybody else out there traumatized?

Captain Hate

I usually deal out the trauma

Jack is Back!

Thanks all.

I once (1996?) said on the record to an energy pub that "natural gas was the sexy fuel of the future". Boy did they run with that. Got. Every.Word. Right.

Got it so right that the Sierra Club, Greenpeiace and Friends of the Earth pounced on it to discredit Nuclear. We all laughed at the reaction but it only shows you how things can go pear shaped depending on where you are coming from and going to:)

Miss Marple

I still say that rather than all of these tribunals and rules for having sex and worrying about fraternities and rape culture, they could save alot of time and money and heartache with these things:

1. Abolish co-ed dorms.
2. Re-institute the "no male visitors except relatives on Sundays" for female dorms and the same rule for women visiting male dorms.
3. Curfews for both male and female dorms. 11:00 PM on weekdays and 1:00 AM on Fridays and Saturdays.

It doesn't prevent everything bad happening, but it sure would cut down on a lot of it.


No worries, Miss Marple; I don't dislike the Colts so it was just mild disappointment. Not like the current game where I'm forced to cheer for the Iggles over that human garbage named Pete Carroll. I feel so philthy. Posted by Captain hate

I take it back. Captain Hate was not traumatized by the Browns Coaching moves. He was traumatized by having to root for the Iggles.

Old Lurker

We all know education went to hell as soon as we started teaching colleges, rather than teaching say English, history and math to college students who then became teachers, so probably Journalism and Communication colleges at the universities had the same negative impact. Thanks Annenberg.


MM-the college I went to went co-ed 3 years before and has set admissions criteria even then at 2.3 males per females. That meant that typically the girls had at least 100 points higher SATs which is not a helpful thing for 18 year olds to discover.

Most of the dorms in the mid 70s dated to 40s so coed dorms after Freshman year were a logistical necessity. It was by floors though with men in basement and first 2 floors. I do remember my mom inhaling deeply at the very idea.

Coed within floors and shared bathrooms is a terrible idea and not uncommon now.

Jack is Back!


Actually it all went to hell when we passed legislation like Ttile IX and got the Federal government so involved in college education that they are handcuffed to the master. Not just research money but also other ties and requirements that connect to money. Feds use money to transfer their agenda to the university.

Like sexual harrassment guidelines and the meaning of yes and no.

Danube on iPad

I've been to 3-4 Iggles games in Philly, and I can't conceive of a worse venue for a stunt that is designed to piss people off.

Brilliant move by the Rams on the coin toss. Lots of NFL people in the NFL who would jump at any chance to stick it to Snyder.

Jack is Back!


The only thing moar better is if they tried this stunt at a Flyers game:)


A cop speaks..


"Since I left, I’ve thought a lot about how to change the system. I’ve worked on police abuse, racial justice and criminal justice reform at the Missouri ACLU and other organizations.

Unfortunately, I don’t think better training alone will reduce police brutality. My fellow officers and I took plenty of classes on racial sensitivity and on limiting the use of force.

The problem is that cops aren’t held accountable for their actions, and they know it. These officers violate rights with impunity. They know there’s a different criminal justice system for civilians and police.


Football and rape.

Tomorrow can't come soon enough for me.


Jane; you and I may be the only ones who don't give a fig about foosball.

Jack is Back!

Oh no, not all cops are nazi's. I shudder.

Good to know there are some who are truly sensitive and have big shoulders of guilt and conscience.

When the alley is dark and the gun is concealed it will make a difference, Ben. You can be one of his pallbearers. But thanks for the cut and paste POV. Not enough of us read the WaPo or the Nation or Rolling Stone or Mother Jones but we do appreciate those ocassonal "feathers" of comfort and joy you spread.


Commenter at Richard Bradley's blog,

You can skip to the last paragraph for the important info:

The state of Massachusetts did an exhaustive examination of college rapes and sexual assaults in that state over a twelve year span from 2000 to 2011. You can find it by googling “Analysis of College Campus Rape and Sexual Assault Reports, 2000 – 2011″

“Massachusetts General Law requires the reporting of all cases of rape and sexual assault where the victim sought medical treatment, regardless of whether the case was ever reported to police.” That is, the methodology used delivers a higher count than that of rapes and sexual assaults as reported to the police. (Roughly twice as high, according to the report.)

According to this study there were 446 cases of rape and/or sexual assault on college campuses during the years in question. That’s not “per year”, it’s the sum total over 12 years.

Massachusetts has a lot of colleges and a lot of college students, many more relative to the size of the state than the average for America. It’s difficult to put an exact figure on exactly how many students there are but it is approximately 400,000. The student population over the time in question is much greater. I don’t think anybody knows exactly how many students passed through Massachusetts colleges between 2000 and 2011, but a very conservative estimate would be 1.2 million.

446 incidents of rape or sexual assault in a population of 1.2 million is not one-in-four, or one-in-ten, or one-in-one-hundred, or even one-in-a-thousand. You can send your daughter to college without worrying that you’re sending her into a rape camp.

Beasts of England

Without exception, I've always employed the two-thirds rule for assessing men: football, golf, guns/hunting. If you don't enjoy at least two of those then you're a damned sissy. Or worse, a homer...


"comfort and joy you spread."

You're welcome. Good to know there is actually reading going on.


" Or worse, a homer..."

I think you mean 'hummer', unforced of course.

Beasts of England

I meant faggot, Ben, but feel free to keep dreaming of 'hummers' and tossing your boyfriend's salad.


A faggot is a log, so watch out for those salads.


20-Dec New Orleans Bowl Nevada v La Lafayette
20-Dec New Mexico Bowl Utah St v UTEP
20-Dec Las Vegas Bowl Utah v Colo St
20-Dec Idaho Potato Bowl West Mich v Air Force
20-Dec Camellia Bowl S Ala v Bowling Green
22-Dec Miami Beach Bowl BYU v Memphis
23-Dec Boca Raton Bowl Marshall v N Ill.
23-Dec Poinsettia Bowl Navy v San Diego St
24-Dec Bahamas Bowl Central Mich v W Kent
24-Dec Hawaii Bowl Fresno St v Rice
26-Dec Heart of Dallas Bowl Illinois v La Tech
26-Dec Quick Lane Bowl Rutgers v UNC
26-Dec Bitcoin Bowl NC St v UCF
27-Dec Military Bowl Cinci v Va Tech
27-Dec Sun Bowl Ariz St v Duke
27-Dec Independence Bowl Miami v Scarolina
27-Dec Pinstripe Bowl BC v Penn St
27-Dec Holiday Bowl Nebraska v USC
29-Dec Liberty Bowl TA&M v W Va
29-Dec Russell Ath Bowl Clemson v Oklahoma
29-Dec Texas Bowl Ark v Texas
30-Dec Music City Bowl Notre Dame v LSU
30-Dec Belk Bowl UGA v Louisville
30-Dec Foster Farms Bowl Maryland v Stanford
31-Dec Peach Bowl Ole Miss v TCU**
31-Dec Fiesta Bowl Boise St v Arizona**
31-Dec Orange Bowl Ms St v Ga Tech**
1-Jan Citrus Bowl Minn v Mizzou
1-Jan Outback Bowl Auburn v Wisconsin
1-Jan Cotton Bowl Mich St v Baylor**
1-Jan Rose Bowl Oregon v FSU**
1-Jan Sugar Bowl Ala v OSU**
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3-Jan Birmingham Bowl East Caro v Fla
4-Jan GoDaddy Bowl Toledo v Ark State
12-Jan National Champ TBD v TBD

Here ya go... the bowl games.

We will have a total games contest and a big six contest. The big six are ** ed.

Send me your picks at your earliest convenience and I'll get em recorded.


NO rush. Just have them in before the 20th.

Beasts of England

Logs, hummers, and tossing salads. Clearly you failed the two-thirds test, sweetheart...


The Ferrari fills a needed gap in confidence, so I'm told.

Beasts of England

I'm taking TBD to win it all, Steph!! :)

Beasts of England

Cute, Ben. I'll spot you an inch and bet you $100,000 an inch. Hope you have lots of liquidity, Corky.


daddy, I think you must be mistaking me for one of those WI docs who passed out excuses to the protestors who tried to take over the Capitol Building in Madison when Walker made the public service unions bear part of their health care costs a few years ago.
They were censured by their state board of medicine, btw.

MM, ND still has dorms segregated by sex, and has parietals, their word for curfews. Even your sister cannot sleep overnight on your futon if you are a guy.

And they got cited by the Feds--along with UM, HLS, Princeton and others--for NOT reporting ENOUGH sexual assaults.

Yes, the Feds require that you hit a magic number of sexual assaults, or that means you are failing to report---even if your student body is made up of a bunch of Catholic kids who chose to live in sex-segregated dormitories, and are taught from kindergarten on that marriage is a sacrament.

Or in the case of HLS, that your student body of future SCJustices might just be too future oriented to assault their classmates.

Insanity. Utter insanity.


What are you trying to prove B?

I can allow you your personal fantasy. How many inches is the Ferrari?

That's your wager right?


I just don't believe that college guys are raping women left and right.

It's been a long time since I lived in a dorm, but there were plenty of willing women when I did, and many guys who weren't interested or maybe just weren't willing to take a chance. Bottom line is: the opportunity for consensual hook-ups, for those interested, was extremely high.

I lived in a co-ed dorm, and if any of the women there had been molested, we would have beaten the perpetrator to a pulp, and would have been glad to give a statement to the cops.

I just don't believe that those who knew and lived with the women, or outsiders trying to make it with those same women, could easily get away with rape.

Maybe it's different in frat houses, I don't know. Do they get visited by women that nobody knows, with no guys there who do know them?

Beasts of England

Quit being a pussy, Ben. It's tedious.

Jack is Back!

The great Milton Berle was a man of envious length and well known among the Hollywood set.

Once in a movie set cocktail party, a certain gentleman approached him and bet him $100K he was bigger than Uncle Milt. Before he could accept the bet his manager rushed up to him and whispered in his ear"

"Milt, only show enough to win".

True story.


" It's tedious"

I agree. Speed-chess is not your strength. Better if you try to impress your bimbos.

Beasts of England

Sounds like you're short in the cash and crotch departments, Bennie. So, put up or shut up, pencil dick.

p.s. glad you're comfortable calling women 'bimbos'. Another tell.


i wonder how he plans to verify his stats, lol.

The Ferrari is all he's put up for collateral.

Methinks he doth protest too much.

Dave (in MA)

Too Rolling Stoned.

Jack is Back!

Never a Raider fan but I am enjoying this game simply to watch that prick Harbaugh grind his teeth on the sideline.

Jack is Back!

Peyton Manning will not throw a TD pass today and end up 3 short of the continous game TD record held by Drew Brees.

Cardinals without Palmer will win against KC. How about those red apples?

And the Raiders? The Raiders win. Moar red apples.

Danube on iPad

Nothing as enjoyable as watching Jim Harbaugh lose. He got rid of the wrong QB, and he'll be fired at the end of the season.

Jack is Back!

Sorry to be early with the Raider predicrtion. Chalk it up to exuberance.

Jack is Back!

Mark Sanchez finally plays a very good team and shows what he has and its what he had at the Jets.


I am enjoying this game simply to watch that prick Harbaugh grind his teeth on the sideline.

Me Too!


"a clear sign that voters want Congress to work with 404?"

Is this a joke?? Why would anyone want that?

Captain Hate

Is this a joke?? Why would anyone want that?

I wish it was; did you hear Corey Gardner after November 4? That's pretty much what he said.

Captain Hate

I don't understand the Harbaugh hate but 49er fans are some of the worst in the world so I'm ok with that.

Jack is Back!


Even his team hates him. Something a guy known as Captain Hate should understand:)

If he goes to the Raiders then you will have the perfect team of coach hate.



Found out last night via chit chat with my neighbors that BP is sending out a ton of Pink Slips to their employees up here. An excellent neighbor is waiting for the dreaded envelope. Am told some will be reassigned to different worldwide locations, and some will be given severance with packages of 12 to 18 months pay and move allowances if leaving the state.

Sounded pretty drastic, and was informed some of the employees are looking to see if they can get picked up by local Energy companies.

The drop in Oil prices is hitting our States economic forecasts hard. I don't recall the price we need a barrel to be to keep out of deficit spending via raiding the Permanent Fund, but I believe we are below that price now and the oil supply thru the pipeline continues to dwindle. Tough times.




Where ya been?

Jack is Back!

Low oil isn't good for E&P but loved by consumers. We have regular at $2.40 in my part of Florida and that considers 46 cents in Fed and state taxes. My impression back in 2009 when oil was about that same that $40/bbl was break even.

Who knows. Supply and demand will dictate. Without the Bakken line I doubt you can go below 40.

Miss Marple

Gruber! Gruber! Gruber! He's back with MORE obnoxious comments!


Stephanie De Nile is a river in Progtopia

TBD, LOL beasts.



I thought cock-fighting was illegal in Alabama but must say that I enjoyed the show!!

Tom Maguire

Re Clarice and

if there is a Jackie and there were a trial of this incident, no jury would convict on the basis of the ever changing story . Never.

Never on her testimony, plus Andy and Cindy. But if the cops ID two guys, one will take immunity and others will go to the big house. *IF* they are all in the same frat and one was a lifeguard, this is do-able.

Miss Marple

I think I had better go back to packing boxes. I have 10 separate items that need to ship tomorrow morning.


erdely had another tendendentious piece in RS,
blaming Michele Bachman, for an 'epidemic' of
'gaybashing' in Minnesota, in 2012,

h/t Got news

Captain Hate on the iPad

I'm guessing that Governor Huntress had a better plan to deal with oil revenue than "let's spend it like it will last forever" before the donk pests were allowed to scam lawsuit her out of the job. Sucks to be you, Alaska.

Jack is Back!

Lets remember low prices here mean we have production and that means export value. Now can we find a way to hog tie some bad guys with that lilke OPEC does to us.


"Lets remember low prices here mean we have production and that means export value"

You do realize that the cost of production is going to exceed the price, right?

Tell me it ain't so Jib

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