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December 26, 2014



First, first, first.

BB Key



drei, Cheney followed the trail of the DGSE,
SVR, BND, they held Curveball's account, Egyptian and Jordanian Mukharabats, and Czech intelligence, by contrast what makes this Unit 121,


Plus blaming a movie is all the rage, and a convenient movie made fun of Un.

Captain Hate

Is 404 right about anything?

Danube on iPad

Sony insider.

Captain Hate

I'm sure OrangeDrank has made this the highest priority of 2015:



Florida officially the third largest state by population, displacing withering New York.
John Fund says it has more to do with taxes than sunshine, considering FL's state budget is half of NY's and there is no income tax.


--Is 404 right about anything?--

He was twice correct that more people would vote for a clean articulate black man than the obsequious, polite losers the GOP would oppose him with.

Strawman Cometh

articulate = speaks coherently, fluently. Does not equal reads well from teleprompter.


Just quoting Barry's veep, SC.


Unpleasant and uncomfortable truths about Islam and what we face from it.
I can't name a public official who has gone on record regarding virtually any of these truths.


Sharyl Atkisson who does weird things for a reporter these days, like report news adverse to state ambitions, says new docs prove what has been alleged for a long time; the Fast and Furious program was intended and was used by Eric and Barry and Hillary for pressing for more gun control by pointing to cross border gun running, but conveniently forgetting they were the ones doing the running.

Miss Marple


When people start discussing it they are beat down by people who accuse them of bigotry and wanting to re-ignite the Crusades (which in my opinion might not be a bad idea).

I am of the opinion that Islam isn't a religion. It's a political and military movement using religion as a disguise.

Soylent Red

Is 404 right about anything?

That's a rhetorical question, right?

A few points...

When I first heard about this, my initial reaction was, "Wow! Clever marketing ploy..." The Sony hack was very possibly an inside job, and the subject matter of the film made it all the more plausible. It would still not surprise me if it was all a hoax, perpetrated on the the public, the intelligence community, and the White House at the expense of the NORKs.

Second, the preceding notwithstanding, do not discount the NORK's ability to work autonomously in cyberspace, without the assistance of China or Russia. They have devoted a great deal of time and money into training very skilled tool developers, and have an interest in being a thorn in the side of the West, when they can get away with it and it suits their purposes. Oh, and did I mention that Un makes Il look like a paragon of sanity and restraint? IOW, projecting logical reasoning and FP goals on a country behind the Batshit-Crazy Curtain might not be productive - it doesn't have to make sense to us, just to them. So they have both the means and motive to pull a stunt like this, based on their own internal logical consistency.

Finally, the government's ROE for engaging in offensive cyber operations (OCO) are extremely restrictive, not only because OCO is viewed (at least by our government) as an overt act, but also because every time you flip the switch on some group of assholes, the assholes know the switch is there. So...

In summation and response to CH's rhetorical question "Yes!" based on the following conjectures:

1. It might have been North Korea, or it might not have been North Korea.

2. There is enough information about Unit 121 where the Administration could plausibly point the finger with a high degree of truthiness, and you, the ignint electorate, would have no way of knowing if it was legitimate or not. Becuz secretz.

3. Somebody gave the NORK interwebs a shock, and based on the extreme bad judgement it would take to do that in response to what might, or might not, be a hack on a private entertainment company, Obama probably ordered it.

Which leads to the final point, a logical conclusion to this epic tragedy, based on Shit Midas's previous record of fail:

4. It will turn out that the whole thing is a Sony hoax, and the Administration will be responsible for burning a bunch of tools embedded in NORK systems, and set back cyber operations on the peninsula by a decade. Marie Harf will make some kind of retarded convoluted excuse for the whole thing, and Obama will then go golfing.


IMO people are only beaten down in a discussion if they choose to be.
Leftists and muslims use the tendency of average, normal people to avoid confrontation and ostracization to bully their way to specific positions of power and general positions of social dominance.
The almost universal complaint of conservatives that they have to bite their tongues around their lefty co-workers and relatives, who seldom bite their own, to maintain peace is an example.

Until people and politicians who stand for freedom actually stand for freedom the beat downs will continue until morale improves.


Time for a new crisis:


Border Patrol agents are trying to get an account of all their agents, after a report one of them was possibly kidnapped.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS learned the RGV Border Patrol sector got a report from the La Joya Police Department on Christmas of a possible abduction. The report states someone from Mexico called the department to say a Border Patrol agent was kidnapped from the Rio Grande Valley area.

At this point, Border Patrol officials are going through their protocols to account for the more than 3,000 agents in the Rio Grande Valley. It’s all a precaution.

The details of the possible kidnapping are limited, as officials are still working to verify it.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS is working to get the very latest details and will have an update on CHANNEL 5 NEWS THIS MORNING. 


Miss Marple

Soylent Red,

I can't argue with most of it except note that the initial leaks were not about the movie nor did they mention it. It was all about racism in emails.

Which coincidentally happened to fit in with the preferred Administration story-line, that racism is everywhere and "we have a lot of work to do."

I wonder if the initial leaks were made known to the Administration and their preferred expert in all things racism, Al Sharpton.

It seems to me that perhaps the Administration used those racism charges to somehow insert Sharpton into the Sony power structure, after which it suddenly became important to push the North Korea theme, possibly to disguise participation in an absolutely illegal breach of Sony security.

Everyone got on this free speech, "let's show that little dictator" bandwagon and sort of forgot about Sharpton.

However, when it looked like this was going to be called an act of war, they reversed position again and called it "cyber-vandalism" (a term which apparently was invented on the spot, much like "white Hispanic".

I will say, however, that burning up the Nork infrastructure will prevent any more leaks, either because they WERE doing it, or the real hacker won't want to reveal himself by continuing.


There will be no stand for freedom from the politicians, Ig.

Merry Collusion: Salon Writer Pimps How Media & GOP Establishment Suppressed Birthers


Danube on iPad

Judge Howell's opinion re Arpaio:



Had never actually heard of Routine Activity Theory until this AT story on black on white crime.
Pretty interesting.










Sorry about that. I couldn't put all the links in one post.

    Sorry about that. I couldn't put all the links in one post.

    Posted by: Threadkiller | December 26, 2014 at 12:49 PM

Well. thank god you were able to get them on here.

I'll read them all right away. I'll study them. I'll, memorize them.

NOTHING is more important than those links...


We can't talk about Barry's EOs, immigration and lawsuits regarding them now?


An interesting point of view regarding the progressive wedge being driven between blacks and Hispanics; the Plantation vs the Hacienda.
Now that's progressive.

Centralcal on iPad

LOL mockmook.

Cecil Turner

Pretty interesting.

I thought so too. Thanks, Iggy.


Anything to get a comment out of you that isn't whining about TM's other posts, mockmook.

Danube on iPad

I had never heard of Routine Activity Theory either, and I'm still not sure I understand what it is.


"There will be no stand for freedom from the politicians"


The Politicians are simply not going to allow Americans to stand for freedom.

‘Invalid’ dark money rules threaten grassroots politics

After Janet succeeded in stopping the street car ripoff, I would not be a bit surprised that there is an attempt made to implement the law in Virginia.
Texas really surprises me with their passage of the law.


Routine stupid comment theory:

Oh dear, RickB, you are coming awfully close to criticizing Jackie--that's not tolerated by TM.

Posted by: mockmook | December 07, 2014 at 10:11 AM

When has TM showed intolerance for comments from regular posters? (Besides he who shall not be mentioned, whom I think TM showed incredible patience and tolerance until the end.)

Miss Marple


Learning Curve: Self-esteem is up while knowledge is down


Did you read the wiki link, DoT?
This caption for the Venn diagram put it succinctly;

A graphical model of the Routine activity theory. The theory stipulates three necessary conditions for most crime; a likely offender, a suitable target, and the absence of a capable guardian, coming together in time and space. In other words: for a crime to occur, a likely offender must find a suitable target with capable guardians absent.

It's basically academicianese for common sense;
victims can generally avoid crime by not placing themselves or being placed in a situation where a crime can, and predictably will, occur.
In the Chicago $22.5 million case, the authorities released a probable victim of crime into an environment in which they should have and could have known she would be victimized.
In the case of the teens shot in Detroit they placed themselves in a position that predictably had a high chance of meeting the three criteria of RAT as pointed out by the Detroit cop;
But Assistant Police Chief Steve Dolunt of Detroit seems to know it [RAT] pretty well, even if he does not call it that. Dolunt and his investigators are still trying to figure out how this crime happened. But this much he does know: Those upper-class rich kids did not have any business in that black neighborhood.

"The kids in Grosse Pointe -- they think it can't happen to them," Dolunt told the Detroit Free Press. ”People shouldn't blame the people in Detroit; your kids are buying drugs there.”


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!
I hosted my family for Christmas and as a result had to be away from the JOM family. Hope the holidays were wonderful and memorable. Got to see my brother from Florida Whom I hadn't seen in a year and a half.


Is there pHraud in the great ocean acidification threat? Certainly looks hide-the-decline-hockey-stickish.
Same arrogant dismissal of attempts to replicate. Same shoddy, propaganda value driven "science". Same refusal to share data.

Eric in Boise

OT, but the DeBlasio "banner" reads

DeBlasio, our backs have turned to you

Anybody else mentally add a "woo woo woo" when reading that?


where have you gone Bill DeBlasio?
A city turns its back on you today!
Hey! Hey! Hey!

What's that you say Bill DiBlasio?
A nation tells you all to go and screw!
Whoo hoo Hoo!

Danube on iPad

No, Iggy--Inhadn't noticed the link. Will read it now.

Miss Marple

Now the complainers are mad at Jet Blue for giving free rides to police going to the funeral, and want free rides for relatives of people shot by police. Plus this free ride for police proves RACISM!



Jet Black


Posted by: Danube on iPad | December 26, 2014 at 01:25 PM-

dang it, Iggy summed it up. it is the advice that Mom gives you ...

nothing good happens when you are out at 2 AM.

don't get so drunk you don't know where you are or can't stand up.

etc, etc.

hummm ... a stocking stuffer for TM when he gets back to "rape culture" and the UVA story. (ie. tell your daughters that getting drunk at a frat {or other college type} party is generally a bad idea).

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy Boxing Day.

Eric in Boise

Lol, matt!!


Unbroken - Official Trailer 2 (HD)



MM: this year will be the "Year of Miss Marple!" All good wishes are headed your way! so wonderful to hear from Jim Rhoades and cindyk and kave. Also I like to see our lurkers unlurk for a day. Best wishes to all!


Steve: I hope to see it soon.



I grew up in the inner city and we were well acquainted with the RAT theory. It was why kids did not play outside after dark. Why we did not go certain neighborhoods unless we were in a group.

Progs call it victim blaming which is why nobody has probably heard of it. You can blame the rape victim for going alone into a bar in a strange place and getting drunk out of her skull.


anonamom, I just treated the family d to a bottle of Balcones Single Malt. A web site named zachys.com ships to New Hampshire and most other states near as I can see.
LUN is to a recent Forbes article about this hooch -- very interesting. If my cold is still around, this tipple should annihilate it.

Eric in Boise

Looking at the link, Routine Activity Theory seems to boil down to a wolf, a sheep, and no sheepdog, with predictable results.


The AT RAT article quotes the professor:

The woman “was a white female in a predominantly black, poor neighborhood (and) she had a much higher risk of predatory victimization.”

But the author of the article makes it racial: "White people in black neighborhoods should expect to be the victims of racial violence."

I haven't seen evidence that whites are more at risk than blacks in black neighborhoods, or simply more at risk than in white neighborhoods. The latter is obvious, especially if you just substitute "high crime" for "black" and "low crime" for "white." I wouldn't bet against the former, but there's nothing in the article other than the assertion of the author that these are "racial" crimes. I don't think we should automatically assume race as a motive when a white is killed by a black any more than we should when a black is killed by a white, given that most victims of black criminals are black.


I wonder if DiBlasio will dare go to that cop's funeral today. The wake is going on right now and the funeral is at 7 PM I believe.


Jane, I heard that he is definitely going. I have no sympathy for him, of course, but I think he's damned if he does, damned if he doesn't, unless he is seen to be respecting the wishes of the family.


And DeBlasio skipped Herman Badillo's funeral, apparently didn't even make a call to his widow.


I suppose it was because Badillo became a Republican. That didn't stop Rangel and Dinkins from attending.


Good Morning!

probably the biggest miracle I've seen this Christmas Season, besides that Monkey resuscitating his electrocuted buddy, is this poor Snow-machiner falls thru the ice up near Barrow, and survives 3 days in sub-zero temps while being stalked by a Wolverine.

And in other local news, our Lawn and Garden Columnist is conflicted as to whether he ought to write columns giving tips on how to grow healthy Marijuana plants:)


Belated thanks to whoever gave us that easy link to "Ad-Block" last week. My Ad-Block ticker above says that since installation it has blocked 47,806 ads, and 12 on this page.




I have no sympathy for him, of course, but I think he's damned if he does, damned if he doesn't, unless he is seen to be respecting the wishes of the family.

I'm happy to see him double-damned. I waved to you today, Jimmy when I drove over the GW Bridge. Made it back from Philly in 4 hours. Not bad.



Thanks for the MIT info post. All I can say is Go Caltech Beavers!

In other related higher Academia news. Insty posts a very complementary article on Miss Marple's favorite, Mitch Daniels, and his successful efforts at decreasing College costs at Purdue. Belt Tightening 101---Mitch Daniels has helped Purdue keep costs down for students.

Nice comment in the story's thread, reminding readers that Hillary charges $300,000 just to speak to cash strapped students at such hallowed halls of Academe.

Miss Marple

Apparently they are attempting to start a boycott of Jet Blue.

"Fly Jet Blue! 100% anarchist-free!"


that was a nice recital of the administration's amici brief, disguised as an opinion, I guess enforcing immigration laws, is something 'no one is supposed to do'

Miss Marple

Daddy, thanks for the article on Mitch!
By the way, have I mentioned Mike Pence will never speak his name? Always calls him "my predecessor."

Mitch Daniels was the best governor we have ever had here. So many improvements in all aspects of government and budget.

But will you hear a word from Pence praising him? No.

I really hope people do not make Pence the candidate.


I waved to you today, Jimmy when I drove over the GW Bridge.

Thanks, but I hope you looked in the right direction, as I'm 280 miles north this weekend in the not-so-frozen tundra of Lake Placid.


unlike the former, I think him sincere but mistaken:


has the shooter's possible ties to Salafi, been investigated further?


nothing to see here:



Obama and his nation security advisors



in the Chicago case in the AT article (which was from a few years ago) this is what the judge said:

“She was lost, unable to appreciate her danger and dressed in a manner to attract attention,” Easterbrook wrote last spring.

“She is white and well-off while the local population is predominantly black and not affluent, causing her to stand out as a person unfamiliar with the environment and, thus, a potential target for crime.”

The trial witnesses seemed to link her victimization and her race too (although since she was in the middle of a psychotic bipolar breakdown and the Chicago police did nothing but release her, she would have most likely been harmed in some way even had she not been released into that neighborhood). Chicago lost the case and paid out 22.5 million dollars (an unanswered question is how many of the officers were black and wanting to teach that "white bitch" a lesson {an actual quote from one her jailers}).

Black on white crime seems to be the author's (Colin Flaherty ) wheelhouse and he is attacked as a racist by the usual suspects.


Better caption:
'I was raised to be charming not sincere'


The theory stipulates three necessary conditions for most crime; a likely offender, a suitable target, and the absence of a capable guardian, coming together in time and space. In other words: for a crime to occur, a likely offender must find a suitable target with capable guardians absent.

This might be the possible reasoning behind why Jesse Jackson would not consider himself a Racist against black youth, and is instead basing his prejudice on Legitimate reasons---the absence of "a likely Offender."

Jesse Jackson (November 1993): There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery. Then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved.... After all we have been through. Just to think we can't walk down our own streets, how humiliating.


I didn't see the emails as racist, but indications of their shallowness, and the condescension that got 'White House Down'


Thomas Sowell on the AT author's book and the underlying theory (racial motivations of black assailants against white targets)



At least we weren't treated to the missing link.

As to Routine Activity Theory, it seems to describe the reason we fish where the fish are.


Thanks, but I hope you looked in the right direction

Trust me, knowing the "right direction" is not my forte!

Marlene at the cabin

Hi all! The sky was blue and sunny today! Hope you are all are enjoying the holiday weekend. This morning we cleaned the garage loft. Tomorrow we are making a bonfire down by the stream,to burn all the sh*t we put into a big pile.:)


we don't much past the outrage,



Did they bring the extra tiara or was he already prepared?

I guess it is better than his preferred headgear.


Twas the Day before Christmas and Obama Golfs with Anti-Christ Islamic Prime Minister 



well really is it worse than 'more selective' politico:



Posted by: MarkO | December 26, 2014 at 04:28 PM -

not following? almost as cryptic as narciso ...


I haven't seen evidence that whites are more at risk than blacks in black neighborhoods, or simply more at risk than in white neighborhoods.

One summer day in around 1975, I got off a train at a subway station in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. When I reached the top of the stairway to emerge at whatever street it was, I was met by the stare of literally hundreds of black people, and there wasn't one other white anywhere in sight.

Standing there with a map in my hand, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be racist to say that I was probably more at risk to be a crime victim at that moment than anyone else in the neighborhood.

I took off walking as if I knew where I was going and no harm befell me, although I decided at that point not to accept a scholarship to Pratt Institute. :-)

The End.





there was nothing in that opinion, that considered the extraordinary reach in the latest executive order,


Via Insty:

People Who Don't Drink Alcohol Are More Likely To Die Young


I don't think Cheney went shopping for the answers he wanted. The more we learn about the CIA's intel failures, the more I'm cdertain I'd have been as careful to vet the info as he was.


sure, right, stay away from the brown acid:



Heh, TK.


TK, that link would be hilarious if I hadn't been there, done that in Detroit and Boston more than once.


(Via Insty) I am enjoying the continued work by the Volohk boys in assisting Neil Da' ass Tyson in be clowning himself.

“If we had 12 fingers, I wonder whether the Bill of Rights … would have been 12 amendments long”

...there actually were 12 amendments originally proposed by the First Congress; it’s just that the first two weren’t ratified right away (one never was, and the other was ratified only 200 years later, and became the Twenty-Seventh Amendment):

Keep it up boys. I bow to no one in my praise of real Scientists and their real achievements, but when they peddle pseudoscience and PC nonsense via their lofty media and political positions they deserve a righteous lampooning.



Your story sounds racist to me.

Why I remember when returning Rhodes Scholar Billy Jeff Clinton came back from Europe on a plane and landed at a New York City area Airport (which planes from Europe did not land at at the time), that he instantly headed to Harlem and walked hundreds of blocks thru the ghetto all day and night, constantly being welcomed by thousands of happy, friendly, smiling African Americans, and unlike you and Jesse Jackson, he never once felt even a twinge of fear or possible personal jeopardy whatever.

I can't imagine why you felt apprehensive in the least?

Miss Marple

I used to work nights taking catalog orders, back in 2000. I drove home around 11:00 PM.

I had two choices driving home: cutting through a black neighborhood or the Hispanic area.

I always drove through the Hispanic area. It was summer, and whole families were out in their front years, kids playing, etc. never felt in the least bit of danger.

The one time I drove through the black neighborhood there was no one out except groups of black males, mostly teens. Very threatening, sort of when I got lost walking through Kensington in London and stumbled into an Arab neighborhood, with nothing but young guys standing around talking on cell phones and giving me sullen looks.


HotAir's Noah Rothman, wimp:

Politico: Why won’t Republicans talk about race as much as Democrats?

If the left has a single favorite topic of conversation, it is race. More specifically, issues relating to racial disparities in the United States.

They do not derive pleasure from pondering the progress the nation has made in a handful of generations or are consumed with pride in their country’s progressivism on racial matters. They are propelled instead to heights of ecstasy only by ruminating on the real and persistent racial injustices in America, not to mention their roles as members of a tribe that regards itself as right-thinking on racial issues.

I can usually make it through two paragraphs from this dude, but rarely more.


Confidential AP agreement with North Korea gives Pyongyang control over news stories

Despite trumpeting itself as the “first independent Western news bureau” in North Korea, top executives of the Associated Press (AP) in 2011 agreed to distribute state-produced North Korean propaganda through the AP name, a confidential document and interviews with current and former AP staff indicates.

Kinda like CNN in Baghdad.


--Obama and his nation security advisors--

Are those the little F-Word princesses?
If so, they seem to know how to drop bombs better than his real national security team.


already Vizzini, in the second paragraph.

it always struck me how the likes of Drumheller and Lacey, never presented any documents about Saddam's supposed good will,
re WMD, and apparently there were none,


I wasn't claiming there is no black on white racially motivated crime. Just that the mere fact of a black perp and a white vic doesn't make it so, any more than the reverse.


What is Tyson's point?
The Founders were finger counting dopes?
He's one of those bright boys who some chump once convinced should enthrall the rest of us with his brilliance, regardless of what a dullard he actually is.


I thought your comment was well taken, JimmyK.

As for me, I am just trying to keep Jesse Jackson's quote in our general consciousness as the Media and the politicians of the Left keep hollering about White Racism.

I do find it interesting that race hustler Jesse is getting much less air time lately than race hustler Al Sharpton. Anybody know the reason for that media prejudice?


Does Pinnette have a point:


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