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December 22, 2014



DiBlasio telling us this minute that we need to take stock of the things that unite us.

Little late.


He tells us to put aside political debates and to put aside protests.


No Conor F, has rarely been responsible at any instance in the last six years,

NKvirusedand back

Daddy-- by watching this stuff I am confident you are learning that in addition to being a corrupt commie, Mayor Bane is a hateful man, he is also..... really dumb.


maybe the shooter was a fan of Sam Jackson, Nick Fury, jumped the shark the other day,


Talking Head on CNN with Wolf Blitzer says a thing to watch now is if protesters decide to stand down now and quit protesting.

DiBlasio says that this is not the time for them to be protesting.

Guess we'll see.


Valerie Plame outs a CIA official ?



repost from last thread:

Tamra Lynn @TamraTellsIt
Milwaukee PD ARMED and ready, Nate Hamilton "get rid of these PIGS that kill us...They feed off of us and we can't let them do that no more"

demonstrators now blocking traffic downtown.


actually in the real world:



Rush reading an interview of Obama in PEOPLE Mag. Obama's comments are about how great it is that Black sports stars like LeBraun are out there making Political comments in opposition to the Ferguson Grand Jury Decision.

Rush rightly illustrates how that breaks down respect for the Grand Jury System and incites/invites what we've been witnessing.

So DiBlasio calls for a moratorium on Protests, while Obama's People Mag interview calls for more protests, generated by America's most visible Black sports stars.

Jim Eagle

Have we heard from our first black President yet? I iknow our first post-racial President has been a total dud and ignoramus but what about Clenis and Cankles? Where are they Chappaqua, America's most racially diverse city?

James D.

Conor Friedersdorf is a reasonable guy

No, he's not.

The best you can possibly say about him is that, maybe, he is less unreasonable than some of his fellow jackasses, traitors and criminals in the MSM.

But that's really not a badge of honor. If I had to pick between getting clipped by a VW Bug and breaking my leg; and getting broadsided by a bus and dying a protracted and painful death, I'd take the Bug and the broken leg. That still doesn't make getting hit by a Bug and breaking a leg a positive thing.


I saw a picture of LeBraun with a jersey that said ... "I Can't Breathe"

At least now we know why he chokes so much


At some point, maybe right after Ferguson, amybe right after Corey Gardner, there was a chance for a decent discussion of our very over-militarized police, and excesses that the police have been given to over the past few years.

But, the racial grievance industry would rather blame things on institutional racism, than institutional militarism, so the conversation took on the usual black vs. white vs good sense colorization. So anything constructive coming out of all this is pretty much impossible.

And now, this. I tend to agree that you really can't blame this on Holder or the President. There are plenty of voices saying burn this sucker down, or kill a cop, that might inspire some..."lone wolf". Giuliani's outburst is pretty ugly.


This also ought to be the time that groups like Comcast, that support Al Sharpton's Political Action Committee's, ought to publicly pull their funding away from that Racist rabble rouser and blame it on not wanting to be associated and publicly identified with the promoters of such racist/anti-cop incitement that led to the murder of these cops.

We ought to be the guys "Not Letting the Crisis go to Waste", and reclaiming our reputations from being besmirched by association with these shakedown artists.

NKvirusedand back

But neither Brown nor Gardner are pertinent to militarized police or aggressive quota driven policing. They were convenient for the racial grievance scammers.... that's all.

Beasts of England

Shorter Tennessee Coats: 'These things happen.'

James D.

Appalled, I disagree. Obama, Holder, DiBlasio and their ilk absolutely bear responsibility for this.

They have stirred up emotions, defended the indefensible and fostered racial division their entire careers. None of them have ever done one single positive thing to improve race relations, or better people's lives.

Damn right I blame them. I'd like to see everyone who comes into contact with any of these monsters do as the police did this weekend and turn their backs on them, to show them the disregard and contempt they so richly deserve.


Coates is the asshole who argued for reparations for African Americans in The Atlantic a few months ago. He is just one more of the grievance mongers.

How about we start with "pull your damn pants up", "stop with the gangsta lean", "stop killing each other" and "get with the program and stop knocking up your girlfriends at 14 and taking off"?

Danube on iPad

Al Sharpton.


Bill O’Reilly: Let me just stop you. There were three trade scenarios, there were three things they could have done. You were involved to try to work that out to some extent?

Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer: Not all of them involved trade. One of them essentially was a direct action. One of them involved my aspect, which was not again a trade. It was something working the issue. And, obviously the one the president went with was the $5 billion to Qatar and the trade of the five Taliban.


"stop knocking up your girlfriends at 14 and taking off"?"

Hold on there buddy. Do you have any idea what happens to Plantation cash flow if Julia isn't bred on schedule? She and Baby Byblow are worth at least $800 per month in Section 8 subsidy once she drops him.

Don't you have any feelings for the poor slumlords who have to finance the Black Barons in the CBC?

NKvirusedand back

As a matter of fact and law, the madman alone is responsible for this assasination. He acted out of his own twisted and sick malice and pre-meditation. That said, what his act did was to highlight the heinous and disgraceful opportunism of the jackals, all of them right up to Obummer. Their disgusting public pronouncements were unforgiveable, whether or not this madman pulled the trigger. But the madman did pull the trigger, so as far as justice and moral culpability is concerned, Rev Al has Freddy's Fashion Mart and these two cops' blood on his hands. No decent person should listen to a word that comes out of his filthy mouth.


Appalled can't blame Precious and Holder. Why am I not surprised.


You can blame this on the Obama on down in the same sense that you can blame them for lots of things they don't directly do: The growth of ISIS, the epidemic of welfare dependency and children out of wedlock, and so on. They didn't behead anyone or knock anyone up, but they are in positions of responsibility and their policies and actions have contributed immensely to the problems.


I stand with James D. @ 02:34.

NKvirusedand back

Section 8 subsidy? what about SEIU hospital worker/Immigrant Drs paid out of medicaid? what about food stamps? $27K/ year urban school bill, 75% of which goes to union teachers and staff, and on and on... the plantation is a $200-300BILLION annual going concern.


"Giuliani's outburst is pretty ugly"

This is why you always got flak for calling yourself a moderate.

Liberals get empathy even when they're wrong.

Conservatives are ugly even when they're right.


--At some point, maybe right after Ferguson, amybe right after Corey Gardner, there was a chance for a decent discussion of our very over-militarized police, and excesses that the police have been given to over the past few years.--

No. These two instances were custom ordered to turn into this mess since neither was an egregious intentional wrong by the cops and so expectations of judicial vengeance for blacks were unrealistic and destined to cause a violent reaction when the cops were properly not prosecuted.
The only time a decent discussion should even be attempted, if it's going to be spurred by an incident which doesn't seem too wise in any case, is after a clearly egregious act. Unfortunately for the race hustlers those don't happen that often and so they feed off of what they can.

--And now, this. I tend to agree that you really can't blame this on Holder or the President.--

If you mean they can't be blamed directly for it or they don't bear 100% responsibility, I agree.
If you mean they bear no responsibility after 6 years of racial grievance mongering and exacerbating racial divisions you're on your own.


When the woman objected to his presence, Boyce said, Brinsley shot her in the stomach with a Taurus 9mm gun that had been purchased at a Georgia pawn shop in 1996 -- when Brinsley was a child. The weapon's path to Brinsley is under investigation.

He would use the same pistol about nine hours later to kill Officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos as they sat in their patrol car in Brooklyn.


Sandy--I Stand with Walker 2016--Daze   ن


Your statement is, well, appalling.


Obama only likes the police one supposes, when they are doing his bidding. His contempt of the police no doubt well pre-dated this July 2009 pronouncement that "police acted stupidly."

You self-characterize by the positions you take. Supporting the executive characterizes you as no better than he.

He is a disgusting cretin. You have the opportunity to revise, and extend your comments as you may want. Otherwise, I must conclude a much less charitable understanding of your character than ever before.


Joe Cocker has joined the bandstand in the sky, at age 70. lung cancer.



I was referring to The Importance of Breeding Julia. Dropping Baby Byblow initiates the establishment of a household and the first decent cash flow bite is Section 8. You're absolutely correct regarding the ancillary incremental value of little Byblow but I believe you may be using an incorrect multiplier. It's more like $500-$600 billion per year.



I was referring to The Importance of Breeding Julia. Dropping Baby Byblow initiates the establishment of a household and the first decent cash flow bite is Section 8. You're absolutely correct regarding the ancillary incremental value of little Byblow but I believe you may be using an incorrect multiplier. It's more like $500-$600 billion per year.

NKvirusedand back

RIP Joe C.


there was a chance for a decent discussion of our very over-militarized police

The recent disclosure of what material was supplied by DoD seems to indicate that, while the DoD does contribute to military-like equipment to police forces, most of the stuff that showed up in Ferguson was bought directly by the respective police forces.

The folks across the river from me got a $750,000.00 mine-resistant vehicle, even though there hasn't been a single instance of a mine being found or detonated within miles of here (except the fireworks plant to the west).


I think Appalled is wrong on this issue. I don't think he is immoderate or a disgusting cretin.


"I don't think he is immoderate ..."


To me people who call themselves moderates seem to take positions consistent with ...

Liberals are usually wrong in ways that are understandable and idealistic ...

Conservatives are almost always wrong in ways that are ugly.

Captain Hate

I thought Joe Cocker was already dead.

the things that unite us

Being disgusted with Bane.

Appalled is an honest lib; we can disagree with him without going full attack mode as I've done in the past.

Danube on iPad

I blame the climate of hate:

"Hatred and fanaticism, the flabby spirit of complacency that has permitted the preachers of fanatical hatred to appear respectable, and the self-righteousness that labels all who disagree with us as traitors or dolts, provided the way for the vile deed that snuffed out John Kennedy’s life.”

— The editor of the Austin American writing in November 1963

James D.

Obama only likes the police one supposes, when they are doing his bidding. His contempt of the police no doubt well pre-dated this July 2009 pronouncement that "police acted stupidly."

Obama doesn't ever like the police. He expects them (and everyone else) to do his bidding despite the open contempt he shows for them.

Of course, it's not limited to police. Other than the face that looks back at him in the mirror, I doubt there's another person in this world that he actually likes, let alone has the tiniest amount of respect for.


Wouldn't call Appalled a lib.

He does generally fit in the group that call themselves moderate.

Comanche Voter

Ta Nehesi-Coates; one can pick any day and say that "it's just a matter of time" before Ol' Ta Nehesi says something particularly stupid. It's a steady state condition--just the way he rolls.

Jim Miller

This morning, just to get my own head straight on the matter, I put up a post on Mayor Bill de Blasio's three legal names.

(And I am serious when I say that I would like to see informed commentary on his mame changes.)

Danube on iPad

New York: City of Hate.

"Since the crime seemed too vast to be attributed to a single criminal, wrote historian William Manchester, Dallas itself became the city where 'they' killed Kennedy. A month before Kennedy's visit the US ambassador to the UN, Adlai Stevenson, had been assaulted and spat on. Dallas became known as a hotbed of extremists. Kennedy told his wife 'we're heading into nut country' before the visit.

"The assassination served to cement the city's reputation. 'Dallas was victimised,' says Stephen Fagin, associate curator of the depository's Sixth Floor Museum. 'It gained a reputation as an unwelcoming and hostile environment – the city of hate.'"


Sorry for going off topic, but I've a Christmas shopping gift question. I'm getting my young adult son the Patrick O'Brian's, Master & Commander book, hoping to get him hooked on the series. What was the name of the recommended reference books (nautical terms & maps) discussed here in the past? I believe JiB and other held forth. Thanks in advance.

NKvirusedand back

weren't the Master and Commander 2 of the O'Brien books?

Captain Hate

Lazybusy, Harbors and High Seas by Dean King is my go to for maps; he has another one for the terms which I can't remember now.

Danube on iPad

Frank Rich, 2011:

"Immediately after the assassination and ever since, the right has tried to deflect any connection between its fevered Kennedy hatred and Oswald’s addled psyche with the fact that the assassin had briefly defected to the Soviet Union. But at the time even some Texans weren’t buying that defense. An editorial in the Dallas Times Herald chastised its own city for supplying 'the seeds of hate' and 'the atmosphere for tragedy.'"

Captain Hate

NK, the Master and Commander movie was based on two books but the book by that name was the initial one of the series.

Sandy--I Stand with Walker 2016--Daze   ن

I'll take this opportunity to revise and extend my comments.

I agree Iggy, disgusting cretin, doesn't provide the appropriate characterization for appalled.

In my view of today's America,

one either stands with obamao


one stands against obamao

I make no apologies to those who find such a binary, if bleak distinction insufficiently nuanced.

I know where I stand. I think I know where appalled stands. I ask, indeed encourage appalled to be clear, crystal clear about where he (she?) stands.

For those who stand with obamao, I attribute the characterization developed by Subotai Bahadur commenting at Belmont Club:

Beasts of England

Sad about Joe Cocker. He certainly gave it all to his craft. Maybe he and Belushi can have a sing-off now...

NKvirusedand back

Master and Commander... ah;

some day I'll read all of them.

James D.

I'm with you, Sandy.

There is no more time or room for nuance, or giving any Dems the benefit of the doubt. We've all seen the damage Obama et all have done to this country in six years. And we've all seen how progism in general has been rotting away every foundation of a decent society for a lot longer than that, to give Obama his opportunity for power.

There's no way to compromise or reason with them. They have made it abundantly clear that they want to wreck everything that's good about this country, and ultimately turn everyone who's not them into serfs, slaves or corpses.

So, yes, if you're not 100% against Obama and all his fellow travellers, you're part of the problem.

Sandy--I Stand with Walker 2016--Daze   ن

LazyBusy -

a companion on my bookshelf, but probably not one that your son would enjoy, unless he's interested in joining the CIA:


Brilliant post, TM.

Captain Hate

With the lefties using Palin and Saint Gabby as their "equivalent" argument, none of those dimwits bothers to remember that Judge John Roll was killed, as was an infant, by the deranged imbecile Jared Loughner who's commiecrat family and office holders kept him from facing the prior consequences of his bizarre behavior.

Danube on iPad

"In 'Dallas 1963,' Texas journalists Bill Minutaglio and Steven Davis document the toxic stew of hate for John F. Kennedy that swirled in Dallas in 1963, a firestorm of anti-Kennedy feeling that culminated in the president’s assassination."

A toxic stew of right-wing hate can even get a delusional Communist to enlist in the cause. So: has Sharpton created such a toxic stew? Can the toxic stew have incited the cop-killer to act?

Who says A must say B.


Another Press Conference with DiBlasio , the Commissioner and some other Authorities.

Commissioner says that the purpose of the News Conference is to tell us about meeting with the families, to talk about the investigation re: the killing, and reports on the number of Video's taken at the time of the Killings.

And also to give the details of the Funeral arrangements for the murdered Officers.


Sony’s current plan for “The Interview’’ is to release the controversial comedy for free on Crackle, the streaming service it owns, sources said Sunday.


Brilliant work, DoT!


what possible use can taking out North Korea's internet have?

Jim Eagle


The 3 must haves to read O'Brian:

Dean King (2001). "A Sea of Words: Lexicon and Companion for Patrick O'Brian's Seafaring Tales". (Henry Holt and Company. ISBN 0-8050-6615-2.)

Dean King (2001). "Harbors and High Seas: Map Book and Geographical Guide to the Aubrey/Maturin Novels of Patrick O'Brian." (Henry Holt and Company. ISBN 0-8050-6614-4.)

Brian Lavery (2003). Jack Aubrey Commands: "An Historical Companion to the Naval World of Patrick O'Brian". (Conway Maritime. ISBN 0-85177-946-8.)

There are others but these will do until you start building your own models of Surprise out of balsa:)



He says that the 2 children of the Ramos family reminds him of his own children.

We all know the obvious rejoinder to that comment.

DiBlasio says that the dead Officer Liu is the only son of his parents.


Belay that book, Sandy!!The 19th Century British naval table was certainly not the place to gain a culinary education. In fact, British cuisine up until the turn of this century has left much to be desired.

The epitome when I lived there was the one decent restaurant in Northern England, the Wizard, to which I took my soon to be betrothed just once because they had Paris prices.

Otherwise, it was Indian and fish and chips and pray Mum doesn't overboil the meat and Brussel's Sprouts and peas again.

A great historical reference perhaps, but more of an educational tool to let one's progeny know how good they have it today.


Watched a terribly sad documentary on ESPN yesterday about Bill Johnson, wildman, who won the 1984 Olympic downhill.
He's been in terrible shape for years after a serious head injury in an attempted comeback and a related stroke years later.
Can barely walk or talk and looks about 90 in his early fifties and doesn't really want to live anymore.
Sometimes dying is better.


I'm with Sandy and JamesD. If that makes me an extremist, so be it.

Danube on iPad

For those visiting San Diego, H.M.S. Surprise is moored at the Broadway Pier, one of seven vessels that comprise the San Diego Maritime Museum.


Captain Hate, Sandy, & JiB --Thanks millions.


DiBlasio, verbatim

I have throughout my public life expressed tremendous respect for the NYPD. It's very well documented. I will continue to. I also think in a Democracy that people express their desire for a more fair society and that's right and proper as well, but they must do it peacefully. There can be no violence, and certainly can be no violence against those who protect us, and those who represent our Society. The Police are our protectors and they must be recognized as such.

Jim Miller

daddy - If you scroll back to my first comment, you'll find a gentle hint.

Miss Marple

Oh, good. Now he is blaming the press on dividing people after the reporter asks what he is going to do about these people who demonstrate with terrible signs and chants.


@lizcgoodwin: Mayor de Blasio calls on everyone across political spectrum to halt protests until after officers' funerals (dec 26 for Ramos)

Where were those calls for restraint during the last protests?

As I said, if you can't hold Obama/Holder/DeBlasio responsible for these killings then we can't hold them or any other government officials responsible for anything other than direct orders. Which would absolve Bush of much of what he's been constantly blamed for.

Miss Marple

OK, so far we have learned that DeBlasio is a liar, obnoxious, and really stupid.

Also arrogant.

Tom Maguire
what possible use can taking out North Korea's internet have?

It has to be high on the "Don't Just Stand There, Do Something" playlist.

James D.

Magpr Bane can go screw himself. There is exactly one thing I am interested on hearing from him:

"I resign, effectively immediately."

I'd also accept:

"Honor demands that I commit seppuku to remove the shame I've brought on myself, my family,my city and my species."


For The Record: Islam is getting an entire pass regarding this Islamic murderer of the Police.

Not one word whatever about his Religious background. Zero.

All mention of the perp is that he is a deeply troubled individual with mental problems and a police record of offenses.

No mention of any motivation based upon Islam, nor based upon the words of Civil Rights agitators.

We are told in a ticker beneath the speakers that the Shooter was enraged with Police Officers.


Noe DiBlasio is going after the Press saying to the Press. "What are you guys gonna' do?"

"Are you guys going to keep dividing us with questions like that?"

"That was an absolutely peaceful protest but you keep focusing on a handful of bad people who are saying bad things at these protests. The vast majority of our people are good people. The few who want conflict, and unfortunately you guys enable that. I don't see reports on the good cops who hold the line."

"That's how you want to portray the world and it's wrong, but they are not the majority and you my friend need to stop portraying them as the majority."

Not verbatim, but darn close.

NKvirusedand back

MissM-- indeed, he is all that. he is a hardcore commie, but Warren Wilhelm Jr 'the man' is fundementally a hateful misanthrope and lying pussy. His words today will come as quite a surprise to the commie and union thugs who got him elected with 25% turnout.

NKvirusedand back

Daddy-- you are getting a dose of the Blue Hell ProgTard 'mind' at work. Delusional, demented and corrupt beyond recognition. That's Mayor Bane and his crew.


Police Commissioner: Verbatim

Do some Officers not like this Mayor? Guaranteed. Do some Officers not like me? Amazingly, some don't. I can't quite understand that but uh some don't. Some of you been around this town for awhile, can you point out to me 1 Mayor that has not been battling with the Police Unions in the last 50 years? Name 1....Name 1.

So the experience of this Mayor in terms of some Cops not liking him is nothing new.

Relativism in action.


So from here on out you can't question or debate the performance of the NYPD because let's face it,the NYPD are above corruption,above police brutality, above excessive use of force,incompetence,stupidity etc.

You can question the military,the President,Jesus,God,religon...but how dare you question NYPD.

Look,every time a cop chokes an unarmed man to death we're going to say 'that cop's a scumbag and needs to go to jail'...and you know what...I can't believe i'm about to say this but that cop's a scumbag and needs to go to jail.You can't stop people from questioning the tactics used by over zealous police just because a nutty butty executes 2 of them. That's not going to happen.

Now if you're a deep seated racist and want to push back on African American civil rights then yeah,this tragedy could seem to be a bit of a political goldmine for you.Just like if you have a deep hatred of women and suddenly a high profile rape accusation falls apart sure,bleating on about it for weeks could also be politically advantageous to you.Just like if an attack on a consulate results in the....you get where i'm going with this.

But we won't stop.Kill another unarmed African American tomorrow and we'll have a thousand protests up and down the country.A girl gets raped at another ivy league school...let's get TIME magazine to cover it.

Like everything else you've miscalculated this.


I think Bane is facing a gathering shirt storm. A petition calling for his resignation is circulating on MoveOn.org, ( yes you read that right ) and has already gathered over 60K signatures. I guess soon enough Zero will be running the bus over Bane...

Miss Marple

Dan Bergadino (spelling might be wrong) on Fox pointing out that this accusing the press is ridiculous since so many have covered for him.

He's infuriated.

Sandy--I Stand with Walker 2016--Daze   ن

Matt - HAH ! Truth be told, I've never made any of the dishes listed inside. Even the images look, well, like disgusting British food:

"Spotted Dog"

JiB's list made me go to my book series boxes. Some time ago, in order to make room for new, some of the older books were placed into boxes for safe keeping, among those, my collection of O'Brian's Aubrey-Maturin works and C.S. Forester's Hornblower series.

Lazybusy, depending upon your son's age, Hornblower might be a good series to start. O'Brian said that Forester's work was the inspiration for his own.

At the bottom of the box I found an '96 edition (nineteen, not eighteen ! HA) Of JiB's recommendation: Dean King's "Harbors and High Seas" Recommended.

NKvirusedand back

DD is just going through the motions here. Progism is dying, rightfully, right in front of us. Nice.


What was this murderer's job? Where did he work? What did he do for a living?

Who paid for the food that this murderer stuffed into his fat face? How did this "career criminal" get meals when he was not serving time in a penitentiary where he belongs?

Was he housed, clothed, and fed by the state even when he was not serving time in a penitentiary [where he belongs]?

If so, then we taxpayers put a roof over his head, clothes on his back, and food in his belly. And I, for one, provided my share of that to him involuntarily. I was held at the business end of the government's monopoly on force wielded by the likes of the trolls here every time they walk into voting booths.

And when this murderer lived under that roof, wore those clothes, and ate the food provided involuntarily by us taxpayers, he made an admission—whether he understood it or not—that he is not a full citizen. He provided nothing in return for what he took. He could not even navigate life without earning the title, "career criminal."

It is the democrat party and its agitating operatives who hammer home the point that they are the ones who keep the Free Shit flowing. They shout it from the rooftops every time an election rolls around.

So when this career criminal heard Obama, Holder, Sharpton, and all of the other prominent mouthpieces of the democrat redistribution machine paint the police as the enemy, was it such a stretch for him to do what he could to please his masters?

If that was too much of a stretch, then could Obama's, Holder's, and Sharpton's inflammatory community agitating have been enough to redirect this career criminal's evil from something more typical like going on the lam (like Obama's Weather Underground friends and mentors did) to "executing" two policemen as they ate lunch in their patrol car?

The blood from these murders are on the hands of every democrat.


So the bad guys here are the News Media, not the Mayor or the Civil Rights rabble rousers, and since cops in the past have disliked previous Mayors it is all relative. (Hell, some Cubans don't like Castro, some Americans don't like Reagan---therefore it must all be exactly the same).

From watching the multi-racial former NYPD cop now on FOX with Charles Payne there are cops not buying it.

And since they are playing the audio/video of the protesters screaming loudly "What Do We Want? Dead Cops. When Do We Want It? Now," you can damn well tell that it isn't just "a handful of bad people," being played up by The Media.

The interviewed Cop is saying that the arguments that Guiliani had with his Police Unions was simply money stuff/contract stuff, not ideological differences as it is with this Mayor. And he also made the point that the Media has generally been in this Mayor's corner, as opposed to how they have treated previous Mayors. And now the Media is the problem?

A decent segment.

Eric in Boise

A girl gets "raped" at another ivy league school...let's get TIME magazine to cover it.

Sure why not? I'm sure Time can make shit up just as skillfully as TRS can.

Oh, and you forgot the quotes, so I added some for you.

I'm a giver.


"To eliminate racial and ethnic disparities in social
and economic outcomes, Southern leaders must continue work to remove structural and institutional racism. One of the first steps toward this challenging goal is acknowledging that racial discrimination persists in practice. In our interviews across the South, we asked people to tell us who, of their community’s youth and young adults, is getting ahead and who isn’t. We noted a widespread reluctance to discuss racial and ethnic disparities.

Communities can begin by examining data on educational
attainment, income, wealth, and health to identify racial and ethnic gaps in well-being. They also can explore their history critically, asking who has benefited from past change and growth and who has the ability to make decisions about the community’s future. As long as patterns of exclusion and segregation match with inadequate economic outcomes, as they do across much of the South, then structural racism persists."

From this 2014 report http://www.mdcinc.org/resources/state-of-the-south

This is what mayors, legislators, educators, university admins all over the Southeast are being told.



The more I read you, the more I think you are someone pretending to be Liberal for grins.

As to your argument -- it's a good one. Problem is, the bleepstorm that has been summoned up is the right's revenge for all the "how dare you use that language" rhetoric summoned up during Gabby Gifford's shooting and Sandy Hook. And the right knows, if there is an Ivy League Rape, or an accident with firearms, or a cop beatin up a kid, or woman with inadequate birth control, its the fault of some loud mouthed state senator from South Georgia quoting scandalous scripture about people's proper places.

I wish the right would not take the revenge they are taking. I wish Giuliani would not blame hateful anti-cop rhetoric -- because free speech is more precious than anything he brings to the table. BUT. Please don't scare folk abpout the thing the left's gonna do. Because everyone knows what the left's gonna do, because they have not made a habot of restraining themselves over the past six years.


There was a plan to assassinate JFK in Chicago. Well documented. It had nothing to do with any toxic brew in Dallas.

I was told we all killed Kennedy.

The shot that blew Kennedy's head open was made by a mobster or a Cuban. You choose.

You see, I'm only defending myself against the false charge that I killed JFK.


I do not remember any protests in Dallas in which rabid right wingers chanted "Kill JFK."

This incitement is very different. Very different.

Sandy--I Stand with Walker 2016--Daze   ن

Consider for a moment
NYPD Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu.

The chant if not cant has evolved.
In Boston it was white (police) against black professor,
in Florida it was White Hispanic against black teenager,
in Missouri it was white police against black teenager
in NYC is was a white (and others, a gang of police) against a black man
but this past weekend, it was a black (muzzie) against a
Hispanic policeman and an oriental-extraction (Chinese?) policeman.


It will be dark here in half an hour, warm for this time of year (high 30s), raining. Friday the mob decided to play on the interstate, leading to 74 spending the weekend in lockup. Today, no charges / justified use of deadly force. Donte's brother called for getting rid of the pigs who kill us and feed on us. The mob has wandered all around Milwaukee all day blocking traffic and annoying people.

I hope they remain calm. Walker has the National Guard ready to deal with them, and mass lockup might have gotten their attention.

Very tense in the city, the mob is in a church with the press locked out.


"Like everything else you've miscalculated this."

Yes, you have.

Black Lives don't matter to Blacks, they kill each other off far more then by any other means. Truly sad. Until this is addressed, no other efforts to Protect Black Lives will be very effective. A Black Life you *might* save by tilting at "Police Windmills" will simply be 40 more that killed in Chicago each weekend.

Eric Gardner was not a double amputee and therefore was armed, otherwise he could not have resisted arrest. Mike Brown was not a double amputee and therefore was armed, otherwise he could not have assaulted a shop owner nor assaulted a police officer.

Unless people have Dual Citizenship in both Africa (not a country) and America, then the term African American is a lie. No use repeating a lie.

If we really want to come together, stop dividing by race - we are Americans.

Sandy--I Stand with Walker 2016--Daze   ن

"Some Blacks" cannot get along with Whites

"Some Blacks" cannot get along with Hispanics

"Some Blacks" cannot get along with Chinese


But, Whites, Hispanics, and Chinese are trying to get along with blacks. What can we do to appease Blacks? What can we do to make them happy? Let them have the keys to the city, President, Attorney General, etc etc

Why do blacks hate us?

Funny old thing, it almost seems like whenever there is a riot, Blacks have started it.

The parallels with the islamic faith are striking. Whenever there is a problem in the world these days, it seems like muslims started it.

What can we do to appease muslims? What can we do to make muslims happy?

Why do muslims hate us?



No surprise. Beckel accuses Guliani of saying that DiBlasio has blood on his hands when in fact Guliani specifically said DiBlasio did not have blood on his hands and actually said that it is wrong to say that DiBlasio has blood on his hands.

Beckel once again demonstrates that he is less informed than anybody who hangs out on this blog.

He functions from Emotion, not with his brain.

Now Beckel says that the Killer killed his Wife. Well the killer wasn't married, and the ex-girlfriend he shot is alive and doing OK.

How does he constantly know so much that just ain't so?

Tom Maguire
So from here on out you can't question or debate the performance of the NYPD...

It would be helpful if the left could debate this without hatred and invective, but if you are describing their limitations then yes, I doubt they can manage a civil debate.

Haters gonna hate, and the "Off The Pigs" crowd has been around since the 60's.


Brilliant post, TM.

Posted by: clarice

Wish I had the time to read it.

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