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January 23, 2015


Jack is Back!

Hey, alphabet soup, I am only passing along what Rush said. I could care less if it is or isn't. I may not even watch given I have dog in this fight. But I can see how this will bring in even more watchers than if there had been no controversy. Do you think the NBC will be discounting their commerical airings?


PS: how many times does this have to be repeated, the Refs impounded all 12 Pats balls and re-checked them/reinflated them at half time.

They didn't reinflate them. The Pats used their 12 reserve balls in the second half. The ones they didn't have time to/didn't bother to deflate.


This WH is talking about dignity IRT Bibi's addressing Congress?
Dignity? After letting that woman with the green lipstick from youTUbe in as an invited interviewer, when her claim to fame is a youTube of her in a tub of milk, eating the cereal floating on the surface?

NKvirusedand back

TED WELLS is on the case! This will end well.... right? I guess they impounded those 12 1st Half Pats balls. If they went to the trouble to do that, and they started their 'investigation' Sunday Night, the NFL might actually be taking this seriously.... buy popcorn.

Captain Hate

Koranic scholar Lurch should be producing Suras any day now:



Link for my 2:10: http://itiswhatitis.weei.com/sports/newengland/football/patriots/2015/01/21/source-patriots-used-backup-balls-in-second-half-of-sundays-game/

Not sure how much of this the NFL has confirmed, but this reporting supersedes the initial reporting that the 12 balls in the first half were reinflated and used in the second half.


Sheriff Clarke is not happy with Al Sharpton. (there is an autoplay news thing. Scroll down for Clarke).


Yep, NK - it seems like the NFL does know it's serious but are just trying to figure out now what on earth they're going to do about it. Goodell is sweating...you know what. As he should be.

Captain Hate

I'm sure boatbuilder will be here any second now to destroy TM's bandwidth with some gasbag retort to what all of you disbelievers have been accusing Kraft's minions of.


--Phew. But shouldn't "Attributes" be "Assets"?--

The mind of an economist at work. :)

NKvirusedand back

Porch-- today's NFL statement is a bit ambiguous about which Pats balls were used in the 2d Half. My read? The BACK UP BALLS WERE ALSO UNDER. The refs properly inflated the back up balls and put them into play, and impounded the 12 1st Half Balls for the 'investigation'. NFL may have Brady by the... well, by the balls. The NFL says:

"While the evidence thus far supports the conclusion that footballs that were under-inflated were used by the Patriots in the first half, the footballs were properly inflated for the second half and confirmed at the conclusion of the game to have remained properly inflated."

NKvirusedand back

Boatbuilder is a big Pats fan? He's also going to get a bunch of snow tomorrow.


Thanks for the 'head banging' military videos, PDinDetroit. Luv 'em :-)


--QBs handle balls more than anyone; that's why they are so picky about how they like them.--

They don't handle them nearly so much with the modern prevalence of the shotgun but I imagine they still consider themselves connoisseurs, if not downright picky.

NKvirusedand back

Ignatz-- this morning the Chris Simms kid said that while he was holding NFL clipboards and he himself, would come to the sidelines during games and tell the ball guys, keep the 2d down ball and get rid of the 3d down ball. All NFL QBs are picky, but having been a Pats assistant in '12, Simms said Brady was particularly fussy about the ball.


Is there some national office that President Walker can appoint David Clarke to? How about the Civil Rights Commission? Would love to see heads explode over that.


Wishing well to the guy who saw the sign that said "DRINK CANADA DRY" and has been trying every since.


These Baller threads might make some regulars Scrod On By.

NKvirusedand back

Clarke!... my man!!!

NKvirusedand back

DeflateGate-- A conspiracy so vast.....

Captain Hate

King Roger is not having a good day:




Captain Hate

I hope none of you donated money to these clowns during their recent begging spiels:



Will this affect more Americans than "Deflategate"?


Of course, these guys will get right on it.




At least SNL should have one good skit out of this.
Plus they could do a "SNL Classic Segment" and play Sweaddy Balls to have another.

Captain Hate

From pagar's links, as much as I'd love to pin this all on 404, the IRS has served for years as a cash cow for "preferred" IT vendors who provide lots of hardware and software which never gets used.


Which clowns CH? Wikipedia?
For once, they seem to be doing something right.


I assumed CH was referring to NPR, although Wiki was equally active in their recent begathon.


NK, that NFL report wording is super weird and weasely. It almost but not quite suggests that the 1st half balls were reinflated and used in the 2nd half.

But that directly contradicts what the Pats spokesman said on Tuesday - per that WEEI link I shared. He (or she? Stacey James is the name) said they used the backup balls in the 2nd half.

NFL is trying to downplay it, no surprise.

Captain Hate

Whoops, you are correct, Iggy; my fast reading wasn't so accurate. henry is correct; I was referring to both.


The end of civilization as we know it just got a little closer. According to an update to the Doomsday Clock, the world is now three minutes from midnight and one of the big reasons is the failure to reduce greenhouse emissions even in the face of climate change.


Ig, a resident mate who developed insulin dependent diabetes while he was in med school school turned me on to the benefits of fish oil in 1982. He was "whicked smart" as they say in Bellichek land---we were living in Bellichek land, as a matter of fact!---and so I've followed his example, taken it pretty much since then.
Attribute my offspring's academic success to their inflamation-free brains; got my sister's kids off their asthma meds about ten years ago; and my Dad lived thirty two years after his diagnosis of CAD without ever having an MI.
It's taking decades for the research to back it up, but the majority of it does.

Jack is Back!

Anyone who flies Southwest like we do know that each seat has the SW magazine, the safety card and a copy of the Skymall catalog.

Sky Mall is closing. One of Frederick's favorite things to browse:)

I don't know what heis going to do now? Play his Nintendo 3DS more, I guess.


NKvirusedand back

Porch-- it is ambiguous language and a bit weasely, that's the reason I interpret it as I did @2:24. The back up balls were under as well! Heh.


Glad I am not the only Stanley Clarke and Victor Wooten fan here.

Back to Tal Wilkenfeld. She tours with Jeff Beck and they did Clapton's Crossroad concert a few years back.

They did "Cause we've Ended as Lovers" (yea I think he is tappin it). Jeff might as well not even been on the stage. Crowd of course had no idea who she was. Did after she got done.

Captain Hate

I saw Stanley Clarke as part of Chick Corea's Return to Forever in the late 70s and maybe a few times after that. Fusion groups like that served as a nice bridge between rock and improvy stuff.


And the Colts balls were all tested. Maybe after the game. In any case none of them had significant deflation,

Neither did the Pat's - after the game, since they were all replaced at 1/2 time. If it was such a glaring error, the refs should have noticed. Perhaps they too will be dragged into the scandal.

NK if you missed Boatbuilder's rant last night (sometime around 9 PM I think) it was worth going back to read. I actually posted it on facebook (hope that is okay Boatbuilder)

NKvirusedand back

OK I'll read Boatbuilder from last night, I was on a train at 900 then worked at home until Aussie Tennis.


CH. I saw him with Chick Corea also. Probably in Ahia somewhere, but maybe not. A lot of that era was a blur if you know what I mean.

Captain Hate

Buckeye, are you located around Columbus?


Yes, most of my adult life.


Neither did the Pat's - after the game, since they were all replaced at 1/2 time. If it was such a glaring error, the refs should have noticed. Perhaps they too will be dragged into the scandal.

11 of the 12 Pats balls used in the 1st half had significant deflation. They were (as I understand it) confiscated and replaced by 12 backup balls. Those did not deflate significantly during the second half.

So you wonder what weather could have had to do with deflation, since the temperature was colder in the second half.

If the refs didn't inspect the balls properly then they would bear some responsibility. We'll find out one way or another, I hope.

But there is a reason that they use special equipment to gauge the pressure, and that is because they can't tell a legal from an illegal ball just by holding it. That's the whole point of testing. So I don't think it's unusual that they wouldn't have noticed.


DoT - I echo what someone else posted about Omega-3's and Fish Oil being beneficial.

One of the medications I was taking for Migraine Prevention caused me to have a mild Serotonin Syndrome (or Serotonin Storm) once we upped the dosage. I tried for a few weeks to keep with the protocol, but the side effects were just too much. It has taken a month for most of the withdrawal symptoms to subside - I will never take that medicine again.

While researching how to lessen the withdrawal symptoms, just about every person stated they took Multivitamins, Extra Vitamin C, and Fish Oil to help lessen the symptoms. My doctor agreed, so I started taking the following (1 of each every day):

GNC Mega Men Sport

Ester-C 1000mg Tablets

MegaRed Extra Strength 500 mg Omega-3 Krill Oil

Interesting side effect: Migraines are less frequent and not as intense - managed with OTC Excedrin Migraine most of the time!

I came down with the Flu about 3 weeks ago and was put on Tamiflu. Last week, I came down with an Upper Respiratory Infection and was put on Augmentin. This week, I came down with Strep Throat and was put on Azithromycin. The Barometric Pressure has been all over the board for the past 3 weeks, up and down with the various storms/fronts coming through (main cause of my migraines).

Normally, my migraines would be in overdrive with all this going on, normal days are 3-4/10 pain level with 7-8/10 pain level in overdrive (and wanting to go to the hospital). I am only at a 3-5/10 today even with everything going on (and pressure is dropping).

It makes some sense, as the Krill Oil may help manage C-reactive Protein (CRP) which is an indicator of inflammation in the blood (inflammation somewhere in the body). My neurologist put me on Benadryl and Phenergan (Promethazine) for Migraine Rescue Medicines, both of which have antihistamine effects (reducing of inflammation).

I really do not care why it is working, but it is just for today. I hope your nephew gets better.



NBC’s Richard Engel found the White House’s glowing tribute to King Abdullah ironic, since the late Saudi leader “could not stand President Obama.”

What, O's obsequious bowing wasn't enough to ingratiate him to you? Tough crowd. But get in line, King. No one else likes him, either, besides his court fluffers.

Anyway, I hope Engel's got his affairs in order or a least another vocation he can fall back on.

Captain Hate

Yes, most of my adult life.

We should probably have a JOM meetup sometime with maryrose and Ann. I drove further to meet up with DrJ and Iggy than it would take to see you guys (not that I minded any mile of it and wouldn't do it again).

Danube on iPad

I believe three things without a shadow of any doubt:

1. A deliberate action was taken that caused the balls to be underinflated by haltime (I don't rule out intentionally inflating them with hot air);

2, This action was taken with the knowledge and approval,of Tom Brady.; and

3. At least one other person besides Brady knows what was done.

If this is all true, Brady is in considerable peril. A National Enquirer cash grant, a guilty conscience or plain old loose lips could send the whole thing crashing down. At that point Brady is not only exposed as a cheat, but I yhink he crossed the Rubicon yesterday into liar territory as well. His reputation will be totally and permanently destroyed. He might now be wishing he had said "yeah, I like a softer ball so we let a little aur out. I thought everybody did that."

If some awful truth comes out prior to the Super Bowl, I don't know what the hell I'd do if I were Goodell.


Glad to hear fish oil is working for people. I take two inexpensive 1000mg cod liver oil capsules every day. I am not a supplement person AT ALL - this is the only thing I take and pretty the only thing I have ever taken aside from the occasional multivitamin.

What they do for me is something I haven't really read about. They help me sleep. Specifically, I wake up less frequently during the night, and I can go back to sleep easily when I wake up. (I never have trouble falling asleep.)

Every time I tell myself I'm imagining it, I go off them for awhile, and every time I start taking them again, I notice the same thing.

They're like brain lubricant.


I'm with you, DoT. I am just waiting to see who is going to sing.

Brady might use a variant of the Obama defense - it was just a rogue ballboy from Cincinnati that heard somewhere that I liked underinflated balls, and made the adjustments without telling me and without my permission. Monday morning was the first I'd heard of it, same as you guys.


--Ig, a resident mate who developed insulin dependent diabetes while he was in med school school turned me on to the benefits of fish oil in 1982.-

Mrs Ig had me try fish oil pills in the 90s sometime. After a stint feeling like a school of grunion was trying to make a run back up my throat every time after I took em, I decided dying prematurely as one giant, inflamed, red pustule was a preferable fate to making my esophagus a fish ladder.

Was years before I decided to give krill oil a try and, hoky smokes, what a difference. The little krill frolic about in my stomach like sedated sea monkeys, never even eye balling my uvula, let alone trying to jump up and ring it.

If anyone swore off fish oil because it's so ferickin disgusting krill oil makes all the difference.

Jack is Back!


Agree 100% with your 3:45 and that is why Rush believes Brady will be the last to be interviewed since he had the most, personally, to gain by softer balls.

I just cannot see the NFL disqualifying him frm the SB when so much money is on the line but then according to Obama "they have already made enough".


Curiously, and probably merely a part of the vast Pats' conspiracy and cover-up, the team scored 28 unanswered point in the second half with "approved and sanctioned" balls. More than the puny 17 they scored in the first half.

You know, when you put KY on a baseball, it actually helps.

James D.

On a more serious note, one other note on Gillibrand's inviting mattress girl to the SOTU. Gillibrand had this piece in PuffHost explaining it, and referring to the guy who was absolved both by the university and the police as "her rapist." Really appalling.

Serious question for the legal types here:

Would the guy have a case against her for libel? Gillibrand was writing for a private publication, not on the floor of the Senate, when she made the accusation, so I assume she wouldn't be protected by Congressional privilege. And both the school procedure, and the NYS legal system cleared him of any crime.

Given that, her explicitly calling him a rapist in a national publication would seem to me to be actionable. Or am I missing something?


James D., I can say only that there is not much to gain from suing a crazy girl.


If you are going to cheat, make sure you were going to win big anyway. Then the people questioning the cheater become the ridiculous.



Sure. But cheating is cheating, even if it turns out you didn't need the help after all - this time.

How about the week before when they only beat Baltimore by 4 points? Think it might have helped them then? Because I have this crazy feeling that Sunday was not the first time.

If you bring a crib sheet to a test, then figure out when the test is half over that you didn't need it after all and stop using it (or it's confiscated but the teacher lets you continue with the test), and you end up acing the test, do you get a pass on the cheating?

NKvirusedand back

Sue that Senator Skank Gillibrand.

BTW: MarkO, the fact that the Pats need not to have cheated to whip the Colts, makes the fact that Brady did cheat and then lied about it all the more infuriating to me.



Cap'n; I knew Ginger was ailing with lung cancer, and assumed the worst. Wasn't aware reports of his death were premature. Thanks.


They did "Cause we've Ended as Lovers" (yea I think he is tappin it).

Oh, that's who you're talking about. Didn't know her name but I saw her and JB on TV once. I'd do that song with her in a minute!

I do know it. :-)

Jack is Back!

Does anyone think that Brady started using soft balls only in the Ravens and Colts games? It is more conceivalbe he has been doing this for years.

James D.

MarkO, I meant suing the Senator, not the girl.

Although you have to figure that she's likely from a wealthy family, so there would be money to be had if he went after her, too.


There is, in my view, a tremendous volume of outright hate for Tom Brady from former players. Some pundits are so upset they shake when they talk about it. It seems to be more about the Pats and Brady than the still unresolved questions.

I don't know what happened. The apparent timeline in which the balls may have been de-juiced is small. The cast of suspects with access even smaller.

I read that earlier in the season another team supposedly complained about the same issue. To whom? What was done? What is the duty of the Referee?

I might be more persuaded if the Pats had scored only 3 in the second half.

NKvirusedand back

JamesD-- the mattress hauling gal has parents who are both Manhattan Psychiatrists. That explains the wacko mattress hauling, but I don't know what that means financially.


Sorry, James D., I misread it. I like a good declaratory judgment action for defamation in cases like this, but it might not be worth even that effort. He was vindicated, after all.


It is more conceivalbe he has been doing this for years.

The statistics suggest that, TC. Sorry for the big chart, but if you look at plays per fumble over the past five years, the Patriots are clearly an outlier. It's very improbable that this is just a statistical anomaly.



What Extraneus said. That blog is down, though, with the stats analysis. I guess it couldn't handle the traffic it got this morning. I still have the post up so I can read it, but can't link the chart.

NKvirusedand back

JiB-- I have no doubt Brady has been doing this for a long while, probably years. Why did the Colts call him out now? gain and edge in the second half to get back into the AFC title game. Didn't work out that way. Also, I think the Raven's Harbaugh coach dropped a dime to the League/Colts as payback for the trick formation the Pats pulled successfully the week before against his team. That was gamemanship, but shame on Harbaugh for not having his team prepared for the trick.

Jack is Back!


That was me not TC.

Can we forget about #Deflategate and rather focus on "Twrirl Around" gate instead?



Ext. I don't know the song, but it would certainly be an incentive to learn.


Woke with the headsets on and immediately caught a segment of today's Dennis Miller Show with DrK as guest. A beautiful segment. DrK and Dennis mentally weave their insightful and very funny comments together like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers doing a dance routine. Such a shame I can't link the segment, but t'was brilliant, and DrK almost always does a better job with Dennis than he does on TV. You can tell he's relaxed and loving the banter---a real joy to hear.

Dennis finished the segment on the Middle East ablaze, and quipped that he has a friend over in the Middle East who sells Real Estate. Said his friend works for a Real Estate Company called Century 4.

Then Gracie from Ohio calls in and sez the NFL ought to swap to Nerf Footballs and that'd fix the problem.

Good Morning!


CH. I would be up for that. Are maryrose and Ann from the area?


From the NFL statement:

Over the past several days, nearly 40 interviews have been conducted, including of Patriots personnel, game officials, and third parties with relevant information and expertise.

Per Brady yesterday afternoon, they hadn't talked to him yet. Kinda like Hillary not being interviewed after Benghazi.


I still haven't heard from Ann. Has anyone else?


We all lament the death of Saudi 'reformer', lol.

Despite his alleged repression of religious minorities, in a statement, Vice President said he “appreciated” King Abdullah’s “efforts to move his country forward,” and Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) called him “an important voice for reform in Saudi Arabia.”
President Barack Obama praised the king for having “the courage of his convictions,” and for promoting security in the region, but steered clear of commenting on Saudi Arabian social policies.
“In a very discreet way, he was a strong advocate of women,” Christine Lagarde the head of the International Monetary Fund said from the Davos Economic Forum in Switzerland.
Even news reports heralded King Abdullah’s track record on civil rights, though the laudatory language was often followed by only vague or contradictory examples from his 9-year tenure as the head of Saudi Arabia.
CNN called him “a cautious reformer” citing “steps toward broader freedoms” without giving clear examples. The New York Times Douglas Martin and Ben Hubbard referred to the autocratic ruler as a “force of moderation,” although the already tempered phrase was followed by examples in which the King failed to carry out the reforms he publicly vowed to carry out.
While he did make it possible for women to work as cashiers — a significant liberalization in the Saudi context — the Times’ journalists note that he walked back on what they called “a promise made to Barbara Walters of ABC News in his first televised interview as king in October 2005” to make it legal for woman to drive there.
In the interview with Walters, however, King Abdullah never explicitly promised to shift policy to allow women to get behind the wheel. He said only, “I believe it will be possible.”


makes the fact that Brady did cheat and then lied about it all the more infuriating to me.

Except that neither of those things are a 'fact' as of now.


Gasbag to the rescue!!!

Actually I don't have all the answers, but I have seen nothing that tells me that the NFL tested all the balls with "special equipment" before the game, which seems to be the assumption upon which all claims of nefarious conduct rest. If they did not, then the alleged "deflation" may have been present when the refs "tested" the balls--which would also explain why all of the balls, including the backup balls, were deflated (if that is in fact the case). Because Brady and his equipment guy gave them the soft footballs, which is how he likes them, and presumably didn't use a pressure gauge to check them. Since everyone is relying on speculation, I reserve the right to speculate myself. My speculation is that the ref's check was pro-forma, as it has been from time immemorial.

Any thought that perhaps Brady is nervous because he's thinking "Wow--people are really making a big deal out of this--is this really happening?"

My point is and remains that until the 2d half of the Colts game, nobody seems to have given a rat's ass what the balls were like, and now it's the crime of the century.

The NFL is a copycat league, and the players, coaches, assistants and staff move from one team to another all the time. If Brady's using deflated balls was going on for years and helped him hang on to the ball in bad weather, why didn't the other QB's either do the same thing or complain about it? Because they are so squeaky clean? Because they didn't want to rat on the Pats? Or because--as Matt Lienert, Andrew Luck, Aaron Rodgers and many others apparently think--they just didn't care.

I have not seen the fumble stats. I do know that in 2007-8 the pats threw the ball way more than anyone in NFL history threw the ball, and went away from the run, which would obviously significantly decrease fumbles. Then for a couple of years they had BenJarvis Green-Ellis, who literally never fumbled (look it up). Then they had Stephan Ridley, who had great moves but left the ball on the ground often--deflated or not--Belichek canned him in a hurry. Belichek hates fumbles.

And whatever the "truth" may be, the NFL: a) never should have let this happen, and b) is criminally negligent for letting this fester.

I could be wrong. There could be a long series of warnings to Belichek, Kraft and Brady telling them to stop doing this, and they ignored it, and schemed to get around it, and the league has decided now to crack down on them and show the world that they are not going to let cheaters prosper. But that doesn't sound like the NFL I know.


"the mattress hauling gal has parents who are both Manhattan Psychiatrists. That explains the wacko mattress hauling, but I don't know what that means financially."

Probably that she can get free psychiatric treatment. Course, would likely be better if it wasn't from her parents.


I can't believe how many poo-poo the soft pig-bladder. 'It didn't make any difference in the final score, so what's the problem?'

Even the LAW sycophants and rule-nazis are mitigating it. Not that I give a crap about football. It's just interesting watching and listening to the mores of people who normally wax preachy and superior.

NKvirusedand back

That is correct, as of now Ted Wells/NFL have yet to issue findings of fact. If any one here wants to wager even money that Ted Wells/NFL finds that Brady had NO KNOWLEDGE WHATSOEVER of ball deflation or ball manipulation of any kind, I'll make that bet. To be clear Wells/NFL has to affirmatively find that Brady had no knowledge, if their findings are 'inconclusive' you still lose the bet, because Brady unconditionally stated in his presser that he had no knowledge.


Until advertisers pull out, this just keeps people talking about a clunker super bowl to be. I'm sure the owners are fine with that.


I'd like to hear more form these people about Lance Armstrong, and I don't mean testicular cancer.

NKvirusedand back


why is this a 'clunker super bowl to be'? As you saw last week, seattle/wilson is very resourceful. The Pats will probably cruise, but it could be a very watchable game, especially if the Seattle defenders just crush edelman.


Why would the game be a clunker, henry? (Unless Garappallo is the Pats' QB, of course. Before the nonsense of the last couple days the odds were basically pick-em.


Well we agree on something, NK.

Jack is Back!

Two NYC Psychiatrists and you are concerned if they have any money to make a suit worthwhile? You're kidding right?

Upper 70's. Probably a 19th centrury 5 floor brownstone worth about $15 million with offices on ground and 2nd floor with living quarters above it.

I'd really, really think about this kid:)


Nobody outside Boston & Seattle would watch. Two universally disliked teams.

NKvirusedand back

I also agree that the fumble stats probably suggest great coaching and smart players rather than ball inflation level, but I'll run that by my wife.

But I do disagree about the refs checking the balls pre-game. For my $55-F70 ref fee, I use an acccurate pressure gauge to check weekend amateur game balls. A $15 gauge acurately done that for years; those Pats balls were all within spec when the refs returned them to the team 2 hours before kickoff, I have high confidence of that. So does today's League statement.

NKvirusedand back

I like Russ Wilson.


The NFL-Hype angle makes no sense. They are already pretty much guaranteed the highest ratings ever, and with the Belichek/Brady legacy/respect/hate/fascination, Gronk, Sherman, Beast, Wilson, weird Pete Carroll, the Seahawks trying to repeat, there all sorts of interesting story lines--why would the NFL risk its secure place at the top with this craziness?


I do know that in 2007-8 the pats threw the ball way more than anyone in NFL history threw the ball, and went away from the run, which would obviously significantly decrease fumbles. Then for a couple of years they had BenJarvis Green-Ellis, who literally never fumbled (look it up). Then they had Stephan Ridley, who had great moves but left the ball on the ground often--deflated or not--Belichek canned him in a hurry.

Good point, but I think we'd want to look at the stats to see the league-wide percentage distribution of fumbles by position before assuming it's so much higher for running backs than receivers as to be able to explain the data. Or maybe that stats site will put similar charts together to separately look at plays per fumble for receivers, running backs, QBs, etc.

I would guess that if they did cheat, the running backs would know the balls were soft, too. Surely it's easier to fumble a high-pressure ball than a deflated one. It could have been a running back and not Brady who stood to gain the most from the softer balls.


but I have seen nothing that tells me that the NFL tested all the balls with "special equipment" before the game

Here. You can watch how it's done. With a simple handheld gauge. I used the phrase "special equipment" to mean that they don't just squeeze it a couple of times to see if it feels legal, therefore, they wouldn't be able to just pick up a ball on the sidelines and tell that it was illegal.


I have not seen the fumble stats. I do know that in 2007-8 the pats threw the ball way more than anyone in NFL history threw the ball, and went away from the run, which would obviously significantly decrease fumbles.

The stats in question involve the ratio of the total number of fumbles to the total number of runs, so it has nothing to do with how often they run vs. pass.

NKvirusedand back

Pete Carroll-- what he wound up doing to USC... jeez what a creep. They still haven't recovered in the major sports.


The Super Bowl is another Oscar non-event. The monied films create the atmosphere for celebration, with a nod to the Indys for credibility.

The average household spends about 75 bucks on food and drink-fare for the non-event. Wholesale and retail competition for those dollahs is what it's about.

It's Show-Biz. That's all folks.

NKvirusedand back

Porch-- yeah the NFL inflates balls just a wee bit more precisely than I do for weekend anateur soccer games. Do you think those refs get paid more than $55/game? BTW-- I once watched a FIFA documentary about organizing an annual FIFA top professional team tournament; the ref selection and stadium prep process was meticulous and painstaking. A Swiss guy from FIFA ran it.. obviously.


It could have been a running back and not Brady who stood to gain the most from the softer balls.

Everybody gains when it comes to fumbles. A softer ball is easier to hold onto. QBs and receivers fumble, too.

Stat from the SharpFootballAnalysis blog post we've been talking about that's down right now:

The 2014 Patriots were just the 3rd team in the last 25 years to never have lost a fumble at home! The biggest difference between the Patriots and the other 2 teams who did it was that New England ran between 150 and 200 MORE plays this year than those teams did in the years they had zero home fumbles, making the Patriots stand alone in this unique statistic.

Porch, it was the total number of offensive plays, not just runs. They should split that out to look at runs/fumble, catches/fumble, sacks/fumble, runbacks/fumble, interceptions/fumble, etc., by team. If the balls were deflated, all of those would probably look better for NE than most teams.


Sorry, I see you're right, Ext. My apologies.

But as I said, someone can fumble on any offensive play. Doesn't have to be a running play.


Even snaps per QB fumble by team would be interesting. It must be easier for QBs to handle snaps - either under center or shotgun - with deflated balls than high-pressure ones, especially in colder weather.

Janet - healthy and jolly as a joker!

James brings up a great question @ 3:55 -

Would the guy have a case against her for libel? Gillibrand was writing for a private publication, not on the floor of the Senate, when she made the accusation, so I assume she wouldn't be protected by Congressional privilege.

Harry Reid demonizing & slandering the Koch brothers on the Senate floor was really something to me. ANY Senator could do that to ANY American.
This Gillibrand thing seems to be the next step. And Phi Kappa Psi being slandered in Rolling Stone.
It is anything, ANYTHING for "the narrative" with Dems. It doesn't matter who gets ruined, killed, looted, vandalized,...


Captain Hate,

Dennis just had a caller who wanted to bring to everyone's attention a documentary that he had viewed which he thought was terrific---"The Photographs of Vivian Maier." Are you by chance the caller aka "John, from Ohio?"


It must be easier to catch a soft ball than a hard one, too.

Who wouldn't want softer, more easily handled balls?

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On suing Gillibrand, Volokh says probably not:


Maybe better luck suing mattress girl.

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