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December 03, 2014



this will be what a platinum age for mice ...

Researchers create mouse-human hybrids...

Rodents smarter after brain cell implants...


I for one welcome our new mousy overlords.

Secret tape


Danube on iPad

Agreed re bad job.


'what are we going to do tonight, Brain'


NRO? Charles Barkley? really?

Captain Hate

That link about the times Charles has been in court is pretty good albeit 17 years old. Charles definitely liked going to the clubs in the Flats when he would play in Cleveland. I'm pretty sure he did more than punch one guy because I'd bet there were plenty of drunks who said or did dumb stuff to him that got immediate hard fireback. I'm sure I'd have approved every one of his actions.


When even the BBC is asking this question you know how biased our domestic Media is:

Are the media ignoring another St Louis killing?


Posted by: NKontheNovreboot | December 03, 2014 at 07:11 PM-

yes. really. Still remember his "I'm not a role model" commercial.


big surprise they'd ignore that daddy ...


Anytime anyone claims that "media bias" is a right-wing fable I ask them if they remember Richard Allen and the cuff links.


OK, I've resisted criticizing this Noah Rothman kid at Hotair, but the following from this link was too much;

Allahpundit has curated a broad swath of opinion on the right, all of which seems to indicate that few are comfortable with this grand jury’s decision.

He's now dead to me.


I know a lot of people consider DELTA an acronym for Don't Expect Luggage To Arrive; but this Delta color guard at the airport for the coffins of a soldier and his K9 returning from, I presume, Afghanistan is pretty special.

Dave (in MA)

The horror

As though black people need something else to riot about...


Iggy curated a posse to round up those using curate.

Was that the word of the day at journalist?

Tom Maguire
Rodents smarter after brain cell implants...

I'm just glad its not the humans that were smarter. OK, glad and a bit surprised...

Tom Maguire

As to AllahPundit and the broad swath, is that wrong? E.g., Charles Krauthammer is being quoted as saying it was "totally incomprehensible". Maybe I missed some nuance, but that seems to square with "uncomfortable".


Posted by: Tom Maguire | December 03, 2014 at 08:05 PM-

I could use a brain cell implant ... could use a few extra mousepower in my noggin.

Jeff Dobbs

NRO, Cut The Crap

The JOM Style Guide clearly states that the proper usage is "carp".

However, exceptions are allowable for the title of a post, due to the fact that "carp" is an inside (the comment section) joke, so we're good.


So Tom if Dr K knows f#@*all about the facts of the Garner arrest, that makes him an expert to judge the jurisprudence?


Basically Dr K and TomM are part of the mob that cares not for facts. Lovely.

Jeff Dobbs

I could use a brain cell implant ... could use a few extra mousepower in my noggin.

Er, maybe try the TM Diet Plan?

Might reduce the need for new brain cells...

[TheVIMH: you? giving someone else this advice?]

[TheVIMH: seriously? calling for alcohol right after giving that advice?]
Hey, it's singular! Juuuust like TM prescribed.


Posted by: NKontheNovreboot | December 03, 2014 at 08:12 PM -

hummm, I didn't get that from reading either post.

maybe this will lead the charge to reduce the nearly $6 a pack cigarette taxes in NYC.

Putting on my Kramer hat ... a day trip from Fairfax to NYC is 250 miles as the crow flies (a tank of gas, $35). Tolls and whatnot to get into and out of the city ($20/day). 20 cartons of cigs here in VA ... $900. Sell the cigs for $10/pack ... $4000.

If I had a big enough car, soon we'd be talking beasts kinda of money.


--As to AllahPundit and the broad swath, is that wrong?--

Don't know. Was just pointing out another fashionably egregious use of "curate" instead of gather or select.

I guess it renders to the writer a certain gravitas.

Danube on iPad

I remember when some drunk got after Barkley in a bar and Sir Charles threw him out the window (no charges were filed). Asked afterward about the incident, he said "he was lucky we was on the ground floor."

Before an early-round 1992 Olympic hoops game against Angola, when the new rules allowing NBA players to compete resulted in the Dream Team, he was asked what he knew about the Angola team. He said "I don't know nothin' about Angola except they in trouble."

Smart, funny, often wise and always entertaining.

Rob Crawford

rich -- the Pinky and the Brain swearing tape is hilarious. Even better in context -- an hour-long retrospective including interviews with the original cast and creators.

The guy behind it is a pretty good movie critic as well. He tends to review geeky and old stuff ("I'm the nostalgia critic. I remember it so you don't have to!").

Miss Marple

Wesr Side highway shut down at 50th street by about 1000 protesters. (New York)



I laugh every time I see it. I'll have to check out the retrospective some time.


Anyone notice that live fire including tanks and artillery is being exchanged in Grozny? Russian airspace appears closed as well.

Apparently an armed force took over the media center.

Jack is Back!

Sir Charles, I believe, was the shortest player at 6'6" to win the rebounding title in the NBA.

Curate is specific to collections and/or heritage management. Has nothing to do with aggregating opinions or the case of Hot Air BS.

I have been certified by the Alliance of American Museums as a curator and am a member of the Curator's committee.


seems to be significant:


Miss Marple

Twitter hashtag #Grozny:



Just in from the dog walk and have caught only 4 sentences worth of Dick Vitale's announcing so far.

That's almost enough to make me change the channel.

Cecil Turner

Smart, funny, often wise and always entertaining.

I hate to admit it, but I've always avoided him . . . or switched him off immediately . . . because I had him pegged as a dumb jock. Not any more.

And I'll defend his "not a homicide" statement. He appears to be saying there ought not to be any sort of homicide related criminal charge; with which I agree. In other words, it not only isn't murder, it isn't voluntary or involuntary manslaughter (though the effect was certainly the latter, the cops were carrying out a difficult duty). But neither was it good police work. "Excessive force" is a pretty good niche.

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