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January 21, 2015


NKvirusedand back

MissM- very good analysis and prediction about DeflateGate. And do you know why it will play out that way? because BelliCheat researches the rules and plays the odds... purposefully and deliberately, and Kraft writes the clean up checks. And the other NFL owners and certainly Goodell do nothing of consequence because in a vanilla league of mediocrities, it's vital to have a couple of superior teams and players, and Brady/BelliCheat top the list. They and a few others are untouchable.. the difference is BelliCheat grossly abuses the privilege.

Sandy--I Stand with Walker 2016--Daze   ن
Sandy, This doesn't sound good, IMO. "The Swiss Army knife of the aviation community, the F-35, is supposed to replace the A-10 in it’s close air support role, but, according to Investors Business Daily, the F-35 won’t be able to fire it’s 25mm cannon until 2019, even though it’s going into service this year with the Marine Corps. If the Air Force gets it’s way this year, troops will have no close air support for four more years." Posted by: pagar | January 21, 2015 at 02:27 PM

It isn't good pagar. Probably the most loved Cllose Air Support platform--ever--and the Air Farce.

Winslow Wheeler is an expert on the USAF maneuverings, very much supports A-10 continuation--as does anyone who has benefited from the Warthog. Only the brass wants to dump it--forever. Fortunately or rather unfortunately, war keeps getting in the way, the the A-10 is constantly saved from imminent demise.

The A-10s should be given to the Army, and Marines, the USAF should be relegated to strategic bombing, UAVs (not exclusively), and space (not exclusively). Just get the USAF out of the CAS business entirely.

Read Winslow Wheeler on the A-10 here.

Recent WSJ article on the A-10.

"Is the A-10 the best airplane to perform close air support? Absolutely," said Maj. Gen. Paul T. Johnson, the Air Force director of Operational Capability Requirements who has flown more hours in the A-10—about 3,000—than many other pilots working at the Pentagon. "Do we want to get rid of the A-10 performing close air support? No. But it's a measure of where we are fiscally."

Captain Hate

Belichick cheats like Clinton lies; in both cases they do it even when they shouldn't have to because that's just who they are. Kraft is like Rodham in how they both enable the behavior.



Enjoyed your entry on the previous thread. However it seems a stretch like my idea using jurors to select public office candidates.

Fun idea, but not gonna happen. Wouldn't some form of your idea, a part of it, be better than nothing? That's the nature of our government. Slow, steady baby-steps.

Sandy--I Stand with Walker 2016--Daze   ن
Space, the final Frontier, cartoon etc Posted by: Extraneus | January 21, 2015 at 02:46 PM

Back during the original Star Trek, I think many, certainly I, believed that the future was bright and shiny, and sleek, and with flying cars somewhat similar to George Jetson and family.

I expected to have a flying backpack, and that my family would have a flying car.

But, my own experience disabused me of that notion. Rather, the future is a high-low mix, well described in various scenarios by Doris Lessing in her five book Canopus Archives.

Over a dozen years ago I spent a lifetime in the Sudan. I was one of about three white people in the town of El Obied (Al Obayyied) of about a quarter-million.

STARBUCKS, el obied
In this image you can see a customer in the upper left texting a colleague, while the barista prepared my latte in the foreground.

When I explained that we did not have donkeys in America wandering around everywhere, or pulling carts--as did there, I was met with utter disbelief.
This Heinlein quote constantly repeated by Insty pertains:

Throughout history, poverty is the normal condition of man. Advances which permit this norm to be exceeded — here and there, now and then — are the work of an extremely small minority, frequently despised, often condemned, and almost always opposed by all right-thinking people. Whenever this tiny minority is kept from creating, or (as sometimes happens) is driven out of a society, the people then slip back into abject poverty.

This is known as “bad luck.”

Miss Marple


I didn't think about that, but it makes sense.

This is actually why I don't get wrapped up in pro sports. In my head I know it's a business, so I don't get wrapped up in it. I don't dislike football (my grandpa was a high school coach) but investing emotion in it is just not something I can do.

Miss Marple

My dad went into North Africa during WWII with the 5th Army.

I He often told me you could smell it miles off the coast, a sour smell that he never forgot.


Thankfully I do not know the smells of Afghanistan or Iraq, and greatly appreciate those who swore an oath an experienced those smells among other things.

Yet, I do like the smell of butthurt along with my morning coffee. Here the Daily Beast figures out that Walker and the WI legislature know what to do with their majority, in particular in removing the Chief Justice's grip on office from lefty hands. They then note that this is not pleasant for the DA's involved in the John Doe tyranny. Butt. Hurt. Beautiful.

Janet - healthy and jolly as a joker!

an excellent post by Richard Fernandez - http://pjmedia.com/richardfernandez/2015/01/22/the-part-of-yourself-you-used-to-own/

"To an ever-greater degree the “free man” of the West is an unarmed, frightened, policed and browbeaten cipher whose first reaction to any crisis is to ‘shelter in place’.

Through some strange process which doubtless some French sociologist will soon explain, our vaunted secular society is progressively reviving every taboo found in religions past or present as if we were experiencing some global religious revival without even the benefit of having a God. It’s like a joke, and it’s on us.

We are far along the road. Already we’ve reintroduced sackcloth and ashes, in the form of Green Living. We purchase indulgences in the form of carbon credits. Our daily lives are now being prescribed to the minutest detail of acceptability not on the basis of divine revelation or ethical teaching, but because some politician or celebrity said it must be thus. We do this even as we congratulate ourselves for being free of religious cant when in fact we are as full of it as ever."

NKvirusedand back

A-10 Fun Fact: In 1979 one of my college roomies graduated a semester early to take a programing job at Republic Aviation in Farmingdale NY, about 15 miles from campus. Republic's big contract at the time of course was the A-10. His boss, the program manager was a retired USAF Col, a THUD driver in Vietnam. The A-10 was quite 'high tech' for the USAF, a lot more instrumentation and electronics (HUD display?) and to land it, pilots had to fly the needles down to the ground. My roomie wrote code for flight simulator, and his boss told him to let the landing program run down to minus 50 feet below the runway, because the retired Col. was certain the Majors who would be the first A-10 drivers would fly the simulator by the seat of their pants and ignore the needles. At minus 50 feet the simulator screen exploded like a video game and said you're dead. Almost all the drivers went to minus 50 feet their first simulator landing.


Silver still trending up, crude wobbling below 50. The levers and pulleys being yanked to boil it so it appears to have greater lift.

Speaking of smells, this smells of desperation.


Gore and former Mexican Pres Calderon push this at Davos http://www.businessinsider.com/plan-to-spend-90-trillion-redesigning-cities-without-cars-2015-1

While this is going on of course using borrowed money via bonds, the governments can claim the economy is turning around because of all that spending on 'infrastructure' that ndermines the future, like mind arson.

marlene-safe trip. New Years Eve 1999 I had all of the groomsmen and their families to our house with lots of wine and cioppino. It was the first time since the wedding that group had been together and I joked it was a late Christmas present for my husband. Three weeks later one of the groomsman had a heart attack while skiing in Italy and worried about keeping his aviation pilot's license delayed getting to a hospital.

You are very right. Sometimes we do not get another chance to see dear friends and family. We should always remember that.


I'll be surprised of Maguire's next post isn't on the current fixation on Israel/Iran/US kerfluffle.

NKvirusedand back

Henry-- I read that link. That little Holmes twerp is pathetic. 'Corruption' all that little twerp knows is that only Dems/Unionms are allowed to be corrupt, and conservatives are not allowed to push back What utter bullshit. Here in NY, the Dem Assembly leader is about to go down on Fed corruption charges. US Attorney Preet is sticking to his word that if Andy Cuomo's 'Moreland Commission' didn't clean up the augean stables in Albany he would. If I recall correctly, Silver will be the 3rd or 4th consecutive Dem Assembly speaker to go down to criminal charges spanning 30+ years. NYS is absolutely hopeless.

James D.

anonamom, having read your article, and the one on National Review about the bill, I agree.

If the House leadership won't push a bill that has two-to-one support, AND that's clearly the morally correct stance, because of fears that the Dems will attack them on it, and the MSM will say mean things about them...

Then there is no hope that the new R Congress will do anything of any importance at all.

NKvirusedand back

Soylent/Sandy... words fail to express appreciation for your service in those hell holes, so we don't have to suffer those smells here. Thank you. That is all.


And here's how that Gore Plan will be sold and the republicans sign on to it because they want that infrastructure spending in their states and localities that are "suffering" in the recession.


And it will all get laid out using SMART, Soviet style planning. Schools and physical built environment together working to create the 21st century version of Homanus Sovieticus.

Goes that new kind of workplace too that is to be participatory.

Robin ducks at the icicle dart henry just threw her way from up north.

NKvirusedand back

speaking of smells.The stench of jew hating returns. Take the meds Ben, they seemed to be working the other day.

Strawman Cometh

"make Obama dance to Congress's tune."

Make? How? Crapulous has already funded his shit through the year. GOPe has pledged no shutdowns. No leverage, no "make".

"Let the House do all of its budget business first and send those to the Senate"
Too late, see above.


Playing catch up on the many threads and links from JOM.

Marlene and JIB, my sincere sympathy. Marlene safe travels. Frederick is such a fine young man. His service at the funeral will bring great comfort to the grieving family.

Janet, as discussed here often, the worship of Gaia is the new religion. I saw a bumper sticker this week that read Nature is God. Greenies adore the creation rather than the Creator.

Agree with NK and Miss Marple on the NFL kerkuffle and with NK on the pro-life bill. Focus on foreign policy now; the Reps have a win with the speech from Netanyahu while Obama meets with...Glozell.


This fair housing case SCOTUS hears today also impacts my work even though WaPo ignores that. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/wonkblog/wp/2015/01/21/the-supreme-court-may-soon-disarm-the-single-best-weapon-for-desegregating-u-s-housing/

The amicus briefs did not. I have written about Arne Duncan and Justice pushing disparate impact in education as in classes, degrees, disciplinary policies, etc and threatening to sue districts that did not change actions. Of course all the changes are consistent with the desired experiential, social and emotional learning model.

If SCOTUS strikes down disparate impact here, it can no longer be used in the ways it is being pushed now in K-12 education and higher ed too.

That would be a huge shift in this evil tool of the Statists and Transformationalists. We need to keep an eye on those arguments today.

Cecil Turner

The A-10 is unsurvivable on a modern battlefield (too big, too slow, and using the gun requires loitering in the heart of enemy weapons systems) . . . the only thing that keeps it going is that we've been fighting in totally permissive threat environments.

Shoulda retired it long ago.

Miss Marple

Here's the NY Post's story on Silver's arrest:



rse, the WSJ had an article this morning (p.3) on the arguments. The 4 lefty justices are all in for statism, Scalia is depicted as commenting that Congress intended disparate impact (but not mentioning whether it is constitutional). This makes me very nervous.

Wisdom from the Nine, please.

Heh, disparate impacts are impossible to correct administratively, but a lot of money can be thrown in the attempt.

Janet - healthy and jolly as a joker!

This is fantastic. Posted March 2013. I hadn't seen it before. Very good.


1:32 video VERY good.

James D.

Beester @ 9:03

I think the 20-weeks abortion ban is a big winner for our side. It's something a large majority supports (and even Dems are evenly split on it), and it puts Zero and company in the position of having to defend killing viable infants.

It's a way to drive a further wedge between Zero & the shrieking freaks of the prog base, and the electorate at large (just as the idiotic "protests" in Boston and the "Black Brunch" idiocy does).

Why shouldn't the R's do that, AND smack Zero on foreign policy, too? WE have to be able to fight on multiple fronts, and this is an easy win, if our side would just take it.


Probably they will get to blame an overhelpful ball boy..

Low level ball pushers.


The abortion bill fail is a reflection of the reality that Republican does not equal Conservative.

Clearly a social, moral issue that finds a range of opinions not only in the Republican party but Democrat party as well.

Hope there is more agreement on fiscal and foreign policy issues amongst current batch of Republican law makers.


Wow, Silver arrested. Great!



What would you replace the A10 with for ground support?

Miss Marple


Just a lucky coincidence. Michelle and her staff couldn't possibly have known that the suit had appeared on a TV show. They're too busy to pay attention to stuff like this.

They really do think we are stupid, and so does the costume designer on "The Good Wife."


Fernandez: "To an ever-greater degree the “free man” of the West is an unarmed, frightened, policed and browbeaten cipher whose first reaction to any crisis is to ‘shelter in place’.

á propos:
Ibn Khaldun (1332-1406) was a great Muslim polymath, a sociologist, historian, and author of Muqaddimah, one of six volumes on the universal history of the world. He described government as ‘an institution which prevents injustice other than such as it commits itself.’

Miss Marple

People should pay attention to Michelle's clothing more than they do. It is specifically used to send a subliminal message to the public.

If you go back and look at the photos of Michelle and the girls when he was running in 2008, all of her outfits were conservative suits and the girls were in attractive, feminine outfits. It was a distinct effort to l ook like Claire Huxtable and Rudy and Vanessa from The Bill cosby Show, a fictional black family that had been embraced by the American public.

Once he got elected, she took to wearing expensive clothing from up and coming designers, in order to make her mark. When overseas, she wore outlandish and embarrassing costumes, in order to contribute to the embarrassment of the US.

Now that she is looking to perhaps go for a Senate seat or even the VP position, she is showing up in trendy but professional clothing again.


Thanks Sandy for your A-10 post.


I see the left is overjoyed that the killing of inconvenient children by their mothers will be allowed to continue. 50 million plus killed is not enough, killing of inconvenient Americans must continue, yet we have leftists complaining that American soldiers shouldn't be allowed to kill the enemy. In fact we have American soldiers in prison today for killing the enemy,which is supposedly what they are supposed to do. IMO,There is something seriously wrong with this picture.

Miss Marple

Bellichick on now.

Apparently the story is that they inflated to the lower end of the acceptable range, and they all deflated below that range, due to cold or miracles or something.

They are cooperating with the investigation. He has no explanation for why it happened.

He really had nothing to do with it. He never touches a game ball. He has no familiarity with it. He was totally unaware of any of this until Monday morning.


JiB, I am sorry to hear about the father of your son's friend. He and I are the same age.

When I was diagnosed with cancer the thought of leaving my family overwhelmed me more than the thought of what I was going to go through personally. The doctor told me of the success rate with my type of cancer but he made it crystal clear that I could be in for much worse and we wouldn't know until further tests were done. It behooves the doctors to paint a worse case scenario and shoot for the best.

I was lucky, I guess.

You have a good son and you are an outstanding dad. Your son's friend needs that kind of support group.

Jack is Back!

Did Billy B. just throw Tom Brady under the bus? It seems so.


That abortion bill wasn't going anywhere. But even after Obama vetoed it, the news would uniformly report over-the-top reactions of the Republican base.

I think it was probably right to pull it at this time. Be smart about which things to send Obama and when. There are easier issues to bleed him with.



The marvelous heights of casuistry and sophistry displayed in the Wisdom of the Nine Monkeys is being tempered by the reality of the OPM Famine, not to mention the layers of tarnish accreting to their wholly undeserved reputation as fonts of anything but fantasy.

NK's observations regarding cognitive dissonance shattering the progressive fascist dystopian nightmare are correct, let's see if the Monkeys are sharp enough to recognize the distance to the cliff edge.

Soylent Red

Now that she is looking to perhaps go for a Senate seat or even the VP position

Just what we need...another Sheila Jackson Lee dressed like Frederica Wilson.

Jack is Back!



Hot Air: DeWayne Hickham, the dean of Morgan State’s J-school, isn’t demanding a “Mohammed exception” to the First Amendment. He’s demanding an exception for all speech that would make the audience so angry that they might react violently

I see where this is going. Imagine: “Hickman, your statement just made us so angry we might react violently.”

NKvirusedand back

BelliCheat Presser: IN FACT until this broke he never knew footballs had air inside them!!

CaptH-- Hondo in the NYPost tomorrow will be a must read for you.


On the disparate impact case, my impression is that a lot of lefty state and local governments (especially in big cities and other blue hells) want these crazy policies. Even if SCOTUS rules against the disparate impact interpretation, it won't prevent the local governments from imposing the standard in their regulations, right? In other words, if Mayor Bane is keen on forcing every new luxury apartment building to have 20% low income units, he can continue to do so regardless of what SCOTUS says.

Of course the real blight on the landscape is the whole idea of "low income housing" in the first place. I can't think of a single policy that has done more harm to those it supposedly is designed to help, not to mention the collateral damage to urban life more generally.

Captain Hate

Mumbles is just a casual bystander on the sidelines who has nothing to do with anything. And only found out about it by reading the papers.

NKvirusedand back

Wasn't DeWayne Hickham 'Dobie Gillis' back in the day?

Jim Eagle


Thanks. The dad had been suffereing from a number of illnesses for years. I think it was a mestastized cancer because if that. Wife is a nurse and she prepared the kids who were with him as he passed.

Life is too short and you really do need to live every minute as if it was your last especially with your family.


You didn't have to do that, you know.


Sorry NK, but I believe Belichick more than I believe you. I'd like to know where you get your info.

Miss Marple

Captain Hate,

Now who does that remind us of?

Democrat rules, I tells ya!


sbw @9:39, great quote, goes into my quotefile.

NKvirusedand back

CaptH-- I'lll link Hondo for you tomorrow. I guaranty is take on BelliCheat and Goodell will be fabulous. Last week after Mueller 'cleared' Goodell of not having seen the video before everyone else, Hondo said: "Of course Mueller determined he hadn't, even if Goodell had seen the tape, he would have consulted BelliCheat and the tape would have been destroyed, just like the practice videos in the Patriots film room."


Sorry for that family, JiB. Brain cancer is a terrible thing of which to die,
The Netanyahu kerfuffle just gets more complex:http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Politics-And-Diplomacy/Israel-says-leaked-report-of-Netanyahu-Mossad-rift-on-Iran-sanctions-is-Obamas-revenge-388554
Just think Soros shelled out $33 million for the Ferguson kerfuffle and the ability to destroy Officer Wilson's life. I sincerely hope Wilson and the merchants put out of business will find some redress from him but I doubt they have the funds to duke it out with the mad billionaire.


He really had nothing to do with it. He never touches a game ball.

Doesn’t matter: Hands up! Touchdown! Guilty in the eyes of the racialists. Start the protest looting. Give the rabble bread and circuses.

Reminds me: “And when the last law was down, and the Devil turned 'round on you, where would you hide, Roper, the laws all being flat?”

Rock 'em, sock 'em, go Team.

Heh, sbw, free speech ends at the edge of my belief zone.


Drone Carrying Meth Crashes Near San Ysidro Port of Entry


How tall should we build the dang fence?


JiB: you really do need to live every minute as if it was your last especially with your family.

In a family business, some family members make you wish the last minute were closer.

[That’s a poor black humor joke. To be sure, it is then time to recalibrate. Don’t let ’em get you down.]


jimmyk: Like "access to x" and "affordable x", the modifier "low income" applied housing needs to be challenged at every opportunity.

They all mean "tax payer subsidized", and the GOP - or at least, conservatives and libertarians - should never let an opportunity to correct and clarify the language pass.

Captain Hate

Sorry NK, but I believe Belichick more than I believe you.

I've had my issues with NK before but he's not a cheating POS as Belichick has been proven to be.


If the NFL was serious they would start fining from the bottom up. Tell the ball boy that he is on the hook for the $25,000 and banned for life. Let him squirm until he finks on the people who can afford such a penalty.

The Seahawks should startt buying commercial time at the SuperBlow to air their grievances during the game.

Cecil Turner

What would you replace the A10 with for ground support?

F-35. (Or, if that thing keeps having teething pains, F-16, F-18, or F-15E . . . the challenge in each case is training, not the airframe.)


Would I be saying that if situations were reversed. I believe I would.


Considering the coaches of both the Seahawks and the Patriots, I’m pulling for a Super Bowl victory in which they both lose.

Miss Marple


The Colts balls wereall at correct pressure. The Patriots (11 out of 12, assuming the 12th was the kicking ball which they would want at higher pressure) balls were lower pressure.

It couldn't have been the cold, as the Colts balls were unaffected. The balls were checked and then were in the custody of the respective team people.

There are all sorts of possibilities for this, including the one I listed earlier this morning in which the ball handler has to take the blame as a rogue agent.

It also could be Brady got the guy to do it, or that the ball handler was being paid by someone who wanted a larger point spread.

I do not think there is any doubt now that the balls were tampered with. The only question is exactly who did it and who knew.


Let me be clearer lest anyone think I am a saint. If the Colts were charged with ball-gate after destroying the Pats, I'd be saying what the Capn is saying, I suspect.


James D.
I want the 20 weeks abortion ban--50 million lives, an entire generation lost. It would have been a great victory especially on the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade. And agree that it is a winning issue. WE may be able to fight on several fronts but I don't believe that Turtle and Orangeman can manage more than one battle at a time. The were unaware or inattentive to the dissension in their own ranks OR cynically allowed it to defer the decision.

NKvirusedand back

You're right Jane, Bill B has no interest in the condition of the 12 game balls his prissy QB will throw, his star TE will catch and his young kicker will kick in a possible legacy deciding game to get to the Super Bowl. Unpossible that Bill B takes any interest in that; he was a mere disinterested bystander. And his 30 year history of lies and coverups, has no bearing on any of this (boffing the Giants receptionist in an adulterous affair, and buying a $2M townhouse in Brooklyn for her to live in an pay her $3000/month to keep her mouth shut, accepting the Jet coach job in '97 as a beard for the Parcells power play, accepting the Jet job again after Parcells 'retired', and 'resigning' a couple of days later to take the Pats job, VideoGate, and on and on. No way Belichick had a frikkin' clue.


I’m pulling for a Super Bowl victory in which they both lose

Nostalgia for a point shaving scandal or similar collusion coming to light?

Old Lurker

SBW "In a family business, some family members make you wish the last minute were closer."

You DO know my sister.


Romney, Bush to meet amid presidential bid chatter

Aides to both former governors confirmed the private meeting to Fox News on Thursday. The sitdown apparently had been planned before Romney took the surprise step two weeks ago of telling donors he was considering a 2016 bid.

A senior Bush adviser described it as a "long-scheduled meeting."

"Gov. Bush is looking forward to catching up with Gov. Romney," the adviser told Fox News.

Miss Marple

I do not think that the ball controversy kept the Colts from winning. They have to take the blame for what seems to me (although I didn't watch) some poorly executed plays.

I am not a big Colts fan. But I also don't like these sorts of shenanigans, as it is a bad example for the kids who are coming up, sending the message that anything goes.


"I think it was probably right to pull it at this time."

I agree with that, but the leftist attitude just drives me up the wall. Kill Americans with no recourse, but harass American soldiers who do their duty.


You DO know my sister.

We may be related.

Jim Eagle

I think it is interesting that Joe Thiesmann went out and tested deflated balls and says he could not tell which one was deflated and which one wasn't and the deflated one acted no differently than the inflated one.

Which begs the question, how did the Ravens DB's and the Colt DB determine by feel that the ball was deflated? I would think a veteran QB like Joe (and now Aikman) has handled a football more in a game than a DB. And they can't tell the difference?

Can't wait to hear what Tom Terrific has to say tomorrow.

NKvirusedand back

MissM-- luckless Luck had no chance against the Pats. His teammates aren't good enough, and his coach, fantastic man that he is, has no chance against BelliCheat. That's what makes DeflateGate so infuriating. BeliCheat didn't do it because he had to, he did it because he COULD, and Kraft would write the cleanup check afterwards. Lose a draft pick? Like BelliCheat cares? he stinks at the Draft, and frankly he believes he can coach anyone (as long as he has Brady) so a draft pick matters not to him.


"The Colts balls wereall at correct pressure."

So were the Pats at the time they were measured. No one knows if the Colt's balls also deflated.

Miss Marple


In my continuing mood of trusting no one, is it not in Theismann's interest for this to be seen as no big deal?

He currently works for the NFL Network.


The only question is exactly who did it and who knew.

The Colt that intercepted the ball knew just by holding it. I can't imagine a great many Patriots weren't aware.

I would like to see the replay of the interception and study the actions of the Patriots all the way to the ball heading to the opposite sideline.


"So prayers, please for this young family as they move forwared without husband and dad." Absolutely, Jack.

Miss Marple

Jane, According to our radio here they tested the Colts balls after the game.

Now there could be some confusion on this, but that is what is being reported here.


"I would like to see the replay of the interception and study the actions of the Patriots all the way to the ball heading to the opposite sideline. "

Me too.


 No one knows if the Colt's balls also deflated.

They would be taking a great risk taking the Pat's football to the officials if they were just as scurrilous.


NKvirusedand back

Seriously JiB, none of that matters. All that matters is that Prissy TommyB likes the balls that way, so voila. 2 lbs under.

BTW-- I inflate soccer game balls for 70+ matches a year with my little hand pump and gauge. My range of PSI is very specific. 8.5psi for youth up to U14, 9.5psi for HS andwomen and O-40 men, 10.5psi for college and under 40 men. Even in that narrow range the same ball plays differently, and needs to be tailored to player skill and strength. I bet the best football throwers in the world have preferences, even if they are all mental feel, not physical.

Soylent Red

Our daily lives are now being prescribed to the minutest detail of acceptability not on the basis of divine revelation or ethical teaching, but because some politician or celebrity said it must be thus. We do this even as we congratulate ourselves for being free of religious cant when in fact we are as full of it as ever.

Janet: Fernandez is the shizzle, and unfortunately he's right. We're drifting backward into a new Dark Age. We'll still have all of the techno gadgetry, but we will live in a world where fear and ignorance and superstition will rule the day.

I spoke to hit several months ago about the decline of Western Civilization, and I've referred several times here to the great old television series "Civilisation." In it, Kenneth Clark says,

Civilization means something more than energy and will and creative power, it needs a sense of permanence... Civilized man must feel that he belongs somewhere in space and time; that he consciously looks forward and looks back.

Later Clark uses the words "optimism" and "confidence" to describe the rise out of the Dark Ages. Do these words strike you as good descriptions of the modern psyche of the West?

You didn't have to do that, you know.

JiB: I'm a giver. In the words of a somewhat well-known low-level Marxist agitator, "You'd think they'd be thanking me."


"The A-10 is unsurvivable on a modern battlefield (too big, too slow, and using the gun requires loitering in the heart of enemy weapons systems) . . . the only thing that keeps it going is that we've been fighting in totally permissive threat environments."

How many have we lost in combat in the last 25 years?

NKvirusedand back

The Ct Aviation Museum has a decommissioned A-10 in its collection. The 20mm cannon is unbelieveable. The airframe, is basically something that was designed to carry that cannon around and turn Soviet tanks into molten steel.



SALT LAKE CITY (AP) -- Outlining his possible rationale for a third presidential bid, Mitt Romney said Wednesday night that political leaders in both parties are failing to address the nation's most pressing problems - climate change, poverty and education reform, among them - as he acknowledged lessons learned from his failed 2012 presidential campaign.

"Why run for office in the first place?" Romney asked aloud as he addressed a sold-out crowd of about 3,000 at an investment management conference in Utah. "The major challenges that this country faces are not being dealt with by leaders in Washington."

He continued: "On both sides of the aisle, we just haven't been able to take on and try and make progress on the major issues of our day."


While hitting familiar Republican points criticizing the size of the federal debt, Romney at times sounded like a Democrat, calling for President Barack Obama and other leaders in Washington to act on common liberal priorities such as climate change, poverty and education.

"I'm one of those Republicans who thinks we are getting warmer and that we contribute to that," he said of climate change, charging that federal leaders have failed to enact global agreements needed to tackle the problem.

His evolving platform comes as he works to reshape his image after consecutive presidential defeats.


Or turn raghead pickup trucks with a gun mounted in the bed into molten steel. Seem to recall footage of that in Kuwait.

Captain Hate

This annoying asshole is single handedly enough of a reason to hate the Patriots:


Captain Hate

Did Romney really say that or is it something from The Onion?

Old Lurker

Ext, reading that from Romney makes me think SBW could expand his comment beyond a family business.


"According to our radio here they tested the Colts balls after the game."

MM, after the game the Pats balls were normal too. Apparently they all get replaced for the 2nd half.


If Romney did say that, it just proves what we all suspected, which is that at heart he is like his father, a squish, and all the conservative posturing in 2012 was just that.

I noted in that WaPo link upthread on disparate impact, that his father was among the liberal Republicans who pushed for it:

George Romney, head of the Department of Housing and Urban Development at the time, was himself a major supporter of policies designed not just to dismantle segregation, but also to foster more integrated communities.

"It was George Romney, Richard Nixon and Warren Burger who created 'disparate impact' for fair housing," Orfield says. "It wasn’t a liberal idea, it was a very middle-of-the-road, conservative idea."

Isn't bipartisanship great? Of course it only seems to go one direction.

Captain Hate

Romney/Huntsman 2016 - Are You Ready For the Latter Day RINOs?

Captain Hate

This is a quote from Belichick when he was caught in Spygate:

Part of my job as head coach is to ensure that our football operations are conducted in compliance of the league rules and all accepted interpretations of them.

Miss Marple

I refuse to vote for anyone who doesn't see ISIS, terrorism, and the rise of China and Russia as major issues.

Global warming, education, and poverty are issues to be addressed after we have secured the border and pushed ISIS back into their spider hole.

This sounds like a bunch of issues tailored for that famous "uncommitted" group that have zero idea what is going on in the world, and only care about their little section.

It also sounds like he is using Jeb Bush issues, so perhaps he is going to tae votoes from Bush.

Who knows. Those aren't issues to get me exccited, that's for sure.

James D.

Those Romney quotes are somehow not all that surprising, but they are appalling.

Cecil Turner

How many have we lost in combat in the last 25 years?

Lost 6 in the Gulf War (plus two damaged beyond repair) . . . at least one more since (damaged beyond repair):

I suspect there are more (damaged beyond repair doesn't generally make the news, that one just did because it was good human interest). And again, fighting in totally permissive threat environment. (Moreover, if A-10s were the main threat for the enemy, you could bet they'd stock up on more SA-9/13/14s and the environment would get a lot dicier for the hogs.)

If your point is that it's survivable in any realistic level threat (and that means sustained flying, not damaged and limping back to base), I'd suggest you're wrong.


The airframe, is basically something that was designed to carry that cannon around and turn Soviet tanks into molten steel.

Who knows when that could become necessary again.

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