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December 09, 2014



Gad! First?


Sunlight as a disinfectant. How about that.


Obama's approval on race relations has declined the most among black people, from 73 percent to 57 percent since August. Among white people, it has declined from 42 percent to 33 percent.

Is it still racism when they dislike his White half ?


Here's a useful NIMH study;
What is the breakdown amongst the "ALL SEX IS RAPE!" crowd between women who were abused as children and women too homely to get a date in San Quentin?


NO More Rape! No More Rape!


You need to be carrying a sign that says that and marching at UVA, Jane. :)


I'm not the lease bit convinced there was a rape. I'll amend my remarks:

No More Rape Talk! No More rape Talk!

Janet - I wish my family had a poncho

I'm not the lease bit convinced there was a rape

That's okay...at least Phi Kappa Psi got punished for being male & a fraternity.


Changing a story of being forced to give oral sex by some frat brothers is a BIG difference between she entered a dark room, someone tackled her through a glass table, was raped for over 3 hours by numerous frat boys, one had ED and was called a pussy so he used a coke bottle on her.

She was not disheveled, had no blood on her, was not near the frat houses which changed to she had a cut on her shoulder, her dress was torn, she had blood in the vaginal area, and the frat changed.

If you can't get the sexual act right, the immediate aftermath right, nor the location right, that's a lot of mis-remembering, PTSD or not, and in my opinion there is a lie in the mix.

The obvious reason Jackie's story went from Oral sex to Vaginal sex is because most people do not consider oral sex to be rape and the story would not fly based on just oral sex.

I believe this girl had a rape or bad sexual experience, I don't think it was at UVA and I think she freaked out when the guy she liked at UVA did not feel the same. She said it took her 3 hours to get ready - doubtful - but that is something someone does for a specific guy, not just a frat party. Sounds like she might have been a little obsessed with the guy if she spent that much time getting ready for him.


She might have remembered the details better if she'd gone to the police on the night of the "rape."

Speaking of which, did she misremember her friends counseling against reporting it so they could stay on the frat party invitation list?


If she sincerely believes the story she told then schizophrenia is a more likely explanation than PTSD. In which case the degree of objective trauma can not be estimated by the intensity of her breakdown.


--If she sincerely believes the story she told then schizophrenia is a more likely explanation than PTSD.--

I am by no means a schizophrenia expert but in my experience the things they say that they see and hear do not sound even slightly rational to the rest of us, even though many do believe them to be real. And they don't alter their stories based on others reactions in the way she seems to have done.
As I said before, if she has a serious mental issue it sounds a lot more like a Borderline Personality Disorder or traits which present to the world as a usually quite dishonest and extreme drama queen.


Borderline Personality Disorder is (likely) one end of the schizophrenia spectrum.


I'm trying to think of a parallel in movies or fiction where a person is rewarded and reinforced for telling tales...and the taller the tales, the more adulation.

Any examples? @wittier

Earl T

Yes, she had a bad sexual experience: She was forced into fellating a whole gang whose members consist of a favored minority, thus it wouldn't be politic to accuse members of that group, in view of "Hands up".

Feeling sheepish, guilty and hung-over Jackie did what all SJW's do, blame the enemy; e.g. frat boys. Please note : this ain't Jackie's first rodeo when it comes to making sh*t up to garner attention.

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