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December 02, 2014



A suspended sentence for rape?

Good thing he didn't have any special circumstances like criticizing Malia and Sasha or he'd be doing hard time.


Since a Dem pled guilty I'm guessing Rolling Stone is not interested in the frat pranks at Phi Kappa Dem.

Danube on iPad

Has Williams's race been disclosed? The victim's race?

Not that it matters or anything.

Danube on iPad

Well. Clicking through to the original story, I see that Mr. Williams is an Aframerican.

Comanche Voter

Other thing about the perp (besides being a Dem) is that he's black. Of course his race is not mentioned in the story, but the photo shows ol Donny Ray Williams is either a black man or he's doing an Al Jolson imitation.

And of course the story suggests that he did 10, was charged with just 4, and will essentially walk with a slap on the wrist.

Hey Jake, don't sweat it, it's the District of Columbia.

Captain Hate

I wish we had a real opposition party who would make his name known as much as a woman who says mildly critical things about the first brats. Every news show should be called out for not reporting that this perv received no jail time.

Captain Hate

Levin played this on his show tonight:



Here's the former Dem Staffer perp (Donny Ray Williams) who pled guilty today to multiple counts of sexual assault:

Here's the former Repub Staffer who criticized the Obama girls:

Guess which one we've seen more pictures of?

And BTW, Donny Ray worked for this gal:


I see why he didn't Mickey his boss.

Were the victims white?
If so when and where do the riots start?
I'll bring the guns and chain saws and maybe a little gasoline. Makes burnin' the bitch down much, much quicker.

Jim Miller

Well, a suspended sentence is more than what Democrat Brock Adams got for doing essentially the same thing.

(For those who don't follow Washington state politics, Adams was a congressman, a member of Carter's Cabinet, and a senator.)

I don't know why Adams was never charged, since at least one of the women was willing to speak publicly about what he had done. The fact that he wasn't has always bothered me.

This morning, three of the top five most popular stories at the Washington Post were on Elizabeth Lauten. (For the record, I think that Lauten was essentially right in what she said about the Obama kids, but shouldn't have said it, or should have said it in a much subtler way.)

Jim Miller

It is nearly certain, IMHO, that both Adams and Williams had more victims, victims who chose not even to speak anonymously to a newspaper.


I was trying to find the thread where Donnie Ray was discussed, it was around the tail end of August 2012, to the beginning of September, his cv was kind of unbelievable, literally, holding several high profile positions at the same time,


this piece was around that time:




Your memory is amazing!


I was hoping I could find if Donny Ray was a Grad of UVA. Wouldn't that make their current narrative go bonkers.

Unfortunately, almost none of his personal info is available anywhere on line to me, so who knows where he came from. His linked-in info sheet, via a 2012 Weekly Standard link, has been deleted, and he ain't on Wiki.

Interesting contrast that in 24-48 hours we already know this Repub Staffer gal's College (East Carolina), and that she shoplifted as a teenager, whereas for this big shot Dem Staffer we know squat.

Current Google hits to Elizabeth Lauten = 4,720,000 results (0.25 seconds)

Current Google hits to Donny Ray Williams Jr =
541,000 results (0.21 seconds).

She's only beating him by 4,179,000.

To bad Liz Lauten's name wasn't Patel.


Sep 01, 2012:

Outside the courthouse Friday, Donny Ray Williams said the allegations are “absolutely and completely false.”

Jack is Back!

From my days in DC there is more of this than one story. It's one huge millennial orgy. Just hang around The Hawk & Dove long enough.

James D.

JiB, I know some people who work on the Hill and...yeah, that's pretty much true.


Yeah, I had a great time when I lived there in the 80s. Don't understand why anyone would need to drug girls in that environment.

Captain Hate

Interesting contrast that in 24-48 hours we already know this Repub Staffer gal's College (East Carolina), and that she shoplifted as a teenager, whereas for this big shot Dem Staffer we know squat.

Somebody found her juvie records which are supposed to be sealed, ie somebody broke the law to do this with no consequences. I hate to go all squaredance on this but it's time to own up to the fact that we have no real opposition party that is willing to use roughly similar tactics as the enemy to put the country on the right track. Instead we have a bunch of gelded twits who are more concerned with ensuring their places at the trough are secure than standing up for any principle.


well I remembered the name, I followed one of the links, and I recalled there was a discussion about him, here, it was around the time of one of the conventions,


I believe this was one of those cases I heard several years ago while sitting on the grand jury..the sentence in this case is ridiculous.
CH you are right about the press savaging of the reporter who dared criticize the Obama daughters..add this to the treatment of Attkisson and you have reason enough to never watch TV news again.
BTW the bitch who reported in the nYT Wilson's home address got twitter to pull the People's Cube twitter acct because they published HER address.

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