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January 16, 2015


Jack is Back!

BTW, learned today that these talent search firms will take no kid who is not honor roll or better than a C average student. Evidently, in Florida, an Entertainment License (needed) is free but requires the performer, if a student, to keep up their grades to that criteria.

Also, in the studios, its hard for the 15-17 year olds because the studios will always hire the 18+ who looks 15 because they then don't have to provide a tutor/teacher.

So, you have TV shows with lots of kids 14 and under or you have the late teen shows with mostly 18+ playing yournger roles. The shows with mostlly kids under 14 share one teacher (economics) the others no teacher required (again economics).

These vested producers know all about cost control evidently.

He just came up finishing his video and complainng about having to do it like 28 times to get it right. I asked him if he really wanted to do this stuff because I don't think Hollywood or Disney Orlando always get it right the first time:)

Back to my Vodka Tonic.


candle wax on my iPad . . . Any suggestions?

Mom always said to use a paper towel and an iron . . . but that was before iPads had been invented.

I’d ask her for updated advice but now, at 93, she uses a Mac Air.

Miss Marple

I have no idea, daddy. I think I would just keep scraping with the toothpick and bar napkin.

Is there an Apple store in Cambridge? They might have a way of cleaning it.


Does anyone have dog behavior issues? Cesar Millan is a genius when it comes to dog psychology. It's a little like human psychology since humans are the biggest issue with OCD behavior. DVR his philosophy for rinse, repeat human corrections to pack leader syndrome.


Considering where daddy spends his time, I might suggest Barkeeper’s Friend. ;-)

Jack is Back!


Two solutions: fold a paper towel in 4 ply, place it over the wax and use a hot iron to melt it into the towel, or turn off the ipad to let it cool completely then scrap up the wax.


Yes, either an ice cube or something warm.


Daddy, wax on wax off. I don't know if warming the toothpick in a flame will help, warming the iPad is probably a bad idea. See if the establishment has Pledge or some spray wax that removes wax buildup. Or drink enough beer you can't tell.

Janet - healthy and jolly as a joker!

Cold makes wax brittle.
I put the menorah in the freezer for a bit after Chanukah & the wax bits just pop off. Same for glass cups that hold expired candles that I want to clean out.
I put em in the freezer, just for a little while & the wax just breaks away.

daddy on iPad


if Frederick turns into the next Justin Bieber, JOM's got a bone it wants to pick with you,Sir:

Jack is Back!

I see Kentucky finally found a game they can beat Alabama at:)

Cesar Millan is dead and never met my two Beagles. But if he had he would realize that he may be called the Dog Whisperer and that Beagles really don't give a shit what you are called as long as you have something for them to eat.


Cesar Millan is not dead. Another Hoax. But you are an idiot if you think dogs only think about food.

Poor Frederick.

daddy on iPad

Good suggestions. I suppose I could just open the door here at the Anchor Pub and heave it into the river Cam and tell the company it was stolen.

But that wouldn't be right of course, so I'll shut her down now and see if it fires up again when I get to the Eagle Pub in about 15 minutes. Colloquially of course, when referring to our computers, are they males or females? This baby with the wax job I'm pretty sure is female.

Pub Crawl!!!


Vladimir Ilyich Reagan

re ipad

take it to a nail salon and tell them you want a brazilian wax removal


Daddy I believe you grasp it at one end and rip quickly in the opposite direction.
There will be a scream, especially if your Ipad is into bikinis, but it will be smooth as a baby's behind for a week or more.


I'm excited about Frederick becoming a movie star. From what I've seen he'll be great at it.


JiB, my daughter has a classmate who went to one of those Disney talent search things. It looks to us like there is an entire industry grown up to fleece parents of star-struck kids of mediocre talent. Her music video is a work of art, and with auto-tune she hits all sorts of notes that she can't hit in person, and more importantly, the recording can be manipulated to correct all of the clunker notes that she hit making the tape.

One important thing, at least to me as an amateur musician and parent to two very talented kids, once a kid gets caught up in this he no longer has amateur status. Our local schools have excellent music programs, and the kids learn a HUGE amount. I've watched kids really blossom as they master the basic skills and then mature into excellent performers. But my daughter's friend has none of this -- she is ineligible to compete in amateur competition, so she (practically speaking) can't take chorus because going to Organizationals is part of the class grade. She can't be in any school plays, because she might get a phone call and have to run off and do a commercial. (Ok, she hasn't actually ever been called.) But the day-in-day-out hard work of getting better, especially as kids go through puberty and their voices change -- she has no clue of what she should be doing. Her expensive private voice coach (over Skype, because none of the local people could possibly be as good as the star-studded types taking her parents' money) doesn't seem to have gotten around to any of those basic skills.

But, anyway, that's my opinion. It looks like a scam to me.

jimmyk on iPad

Cathyf, I was wondering the same thing yesterday and had to Google. The third one turned himself in. An 18-year-old named Mourad something or other. He's been completely forgotten by the media. Strange.

Daddy, I would have thoght a blow dryer on low might work.


Stage moms/dads make me ill. Despite any good intentions, the message is just wrong. Baby beauty pageants auger more narcissism than society projects.

BB Key

Yes, the Paris Review anthology . Her name is Elizabeth (like you I use a screen name) . Columbia pretty much erased her eighteen years in NC.



It isn’t only secularist cartoonists who blaspheme against Islam.

“Mohammed seduced the people by promises of carnal pleasure,” St. Thomas Aquinas wrote. Maimonides called him a madman.

To Bill Donohue, there may be a world of difference between Charlie Hebdo and Aquinas, but not to a Muslim.

In a multi-religious society, in which every religion has its own variant theological streams, the right to blaspheme is also the right to believe. Liberal theology can contrive interchangeable beliefs which do not contradict or claim special knowledge over any other religion. But traditionalist faiths are exclusive.

Everyone’s religion is someone else’s blasphemy. If we forget that, we need only look to Saudi Arabia, where no other religion is allowed, as a reminder.

Muslims who question freedom of speech are not calling for a special status for all religions, but only for their religion. They don’t intend to censor their own Hadiths which claim that Jesus will return and break the cross or that the apocalypse will climax with Muslims exterminating the Jews. Their objections aren’t liberal, but exclusively theocratic. They want a blasphemy law that exclusively revolves around them.

Janet - healthy and jolly as a joker!

There's nothing wrong with trying for an acting or singing gig. Good luck to Frederick. We can use honorable people in ALL professions.

Let's take back the culture!

Vladimir Ilyich Reagan

>>>Let's take back the culture!

That would require honesty and introspection.

Not your strong suit.

daddy on iPad

See if the establishment has Pledge or some spray wax that removes wax buildup. Or drink enough beer you can't tell.

I' m doing the drink beer option Henry, but maybe tomorrow I'Ll do the Apple Store in Cambridge. yippee, I have a new mission!

Of possible interest, you know how if you are an old fart but you have a cute puppy in your arms how suddenly you are no longer invisible to cute younger girls?

Well this iPad situation has been a bit like that. At the Anchor Pub, 2 gals at the next table, plus the barmaid all got involved in the wax catastrophe. The cutest one, the half French/ half Chinese gal, was a ton of fun to listen to and pulled out a credit card and sat down next to me and started scraping off wax. Much fun, and then she started jabbering about how She had seen me earlier looking over at her table, and I threw out the exotic living in Alaska nonsense and if I was 20 I'd probably be getting laid right about now:)

So all's I'm saying, is that if you don't have a cute baby yellow Labrador with you, but you do have an iPad, look for a burning candle full of wax and start feigning helplessness.


Daddy you are hysterical.

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