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December 02, 2014



words fail, and so would the insurance premiums from the injuries waiting to happen,

there is one part of Mockingjay, that rings false, the notion they would murder their political opponents, when destroying their
reputations, their public persona, is so much easier,

Captain Hate

This didn't take long:



MissM, notably absent from the pictures is anyone doing any work. Hipster Heaven indeed.

Beasts of England

It's getting close now, Miss Marple. A local company (Intergraph) just built a new building for ~600 people with no offices, only a few meeting rooms. The rest is workstation areas, many of them of the standing variety, and, again, no interior walls. The younger crowd loves it, the older crowd is feeling kinda old.


I nominate as TIME'S Person Of The Year, whatever person goes to the Times Headquarters Building, wherever it is, and burns the place to the ground, and puts all Time's employee's out of business as permanently as the rioters in Ferguson have put Ferguson's Businesses permanently out of business.


If you are a costco member and like ham serrano, online they offer for a limited time two varieties from D'Artagnan..they are pricey but last long under refrigeration and for the quality, it's a good deal:http://www.costco.com/CatalogSearch?storeId=10301&catalogId=10701&langId=-1&refine=&keyword=ham


I was going to do a Quiz Time of this guy, the owner of the Store Mike Brown robbed, and list 4 names, and say, which one of these is the name of this shipowner that Mike Brown robbed.

Amazingly, I am unable to find out via google what his name is. See if you guys can find out the name of this shipowner:

Beasts of England

I think his last name is Patel, daddy. Seriously.

Old Lurker

Iggy, some of that American Indian DNA data was included in the appendices of those Conquerers series of Ghengis Kahn which I mentioned from my summer reading. Read enough history and one is justified in asking if there is any place on earth where the inhabitants are not the products of invasions and migrations, often wave after wave of them.

Obama is an unread fool to suggest otherwise.

Beasts of England

Priyanka Patel

Captain Hate

I'm gonna take a leap and call this guy not a fan of Sharpton:


Old Lurker

Hey Peter, then you are getting the same fund raising letters I am.


Razor blades on hooker backs? Seriously? Ever heard of credit cards? Sheesh!

Eric in Boise

Mr Patel seems less than amused by recent developments.

Wonder if The Simpsons will have the stones to do anything with a burned-out Apu.

Maybe not.

Captain Hate

I guess he's off the wagon:


Miss Marple


Thanks for the heads up on the ha, but at that price point I will pass.

I am going to Costco next week because they hae the best prices on Greenies for the dogs and good low-fat ground beef.

That price on the Spanish ham is more than I pay for my Medicare coverage!

Beasts of England

I don't have any credit cards, lyle. Wassa playa s'posed to do?!?! ;)


Priyanka Patel

Thanks Beasts,

Was it easy to find or hard to find for you.

I spent about 10 minutes googling stories but could never find his name, even tho' he was constantly pictured and commented about in the stories.

Beasts of England

I remembered that his last name was Patel, so I added it to the search for his first name. The search returned a hit to TalkLeft.

Strawman Cometh

more than I pay weekly for my wine!

Frau Glaubensfreiheit

What did Mr. Patel do to deserve this?
I grew up thinking all would get better.
Just asking...


this is the first mainstream story on another seemingly invisible victim,


Michael ( Patriot4Freedom )

Happy Birthday to Clarice . . .
. . . and to Mrs. Hit !
( and PD' s granddaughter and our MIA TSK9 )

Hope the birthday ladies had an extra special day !

Janet - I wish my family had a poncho

Read enough history and one is justified in asking if there is any place on earth where the inhabitants are not the products of invasions and migrations, often wave after wave of them.

Well the Dems are big on Leviticus lately...maybe we can get them to check out Genesis (before the "brother's keeper" murder story).
Adam & Eve might ring a bell.


Well, MM..pick up some cheese there and some gold medal flour, I'll send you a bread recipe and you can live off that stuff for 6 months..It lasts forever..yes, it's pricey but it has been aged for 18 months and there's no bone or fat on it to speak of.
They also offer a less pricey American prosciutto which can be treated the same way.

Strawman Cometh

I won't say anything about gals liking a good ham bone.

Miss Marple

Clarice, I will think about it. It's a lot of money for someone who is scrabbling to live due to my unfortunate marriage dissolution.

Janet - I wish my family had a poncho

The video at this Powerline link is fantastic -

"Congressman Lou Barletta of Pennsylvania asked him, how will President Obama’s illegal amnesty help the millions of Americans who are unemployed or underemployed?"


Read this and then tell me if the UVA hoax story was not written and promoted exactly to avoid any legal responsibility.


I just most of the WaPo's beat down of that Rolling Stone Story.

I don't know if you've seen that movie "Almost Famous", based on the life of Cameron Crowe as a 15 year old, running off with a Rock Band and doing his first story for Rolling Stone on Past-it notes and bar napkins.

The fictional Cameron Crowe story has more credibility to me than this one.

Danube on iPad

Lying here listening to the delicious sound of a steady, moderate rain on the roof. We've waited a long time for this, and it's wonderful. Supposed to get over an inch in the next 24 hours. Bliss.

Miss Marple

You know, it occurs to me that we could circumvent Obama's intentions.

He wants to bring in all these illegals and give them a favor on getting hired over Americans.

So, what if there was a fund to help American workers? A $3000 bonus for hirin American, to make up for Obamacare.

What if there was a listing of businesses who pledged to only hire American citizens?

What if oil companies pledged to give a portion of their income to Americans?

Lots of ways we could stymie Obama, if we put our heads together.

I do not want him to win.

Old Lurker

Not likely, Janet.

Beasts of England



Happy Birthday Clarice.



Boy, those ho-blow parties sure end early down Dixie way. :)


I'm thinking that when she fell onto the glass table and it shattered, maybe it turned into



I enjoyed "Almost Famous." Once, Rolling Stone was about music.


like the Mockingjay's screenwriter he's gone into named fiction as well, meanwhile the truth is buried in the cave walls,



In an effort to compel Americans to forget Johnathon Gruber Kathleen Sebelius lets us know that, yep, Americans are too stupid to understand insurance.


What, I'm Sheldon Cooper?


re: TM's comment at 05:57, could you Photo-Shop Sheldon Cooper wearing a JOM T-Shirt?

Eric in Boise

Signing off.

Clarice, Happy Birthday.
MM, Best of luck on your Costco trip.
Danube, enjoy the rain.
Trolls, thank you for not making an appearance tonight.

Boise, out.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Pretty impressive that Attkisson's book is #5 considering she's probably already talked about everything in it. I'm very happy for her.



I like that movie too. Some excellent scenes, and very well acted.

Kathleen Sebelius lets us know that, yep, Americans are too stupid to understand insurance.


Perhaps Sebilius is recalling the instance where Obama was unable to differentiate between collision insurance and liability insurance, and merely projecting outward that everyone else must be as ignorant as her and her ex-boss.


>>>Why would that be?

Posted by: Extraneus | December 02, 2014 at 06:43 PM<<<

It is a rather curious intersection of Title IX and a university's ability to govern its student population.

UVa has a Standards of Conduct which can be heard by the University Judiciary Committee however the sexual misconduct rules are enforced by a separate entity under rules under Title IX and enforced by the Department of Education. GMU has similar rules in place. Students can get in trouble with the school, if say, an off campus party were to get out of hand.

Anyway ... think that maybe didn't answer the question but fwiw ... why not just take that whole function away from universities? When someone (for this example we make him a student) is stealing bookbags it would be uncontroversial for him to be arrested and charged with theft and/or "purse snatching" (GMU police would make the arrest and the arraignment would be in Fairfax County) and expelled from school for violating either the student code of conduct or the honor code. If a student were robbed at an ATM machine, the perp would be arrested for the crime. I just find the whole thing bizarre.


Thanks to those I missed earlier.
MM, if not this year--then next year..I think they'd prosecute any employer who said he's not hire these amnestied workers. OTOH, seeing how incompetent this adminsitration is --it'll be the end of this Administration before the program gets going.


Maxed out credit cards are the best for hooker blow, Beasts. Well, as much as I've heard from an associate...


Been raining nicely up here all day too with more to come.
Of course we were doing pretty well up until about now last year too when the tap was shut off.
It's the next four months that count.

Miss Marple


You are probably right.

Maybe in January the new GOP Congress could pass a law with a $3000 bonus for hiring American citizens, making everything equal.

Of course Obama would veto it, but then he would be exposed as a hater of Americans.

Which we know he is.


Quite often I ran the open 880, came back in the open 440, and then ran a leg of the mile relay.


You're a Beast!


I saw Bobby Keys play with Phil Marriott, Nicky Price and Stanley Clark at a resturaunt in La Jolla in 1982. They had some other legend banging on a piano, but I forget who.

Little bitty ole place, but really fancy. I had only been in California a couple of weeks and didn't see how it could ever get better.

Then I saw my first Beat Farmers show and realized times was a changing.


Steve Marriott! Doh.


Not having a screenshot or link to that alleged Facebook thread is a major fail.

I don't begrudge anyone's reasonable skepticism--not TNR's, not WaPo's and not yours. I, too, after reading your post here am eager to read TNR, WaPo and listen to the podcast with Erdely. I, too, was horrified and outraged after reading the RS piece and I didn't have any critical questions afterwards.

But for you to compose a well-reasoned and intelligent post like this and not include a damning piece of evidence---and casually chalking it up to your own incompetence---is hypocritical, at the very least, and Machiavellianly manipulative at worst.

I hope Erdely---nor Jackie---hasn't exaggerated or fabricated anything. An journalist who exaggerates or dramatizes is far more dangerous and worse than a wholesale liar, in my opinion.


"Not having a screenshot or link to that alleged Facebook thread is a major fail."

I guess you're not familiar with the Zeitgeist @ JOM.


From the R.S. article:

“A bruise still mottling her face, Jackie sat in Eramo’s office in May 2014 and told her about…”

Let’s see… the event took place at the end of September 2012.
In May 2014, “Jackie” still has a bruise mottling her face?
Supposedly from the same event?
More than a year and a half AFTER the event took place?

Or are we talking about a different event?

But then… why the word “still”?

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