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January 12, 2015



In my experience, the IOC has been corrupt for decades and decades.

Captain Hate

You are clearly too smart to have gone to UNC.

I'm stumped for an appropriate response to this. Maybe: One of the Devil's best tricks is convincing you he doesn't exist.


As my religion is not represented in Congress, do I get a free pass on beheading infidels? Never mind, our God tells us to not do that stuff.



I would follow JiB's admonition about paying attention to the mosque and particularly to the imam. Jihad is not one of the five poles of islam and none of the five poles have infidel's heads on top. A Mahometan can be absolutely faithful without extending the concept of jihad beyond an internal struggle.

IOW - it takes a nutter imam make a nutter headchopper and it takes a nutter mosque to allow a nutter imam to preach headchopping as an expression of faith.

Sisi has over two hundred MB under confirmed death sentences and I'm very curious as to how many of them are nutter imams. It's the grand mufti of Cairo who confirms death sentences so the issue is rather important.


Keyser Söze


" Never mind"

Beheading is probably more humane than lethal injection which you oppose, right?



This country will never elect a bass player as President.


Down with bassism!

Damn bassists!

The old racialist standards don't work the same here....

The heck with Huck!

Captain Hate

Keyser Söze

Dean Smith

Beasts of England

Another blow to my 2016 campaign.

-- Bassist of England


I don't know what our exact collective verbal response ought to be in dealing with the Administration's intentional refusal to use the word "Islam" in any connection with Islamic fueled violence, but I do think that since it is impossible to mention Muhammed without now calling him "Prophet Muhammed," until we come up with something better we should immediately make an effort to intentionally

1) Never refer to him as Prophet Muhammed ever and

2) Never say anything other than "Our Lord And Savior Jesus Christ."

And I am happy to use whatever qualifying tagline anyone wants to add when we mention Moses or Abraham.

Point is that we have to push back against mass acceptance of this "Prophet Muhammed" meme that is being intentionally pushed upon us.



From the majority(and minority):

Quran 7.54] And your Lord, Allah, who created the Heavens and the Earth in six days and then settled on the Throne... Those six daysare on the Throne; so the frame of reference for creation is the Throne, not Earth.

6 days???

Is denying science tyrannical in and of itself?




"6 days???

Is denying science tyrannical in and of itself?"

Not to impugn your majority, but fundamentalist christians also believe the universe was created in six days with God resting on the seventh. Islam came from the same roots (Ishmael.Hagar).

But you were sectoring Islam, right?

Miss Marple

Most Christians accept that the world was createdby God. His mechanisms for doing so are what is in dispute.

We do not, however, kill people for disagreeing. Unlike Islam, we have reformed and learned better habits since the 16th century.



There is a spot for unspecified.

Danube on iPad

"In my experience the IOC has been corrupt for decades and decades."

Mine too. So much so that I'd like to see the entire movement go quiescent for about a lifetime. But it won't


Jane, yes. However zero Friends among the specified.

For Walker fans, the State of the State starts at 8:00 JOM time. The link is to a live feed which should start soon.


--but fundamentalist christians also believe the universe was created in six days with God resting on the seventh--

Some do, some don't.


I was "sectoring" you, Ben.

You're the one who thinks Christians are nuts for denying science, especially when it comes to creationism.

Are Muslims nuts for the same reason?


This is the second article I've read in the last couple of days urging the U.S. to ease immigration for European Jews seeking refuge.


Beasts of England

Obama wants the media to refrain from publishing stories that could inflame the jihadis. Says it could endanger the troops.

Read that again.

Troops that he has deployed there and troops who understand the occupational hazards.

Did FDR ask the press not to publish stories that could inflame the Axis? Wow.


"Are Muslims nuts for the same reason?"

You are a determined ignoramus. If you could only channel that energy for good.

Miss Marple


Did you read the comments? I think the American Jewish community should realize the level of antisemitism amongst Washington Post readers.

It's appalling.


You have been exposed again, Ben.

Miss Marple


Miss Marple

Can someone pinpoint to me when the left became antisemitic?

When I was growing up, everyone rooted for Israel. The movie "Exodus" (NEVER shown on TV, by the way) was a big hit, and won several academy awards.

Moshe Dayan was a hero of the Six Day War, and Americans thought he was impressive.

When did this change? I am trying to remember. I know during Reagan's administration we were still Israel supporters.

I am positive this has come from the college campuses and the far left. I just don't know when it exactly became the norm.

Very upsetting.


the Samaritan takeover, is the more plausible way the dystopia in winter soldier would be carried out, they wouldn't take a chance with anything as extravagant as drone helicarriers, but targeted attacks, like the dispatching of that Snowden manqué in the first episode of this season,


It's baffling isn't it?


The business owner and employees say they know of no one who has an axe to grind against them and they are baffled as to why the callers are targeting them.


Arabs also semitic, but repetition doesn't penetrate the headbones.

So I'll say it again. It's a two-way street, but you get hit by motorists because you don't look both directions before crossing.


I know during Reagan's administration we were still Israel supporters.

You were, but most people trace the shift on the left from when Israel was victorious in the Six Day War. After that they were no longer seen as victims, so the left turned to the Palestinians. Then the support of Israel by conservative Christians also alienated the left. It's still a bit hard to get the jump from anti-Israel to anti-semitic, other than to figure it's not much of a jump.

Miss Marple

So, Ben, we now know where your sympathies are.

Thanks for clarifying.

Miss Marple


Thanks. This must be another thing that happened when I was raising children and not paying attention.

Similar to when I was worried about a possible Ice Age all through college, and then one day int he late 80's all these articles about global warming appeared and I was totally befuddled.


MM channels Sgt Schulz;

"I know notheeennng...." Got it on the first 'take'. :)


Any guesses? Maybe a Christian, or crazy Tea Partier?

'Homeland' may avoid a Muslim terrorist storyline next season


'sing the Marseillaise'



You'd catch your death of cold, daddy.
Noemie Emery argues that walker's lack of a college degree is an absolute plus, noting that out two greatest presidents, Washington and Lincoln never graduated from high school:http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/scott-walker-the-un-academic/article/2558544


Janet, I wanted to thank you for the Vinginia Home school reply.

Mark me down as an Israel supporter, Miss Marple.

Jane and Miss Marple, the last five years before I moved here I had what I considered the best of all money saving situations for grocery shopping. I had access to almost unlimited coupons, had dozens of stores that doubled, sometimes trippled coupons and I worked as a grocery merchandiser. I quickly learned that one made sure to always have to pay a few pennies to the cashier. The managers went berserk if the cash register said they were supposed to give the customer money. Many was the time I could have a 100-150 dollars of groceries and pay 5 or 10 dollars. I would give away $1.00 coupons when I saw a basket that had that item in it some times. Most people said thanks. I remember at least twice, 1 woman and another time a man who handed the $1.00 coupon back saying we don't use coupons. All my register receipts are gone, but I still have a few pictures of 100 plus large cans of Campbell pork and beans etc. I really enjoyed those days.

My grand daughter has picked up some of my hints since she now works as a grocery merchandiser.

Jim Eagle

There is one pissed guy in france and its Manuel Vallls the PM. I just got through listening to his speech in the hemicycle or French parliment. Yowza. No french politician even Sarkoay has ever been so blulnt and honest regareding tte thereat of Ialamic terrorism.

Too bad Obama doesn't speak French. he'd be embarrassed that the same "frineds" who wouldn't join us in Iraq are now so mad they are going to help bom ISIS

But then this is what to expect frolm the folks who gaeve us democracy.


well he speaks all forms of jibberish, how little attention is given to Valls address, as opposed to repeating the obvious about the Kouachi's

Jim Eagle


I see changes. The masses are pissed and want this to end. Watch what happens with the Baneiuels.


I still have a few pictures of 100 plus large cans of Campbell pork and beans etc. I really enjoyed those days.

Pagar, I am, as always impressed.

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