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December 22, 2014


jimmyk on iPad



Damn. Now I have to like the Yankees for an hour or so. Fortunately I'll get over it. That is good action by Steinbrenner.


As a Detroit Tigers Fan who hates the Yankees with a passion, I am proud that they are doing this for the children. Good for them.


I'm surprised 9/11 didn't bankrupt them.

NKvirusedand back

9/11 first responder fatalities had various charitable funding sources.


Wish I could imagine the Atlanta Braves doing something like that, in a similar situation. Of course, there is some question as to what police force the Braves would owe their allegiance to...

NKvirusedand back

Good job by the Steinbrenner foundadtion. The Dolans at last night's Rangers hockey game let Mayor Bane know what they think of him. Moment of silence and NYPD color guard for the anthem.

Captain Hate

Old news. Classy thing for the Yankees to do but this is over 24 hours old.


Uh-oh, a long front-page story in today's NYT about an old rape accusation at Columbia. Remarkably, the guy was not convicted in their kangaroo court, but the alleged "victim" has been on a crusade to ruin his life ever since.


This will not end until a real rapist is caught and convicted. Character assassination by innuendo is a staple of the Progs itinerary.

Captain Hate

When my daughter was at Columbia a friend of hers was caught up in a bogus rape charge. The school behaved about as poorly as could be imagined regarding rights of the accused.

Is the NYT interested in talking about the Heather Graham case? Otherwise they should STFU.

James D.

They don't want to catch and convict anyone (at least, not in an actual criminal trial).

The progs would much rather have an issue to whine about, and a non-official, non-judicial process that they can control on campuses (and no doubt elsewhere, as time goes on).


From Fox's Chris Stirewalt email:

Car brands are named based on a variety of factors often including the name of the designer. But how did a decidedly German car end up with a decidedly non-German name like Mercedes. It was on this day in 1900 that Austrian car racer, Emil Jellinek became the first Mercedes owner. So eager for a sleeker and lighter car that would travel faster and win races easily, Jellinek went to the Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft plant demanding the fastest car they could create. He negotiated a deal to purchase 36 vehicles and as part of the package, Daimler agreed to name the line after his then 11-year-old daughter, Mercedes. The car was such a hit that two years later the company legally registered the Mercedes name and Jellinek himself changed the family name to Jellinek-Mercedes in appreciation for his latest race cars.

Wait, did Obummer really say his policy toward Cuba “will be guided by one word: libtard?”

NKvirusedand back

the Columbia C (does Barnard Cstill exist?) gal is as cuckoo as Jackie at UVa. She's like an adolescent Ahab craving the blood of the Great White Rapist

NKvirusedand back

Insty is dumping on Mayor Bane... good....good.


The BDN just updated the story. The son of Rafael Ramos is a freshman at Bowdoin. A spokesman for the college thanked the Yankees and said we've got it covered. The college will provide for Justin Ramos' education.


Extraneus - How about that Ford Granada?

Ford Granada vs Mercedes Commercial

NKvirusedand back

I can't wait for Mayor Bane's punk ass kid to be mugged, and the NYPD details stands fast and does nothing because they can't 'profile' the muggers. If anyone shoots that punk ass little bitch dead it won't be cops, it will be some gansta ass....




They'd have to show a picture of that dude CH.

Would ruin the whe narrative.

NKvirusedand back

here's the link to Rahm's kid being mugged, that was the point of my comment about Bane's punk ass son: http://hotair.com/archives/2014/12/21/rahm-emanuels-son-mugged-outside-of-chicago-home/

Captain Hate

does Barnard Cstill exist?

Yes. They still give out separate degrees from Columbia for whatever reason (this is usually tied into alumni wishes) but they're regarded as about the same thing.



I support her efforts to raise our consciousness concerning college women being inveterate consummate liars, as your daughter pointed out. It's a matter of great societal import to know to look for a Chihuahua when a college woman screams WOLF!!.

NKvirusedand back

Marlene-- good for Bowdoin C!! taking care of the kid is in the finest traditions of Joshua Chamberlain.


Contrary to my prediction Lupica pulls his head out on Ramos and Liu; Dies a cop dies the city.

Captain Hate

I know, donald, that's why they avoid it like small government. The thought of campuses being rape havens is just too ludicrous to seriously consider. I mean, yes, there are some geeks hanging ten on a testosterone tsunami like everybody else their age but the chances of a bunch of awkward nerds doing anything other than spank it to porn is surely less than in the real world,

Everybody's bullshit detectors should be triggered by these claims.


the Arab Spring has gotten decidedly brisker with Ecebsi winning the election,

James D.

Iggy, Lupica can just STFU. This is what he wrote, just yesterday:

We did it again a few weeks ago, with the “We Can’t Breathe” front page that was shown around the country, and the world.

Somehow, through it all, in the digital age and the age of the internet, there on the subway, heading into the heart of the city, people are reading the New York Daily News.

NOW he's concerned about the lives of police? When 24 hours ago he was bragging about egging on the protesters with "We Can't Breathe" spread "around the country, and the world."

Screw him. Screw everyone in the MSM. They ALL have blood on their hands. And it's a lot more than just the blood of the two police in NYC.

Captain Hate

Wow, did somebody else write Costanza's favorite author's column?



The whole "rape culture" is about changing sexual mores without admitting that their idea of sexual liberation is a failure.

They wanted to revolutionize the society's view on sex, relations and family and are shocked at how it turned out.

Now are trying to stop the same behavior that they promoted and used to gain the young generations support.


why was the shooter on the streets in the first place, his rap sheet should have been long enough to keep him in Baltimore, or wherever/


I'll take your word for it James since I have only read the little pygmy's column twice in the last couple of weeks which was the first time in about two years.
I can't even watch the Sport's Reporters because of him.

Speaking of guys who can't stand Lupica, when did Jason Whitlock rejoin ESPN?
Saw a hugely fat black bullfrog sitting in a chair and his name flashed up and sure enough it was him.


Lupica always evokes e.e.cummings:

"nobody, not even the rain, has such small hands"


Iran asks a not illogical question; If sanctions didn't work on Cuba why is Barry using them on us?
Vlad the Imp is wondering the same thing.

Stuttering, incoherent answer from the WH expected shortly.


You noticed that too Mark?
Apparently his wife didn't, before it was too late. Heh.

NKvirusedand back

"Stuttering, incoherent answer from the WH expected shortly."

The POTUS is ...ahem... in conference with Reggie Love in the Oahu WH and is not available for comment.


Obama doesn't want to interrupt his vacay to respond to NK or China.
His answer: Can't you see I'm golfing here?"


they somehow think they are immune to what AQ can wreak:


Captain Hate

More free advice that Top Men will surely ignore:


Man Tran

Herb M. just informed me that Mark Anderson (another local boy) has nailed the pulling of that dufus movie on AMC, which just happens to be Chinese owned. (No link)

That starts to smell different than the stink we've experienced the last few days.

Danube on iPad

Has the Times heard of the statute of limitations?

Old Lurker

Drudge Link today:

"Iggy sex tape blackmail?"

Iggy's bad brother must be ramping it up on our guy.

Jim Eagle

Good for the Yankee organization and Bowdoin College.

And many thanks to MoveOn.Org for running their polls on both Bane and The Men in Blue where surprise almighty to the exploding heads of progs everywhere its not a landslide not even a blowout but a devastation for the cause of authority-hate.

Lets not forget Charlie Koncek in Tarpon Springs. He leaves a wife and 5 kids. But its a Greek town and as NK will tell you they'll be taken care of.


At least it isn't a Barney Frank sex tape, OL.

Looks like I better go back to Ignatz.

Jim Eagle

Make that Charlie Kondeck. Ex-NYPD officer. We have a lot of ex-NYPD, Port Authority and New Jersey Police down in Florida.

Getting ready to decorate the tree at the FIL's. Vienna Boy's Choir Christmas CD playing on the HiFi and champagne flowing. Then the Chelsea game comes on.

Life is good:)


And in some dog bites man news, Ezra beclowns himself:

Even his correction was incorrect.

Jim Eagle


Boy genius.

Today we were discussing science with Frederick, who wants to focus on biochemistry and structure of DNA, proteins and enzymes. Now his science class focus is soils, earth science and geology. He is not impressed. As such he has told us that the one thing geologists have with their subject is both need to get a life:)


LOL, jimmyk@12:58;


how is Frederick feeling, JiB.


I assume it's about Iggy Azalea,

Jim Eagle


He is up, walking, talking and taking nourishment. Feeling good enough to go Christmas shopping today. Has a new four prop mini-drone is flying all over the ouse.

BTW, Flanders TV reporting about full burkha'd Muzzie families trying to self deport back to Syria and having the Syrian's refuse them re-entry. Why not? Let the stupid EU take care of them. This is why I think if you did a mass deportation of illegals here no one would take them back.

Old Lurker

Naw Narc, I elected not to read the story so I could fantasize that it was our Iggy having had success in his on line searches.


Good to hear JiB,

wait till Ezra hears about the mutant star goat,

some new openings in jay vee management:



point taken, OL


she had already removed all doubt:




Don't forget what our betters think of us.


Gvernment unions, communists, and Democrats all seem to keep coming up ( I realize the significant overlap in the diagram there ):

Robert Murray, a six-figure-earning organizer for the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), is reportedly on unpaid leave after being charged with two felony counts of assaulting a police officer during protests on the Brooklyn Bridge last weekend.

Mr. Murray, 43, of Crown Heights, Brooklyn, surrendered to police at Manhattan’s 5th Precinct Thursday morning, The Daily Beast reported. He was reportedly charged with two felony counts and three misdemeanors counts, including resisting arrest, inciting to riot and obstruction of governmental administration during protests that took place Dec. 13.


"Inciting to riot?" Poor Charlie Cook doesn't believe in such things.


Well MarkO, I guess this didn't happen a few minutes ago:

Tamra Lynn @TamraTellsIt
Milwaukee PD ARMED and ready, Nate Hamilton "get rid of these PIGS that kill us...They feed off of us and we can't let them do that no more"


How is this war of thugs vs. cops going to play out?

The people in the roles expected to provide the voices of reason (ministers, community leaders, celebrities, and politicians all the way to the POTUS) threw in with the thugs a long time ago. I see no path to peaceful deescalation.

If the thugs escalate and the police retaliate against the thugs, it will rapidly get worse.

The only play that might work if the thugs continue to escalate would be for the police to retaliate against the non-black enablers of the thugs.


@CharlesCWCooke Rather than typing this to everyone responding individually: Saying the protesters are “not to blame” is *not* saying they had “no effect".

Makes sense to me. The murderer is guilty of murder, inciters are guilty of incitement.


Posted on other thread cause I cannot keep up-http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/dec/22/north-korea-experiencing-severe-internet-outages/


Uh-oh, a long front-page story in today's NYT about an old rape accusation at Columbia.


It's not important unless it's on Page A-23.

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