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December 15, 2014



Keep on the story TM.


Oh, good. I was so worried this topic had petered out.


And who can forget Islamic outrage against Burger King's Chocolate ice cream cone:

Burger King recalls 'sacrilegious' desserts

THE fast-food chain, Burger King, is withdrawing its ice-cream cones after the lid of the dessert offended a Muslim.

The man claimed the design resembled the Arabic inscription for Allah, and branded it sacrilegious, threatening a "jihad".

The chain is being forced to spend thousands of pounds redesigning the lid with backing from The Muslim Council of Britain. It apologised and said: "The design simply represents a spinning ice-cream cone."

The offending lid was spotted in a branch in Park Royal last week by business development manager Rashad Akhtar, 27, of High Wycombe.

He was not satisfied by the decision to withdraw the cones and has called on Muslims to boycott Burger King. He said: "This is my jihad. How can you say it is a spinning swirl? If you spin it one way to the right you are offending Muslims."


Jackie should head on over to ISIS land. They've got that rape and sexual slavery thang down. What, you got a prob with that, ISISphobe?

Janet S.

Jackie is a liar, Sabrina Rubin Erdely is a liar, and Rolling Stone printed the lie.


I am noticing now that every time CNN mentions the dead Jihadist perp, they now add the qualifier "The self styled Islamic Sheik", or something similar, to make sure that viewers know this wasn't a Legitimate Islamic religious person with legitimate religious bona fides.

Do they ever add that self styled qualifier when they mention The Reverend Al Sharpton?


CNN says that Aussie Police will give a wrap up Press Briefing in about 15 minutes. Current mention on CNN is there may be 3 dead good guys and possible report of injured policeman.

Carol Herman

The rape never happened! There won't be any Mea Culpa from the media, though, because from Random House to Rolling Stone, there's tremendous fears out there that lawsuits are coming down the pike.

While over at SONY, Amy Pascal is trying to save her job by going to Sharpton. The "black" Annie is a disaster film! Where careers actually live or die on "box office take."

The most honest reporting we've gotten so far is from hackers.


Mainstream media can't get its head around the fact that a few billion people belong to a bizarre death worshiping cult.

Rev Al's pseudo-reverence is just an insult to a religion that the MSM doesn't have to protect


Ashley Banville of CNN equates the words on the Black ISIS flag to the Lords Prayer. Then she moves on to her next segment which is the new Hash tag movement of the day, #I'llRideWithYou, meaning I'll ride on a train with a woman wearing a Hijab or Bhurka, so that she does not feel uncomfortable riding on a train and being dissed by Anti-Islam racists.



I reiterate my amazement that they didn't target Max Brenner's, which has two shops in downtown Sydney, and is Israeli-owned.

Unfortunately if there were innocent casualties, but I think they had to go in there and end it.


"Self Styled Muslim Cleric."

That's Wolfe Blitzer's qualifier. Makes me wonder if Reverand Al on his show will call the guy a Self Styled Muslim Cleric.


Well I hope TM focuses on what believe the important part of the story is; Theresa Sullivan using the fraudulent story as pretext to shutdown frats/soros at UVa. This is a state school infringing on peoples' rights to free association. It's a huge story.


Jackie is a SERIALliar, Sabrina Rubin Erdely is a SERIAL liar, and Rolling Stone printed the lie and is going to payoff like a loose slot machine.


Jeff Dobbs

#I'llRideWithYou, meaning I'll ride on a train with a woman wearing a Hijab or Bhurka, so that she does not feel uncomfortable riding on a train and being dissed by Anti-Islam racists.

Any of them offer to ride with dozens of people this terrorist has sexually assaulted?

The ex-wife is now dead, but maybe we need...



My question is what is Rolling Stone going to do with Ederly's "re-reporting"? Are they going to turn in from a LifeTime movie script about the awful gang rape and the "rape culture" at major universities that enables such things into a LifeTime movie script about a psycho bitch from hell that scams everyone? Seems unlikely to me, because the NARRATIVE is still all important. So how do you write a story that says "well, this did not actually happen, but stuff kind of like this does happen and maybe this exact thing could happen so we need to do something about this 'rape culture' at elite schools"?

I suppose that is exactly what will come out of this from them. We got the facts wrong, but the narrative is still correct.

Of course, I am not sure who will buy this spin. They got caught in their own net. They set out to use a dramatic and awful incident as a means of illustrating how much of a problem exists. But when the anecdote turned out to be false, it is hard to say that the actual facts don't matter. Initially, they wanted the facts to serve the narrative. Well, they got what they deserved.

Captain Hate

Wolfe Blitzer #JeopardyExpert

Captain Hate

Typhus User #DoodWheresMyComment

James D.

That #Illridewithyou is just mind-boggling.

This is the result of two generations of prog control of education and the media.

James D.

Of course, I am not sure who will buy this spin. They got caught in their own net. They set out to use a dramatic and awful incident as a means of illustrating how much of a problem exists. But when the anecdote turned out to be false, it is hard to say that the actual facts don't matter.

I think, unfortunately, a LOT of people will buy the spin. The universities, and most of the government, and virtually all of the MSM and Hollywood, is run by the same sort of people who produced #ILLridewith you. They despise their own civilization and pretty much all the people within it.


This is unfortunate stupid human behavior; at about 400pm on 9/11 a couple of 20somethings were doing this in the middle of Third Avenue with the WTC smoke plume in the background with a disposable Kodak camera. I asked them for the camera they handed it over, and I smashed it on the pavement. I calmly told them that was the funeral pyre of 5,000 people (mercifully far more escaped than initially assumed), not a tourist attraction.

Captain Hate

Tammy Bruce is going crazy over the immediate apology for a non existent mudslum backlash.



This "#I'llRideWithYou bhurka nonsense reminds me of a post from a few years back. I don't know how to link it so excuse me please for reposting it, but I think its still relevant.

OT---an observation.

Yesterday in Penang Malaysia I took the cable car up the steep hill to the top of Mt Penang. Beautiful and gorgeous and about 10 degrees cooler up top (2700 feet) than at sea level.

Anyhow, we stood up and gave our seats on the ride up to 4 ladies, (3 in full face black burkhas and 1 a young Chinese mother with a 1 to 2 year old on her lap.)

What I observed was that the cute Chinese baby toddler was looking around at everyone and reacting to my smiling at him and laughing etc. Then I watched as the black burkha'd gal next to him tried to be nice to him.

It creeped the kid out. He couldn't figure out the black face mask attire, allowing only the eyes to show, and the efforts of the Burkha'd gal to come across as friendly got nowhere. Her foreign language wouldn't allow here to communicate effectively with the child, and when she reached up to pinch his cheek he recoiled in fear.

It struck me then that 1 of the evils of that full body Burka is that it removes the ability of the wearer to engage in the most basic of human activities---being decent and fun and friendly to another human being. If I was denied the ability to use my expressions and smiles and laughter and everything else I continually use to positively interact emotionally and nonverbally with every other human on earth it would bum me out tremendously and make my existence miserable. That is what that Burkha did yesterday. It prevented a goodhearted woman from humanly interacting with a child.

I don't care what anyone, human or divine, says about the virtues of a burkha. It is an instrument of evil because it deprives a human of the ability to exchange with another human the very best qualities and emotions that we humans possess. That really struck me today.

I hate the burkha.


dessert offended a Muslim

The common theme for Jackie, the spinning swirl, who can’t breathe with his hands up is the undampened media feedback loop.

It is undampened because people, who never learned better in school, feed on it and feed it.


Aaron Sorkin proves he still does copious amounts of coke:


Wolf Blitzer and his Talking Head are jabbering about how this guy was a lone wolf and not officially in contact with ISIS. My question, is who officially does speak for ISIS and when the heck did they become Official?

If I heard our President correctly, he said ISIS is not a state. It therefore is not any official anything. Who leads it? What would constitute for Wolf Blitzer official contact from ISIS? Who in that Non-state entity needs to have sent this "Self Styled Muslim Cleric" an e-mail in order to make him "Officially" in contact with ISIS?


Good primer by Byron York about shutting down Obummer's Amnesty with the Budget, but will they do it?!


The dead perp's Australian Lawyer has been on the Aussie channel I have up on the web. The Lawyer says that with all the legal problems facing him, and he being out on bail but having little chance of not getting convicted, that it made sense to the Lawyer that the perp would do something like this to go out in a blaze of glory. Lawyer says that the perp's strong belief in Islamic ideology clouded his clients judgement.

The perp's writings were calling for a world wide Caliphate.

Aussie Police doing a briefing now. total of 17 hostages, 2 dead hostages. Police officer shot in the face but doing OK. Some of the hostages in hospital.


I said a long time ago that Islamic radicalism is a franchise with no fee. You can plant your little black flag anywhere and you are a part of the "movement". Sort of like self identifying Marxists. If it walks like a Marxist and talks like a Marxist and smells like a Marxists, it's a Marxist.

We have lost common sense among our intelligentsia.

I'm not sure which smells worse, though. An Islamic radical or a Marxist?

James D.

The Marxists are much worse, Matt. Without them and their baleful influence, there would be far less tolerance or patience for Islamic radicalism, and we'd have a much easier time fighting it.


Christiane Amonpour coming up next.

Anyone want to guess at which qualifier she'll use to protect the reputation of Islam from this perp?

Captain Hate

I was just about to link that, NK. And they'd damn sight better do it instead of following orders from their Chamber of Commerce task masters. By not doing so they're opening the door to Princess Running Joke to snag voters who could rightfully benefit from a party which, I don't know, stands up for the citizens who belong here.

That would not be pandering. Not standing up against an unconstitutional act is pandering and violating their oaths of office.


"Self Styled Muslim Cleric" for the win.

She used it in her 3rd sentence.


I wonder (because I do not know the facts) whether Jackie Coakley could come out with a statement that goes like this:

"When I was 18 years old, I foolishly told a couple of friends that I had been sexually assaulted when I had not. I did this in an immature attempt to get sympathy and attention. However, I never wanted to do any harm to anyone. I never filed a police complaint. I never brought an administrative proceeding with the University. I never identified any of my supposed attackers and, even with my friends, I gave a fake name and description of the alleged ringleader. In other words, while I made a false CLAIM, I never made a false ACCUSATION such that any person could have been prosecuted or even fallen under suspicion.

"Two years later, a version of my story came to the attention of a writer for Rolling Stone, who badgered and pressured me to provide more lurid details, she said "on background" in order to provide an example for a story she was doing on "campus rape culture." I agreed to help the cause, but only after being promised that my story would not be discussed in detail in the article and that no effort would be made to identify anyone who supposedly was involved in my assault.

"The writer, after gaining my confidence, bullied me into allowing her to write my story in a way that I really did not want to have it come out.

"I am very sorry for the mistakes that I made. I never intended this to go so far or to hurt anyone. I am most sorry if this incident casts doubt on the allegations made -- particularly official charges, not just talking with friends -- by women who have been actually raped.

"But while I played a role in this outcome, I want the world to know that I was bullied, manipulated and conned by people who abused my confidence in search of a sensational story and to push an agenda of their own that had nothing to do with learing the truth."

Just askin'.


Christianne Amonpour:

It seems right from the start this man wasn't a traditional terrorist.

What the hell does that mean? What is a traditional terrorist?


I have an Australian colleague who immediately took the "crazed individual" view, and said that if the guy hadn't put up an Islamic flag this wouldn't have gotten any international media attention. While he may be right about that, his (and many others') eagerness to dismiss what has become a near-epidemic of "lone wolves" is frustrating. It's almost like saying each case of Ebola is an isolated event, nothing to learn from it.


What the hell does that mean? What is a traditional terrorist?

To CNN? Us.


After the break Christianne Amonpour will return and focus on what effect this will have on Australia's Muslims.

I don't think I can stand it. Good night.


I hate the burkha.

Any country not stuck in the 7th century should ban them, period. If nothing else, it's wrong to scare the little children.

You know I read those Sony comments about Obama liking movies about blacks and if they involved anyone else beside our racist president, and the moronic sucker uppers, I would have defended them. That's why I posted the Amy anecdote. He is black - so what? Amy's a lesbian. So what? Why can't we make jokes about things that are - unless of course we don't believe they are equal, and then have to walk on eggshells. Everyone needs to get over themselves.

I'm not being clear here , but I promise I have a very good point.

I wonder if we can get N. Korea to hack the WH emails so we can see their involvement in the IRS scandal.


I said it before, Jackie lied to the reporter about what her friends said. It sounded great to the reporter, so she ran with it.


The burkha is an instrument of sexual domination, imposed on subjugated women by the insecure men of the Religion of Piece.


Porch --

You may be right. But clearly Jackie was uncomfortable with the way the story ended up. Maybe she was in fact bullied and manipulated into telling a story that she really did not want to tell (or agreeing to one that the writer ghosted for her).

But my point is not so much about what actually went down. I was just musing that Jackie may try to throw the writer under the bus in order to save the tiniest last shred of self respect that she can muster.

I just do not know. I doubt that the writer was just a stenographer for Jackie's story, but it is also hard to believe that she knew Jackie was fabricating and ran with the story.

Eric in Boise



@ 2:00-- "I was just about to link that, NK. And they'd damn sight better do it instead of following orders from their Chamber of Commerce task masters."

well, I paid a bit of money in the past 2 years to get the answer to that question. And now we get to find out. CH and OL and others may get to say a big "I TOLD YA SO" about GOPe. I hope not.


Tensions surface as Australian Muslims fear Sydney siege backlash


Janet posted this on facebook and it is really really really really good.


--Mainstream media can't get its head around the fact that a few billion people belong to a bizarre death worshiping cult.--

Oh, they can get their heads around it. But;
1. They want to keep their heads and they foolishly think enabling headchoppers will do that.
2. The MFM are of the left, which is also a death worshipping cult and which holds the west in the same contempt as the headchoppers.


Perhaps I am alone in waiting hopefully for one of these supposed backlashes against muslims to finally actually appear.

Old Lurker

tic toc on GOPe, NK. I promise to hold your penalty to buying only the first round of drinks in NY in the new year.

James D.

Ig @ 2:41

I think it's your #2 far more than your #1.

Captain Hate

I hope not too, NK; I would much rather find out that OrangeDrank has been playing Bobby Fischer level chess and is about to reach checkmate immediately after the seating of the new Congress. That would make me very very happy.



I suspect Jackie was enjoying the attention for awhile and then when she actually got her head around the fact that this stuff was really going to go to print, and that she could be identified and held responsible, she got cold feet and made an attempt to pull back without actually admitting her lies.

This is not to exonerate Erdely, who was probably thrilled to find such a perfect subject for her agenda piece, and had little intention of checking a story that was too good to check.

But without Jackie, there was no story. So ultimately she bears responsibility. I don't think we'd be discussing it right now if Jackie had told Erdely flat out that she'd made it up start to finish. Erdely isn't that reckless with her own reputation as a journalist.

Stephanie De Nile is a river in Progtopia

Why didn't she want Cindy to help her? Competition. She didn't want to give an opportunity for Cindy to earn any brownie points with Randall. She specifically asked for the guys NOT to bring Cindy with them.

Many rape victims have trouble being around men for a long time after their rape, and this sickchick goes out of the way to only associate with men? There's a reason why ALL nurses perform rape kit collections at the hospital. Most victims freak out at having anyone around their nether regions or even comforting them after a rape and any physical contact with anyone can cause extreme discomfort. And this sickchick does the opposite. Not buying it.

James D.

Porch, I'm not convinced of that (Erdely's recklessness or lack thereof).

At this point, I start from the assumption that anyone in the MSM, or on the left (but I repeat myself) will do or say absolutely anything they believe they can get away with.


CH@2:48-- even I'm not willing to be THAT optimistic.

PS: note OL's faux mercy about only 'one round' of drinks, he carefully refuses to specify the type and size of said drinks and wher they would be purchased.

Thomas Collins

I predict a TM thread on the article linked below.

Danube on iPad

At breakfast yesterday at the McLean Family Restaurant I was seated back-to-back with the grotesquely deformed Paul "the Forehead" Begala. This was something of a shocker, because such things simply do not happen in Coronado. I searched in vain for a bowl of oateal to dump over his hydrcephalic head.


DoT-- how was the game/reunion?


We're gonna need a bigger bowl.

Old Lurker

I admire your caution NK but of course you know I am a simple G&T guy; now I do like them large so I can tell my doctor I limit myself to no more than two per day (ok, every day)...but you need not worry about one of those Wallstreet gazillion dollar tabs they try to slip onto their expense accounts.

You notice how I am simply assuming you are wrong about Orangeman and his friends... :-)

Old Lurker

BTW if you miss me, I will be out in the garden eating worms now. I see Ben called me arrogant a few threads back.


OL-- you are indeed a merciful man. 'assuming' --I have no idea what those scalawags will do. As politicians, they'll probably try to split the baby and make no one happy.

Old Lurker

Iggy, got some project cars for you in the LUN.


Eliana Johnson at NRO with an interesting column on whether Ted Cruz would be more Reagan or Goldwater, should he run in 2016.


Jane/Janet - excellent article and thanks for linking.
What is the best means of push back, do you think?

Danube on iPad

Just wonderful, thanks NK. Headed west in an hour.


very glad to hear that DoT.


Yeah, Beasts or Mel pointed me to that story a few days back, OL.
A $20 million Ferrari sitting in a shed. Nice Christmas present.
The old Hispano Suiza H6B is my favorite.

Captain Hate

DoT, I hope there weren't any direct lights in the area because the reflection off teh forehead has been known to cause permanent retinal damage.


I dunno exdem, I've sort of lost hope in the idea of push back. I'm pretty big on the idea of mocking right now. That won't convert anyone tho - which should be the point.

I do think if we could get all the illegality out of things we would win every election in a landslide.

Annoying Old Guy


"We have lost common sense among our intelligentsia".

I must disagree, because this presumes the possession of common sense in the past.


I wonder if this terrorist attack will radically change Sydney. When I was there in 2002 my overwhelming impression was Sydney was like a high tech, modern town in the 1950's.

People were friendly and nice and welcoming, no one was afraid they were going to be mugged or robbed or anything else.

That may have radically changed in the last 12 years, or it may radically change now.

Perhaps it will also make guns more fashionable.

Miss Marple

Amazon HQ in Seattle evacuated due to some threat not explained on TV.

(Came in just in time to hear it so don't know more than that.)


Best line from the Sultan;

In the absence of facts, there can be no reality. There is only ideology.

The elevation of leftist ideology to a matter of unfalsifiable faith is the root of the West's disease.
The rest of us have to contend with people who live in a world that they continually try to conform to their impossible beliefs. Hence the disconnect when we interact with them.


Is therea Moslem pope who selects sheikhs and imams? Aren't they all self-styled?

Buford Gooch

Iggy, as to your 2:43, no, you are not alone.


Iggy@353-- absolutely spot on;

Clarice-- the Persian Mullahs have certifying scholars in Qom, in order to become a 'Mullah', but I believe Sheiks and Imams is largely self-certified.


I dunno exdem, I've sort of lost hope in the idea of push back. I'm pretty big on the idea of mocking right now. That won't convert anyone tho - which should be the point.

In the absence of reason, mocking is just as valid as any other form of pushback.

That said, there is no real reason to bother with the pushback. The smart play is to wait it out. Reality has already started swinging its cluebat.


"In the absence of facts, there can be no reality. There is only ideology."

That's a familiar domestic mantra except that refusing to address facts trumps an absence.


Maggie Gallagher with an interesting post; Gay, Celibate, Christian?


"Facts" like the NSA blackmailing Boehner to pass CRomnibus?

That's one of the disconnects; when an ideologue thinks baseless assertions or jokes are rough facts in need of addressing.
The rest of us ignore them because they are not facts.


Ell, to Jackie's credit, her story did bring page views. But I didn't see it at the Rolling Stone.

Up ahead? Some attorneys will get rich. "A day in court?" Nah. Probably big checks to a few aggrieved men. With the "attachment" they can't talk about it.

At Oberlin you get the broken glass table. As if fraternity brothers would ever wipe the fingerprints off. (While I don't think the table even exists.)

Prior "news?" That would have been Stephen Glass's story. Hence the need to incorporation "glass" into this fiction.

I'll also bet the Washington Post is way ahead in readership than the NYTimes. Which, someday, might make for a tale to tell about how 42nd street whores actually work inside "that" building. Not outside. Same politicians are still both's customer bases, though.

Old Lurker

...even though they are funny.


Everly would have been smart to tape all her interviews with Jackie. Just notebook notes (with pad and pencil) won't cut the mustard, ahead.


The thing that confirmed this as a complete hoax for me was the fake date at the fancy restaurant with 'Drew' whose picture seems to be one grabbed off Facebook of a randomly selected high-school classmate (and who barely knew her and hadn't been near UVA in many years). Since 'Drew' turned out to be an imaginary date, why would we think he could somehow turn transform into a real gang-rapist? Yes, she did tell her story to several people at the time -- but that doesn't make it any less a fairy tale.


Reality has already started swinging its cluebat.


I think so too.


Taranto quotes this nonsense from the Sydney Morning Herald. After writing of the innocent victims, they go on:

Perhaps we face an even more difficult test of our empathy as well. How should we feel for the perpetrator so far witnessed and his family? While we do not know his story or his motivation, we know he was once someone just like those people whose lives he has now treated with such disdain. He must have loved ones, too. Forgiving him will be very difficult, and it will take time. Without forgiveness, though, we have to live with destructive hate.

Taranto notes that among those "loved ones" are his ex-wife, whose murder he is accused of being involved with, and various sexual assault victims.

Behind the paywall:

Old Lurker

I read this here at JOM about six years ago. Where has AP been? (just joking...)

"WASHINGTON (AP) -- People who own all-electric cars where coal generates the power may think they are helping the environment. But a new study finds their vehicles actually make the air dirtier, worsening global warming.

Ethanol isn't so green, either.

"It's kind of hard to beat gasoline" for public and environmental health, said study co-author Julian Marshall, an engineering professor at the University of Minnesota. "A lot of the technologies that we think of as being clean ... are not better than gasoline."

The key is where the source of the electricity all-electric cars. If it comes from coal, the electric cars produce 3.6 times more soot and smog deaths than gas, because of the pollution made in generating the electricity, according to the study that is published Monday by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. They also are significantly worse at heat-trapping carbon dioxide that worsens global warming, it found.

The study examines environmental costs for cars' entire life cycle, including where power comes from and the environmental effects of building batteries."



During the recent NRO cruise, I wondered if Katherine Lopez fell into that category. She was talking about that organization.


To: Jimmy K @ 12:59

Perhaps you didn't get the memo, but ALL Israelis serve in the IDF. ALL know how to use a gun. And, they're also taught Krav-Maga (which I don't know how to spell.) But it's basically a form of Tae-Kwan-Do ... where you're taught to kill your attacker within two seconds. Or as fast as it takes to make motions with your hands, as your foot comes up at bangs the scrotum. It's very fast.

Israelis going to Australia don't forget what they've been taught. Plus, they can talk to each other in a very fast Hebrew. Let alone, a "lone sheik" (in garb) comes waltzing into your store.

Did the "lone sheik" carry his gun over his shoulder? He wasn't wearing pants. Did he pull it out from below?


Israeli-owned does not imply Israeli-operated. I've been to Max Brenner's in NYC and don't have the impression the workers are a bunch of Krav Maga-trained Israelis.


OL @4:39, I recall a piece by Bjorn Lomborg within the last few years, I think in the WSJ, that made similar points.


How should we feel for the perpetrator so far witnessed and his family?

And his girlfriend claims to be a terrorist.


electric cars produce 3.6 times more soot and smog deaths than gas

It's amazing is that people die from soot and smog in countries that are big on electric cars. Where are these places?


Nat gas fuel for utility generators, and electric cares for local use is the cheapest 'cleanest' way to go for the USA. Boone Pickens has been right about that.


Via Iowahawk: A politically conservative Muslim gets the Clarence Thomas treatment for going off the plantation:

Haven't read the original piece yet, but it looks very clever.


Jimmy K @ 4:44 ...

So, you've got a picture of how all Israelis look. And, you know what? You'll be fooled.

Old men, and bikini clad 20 year old's ... can turn on you real fast if they want you lying on the floor. Not using choke-holds.

Israelis owning businesses ... should be your clue. They've got a 6th sense where they know it's time to throw somebody on the floor.

A few years ago? It was LAX. When a lunatic came in and actually killed a young woman behind the counter. They were prepared to kill lots of people. 2 Israelis, who didn't look like security, took out the murdering taxi driver. (Well, he left a note on his apartment room door.)

To the Israelis, he was a total stranger. With a gun. Which he was using at the time.

The only other group that's good at getting these muslim terrorists to pay attention is the Russians.

In Lebanon some muslim terrorists got a hold of a few Russians. Oh, and they sent a ransom note.

They got back the testicles of one of their uncle's. And, the Russian hostages were released pronto-Tonto.


I think Taranto missed the point-we're trying to drive the jihadis to commit suicide by showering them with sweetness.

Iggy--I posted this on the wrong thread:


[Channeling TK] Muslim terrorists never attack Israeli targets.



During the recent NRO cruise, I wondered if Katherine Lopez fell into that category. She was talking about that organization.--

Well I linked it too, Jane, so.....:)

I suspect she was talking about it because it is a welcome middle ground for homosexuals and Christians.

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