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December 17, 2014



NYS is now all in full on Prog. All productive classes will now be completely driven out and only the Uber wealthy NY Metro and international investors left supporting the Free Stuff Army. The great Empire State that was home to Fulton, Bell, Edison, Eastman, and aviation pioneers like Grumman and Vought (and Bell) and industries like shipbuilding (Brooklyn Navy Yard) naval artillary and Corning Glass, locomotive construction all will be gone. "It's dead Jim.'


He just wants to help Putin, or Maduro, or Texas. Wait! oops.


How about all three? And all three appreciates, except for one Abortion Barbie who is still scrambling to put out the flames of the smoldering ruins...

Eric in Boise

Old and Busted: The Empire State

New Hotness: The Vampire State

Frau Schlafmuetze

Not amused: It must fracking suck to be Cuomo...


Andrew is stark evidence that the apple may not fall far from the tree, but it can roll quite a way to the left...


I should think a GOP president and congress can easily eliminate this decision.
After all, there aren't many more interstate type commerce industries than oil and gas.
No problemo, right lefties?


He's just reacting to the markets. Cost of production numbers all over the map to hide the deficit on profitability.

His mistake is to steal confidence from the less-smart speculators.

They depend on the stoopid.


How about if a professor of anarchy does not pretend that he knows anything about bringing petroleum to the surface? You built a house that look like a geodesic dome for gosh sakes. And even bragged about it. That alone ought to make you reticent to speak about most things...


Depend on the stoopid, and depend on the naive. Seems like you maybe are an expert on that part, otherwise who the hell would ever sign up to listen to you spew nonsense for 15 weeks...

Miss Marple

Is Sandra Lee still living with Cuomo? Is she going to do one of her tablescapes with her lovely pink tree again this year?

Miss Marple

Jerry Haines ‏@jerryhaines 34m34 minutes ago

The Arab Spring went so well that now we're doing the Cuba Winter. #fb

Miss Marple

Maybe she chose the nutcracker theme this year:


My impression is Miss Lee is in nutcracker mode at all times.

Danube on iPad

"I should think a GOP president and congress can easily eliminate this decision."

My first thought was that any federal legislation on this subject would pre-empt the field, but I don't know.


In today's post I mentioned that I keep encountering references to Sematech. In the article I linked to it says Sematech has created a Photovoltaic Manufacturing Consortium in partnership with the federal DoEnergy and the State of New York.

Any incentive there to frown on fracking?

Danube on iPad

A fool reveals his comprehension of markets:

"He's just reacting to the markets. Cost of production numbers all over the map to hide the deficit on profitability."

Just textbook Adam Smith, right? When an enterprise becomes unprofitable, the Invisible Hand of a Benign Government will step in and outlaw the enterprise. Then when the market economics change, that same government will very nimbly react by lifting the ban. No backroom deals with cronies, no political pressure from Green morons, nothing will stop the government from opening all the right valves at exactly the right moment to ensure a smoothly functioning market.

Wher would the private sector be without them?

Beasts of England

lol, Ig! There's no doubt...


Andrew Cuomo just screwed our area’s major employer of lower income residents -- Turning Stone Casino in Verona hired the people who used to work in the wire and copper mills.

He put casinos on either side of Turning Stone - one halfway to Rochester and the other in Schenectady.

From capitalnewyork.com:

“A big part of what this has been about, everything we’ve done for past four years ... is correcting for the abandonment that upstate New York received,” Cuomo said.


“We’re trying to drive the upstate economy."


“I think it's important to remember, the state has no money on the table on any of the scenarios.”


Comanche Voter

Well if Cuomo won't develop the natural gas in his own state, I say "Let those Yankee bastards freeze in the dark!"

Captain Hate on the iPad

Yes as sbw stated, that ignorant guinea just screwed upstate NY's best chance for economic growth.


The articles are notably vague about the exact nature of the alleged health risks. You'd think they could point to all the casualties in Pennsylvania and other big fracking states.

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