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December 16, 2014



Romney, Clinton lead potential 2016 pack




TV quotes? "Missed it by *that* much."

Barry Dauphin

It's time for the South Park guys to get back into action on North Korea.

Thomas Collins

Just like those Popists intimidated radio stations into pulling the song about Catholic girls starting much too late.

Oh, sorry, the Catholics didn't threaten anyone. Only thug Commies and jihadists have a veto right now. Never mind.

Danube on iPad

When will the anti-establishment, speak-truth-to-power, Hollywood agents of change give us a narrative that is unflattering to Islam?

Hold your breath.


Bet nobody makes a movie about a couple of idiotic, unfunny jamokes sent to assassinate the dictator of N Korea any time soon.

Wait, they actually made one in the first place?
Guess Ishtar and Spies Like Us disappeared down the LA LA memory-hole.

Eric in Boise

Let's be careful out there.


Captain Hate

Maybe we've finally found a topic appropriate for former Whoreyweird studio attorney Jen Rubin to weigh in on.


Ted Cruz apologizes for his "antics" according to Politico.
Apparently he really said he was sorry the lazy-ass little pricks had to hang around on Saturday.
Bet his fingers were crossed.

Danube on iPad

We're getting delightful light rain on the roof. Gonna sign offand savor it.



We're getting delightful light rain...

We've had rain pretty much non-stop for the last week -- about 10 inches total. I know we need it, but I'm getting webbed feet and hands.


Dr J, the year I spent in NoCal, I remember there had been a drought, but then it rained what seemed like the entire month of March. And heavy. Never seen so much rain in my life.

I also managed to pick one of the coldest winters. There was one night in December, I think, when pipes were bursting all over the Bay Area, temps in the 20s.


JimmyK and DrJ,

Just thought I'd brag that we just got our Christmas present. Momma just e-mailed and said my youngest just got early acceptance into her top 2 choices---MIT and CalTech! Woo Hoo!!!

Unless you guys talk me out of it, I'm going to try to talk her into CalTech since I like the west coast and warm weather (JimmyK's post notwithstanding:)

She's interested in science and math and computers and space stuff---everything except actually being a spaceman.

Yippee, yippee, yippee! Gives me something to talk to my co-pilot who I mentioned yesterday. He should be able to give me some good advice as well.


but then it rained what seemed like the entire month of March. 

Was it 1983, 1991, or 1995?

91 is the first heard the term "Miracle March."


Wow daddy! Congrats to your youngest!

Thomas Collins

Definitely MIT is the choice, daddy. It has a better football team to root for.


Good Morning from Maine!


Congratulations daddy! Good for your younger one!

I have no recommendation for or against either school, though you are right that Pasadena has warmer winters than Cambridge. The flip side is that Pasadena gets summer smog -- it tends to concentrate there -- and Cambridge doesn't.

I know -- these are the important things.

Jack is Back!


I agree with TC. At MIT she can learn how stupid we all are, by taking a Econ class with Gruber.

Also I believe they have more Nobel winners than CalTech. She is also closer to her sister in Hanover.

But congrats just the same.


Sort of on topic...a school district in southern Maine (Windham-Raymond) north of Portland,near Sebago Lake will be shut down for a third day because of threatening e-mails received. The community anxiety is growing because law enforcement isn't releasing any details about the threat.
rse,have you heard of something called a fusion center? It is a federal task force where classified information is shared among federal,state and local law enforcement. The feds aren't involved in this instance (yet).


Wow, daddy, congratulations!

Miss Marple

daddy, congratulations! That is just great! I have no expertise in either school so will defer on that to others here, although I must say Gruber puts a bad mark on what otherwise seems to be a fine institution.

Marlene, I would be worried, too, if I had kids in that school district.

Miss Marple


Surprisingly accurate assessment from the National Journal.


Wow Daddy! I can't think of a better Christmas present. That's 2 smart daughters you've got there.


There's a good article at NR by Eliana Johnson talking about Cruz' strategy for 2016. He says forget independents, he's going after the base.

Isn't that precisely what we've been wishing for?


Congrats Daddy and daughter.


Congrats daddy and daughter


be careful what you wish for


Cruz is a climber like the rest of the lot. Public service in our times is more like 'servicing' the public.

Miss Marple


I haven't been wishing for Cruz, myself. In a general election I believe he will go down in flames. Besides, I like governors better as they havedemonstrated leadership.

Cruz indicates to me a guy who thinks he can win on the strength of his speaking skills and backing by the base. He ignores the fact that a lot of the big bucks donors won't back him, and that he already has a large ball and chain attached to him by the media.

I am no political expert but I don't see how he could win with conservatives alone.


I think NK said it best.

Congratulations daddy and daughter.
IMO, many of the troubles in the US today could have been avoided if the person named in the link could have been jailed instead of being turned loose to destroy the US education system and most of the students.



" In 2008 Ayers was elected Vice President for Curriculum Studies at the American Educational Research Association (AERA), where he would have considerable say as to what went into teacher-training manuals for colleges and public schools."

No one has done more damage to America IMO.


congratulations daddy; my nephew went to MIT; very high male to femaie ration there;


There is a massive difference in national elections between loyalty to one's political base and defying LI-persuadables, and demand they either join the base or get off the bus. Does Walker appeal for votes only from his base? if he did he would have won 0 Wisc state elections rather than 3.





Was it a 100% voter turnout for Walker's elections, NK?


simplistic answer to a simplistic rhetorical question. Cruz would have won zero wisconsin state elections. not becuase of what he believes, but because of how he behaves. the spectrum of behavior runs from:
pandering phoney-- to principled politician- to base fixated ideologue-- to political Kamikaze.

James D.

congrats, daddy! That is fantastic news!

Jeff Dobbs

There is a massive difference in national elections between loyalty to one's political base and defying LI-persuadables, and demand they either join the base or get off the bus.

How would you describe Obama's 2012 win?


daddy-I run into mit all the time in advocacy of bad ideas, but caltech not at all. MIT is a formal named partner along with Penn, Harvard, Olin, and Stanford in the deeply troubling Center for Curriculum Redesign that is working formally with the World Bank, UNESCO, and the OECD to reconfigure global ed around their economic vision.

MIT is also a formal partner of the UN in all its Climate Change agenda.

I had an uncle go to mit, but his area is astrophysics and he went from there to work for JPL. We grew up together and he was rather excited to get to take a 5th semester of calc and invent new theorems and try to disprove some element of Einstein's theory.

Two incredible opportunities but I would be remiss in not passing on the CCR concerns.

marlene-I have not, but LL on my blog posted a very troubling link yesterday on Mass Customized Learning that tracks back to a Bea McGarvey in Maine. Russ Quaglia is also in Maine now, which is concerning.


Congratulations daddy and daughter.

Just pick one that has no "Jackies"!


Obummer 2008-- pandering phoney
Obummer 2009-2012-- principled Lib
Obummer 2013-2014-- base fixated ideologue
2015-2016?-- he may go full ProgTard Kamikaze.

Man Tran


Ran into my NASA buddy the other night. He just returned from JPL and CalTech. He went to a reception for 30-some PhD candidates. These kids were so impressive that the faculty showed up just to hang out and shmooze with them. He said it gave him a warm fuzzy that we really weren't doomed after all.


NK, progtard kamikaze launch on final countdown-- Comments on Cuba in parallel with Castro later this morning.


The Obamas - How We Deal with Our Own Racist Experiences



Congrats, daddy, very impressive! Can't go wrong with either, but I'd base the decision on which has the better atmosphere, not literally as in DrJ's comment, but just stuff like are the students mostly happy, are people free to express views or is PC run amok, etc.

91 is the first heard the term "Miracle March."

It was indeed 1991. In fact, since you can find anything on the internet, it took me two minutes to find this, to make sure my memory wasn't playing tricks on me.

Precipitation Report: Palo Alto, 1991


Does Walker appeal for votes only from his base? if he did he would have won 0 Wisc state elections rather than 3.

The mistake here is thinking that there is some inherent contradiction between appealing to the base and winning independents. Didn't Reagan disprove that? If you appeal to the base in the right way, meaning by espousing a coherent set of principles, not pandering, etc., so that voters actually know who you are and believe you, amazingly you can appeal to independents as well.

Captain Hate

Cruz would have won zero wisconsin state elections. not becuase of what he believes, but because of how he behaves.

Do you write these things just to irritate people?

Captain Hate

Congrats to fille de daddy. No legacy Tarhole?


California Needs 11 Trillion Gallons of Water to End Drought


Confirmed leaks per Mel, "Full Normalization" with Cuba to be announced by the JEF at noon eastern (JOMO) time.


Beavers blamed for global warming...

Discussing Methane instead of Carbon Dioxide? Who knew?


Something else for Obama to talk about



The Man-Made California Drought



jimmyk-- I agree there is no inherent contradiction. Reagan did it, walker does it, many others do. It depends on behavior and addressing the voters. IMO Walker is committed to conservative small government principles as much as anyone, yet he manages to get persuadable conservative leaners to vote for him in large numbers, large enough to outvote the wisc Prog base voting strongly against him.

CH-- just call 'em as I see them.

Henry-- I believe Obummer will go full ProgTard in '15, but that's TBD, as they say.


At the same time, I'd prefer Walker-Cruz to Cruz-anyone, just because of the governor vs. senator thing, and because VP candidates seem to be much freer to be attack dogs.

"Full Normalization" with Cuba

So this was the quid for the quo of Gross's release? No doubt cash as well.


Narciso-- what do South Florida Cubano millennials think about 'full normalization' with the Castros?

Sandy--I Stand with Walker 2016--Daze   ن

Not so different to the reaction to this:

"Fatwas" not just for aggrieved musselmen anymore...

If you like The Interview, you can keep The Interview
Congrats, daddy.


Well, Allen Gross was just released from a Cuban prison where he spent 5 years on trumped up charges while distributing computers for USIA so Mel may be on to something.

Back at UVa for a minute--a friend posted this bit:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yEw7dN28nrU&feature=youtu.be


Congratulations. daddy! One nice smart family you have there.

Sandy--I Stand with Walker 2016--Daze   ن

Oh !

I cannit let this go by:


the law student who said taking a break from the verdict, is 'a position of strength' is an intern at Wilmer Hale, the zelig's law firm, and previously in the DOJ's civil rights division, re his linked in


New thread


Apparently MO described this as experiencing racism:

"I tell this story – I mean, even as the first lady – during that wonderfully publicized trip I took to Target, not highly disguised, the only person who came up to me in the store was a woman who asked me to help her take something off a shelf. Because she didn't see me as the first lady, she saw me as someone who could help her. Those kinds of things happen in life. So it isn't anything new."

The indignity! I suppose it had nothing to do with the fact that she's 5'11".

[via Iowahawk]


getting back the full spy ring, was the quid, recall the Russians did a similar thing with Daniloff in 1986, with Gary Powers, they got back Abel, who was the head of their illegals division


'I haven't been wishing for Cruz, myself'


That's not what I meant. What I think we have been asking for is a conservative to run as a conservative - which might encourage otheres to do so.

Captain Hate

CH-- just call 'em as I see them.

More like present opinion as fact. For somebody who claims to think Cruz is very smart, you rarely portray him as anything other than a dogmatic dumbass with the flexibility of a crowbar. I'm sure he can appeal to people outside of the GOP base but that's just my opinion. What makes him appealing to me is stating that he won't run away from the base, which every GOP candidate since Reagan has done.

I still prefer Walker for a number of reasons including his unwillingness to use Top Men Consulting Inc to run his campaigns and also not insult the base.

Captain Hate

Apparently MO described this as experiencing racism

I'm confused: Was it racism because nobody went up and talked with her or somebody asked her to help out?

Janet S.

I want Cruz for POTUS. He's unapologetic with the truth. It is SO frickin' refreshing.
Americans need to hear the TRUTH.


A competent President needs to be able to manage and lead a huge organization.

While I agree with Cruz's ideology, I am unwilling to buy a pig-in-the-poke regarding his abilities to actually do the job.

A question regarding Cruz (and Paul and Carson). Ideology and the ability to articulate their arguments aside, what makes you think they can do the job?

The next worst thing than PIAPS (or worse, Fauxchahontis) would be an incompetent Republican - in other words a Republican King Putt.

I will not support a senator for the nomination any more than I would make Kobe Bryant a coach or a GM.


Johns creek Bill: For identical reasons, I disagree with the idea of pushing for Trey Gowdy to replace Boehner as Speaker. A bigger leadership role, certainly, but I dont see his visible skills meshing well with the mostly back office job of setting the House agenda and coordinating support for a tactical and strategic plan.


Cruz was Texas AG, right? Same as Christie before he became Gov?


no, he had a different office, he had been US atty, back in the early oughts,


Ooh, daddy! Congrats.

Must be Caltech. Then your daughter can hang around with Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, and Raj.

Stephanie - Go Navy, Beat Army

Awesome job by daddy's girl!

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