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December 31, 2014




Buford Gooch

Maybe she was raped by a composite boyfriend.

Buford Gooch

Interesting. Typhuspad is eating comments again.


Hope Barry sues.


I wish it would go eat the last dozen or so on the last thread.


Last Wednesday of 2014. Hey! I finally finished that New Yorker article about Samantha Power. Still haven't figured out its point. What a swell gal.

Jane on Ipad

It's the beginning of the end of a pretty ugly year. Next year will be much much better!


The plot thickens, when is consensual sex a rape? When the narrative or votes are needed.

Of course in the case of Dunham, whenever her life is script yet to be written.

Miss Marple

Good morning!

I am listening to WIBC's new morning show, which debuted a couple of months ago (so it's not "new-new").

The host, Tony Katz, seems to have a talent for discussing current events from a conservative point of view but with great good cheer, mixing in news and weather with funny stuff and entertainment news. The crew is also good plus have good senses of humor.

Some of talk radio could learn from this guy. He's the only one I know who comes close to Mark Steyn.


Mansion trash.

Jack is Back!

Can't remember if it was a tweet, FB comment or Drudge but it appears that Scalise may not even have attended that Euro event much less speak at it. He himself seems confused as to whether he did or didnot attend and/or speak.

So, put me in the Rudy Guiliani as spokesman column. And soonest.

Jack is Back!


Jack is Back!

TyphusPad seems to be acting up the last few days. Had to restart the computer in order for those two comments above to show up.

Miss Marple


It's been happening to me for some time. I comment and it disappears. I go read something and after a few minutes, come bback and hit refresh and then it finally shows up. Sometimes it takes 10-15 minutes.

I haven't tried reloading the computer, but I hate doing that so hadn't considered it as a solution.


It's a Slate article, by Duke's aide---said he had access to the room, so had a neighborhood/civic meeting in the morning before the official event began in the afternoon!

Captain Hate

Here you go:


Nobody ever said RINOs are smart.


Can we identify Republican-hatred as an authentic prejudice now, in need of cultural remediation? I mean, it seems the most vitally important thing to Ms. Dunham is that her partner in unwanted un-protection is a card carrying Rethuglican.

Also, a query from an anxious guy -- If a guy is a rapist for failing to wear his galoshes, is a girl a rapist, if she swears she is on the pill, but isn't?

James D.

Appalled, the answer is:

No, because Patriarchy.

Captain Hate

To amplify on what Miss Marple and, specifically, Stephanie said, for every step tubby Erick Erickson takes forward he takes two back. Time to back off the estrogen supplements.

Soylent Red

Can we identify Republican-hatred as an authentic prejudice now, in need of cultural remediation? I mean, it seems the most vitally important thing to Ms. Dunham is that her partner in unwanted un-protection is a card carrying Rethuglican.

1. "Cultural remediation" is, for the most part the purview of SJWs on the Left

2. Republican immorality is a given to the SJWs on the Left

3. It is immoral itself, in the view of the SJWs of the Left, to "remediate" backwards to "immorality", therefore no action is required.

I think we would be more successful if we all resolved to forego "cultural remediation" in favor of "legal remediation."

IOW, take every opportunity to sue the living shit out of these fascists.

Captain Hate

Then again, anybody who writes this is ok with me:


NKvirusedand back

I read Insty's link to Gawker. All Gawker did was to speulate a bit about the leads Williamson and Nolte PS'd in their stories about who Pig Dunham was describing. So Gawker validates Williamson and Nolte by confirming that Dunham knew no flamboyant rightwinger at Oberlin, and she concocted that entire rightwing meme essay in her so-called book. After confirming that Dunham is a fabulist who concocted an 'ewwww republican' Gawker then assumes that Dunham was 'raped' and it it was by this Prog Princling, som of a Prog High Priest from NPR and Goucher College (fyi, back in the 70s-80s, Goucher girls were easy - peasy) Why would anybody assume anything Dunham says is based on any facts, especialy the Gawker schmucks after they prove she concocted the ewww repub? Dunham either fabricated the whole thing, OR she really did let the Prog Princling put his unsheathed D#%^ in her, she then regrettd it, so she concocts a right wing bogeyman to sell it to her credulous audience. I can't decide, which is worse.



Neither RINOs nor actual Republicans are stupid.

Suppose Scalese offered the story described in Slate -- which amounts to "I spoke to a bunch of White Supremacists before their conference, but I really wasn't at the conference."

How would that play? How much mockery would there be? Think how much more oxygen there would be to the story, as reporters descended on Louisiana to investigate the story, with representative quotes from random white supremacists.

Makes more sense to admit he was there, say "oops", deplore David Duke (easy to do), and give the reporting swarm nothing else to do regarding the story. Personally, I think a Giuliani type swipe at the President's long accepted and forgiven attendance at a G-D America church would also be in order. But offering technical explanations that sound like political/legal weaseling? Not so much...

This is how stories go away.

James D.

OK, I am officially sick of the Scalise story. And any R who responds to it with anything other than an attack on the questioner and a "What about Al Sharpton?" is officially Dead To Me.

Captain Hate

Yes, Appalled, I don't see the problem with saying that he spoke to a lot of groups while campaigning for a specific issue, including some which may have not been completely transparent about what they're about, and leave it at that. It's not like there's a pattern of repeated appearances.


"spoke to a bunch of White Supremacists before their conference"

According to Knight people waiting to attend the conference were actually a minority of those there during the "neighborhood meeting".

But I get it. The whole incident has that taint of "ugliness" you may find appalling.


As more elected Republican minorities take their seats in Congress, Media Matters tries to help Democrats paint the GOP as a den of hooded racists.

Who could this possibly influence? The sheep, who are already 90% voters? Some self-loathing whites who haven't already thrown in with the fascists? DublinDave?

If Scalise won't hire Rudy to do it for him, he should just say "Go f* yourself," like Alberto Gonzales should have done.


"What about Al Sharpton?"

Robert "Kleagle" Byrd.

Though at this point it is starting to be more like a non-story.

Stephanie - It's Bowl Time!!! Merry Christmas!

Bowl Update:

SBW 17/24
Holly 16/24
Capt Hate 16/24
JiB 15/24
Stephanie 14/24
Daddy 14/24
TC 14/24
Bori 14/24
Patriot4Freedom 12/24

Tomorrow night's bowl update will include 2 updates - one for the 39 game series and one for the 6 +1 series...

Captain Hate

Again, we're spending more time defending a RINO like Scalise than he would ever spend supporting Palin.


It is what he said to that group that matters, not whether he addressed it. As it is for any other group he has addressed and any other group any other politician addresses.
Memo to the GOP: stop permitting the other side to dictate the narrative.

Soylent Red

And any R who responds to it with anything other than an attack on the questioner and a "What about Al Sharpton?" is officially Dead To Me.

"Scalise may have - may have - spoken at a meeting of racists.

But Dick Gephart, Ernest Hollings and Andrew Cuomo are all on record for soliciting the support of racists, if not for openly making racist remarks themselves. Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have been noted reverse-racists for three decades, and both have been candidates for the Democrat nomination at some point in time. Robert Byrd not only spoke at meetings of racists, he organized and led them.

So please, Mr. Liberal, STFU."

Captain Hate

Did the Crims use up all their karma on this:


James D.

CH, I don't look at it as defending Scalise.

It's defending ourselves, because the way these stories always work is that all R's, and all conservatives, end up getting painted with the same brush. If one R (however much of a RINO he is) does or says something that can possibly be painted in a negative light, every conservative is guilty, according to the Dems and the MSM.

And it's also not really defense at all, or it shouldn't be. As many have said here, the response ought to be "I don't know what Scalise did 12 years ago, and it's not relevant anyway. Let's talk about the lying, racist, riot-inciting tax evader who's been to the White House 85 times this year and who's best pals with the President."



Scalese -- who does not remember what the heck he did -- seems to have figured that contesting the point would make this thing a bigger story than it otherwise was. To push back on the issue, he would have had to rely on the word of his neighbor, the white supremacist, and make a one day story, a one week story.

There's nothing ugly in any of this, except the way the media behaves, and your inability to draw a distinction between a politician talking to constituents, and embracing an anti-black underclass article on a white supremacist website.

Jack is Back!

Revving up the time machine, I found this little nuggest: Anita Hill, Brandeis and Dead Cops.


A somewhat broad brush but I do not believe in coincidence when its left wing actions.

Old Lurker

"OK, I am officially sick of the Scalise story."

One advantage of going JOM-dark for a few days over Christmas is that I missed both the Scalise story, and the audio tape of Beast's date.

Merry Christmas to me!

And Happy New Year to all my friends here.

Captain Hate

Memo to the GOP: stop permitting the other side to dictate the narrative.

Good luck with that because it would require OrangeLush to sober up enough to notice the "Kick Me" sign on his back.


Regardless of the alcohol-fueled rape charges, if Dunham wants to put herself in real jeopardy of a defamation suit all she has to do is claim someone had consensual sex with her while sober and in control of his faculties.


I like MM's idea. Have Scalise's people announce that he'll be making a statement to the public, suggesting that it will be an apology and possibly even a resignation. All cameras will be rolling...

"...and Barack Obama sat with his wife and children in a racist church, which he attended for 20 years. He honored the racist preacher, who married Barack and Michele and baptized their children, with the title of one of his books."


--and make a one day story, a one week story--

Perhaps, but two things;
1. A lot of one day stories that Reps don't fight equals a lot of unrefuted lies that last way more than a week and only encourages more of them.
2. More and more, the longer these left wing hit pieces stay in the news, the greater the damage to the left wing spewing the lies and hate, not their victims.


--Robert Byrd not only spoke at meetings of racists, he organized and led them.--

Yes, but Byrd said he was kinda sorry and that he wouldn't burn any more crosses on darky lawns and he'd only wear his hood at home while boning his maid Jemimah, whereas Scalise who was never actually a racist, never even spoke at the event he apologized for.

I'm surprised you couldn't discern the difference, Soylent.

Soylent Red

Perhaps, but two things;

cf., George W. Bush.

Jack is Back!

Slim's chimps finally wake up to the reality of the aggrevied NYPD and find them wanting: "NY Times Divides NYPD and DeBlasio Furhter, Accuses Cops of 'self pity' - Ahhhh"


Lets see if Pat Lynch has more balls then Boehner/RNC have.


Speaking of the KKK...an antique auction will be held in Dover,NH tonight. MM,it sounds similar to the auction you will be attending tomorrow. The auctioneer has the usual items,glassware,toys,books and one very unusual item. He recently received a call from a woman who found the item in her attic. The item had been folded and wrapped for years and when she unfolded it,she realized it was a KKK robe,with her father's name written on the back. The woman,who wishes to remain anonymous,offered the item to the auctioneer. He listed it with the other items to be auctioned tonight. He has received several calls from people who are either outraged or wish to place a bid. He has no idea what price the item will bring at auction.
The KKK had a brief presence in NH in the mid-1920s. A 1924 meeting held in Rochester,NH drew 10,000 people from NH,Maine and Massachusetts. I imagine the KKK's presence in northern New England was more about anti-immigration than race.
MM,I'm going to watch for a follow-up story in the Dover,NH paper and let you know the winning bid.




A bit disappointed in Burge for jumping all over Scalise (though he did point out the Dem hypocrisy), but I'll forgive him for gems like this:

David Burge ‏@iowahawkblog

Bill de Blasio discovers first police state he doesn't like: his.

James D.

It's not necessarily about balls, JiB.

Pat Lynch knows exactly who his constituency is - the rank and file of the police union. It doesn't matter what the NYT says about him, or whether he's invited to the nicest cocktail parties in New York society - probably it's better for him, the more that the NYT and the "respectable" politicians criticize him.

Boehner and the RINOs know who their constituency is, too, and it's certainly not their rank and file voters.



Scalese is fighting for Scalese, not the Republican Party, and his likely model for surviving a scandal is David Vintner, who survived his prostitution scandal quite well, thank you.



Apparently it is not true that Scalese ...

"spoke to a bunch of White Supremacists before their conference"
Given the backlash to race mongering lately make the other side back their overplay in full public view.

IMO screw the "Fahgettaboudit Jake ..." attitude.


Video: New Years Eve FireWorks 2015 at Sydney Australia Happy New Years 2015


Miss Marple


Thank you, I would be interested.

One of the fascinating things I have discovered is "black memorabilia." (You can search for that category on eBay.)

Interestingly, these advertisements with black caricatures, tea towels with "pickaninnys" on them, Aunt Jemima syrup pitchers, and the like, are often collected by black people.

I say this because I sold a tea towel for a high price which had two cute black children EATING WATERMELON surrounded by a border of cotton bolls. It went for a high price and I am pretty sure (given the name) that the buyer was a black woman.

You should have read my description in which I discussed "a reminder of a sad time in our history" etc. because I was so afraid of offending someone.

When we have collections of that stuff featured in local auctions, a great many of the bidders are black.

I have pondered on why this is many times. Do they use it to show their children and grandchildren how bad things used to be? Do they consider it historical record of their presence before the Civil Rights movement? Is it some weird sort of victimization? Are they buying the stuff and then destroying it in a bonfire?

I don't know.

By the way, there are several Nazi items in the local auction tomorrow, all marked with swastikas. I won't bid on them because you are not allowed to sell them on eBay. You can, however, sell black memorabilia.

Don't ask me. The ways of eBay are mysterious.


Excellent Link TK@09:45.


The Obama regime has betrayed all Cubans who had a desire to be free.

James D.

The Obama regime has betrayed all Cubans human beings everywhere who had a desire to be free.

Fixed it for you.



To your point -- you might note that that bit of exculpation was on page 2 of the slate story. (I did not see it when I typed my initial message, and I think this scandal de jour is garbage) The fact that the cheerful neighbor was an unapologetic white supremacist was all over page 1. Which tells you exactly how the media would deal with the point. Explanations and exculpation go on page 2, after the ad for cute Russian girls with pretty smiles.


Thanks, Pagar. It is a must read.


It is more accurate, based upon results, to say that Team Turtle recognizes the Muddle, which decides all elections, to be more manageable through use of the carrot rather than the stick. It was not incompetence which led to the greatest majorities in the House and state legislatures in over 80 years and watching the Fascists take the race whip to its base is probably best observed with quiet applause rather than rancorous shouts.

BOzo has removed the associative guilt necessary for the race whip to generate positive results and the howling of the plantation mobs is being met with very cold stares from the Muddle. I don't believe interfering with the Fascist suicide is good politics.


MM,the auctioneer in NH said in the article he has auctioned Nazi items and in a few instances,the people who have bid on those items have burned them.
Imagine the shock of the woman who found her father's KKK robe!


I missed the part where we found out Scalise did not speak at that meeting. Can you tell me where it is?


Duke's comments came with a warning to Republicans who might be quick to distance themselves from Scalise.

"If Scalise is going to be crucified — if Republicans want to throw Steve Scalise to the woods, then a lot of them better be looking over their shoulders," Duke told Fusion. He added that he wasn't afraid to release a list of names of politicians he has connections to.


--Scalese is fighting for Scalese, not the Republican Party, and his likely model for surviving a scandal is David Vintner...--

Agreed and good point, Appalled. I think we're talking at cross purposes slightly. My point was more to the reaction of the clean toga crowd who jump up immediately and try to run the "offender" through with their Roman pike before the faux scandal can extend to the next news day and get any of the guy's dirt on their immaculate hems.


"Which tells you exactly how the media would deal with the point"

Appalled, I am already aware that the MFM is more interested in narrative than accuracy.

IMO push-back based on accuracy is not as negative as you seem to believe. When more people know the details don't support the MFM narrative, when that narrative is currently exposed as vulnerable, seems like a good time to discredit the narrative.


People on the right who think Scalise should resign because of this trumped up--obviously media matters--POS deserve to be called losers, cause they've no notion of what they are up against or why they have to fight it.


David Duke; latest irreproachable source for the left.

Captain Hate

Is there a bigger POS than this?



RickB-- you reright of course. But as a conservative I am less interested in the historic numbers of the Repub majority , than I am in what they actually do with it. If the repubs do nothing to cut spending repeal obummercare, roll back epa and immigration EO outrages, then whatis the value of historic majorities. I have posted a number of links to the effective budget spoiler action the repubs have implemented since 2011; they did quite well with only the House. Now they have the whole congress and a good shot at Scotus repealing fed exchanges in June. They have to produce to save the nation from bankruptcy and set up the '16 candidate.


Duke is a dick. Eff him.

Soylent Red

the howling of the plantation mobs is being met with very cold stares from the Muddle.

Mr Ballard:

I was having this exact conversation with my father the other night. We both agreed that the race card no longer has the power it used to have over The Forgotten Man, and that the cultural temper tantrums, culminating with race-based assaults and cop ambushes, will likely drive The Forgotten Man (who is mostly oblivious to race and antipathetic to racial politics) into the arms of the most sympathetic alternative. Standing back and allowing it to happen, and be associated with the Left seems to be the most prudent course of action, although it will get worse before it gets better (gun sales ticking up again, BTW.)

I am cautiously optimistic that 2015 will see Peak Left, and that racial politics will be the Left's limit of advance. When you think deeply about it, what other polarizing factor do they have to mobilize voters? Gay marriage, universal healthcare, and all the other objectives of the left have been achieved (even though they are all clear failures.) Short of full socialism and dictatorship, I don't see any other areas they can exploit.


James D,

James D.

Captain Hate

Who said he's just golfing in Hawaii?



drive The Forgotten Man

You're assuming that The Forgotten Man is rural, white, and conservative, but the numbers aren't going in that direction.


the howling of the plantation mobs

It sure is a mystery as to why minorities vote Democrat.


Soylent/Rick. -- personally I love irony. The Progs successfully carried out the Third Worlding of america via Ted Kennedy s 1966 immigration law. In the past 20 years the virtually open border has accelerated that trend, and as commented often here, importing poverty into the USA welfare state has been calamitous on several levels. But it has had a less obvious effect. The Third Worlding of america has also led to americans working and socializing with noneuro persons. And those noneuroimmigrants know from personal experience thatamericans generally interact with individuals based on who theyare not what they look like. This puts the lie to the traditional race hustlers. The newer immigrants are not all progs not even the poor ones. A significant numberofnewer americans look at our moldy old race hustlers as whiny bitches. I like that irony, and have some hope it bears fruit.

Soylent Red

For the mildly retarded and willfully ignorant, here's a definition of The Forgotten Man, from William Graham Sumner, who first coined the term:

As soon as A observes something which seems to him wrong, from which X is suffering, A talks it over with B, and A and B then propose to get a law passed to remedy the evil and help X. Their law always proposes to determine what C shall do for X, or, in better case, what A, B, and C shall do for X... What I want to do is to look up C. I want to show you what manner of man he is. I call him the Forgotten Man. perhaps the appellation is not strictly correct. he is the man who never is thought of.... I call him the forgotten man... He works, he votes, generally he prays—but he always pays..."
Beasts of England

Is Julia of the mistaken impression that anyone here gives a rat's ass what she thinks or that her racial whining is going to change anyone's opinion on anything? Good grief...



The real story about the Scalise sandbagging.

James D.

Totally OT, I've got a bit of good news to share - thanks to a very successful promotion last week, I've had my best month yet of book sales (over 25,000 downloads of the first book, which is free these days; and over 700 sales of the subsequent books). I may actually hit four figures (before the decimal point!) for book income this month; if I don't, I won't miss by very much.

Hopefully that'll be the base that 2015 starts from. Fingers crossed...


JUST ONCE, I'd like the white toga punditry to not jump at the bait:Foley, "Bush lied", Plame tied to a railroad track by Cheney, etc etc. When will they catch on?


It is as if the White Toga crowd is operating under some sort of decree.

James D.

Also OT...the new member of our family...

James D.

Ugh, the picture didn't post. Can someone remind me of the code to post an image?


Congrats JamesD. Impressive. Presumably you're making it up in volume on that first book. :)


The solution to this mystery is so simple you're all going to kick yourselves for missing it.

*Obviously*, Lena was raped by Barack Obama's imaginary son.

He's everywhere!


Good, James D!!!


JUST ONCE, I'd like the white toga punditry to not jump at the bait


James D.

Something like that, Iggy.

The hope is that for every 100 people who get the first book for free, 10 of them like it enough to buy book 2, and 5 of them like THAT enough to keep on and buy the rest of the books. With eight books in the series so far, ideally it works out to 40 paid sales ($90 or so revenue) for every 100 free books given out.

It works like that for a lot of other self-published authors, anyway...


James D, was that a picture of D-cat?



I strongly disagree wrt to the importance of the historical majorities in state legislatures. Taking the bottom rung of the ladder prevents ascension of the prog vermin who would do harm in the future. As to Team Turtle strategic goals, Wisconsin remains the model for restoration. Congress can begin the process by putting a choke hold on Watermelons at the EPA and Educrats and allowing the OPM Famine to decimate the Blue Hells.

Soylent Red,

2008-2014 may well turn out to have been Peak Left around the world. The Shit Midas is certainly emblematic of the certain results to be obtained whenever progressives are in ascendance.

James D.

It's supposed to be, Henry, if I can figure out how to post it (and size it so it doesn't break everyone's screens)


--You're assuming that The Forgotten Man is rural, white, and conservative, but the numbers aren't going in that direction.--

Accepting your ignorant idea of who the Forgotten Man is, this is what has the lefties scared and why they love the welfare state plantation and hacienda; if minorities increasingly get out from under the thumb of the state and become free and independent actors then they become taxed contributors rather than net consumers of the state's largesse.
The left only wins to the extent they can keep their constituents on the dole with all the attendant social pathologies and destroyed, hopeless lives that entails.
Leftist power depends on the broken lives of the people they pretend to care about and to their discredit they're not even honest enough to admit it [except for WeeDavey].
Instead of being honest about the Faustian bargain for power they've made they distract others and even themselves from it with the false moral preening about phantom right wing racist and misogynistic bogeymen behind every corner while tolerating the worst kind of bigots and abusers amongst their own ranks.

James D.

OK, so I found what I think is the correct code and pointer to the image. But when I preview it, I get a HUGE image that eats the whole screen, rather than the manageable size picture I want to post. This is the code I'm using, can someone tell me what's incorrect?

Or will it look correct once posted even if it looks way too big in preview?

img src="https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5069296/IMG_0020.JPG" width="200" height="133"

Beasts of England

Well said, Ig.


One last comment before I go do something more useful;
Jeb Bush supports common core. That's bad but lets face it, it would make something already pretty damned bad somewhat worse.
I don't find his stance on immigration nearly as bad as it could be and better than I thought it was.
What I do find encouraging was his apparent desire while governor to cut Florida's government in half.

Any guy who went to DC with that goal in mind and actually made some headway toward it would be forgiven by me for the first two issues.


James D, post a link please (my wife is a compulsive book-buyer).


One more last comment,
Generally you need to resize the photo at a photobucket type site rather than try to resize the way you're trying.
Someone more knowledgeable could explain more but I've never had any luck via that method and have always used photobucket [or similar] to get a separate URL for the resized image.


William Graham Sumner was a Dem who grew up when the Democratic party was controlled by rich slave owning capitalists.

So I understand your reference.

James D.

HRT, the link to book 1 (free) is:


The link to all the books is:


Michael (fpa Patriot4Freedom)

JamesD - Congrats on the promising sales trend. May you continue to sell even more!

wrt your question re the picture's size, it *should* only post in the same size as the original picture. Are the numbers for the width and height from your source photo?


so Moira, 'captain tupolev'd' her boss, I'm not surprised, meanwhile some new picks for the Jayvee scouts, have become free agents

James D.

OK, trying again. This should work...meet Diego!

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