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December 23, 2014


Jim Eagle

Sorry to go OT right away but I am ready for bed and before I go here is a Vimeo link to Frederick and his two beagles sledding for a Happy Holiday to all of JOM. [Hope it works]


Slaap Lekker.

Jeff Dobbs

The WaPo factchcker has a fun name. Michelle Ye Hee Lee.


Wee Too Lo

HO Lee Fuk

were unavailable to contribute to the WaPo story.


I, too, am ready for bed, or at least to pull the covers over my head. Sadly, even this close to the solstice, the sun is still up.


I've just figured out something that's been nagging at the back of me head for quite a while now;Tom Maguire and I are kindred spirits. In the words of Catherine Earnshaw "He's more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.”

O.k, that was kind of weird and freaky, but I dig how he takes every opportunity to extract the maximum amount of political pain from the opposition regardless of how innocent or undeserving they are.I do that too!!!!!

We are Irish intellectual brothers of hatred and destruction sir,let loose in the United states of America with our own brand of nasty, filthy, scummy, petty attacks that only the Irish can truly muster after 800 years of oppression.

Tiocfaidh ar la!!!!!


On the subject, our editorial today: Identity politics is bankrupt:

The assassination of NYC police officers Wenjian Liu, an Asian, and Rafael Ramos, an Hispanic, and the disgusting public reaction, ripped the mask off identity politics used to mislead people to believe that some physical or cultural group characteristic was worth more than individuals by themselves.

Political opportunists have played identity politics over the last century using inflammatory rhetoric to turn the personal into the political driving wedges between races, sexes, cultures, and more.

German political theorist Jurgen Habermas helped make identity politics easy to recognize. Studying crowd manipulation by German national socialist, Italian fascist, and Eastern European communist demagogues, Habermas labeled communication either 1) communicative — used by democracies to reach agreement or 2) strategic — used to intimidate and control.

Barack Obama and his followers resort to strategic communication to manipulate listeners with dissembling and lies. Strategic communication by Obama’s administration encouraged race-baiting, excused lawlessness, and tolerated uncontrolled anti-police protests.
. . .

Soylent Red

OT, in other pfeffer-news...

Next time: Reduce butter by 1/4 C, increase flour by two cups, make the rolled balls smaller, bake for a little longer.

Today's batch with the added flour is much better but the cookies are still soft on the inside. I think if I follow the above strategies, next year I will be more successful. Also, I probably could have gotten away with a single batch.

Tonight's project: pumpkin pies. On, on.


Yeah, dd. Obama evoking MLK wasn't saying that cops want to lynch innocent blacks like southern Democrats wanted to lynch MLK.

Oh wait. He was.

Being a half white guy, raised by whites and more white than black due to his upbringing, why does Obama pretend that he's black?

Oh wait. He has no chance of stirring up white people against blacks.


"...crowd manipulation by German national socialist"

I wouldn't be opposed to the new German PEGIDA(Patriotic Europeans Against Islamisation of the West) movement doing an "evening stroll" over at Sharpton's NAN tonight if he refuses to heed DeCommios call to stand down. "You say you want a revolution"...well, some eggs are probably gonna get broken.


--Tom Maguire and I are kindred spirits.--

Nice Christmas present WeeDavey gave TM there.
Hope someone has TM on suicide watch now.


"Oh wait. He has no chance of stirring up white people against blacks."

Not so sure about that, seems to be doing pretty good so far.


I don't feel any anger against blacks generally, but I have a lot of anger against a few specific blacks in the current administration.


Speaking of travismockashams,


a program, named in honor of a slain NYPD officer, Edward Byrne

Jeff Dobbs

I don't normally watch cable news . . . but at my sis-in-law's they keep Fox News on much like Jane - as background noise.

Did I just see a commercial for a Viking cruise on the Danube?

Well, there you go.


Don't have much latent racism myself, but I'm starting to feel anger against half-whites who act black while sending their kids to Sidwell Friends. Btw, any chance the girls will be discriminated against when they apply to college?


this topic needs a theme song ...

white like that


filter-short bus


poof ... 3rd generation legacies Ex. Not a bit.

did my filter link make it through ...


bullshit ...


and if filter is too much ...

pretty fly for a white guy


.... asked for a 13 but they drew a 31 ...

Beasts of England

When's Maguire going to address the real threat to world peace: fake Pandas!





Move along... nothing to impeach here... just move along...


Well, this is upsetting....

Brit Hume ‏@brithume 3m3 minutes ago

Navy now said to be investigating Rob O'Neill, the guy who shot bin Laden, for possibly disclosing classified info in telling his story.

Jeff Dobbs

I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate Motrin, Aleve and Titos.

And not in that order!

My sis in law is all into these oils and stuff. Ok, fine, I'll indulge her - maybe they help. They can't hurt.

But if she starts talking about releasing my chakra - I'm out.


Eew. Don’t even care to read about your . . . er . . . never mind.


Cross posted from previous thread...

DoT - thanks for the intel. Every little bit helps. More curious than anything else.

Dad was listed as a Signalman 3rd Class (SM3) aboard a minesweeper and 3 different degaussing vessels (will have to get the paperwork out for their names). The minesweeper (unknown and not listed in his official record) was taken out by mines, mom indicated he was transferred just before it occurred (all/most hands lost). Only discussion from him was he had a "Summer Cruise" in 1945, he and others shot at floating mines cut from where they were planted, and had a Colt 1911 sidearm while on "shore leave" in Okinawa (Japs still in pill boxes). I never pressed for any information and he rarely talked about it. I do know he hated firearms and never wanted to see mine (just 2 Deer Hunting Rifles at the time). When I was a kid. even seeing my 1911 style Marksman 1010 BB Pistol seemed to cause pain/issues.

When discussing it with a military friend in passing, he said some things that made me doubt my dad's story. From what I understand, WWII Frogmen/UDT/EOD personnel were selected to the program based upon athletic ability with some that were in Professional Sports being selected. My dad was an exceptional swimmer, growing up in Keego Harbor MI, along with having athletic ability being on the HS Football Team, a Caddy, and being an Assistant Golf Professional (went on to be a Golf Professional for 55 years, was on Ben Hogan Staff in 1950's and 1960's). When discussing it with my mom, to my surprise she revealed that he had been part of the Frogmen program but he claimed that he washed out. My mom didn't really believe it as she knew him from growing up in the area, her father was a farmhand at Cousins Farm - largest in Bloomfield Hills at the time. They were married in 1950, so my mom did not get much information until after he came back from WWII.

It would just be interesting to find out, one more reason to admire the man who was my hero growing up. I know that he signed the PGA Card for Howard Brown (a Black Golf Professional in the UGA) in the early 1960's, but was not admitted until 1969 (widely believed to the be the reason why he was not accepted at certain Head Golf Professional Jobs in the 1960's and 1970's). My brother turns 60 next year and is the keeper of the Plaques, Trophies, PGA Money Clips, Articles, Pictures, Burial Flag, etc and I would love to give him further information on Dad's Service Record.


Hit, beware the neti pot -- makes water boarding seem like a vacation.


Posted by: centralcal | December 23, 2014 at 07:21 PM -



hit - Pickup some Emergen-C Immune +, always seems to knock a cold out fast for me.


'goggles they do nothing'


Nice Celtic quote, Dublin Dave.

"The English phrase "our day will come" has been used in various contexts. "Our Day Will Come", a pop song about love, was a 1963 hit for Ruby & the Romantics. In the context of Irish politics, in James Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, the nationalist Michael Davin (based on George Clancy) says "They [Irish freedom fighters] died for their ideals, Stevie. Our day will come yet, believe me."[1]

The Irish phrase tiocfaidh ár lá is attributed to Provisional IRA prisoner Bobby Sands,[2][3][4][5] who uses it in several writings smuggled out of the Maze Prison.[6] It is the last sentence of the diary he kept of the 1981 hunger strike in which he died.[7] Many Republicans learned Irish in prison, (a phenomenon known as "Jailtacht", a pun on Gaeltacht)[8] and conversed regularly with each other through Irish, both for cultural reasons and to keep secrets from the wardens.[9] The Irish language revival movement has often overlapped with Irish Republicanism, particularly in Northern Ireland.[10][11][12] The upsurge in Republican consciousness in the wake of the hunger strikes also increased awareness of the Irish language in Republican areas.[13]

too bad the Molly Maguiire's aren't part of the descriptor.

Frau Stachelschwein

Btw, any chance the (Obama) girls will be discriminated against when they apply to college?

Depends on the meaning of "discriminate." I imagine they will be admitted anywhere they chose without application. Power of the phone and the pen.

That said, the girls are receiving a better education than the black football players at UCLA.


lord love a waterfowl:


Jeff Dobbs

beware the neti pot

Oh, no. I won't do that. I will harm any that try to push that on me.

The congestion hasn't progressed so far.

After I woke up at 4am with the back aches, I finally took the motrin around 8am. Did the trick (hey, maybe it was all the oils!). Thought my worries were overblown. Then around 3pm the motrin wore off and the aches were back with a vengence. Started getting the chills.

Took some aleve and a couple of Titos and I'm doing eh, ok.

It's probably gonna be a long night though.

That's ok, it'll build character.

Beasts of England

Sounds very similar to what I had, hit, although I was too sick to drink. Trust me, that's sick!! lol. Get well soon!


BTW, don't know if anyone has noted this, but, it's Dec 23rd, so; Happy Festivus to all!


Hit you are in Dallas right? Hard Eight BBQ is guaranteed to make you feel better...

Beasts of England

Which is first: airing of grievances or feats of strength?


Posted by: Iggy | December 23, 2014 at 07:57 PM -

dang it ... I was too drunk to remember. When can we start the airing of grievances?

hope you feel better soon hit. glad to see you back beasts.


lol ... this fucking software. I beat beasts with my comment.


Beasts, drinking of Titos. Hit is drinking enough for us all.


... brb.


Being half Irish with the remainder Native American, Scot, Germanic I fins I empathize more with Irish.NA always the downtrodden in social venues. It's said the reason God created whiskey was to prevent the Irish from ruling the world. I think God's wisdom is apparent in that point of view. No one should rule the world. The notion of decentralized government seems to gain credence, in light of the propensity for the egoistic to have the means and motivation for seeking their own ends, augmented by their deft manipulation of media no longer having credence in the rational world of thinking people.

Therein lies our greatest obstacle; the notion that thinking is work and therefore bad. When we can inspire those who slumber in a daydream to transform into critical thinkers en masse, we will not survive the coming days, much less have quality of life as a committed survivor should we and those we love are under threat of any manufacture. We should thank the Gods we have enjoyed our lives as full and without remorse and we are humanly possible.

That's our only oiutcomes, as I see it.

Sorry to be so sour on a holiday that should have hope, but I don't believe in Santy Claus any more.

Beasts of England

No blaming the software, rich! Although it's a strong contender for the best JOM grievance!!

lol, henry! I got some Tito's for an early Christmas present - I may have to pour a solidarity beverage... :)

Jeff Dobbs

Hit you are in Dallas right?

Aah, was in Dallas for a few days. Now down just north of San Antonio.

although I was too sick to drink. Trust me, that's sick!!

Whoa. That's beyond building character. That's purt'near immanentizing the eschaton.

Stephanie De Nile is a river in Progtopia

Beasts is the weather behaving over your way? Looks like some deaths due to tornadoes over in Mississippi. :(


Multiple Gods makes more sense than Santa Claus.


Don't look now but somebody isn't too sick to drink.



was hoping for a 2 for 1 ...


>>>the notion that thinking is work and therefore bad.<<<

don't give up HOPE, you'll get it one day.

Danube on iPad

PD, if you don't have your dad's service records I believe you can get copies from the DoD, but I don't know how to go about it.


If I didn't know better I'd guess this was written by Frank Costanza himself;

When we can inspire those who slumber in a daydream to transform into critical thinkers en masse, we will not survive the coming days, much less have quality of life as a committed survivor should we and those we love are under threat of any manufacture.


Beasts of England

Just flash floods, Steph. It's was a little too warm and muggy this morning - that's usually my tornado tell, but nothing like that so far. Thank goodness!


Hit, it sounds like you have the flu. You need to go to an urgent care to see if you do, as you can take Tamiflu if you get there within 48 hours of severe symptoms and it will decrease length and severity.
Some docs will put your whole family on it.
Real flu is nasty.
Ask Beasts.

Jeff Dobbs

God bless all you people who watch cable news all the time. It's driving me nuts.

I don't know how you people do it. I don't have the character to endure it.

If I had been wearing shoes today, I'd owe my brother in law a new tv.

Beasts - I will drink another in solidarity with your drink in solidarity with me. #BrosStandingWithBros

Janet - healthy and jolly as a joker!

sbw's 5:04 editorial link is very good. a bit -

"It is not hip to cozy up to thugs and lawbreakers or to admire protesting looters who treat their victims as nothing. Black racism toward others is as evil as racism by others toward blacks. Obama’s followers dare not look underneath the façade of identity politics to see what was called racial justice is injustice by another name."


Then Gruene Texas is a must visit...

Beasts of England


Jeff Dobbs

Then Gruene Texas is a must visit...

I'm thinking of heading up to Amarillo by morning.

Janet - healthy and jolly as a joker!

This was linked earlier, but it's a very good article on the UVA lie story & one of the guys that wrecked the frat. house.

Unpunished vandalism rampage inspired by Rolling Stone’s U.Va. rape story

Student activist who led vandalism attack on Phi Kappa Psi fraternity house says he has no regrets


a bit - "Mr. Dershowitz also said the mentality expressed by the student who claims to have participated in the fraternity house attack also should raise alarm.

“It’s the notion of collective punishment; you punish an entire fraternity for the allegations of several people, and you take the law into your own hands, and it’s a total violation to the notion that punishment should be based on proof of individual guilt,” he said. “It’s become a mantra of the radical left, whether it’s about punishing all policemen for Ferguson or all fraternity persons for alleged rapes. It’s a road to lawlessness.

“That’s the argument the terrorists make,” he said. “That’s the argument that Hamas makes, that al Qaeda makes, and it’s the argument that some radical Weathermen made in the U.S. when they blew up universities in the 1970s. It’s the first baby step on the road to justifying terrorism.”"

Beasts of England

Agreed, Janet. And thanks for the link, sbw!

Jeff Dobbs

So I've mentioned previously how my parents' house is just a few miles from Texas Presbyterian (ebola ground zero for Thomas Eric Duncan). In fact, to get to Central Expressway (and on to I-35 to get to San Antonio) from my parents' house - you go right by the hospital - Walnut Hill and Greenville Ave.


That is, we went right by Texas Presbyterian on Monday coming here from Dallas.

mrs hit and run was not amused when I mused that maybe I got ebola from the proximity of our drive.



Danube on iPad

One of the great flicks of all time:


Richard Burton's voice in the opening and closing narration gives me goose bumps.


Happiness is Amarillo in your rear view mirror...


hit, you might want to dry xlear to clear up the nasal congestion. It's saline solution + xylitol--the xylitol is sweet and the germs love sweet, so they mosey on over and the saline solution bumps them off. Sounds weird, but it really works even better than the old standby saline solution.

Jeff Dobbs

Thanks, anonamom. Under medication (Aleve not Titos! No, wait, Aleve and Titos!) I'm doing pretty good.

I probably won't go see a doc. Just a personal preference, even if completely ignorant.

We'll see. I promise not to go all bleating on JOM tomorrow if things get worse.

I'll just whimper.

Janet - healthy and jolly as a joker!

"Zulu" is the only movie my whole family went & saw together. I was 6 yrs. old. We went to the drive-in in our station wagon....& even popped our own popcorn at home & brought it along! (yikes!...how cheap!).
Not "The Sound of Music" for us...no sireee...we went & saw "ZULU". hah!

Eric in Boise

A palate cleanser, for those who haven't already seen it:


An aside: We attended our first grade grandson's Christmas program last week.

Yes, "Christmas" program, not "holiday celebration", or some such nonsense.

Oh, and they sang "Away in a Manger". With full lyrics.

In a public school.

Let that sink in a bit.

I'm trying to decide if that's just backward Idaho, or if we're actually making progress.

Screw Festivus. Merry Christmas to all JoMers!


That 5% GDP growth for the 3rd quarter was the third and "final" estimate for the quarter.
Now, it is possible it will be revised down the road but it was not a preliminary estimate.


Has John Holdren been taken to the woodshed for saying man-made CO2 is saving us from another ice age?

Comanche Voter

Is Obama anti police? I dunno. Do bears crap in the woods?


Holy Moly. I thought this was an Onion spoofer.


In just a few days, the Army will launch the first of two massive blimps over Maryland, the last gasp of an 18-year-long $2.8-billion Army project intended to use giant airships to defend against cruise missiles.

And while the blimps may never stave off a barrage of enemy missiles, their ability to spot and track cars, trucks and boats hundreds of miles away is raising serious privacy concerns.

The project is called JLENS – or “Joint Land Attack Cruise Missile Defense Elevated Netted Sensor System.” And you couldn’t come up with a better metaphor for wildly inflated defense contracts, a ponderous Pentagon bureaucracy, and the U.S. surveillance leviathan all in one.

Built by the Raytheon Company, the JLENS blimps operate as a pair. One provides omnipresent high-resolution 360-degree radar coverage up to 340 miles in any direction; the other can focus on specific threats and provide targeting information.

Technically considered aerostats, since they are tethered to mooring stations, these lighter-than-air vehicles will hover at a height of 10,000 feet just off Interstate 95, about 45 miles northeast of Washington, D.C., and about 20 miles from Baltimore. That means they can watch what’s happening from North Carolina to Boston, or an area the size of Texas.


Apologies if this has already been posted:

EPA can't regulate lead bullets, says federal court

A federal appeals court denied a lawsuit Tuesday by environmental groups that the EPA must use the Toxic Substances Control Act regulate lead used in shells and cartridges...


Per James Pethoukis, from 1981-2000, 21 quarters had 5% or higher GDP growth. Since then there have been just 2, including 3Q14. (The other was 2004, I think).

I don't know what to make of that, but it struck me. One commenter noted that since 2000 we haven't invented another internet. FWIW.

Dave (in MA)

I heard on the radio today that the internet outage North Korea experienced was an act of cyber warfare on the part of the Obama Administration.

In a joint venture between the Dept. of Defense and the Dept. of Health and Human Services, they set up an Obamacare website and invited all North Koreans to sign up.


Yes Iggy. The syntax failure might not have been as bad if there were the dreaded 'edit' button that might drain up to 40 basis points from the massive ad revenue at JOM.

Of course I take the lion's share of the blame for refusing to use my reading glasses because self=edit is always preferable.


"Being half Irish with the remainder Native American, Scot, Germanic.."

So you've got German-Irish ancestry...which means any task you're given absolutely has to be done sometime next week maybe?

Jane on Ipad

I got lost twice today in NY on my way to Philly. It was completely the fault of Greenwich Ct, but that's another story.

At any rate, both times I asked cops to tell me which way to go, and after getting directions and thanking them, I said: "we've got your back". . Their smiles lit up the sky. The 2 nd one said: We've got your back too".

It was absolutely worth getting lost to be able to tell them that.


Very funny, Dave

Jeff Dobbs

Apologies if

Daddy, daddy, daddy. The JOM style guide will never accept any comment that begins with an apology.

You cannot roll that way here.

Apologies not accepted.


"At any rate, both times I asked cops to tell me which way to go, and after getting directions and thanking them, I said: "we've got your back". . Their smiles lit up the sky. The 2 nd one said: We've got your back too"

We've got your back????What are you part of the French resistance? Did you hand them passports,maps and chocolate? We've got your back..jesus....lol.

People,the negro is not coming for you in your homes.He is not organizing an army to rampage through your pretty white neighborhoods.The negro is not out to destroy every last member of the Police force and consolidate power into a new Afro-force 10 run by Eric Holder.

Certain segments of our society comprising of both black and white people believe that there are injustices in our legal system and they'd like those injustices addressed. I happen to think their particular grievances lack substance, but I support their right as citizens to protest perceived flaws in the Police force. That's all that's happening here.

Dear Lord Jane, you should have winked and whispered "the negro shall never triumph over Gods white army".


Grazie, Hit-sama.


Was just notified that "The terror threat in India has escalated from Medium to High. The following safety/security precautions are recommended..."

I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess it's Religion O' Peace.

Thankfully I'm not headed to India anytime soon.

Jeff Dobbs

I'm up for one more Titos if Beasts is...


Danube on iPad

New York City's distresses are Danube's successes.

It shows what happens when you create a Climate of Hate. As we saw in Dallas, a Climate of Hate culminates in murder. And of course those who created the Climate of Hate have blood on their hands.

Ro borrow from Elmore Leonard, I think it would be swell if Al Sharpton were slain.



Why? Holdren's statement is the best of both worlds for them. It confirms that humans have driven the warming.

It could be used to ask for continued funding to make sure that the warming does not get out of hand. That includes more renewables, studies, etc.


Thnx for reading the piece, Janet and Beasts.

I think I’m going to have your backs, and hits, too, if a little medicinal sip will help.

Stephanie - It's Bowl Time!!! Merry Christmas!

Just had a shooting at a movie theatre in Midtown Atlanta. 2 shot, one in custody.

George HW just rushed to hospital...

Jeff Dobbs

Bed time. Nighty night.

Stephanie - It's Bowl Time!!! Merry Christmas!

Georgie HW taken to hospital.

2 shot in a movie theatre in Midtown Atlanta. Supposedly one is in custody, don't know if that is a third person or one of the two shot.

Stephanie - It's Bowl Time!!! Merry Christmas!

Now they all show up.


--It could be used to ask for continued funding to make sure that the warming does not get out of hand.--

It's a lot easier to convince people you need to make sure the warming doesn't get out of hand when you're faking scenes of Manhattan under water than reminding people of the very real possibility of it being under 5000 feet of ice.

Most people have no idea we are at this very moment in an ice age and are merely experiencing a typical interglacial period which historically is about due to end.
Give that man a microphone.

Buford Gooch

plural noun: errata
an error in printing or writing.
a list of corrected errors appended to a book or published in a subsequent issue of a journal.


Was gone all day and away from the news. It appears that what I missed was the New York City anti-Police Protesters giving the finger big time to Mayor DiBlasio.

I also caught blurbs on the Radio, coming back from a visit with the relatives, telling me that the Repub Congress Cromnibus authorized $262 Million more for the EPA than was being requested by the Obama Administration, and I also heard that the Huntsman family of Utah is starting a smear campaign to unseat Utah Senator Mike Lee.

Anything else of consequence?


--Of course I take the lion's share of the blame for refusing to use my reading glasses because self=edit is always preferable.--

No blame needed. Some of the funniest stuff here is accidental.

Danube on iPad

I always hated that arrogant shithead Archibald Cox.

So there.


--I happen to think their particular grievances lack substance, but I support their right as citizens to protest perceived flaws in the Police force. That's all that's happening here.--

Whew. What a relief.
There were unconfirmed reports of cops being murdered, people killed by thugs with hammers, shops and neighborhoods burnt, stores looted, rioting and assaults.
Good to know none of that happened.



Totally agree, which was my point. It covers what has happened and gives covers to what "may" happen.
If the human caused warming is enough to prevent an Ice Age, how bad will it be if unabated.


Sonny Bunch gives an excellent rundown of Vox's almost perfect record; virtually everything they tweet ends up false.
Some are fairly hysterical, like "the Israelis are blocking the bridge from the West Bank to Gaza" loopiness.
Could there be a better or more deserved and predictable fate for a place that uses the following motto?
"The Smartest Thinkers,
The Toughest Questions"


I got a new iPhone, and I'm trying to set up my security questions, and I don't know the answers to any of Apple's choices for questions. Like I was born 2 miles from the ocean, and went to many beaches when I was too young to remember. Or I moved 10 times before I was 12, so "what street did you grow up on?" is nonsensical. I've never bought an album. I don't care about any sports. It's like that for all of them...

...I'm obviously too lame to own a password protected device...



--how bad will it be if unabated--

Well, the normal person's reasonable response to that question is it's going to take a lot of warming to counteract a mile thick glacier. Still not sure how that advances windmills and drinking our recycled urine.
The problem they're having is, like the peak oil scam, we're already deep into their predictive period and their predictions are already wrong.
The boy that cried wolf is the fascists and scientismalists worst enemy. I'm surprised his story hasn't been shoved down the memory hole yet.

Stephanie - It's Bowl Time!!! Merry Christmas!

Cathy, answer em all with 'usual.'

Stephanie - It's Bowl Time!!! Merry Christmas!

Tomorrow's bowl games:

Noon Bahamas Bowl Central Mich v W Kent
8 pm Hawaii Bowl Fresno St v Rice

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