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January 29, 2015



those silver and black criminals.

Aptly stated, Iggy:)


Evidently the threat was 'everyone dies Friday Jan 30" and a drawing of a gun with explosive like stuff coming out of the business end.

The school calls it 'not credible.' NOT a smart move.

BTW the PGA is in Phoenix this week. The stadium hole is always a blast. On my bucket list.


Speaking of criminals, let us never forget the great Warren Wells.

Danube on iPad

Pete Banaszak. Ted Hendricks. Jim Otto. Art Powell. Cliff Branch....





Could you tell if the graffiti threat was in the nature of a "Terrorist" threat or was it more akin to an "Armed Insurgent" style threat?

I ask, because I have just become aware that it is now very important that we use nebulous terms and pretend that they have very precise definitional meanings, whereas the use of very precise definitional terms conveying specific meanings is now verboten:

New York college bans 'Mr.' and 'Mrs.' salutations

...at City University of New York, where gender-specific salutations are now a no-no.

School officials sent out a memo barring professors and other staffers within the graduate program from addressing students with titles like “Mr.” and “Mrs.," according to the Wall Street Journal.

“Effective Spring 2015, the (graduate center’s) policy is to eliminate the use of gendered salutations and references in correspondence to students, prospective students, and third parties,” read the memo to employees. “Accordingly, Mr. and Ms. should be omitted from salutations.”

posted by the indeterminate parental unit formerly known as



Coach K booted a kid off the Duke Basketball Team. Apparently the first time he's ever done that.


Danube. John Matuszak. A cousin of mine.

Publius of Idaho

You are correct DrJ. Blanda was the starting QB when Laconica was injured. I think I was mixing up his years with the Oilers with the Raiders.


the manic reporter who slimed Chris Kyle, used to work for aljazeera then cnn


The only thing surprising about that bit was that someone at MSNBC actually called him out on his vile terminology. If Scarborough had kept his yap shut, nobody else would have taken any offense about it at all, and they'd have ended the segment by all nodding in agreement.


It's amazing watching FOX, Megyn Kelly and Andrew McCarthy among others. They are beside themselves at Obama's mental illness. They cannot understand why Obama would say that the TOLLEEBAHN is not a terrorist org.

Obama is mentally ill, and the syccophants still enjoy being his Court Jesters. No fear of the consequences to come. I laughed when Obama gave 5 TOLLEEBAHN GENERALS to QATAR for Bowe Fukwad Bergdahl. I laughed at the idea that CUTTTER could control these VILE PIGS. If GITMO was needed to HOLD THEM, Qatar was not going to stop them from doing anything.

Obama is mentally ill, as most Democrats are.


Upshaw, Otto, Shell and for a short time Bob Brown. That was an OL.

Dave (in MA)

GUS, Obama doesn't say anything that the Iranian Ferret doesn't tell him to say. It was the Deputy Under-Assistant Associate Minister of Truth who was saying that the TOLLEEBAHN were um, uh, um, uh, oh-yeah, an armed insurgency. He's having a tough week; just the other day he had to simultaneously defend and announce the dumping of the Lightworker's proposed 529 confiscation scheme.


Dave the Pentagon spokescocksucker is blabbering on about Bergdahl. WE ARE FUCKED. Every fucking inch of this admin is rotten.


Okay, Here's tonights mystery. Lets put on our Perry Mason hats and see if we can solve it.

From a story out of North Carolina, here are the Clues:

1) The remains of 67-year-old Kay Grayson were found by law enforcement Monday in woods about 100 yards off a dirt road leading to her home

2) An autopsy was underway Thursday to determine the case of death...only bones and hair were found in their search for Grayson, who he said had been dead for up to two weeks.

3) the remains were found with the help of bloodhounds

4) Authorities do not suspect foul play

Tough call so far. Here's one final clue that may help solve the mystery.

5) A photo of the deceased engaging in her favorite hobby

I'm stumped. How 'bout you guys?


Daddy, I haven't gone to your link, but I'm guessing FEEDING or BEFRIENDING BEARS.

Or Befriending OBama is possible.


Without checking out the link, did she retired to NC from a job at the Hawaii Birth Certificate Office?

Joking aside, a big furry mammal might provide the answer.

Stephanie De Nile is a river in Progtopia

Daddy, since it's not a "credible threat" I'm gonna go with a lone wolf armed with a pen.

BTW just watched Feherty Live from Phoenix with McCord, Rocco Mediate, Herm Edwards, Hines Ward, Greg Kinnear and it was funny as hell. Rocco absolutely ripped Tiger a new asshole on his new choice of coaches and his swing. If you golfers get a chance to catch a rerun, you'll enjoy it.


Stephanie De Nile is a river in Progtopia

All you sports nuts talking basketball earlier and no one said a word about the Hawks? For shame.



Josh Ernest was sent out with urgency
To deal with a White House emergency;
"The word "Terror" is banned
to describe Taliban,
Let's call them instead "Armed Insurgency."


A question.

Browsing thru pics of what you were not allowed to do when attending a movie in 1912, I came upon this pic:

The guy about to whistle reminded me of my Pop, who could put his fingers in his mouth in the same way and let out an amazingly loud whistle that would almost deafen you.

Tho' I can whistle decent, I never learned that trick from him. Since I have never heard anyone whistle as loud as he could, and can't recall anyone whistling like that for the last 50 years, my questions are these:

Is this a lost art?

Can any of you guys do it?

And lastly, is it another part of the dumbing down of America, in that something that apparently the average guy could do back in 1912, here in 2015 none of this generation is able to do it, nor do we expect it of them?



Daddy, that whistle technique was a big deal in elementary school, and my NJ relatives still use it to locate eachother in crowds. Alas, not a thing I am good at.


"Let's call them instead "Armed Insurgency.""



Captain Hate

All you sports nuts talking basketball earlier and no one said a word about the Hawks? For shame.

I've been waiting for you to say something about them. They have been on fire all season and have apparently gotten over that playoff choke job when they didn't finish off the Pacers. I've only seen them once against the Cavs and they looked very very good even without Horford (LeBron was out for the game too). That night Teague, Millsap and Korver all looked good. The highlight of the allstar game should be when Korver takes on the Splash Brothers in the 3 point shoot out.

Captain Hate

Can any of you guys do it?

Yes, although I use my thumb and middle finger of my right hand. I learned how to do it using two hands and this just works better for me. It's a good thing to know how to do if you lose track of young children in a crowd where even yelling their name can get drowned out. Sure it can embarrass them but that's part of the job description.

It's fun to do at sports events; if you do it in the vicinity of somebody else doing it, it can create some weird harmonics.

Miss Marple

Good morning, all!

The talk abot the Raiders reminds me that that was my son's favorite team back in the late 70's. I have his 4th grade picture with him earing an Oklands Jersey.

Of course, that was when we could buy a kids' Jersey at Sears for about 5.99. That was before the NFL got their mitts on all depictions of the teams.

Last weak our priest was answering a few questions before mass. One was, "Is it appropriate to wear Colts jerseys to mass?"

His answer was, "Since it is probably the most expensive clothing item they own, yes."

Captain Hate

Whistling like that is good for dog training too, obviously. My big Airedale male, Trane, used to take off at this one park like a bullet when we'd first get there, scattering squirrels in his path. If I saw somebody in the distance that might be frightened by a large furry black and tan dynamo bearing down on him or her, I'd let out a whistle which he knew meant to get back quickly or suffer some dire consequences.

Marlene on the phone at the cabin

Morning! We're in the woods,in a snowstorm. Very peaceful. Does anyone know about Romney making an annoucement this morning?



Do you know the Rear Admiral who is always doing Obama's bidding for the Pentagon? What do you think of him?

Snowing here. Ugh

It's Friday of Superbowl weekend. WOuld be the perfect time to release the Bergdahl news had not the non-terrorist exchangees been in the headlines for cavorting with terrorists.

Janet - I wish my family had a poncho

Can any of you guys do it?


Yes, although I use my thumb and middle finger of my right hand.

Same for me.

Miss Marple

Marlene, I think at 11:00 AM. Saw it on Twitter.

Doubt it will be good news for his supporters.

Miss Marple


I remember watching this on TV, probably clips. I was a junior in high school. It was a Saturday.

Jack is Back!


MItt makes his intentions known at 1100hrs today in a phone call to supporters, per the radio news this AM running Frederick to school.

Jack is Back!


Mean't to ask where in Florida you are going this year?

Janet - I wish my family had a poncho


"The media coverage should sound familiar. It’s how Iran’s nuclear buildup is being covered. It’s how Muslim violence against Jews is covered. It’s discussed reluctantly and immediately dismissed. Jews are written off as pests who refuse to listen when Kerry, like Hull, tells them there’s nothing to worry about.

That is how the Holocaust really happened.

Auschwitz just shows us the final stage. It doesn’t show us the sympathy for the Nazis, the willingness of some on the left to see them as allies in overturning the existing system and the anger at the selfishness of the Jews in putting their own desire not to be killed ahead of world peace."

Captain Hate

Janet, how old were you when you learned how to do it? I think I was in my late 20s and Father Hate, who could do it ok but never was as loud as I became, gave me the basics on how to do it. Like a lot of things in life, my motivating factor was to use it to irritate people (making people reflexively cover their ears at sporting events was a very achievable goal) and I figured that since some of the people that did it well were complete morons otherwise there was no way I couldn't learn to do it since it didn't require muscle control that some people don't have like wiggling your ears (which I can do) or rolling up your tongue (which I can't).

I practiced a lot so that the skin on my fingers was like that of a submerged body, but sheer stubbornness prevailed.

Marlene on the phone at the cabin

Jack,we're going to Pine Island,near Ft. Myers. We are going to look for long term rental for 2016 or possibly buy? Anyplace south of the Mason-Dixon Line is looking good right now. :)


daddy, my dad grew up in the mining towns of PA--he could do that too!
Thanks for the sweet reminder of him this morning.

Janet - I wish my family had a poncho

I practiced a lot so that the skin on my fingers was like that of a submerged body, but sheer stubbornness prevailed.

Same again! Hah!
I was a kid when I learned...maybe 10 or so. My mom told me to stop doing it because it was unladylike...so I practiced & practiced.

I am very good at it.

Imagine if my mom had told me to stop doing math...I mighta turned into an Einstein or something! :)


Spooky, this homework assignment from Waterford* WI 6th grade is on topic in pushing taxes on rich people. Can you say common core?

* I do not want my tax dollars creating a bunch of punks in my town who want my stuff.

Captain Hate

My mom told me to stop doing it because it was unladylike...so I practiced & practiced.

I'm sure Mother Hate would've said something similar if I'd had a sister; probably "don't do that; it's common". Father Hate once told me when he saw me watching professional wrestling that it was complete trash; I was hooked for life at that moment. Although he told me something similar about tattoos and that stuck; maybe because he pointed out how terrible it had grown to look on one of his contemporaries.

NKvirusedand back

Daddy-- growing up some greatest generation guys and older boomers did the 4 -finger whistle, I never learned, strictly a 2-finger guy.

PS: have you seen this disable computer report from the Air Asia crash? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2932380/AirAsia-pilots-disabled-vital-computer-control-plane-crashed-Java-Sea-s-revealed-pilot-not-experienced-captain-charge-aircraft-plummeted.html

Miss Marple


Here is the web site for Flocabulary, the company that produced that obnoxious rap song. I don't have time, but someone might watch their little ditty on the Industrial Revolution, since I see it features a man in a top hat.


Miss Marple

And, henry, it's a complete hipster organization! Here are the principals:



Miss M, thanks. I will avoid that link because I am trying very hard to stop thinking about firing up the snowplow of doom* and parking it in that teacher's living room.

*1970 International Loadmaster 17000 with dump bed and 12' plow blade that is mostly rust and I need to get rid of anyway.

Sandy--I Stand with Walker 2016--Daze   ن

#I Need a Hashtag by Remy (2'09")

hattip: American Digest

NKvirusedand back

Is that 1970 Loadmaster a family legacy, or did it come with the property?


If you want to hear whistling. You will have to wait for it a bit:


(Also, this will really make your morning happier...)


NK, it came with the property.

Sandy--I Stand with Walker 2016--Daze   ن

Can Israel Survive? By Victor Davis Hanson

Hattip: Insty


I can whistle like the guy in the pic but I use 4 fingers. I taught myself one summer at camp. The key is making sure your lips are wet.

Marlene on the phone at the cabin

Henry @ 8:46...yesterday when I arrived at the cabin, there was a Cat excavator parked on property across the road. Hubby said,how do like my new toy? Me: sputter,are you kidding,bleep,bleep. He said,calm down the property owners down the road made an access road to their river lots. The contractor has done lots of ground for us. Hubby told him to leave the excavator parked until he can get the trailer down the road,which might take some time,with another foot of snow today.


I consider myself an excellent tune whistler, and could whistle the standard way before anyone of my friends, but never figured out how to do the the finger whistle.


Marlene, Iggy and JiB consider that kind of equipment normal. I have to admit, that plow was fun to drive before the hydraulics gave out.

Marlene on the phone at the cabin

@ 9:20...ground work

Janet - I wish my family had a poncho

That VDH link answers my question - "Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who will address Congress in March."

Israel WILL survive....but things will get much, much worse first.
As the old Sunday School song reminds me..."for the Bible tells me so"

Captain Hate

but never figured out how to do the the finger whistle.

Use your fingers to fold the end of your tongue back on itself and run a stream of air over it to make it vibrate (which you can't feel) like a reed.


Blue on blue. black caucus revolts against Pelosi. Pass the popcorn. (ht a lurker in IL).

Miss Marple

Great, Captain Hate.

Now I will be trying to do that all day.

Eric in Boise


"Bears Were Her Life, She Was Their Lunch."

Based on my favorite Timothy Treadwell headline :)


According to their 2008 tax returns, the Obamas took advantage of a unique feature of 529 plans that allows account owners to front-load five years’ worth of contributions, $240,000 in total for the two girls. They did so without triggering gift taxes — now levied on any gift exceeding $13,000 a year. Form 709, the federal gift-tax form, shows that Barack and Michelle Obama made equal contributions of $120,000 each, or $60,000 to each of the two children in 2007.


1970 International Loadmaster 17000

Don't rev that engine over 2500rpm unless you want to see those 3 foot long piston rods disappear over the horizon.


Thanks for the Flozell-nocabulary link. My daughter mentioned that name 2 days ago and I haven't looked into them. Yet.

I just played thd rap to her and she verified that she heard that same one last week.

Apparently this is their "current events."


as usual Joscelyn fills in the details,


the Iphone autocorrected Msnbc to Manic, can computers be Freudian, so will the Nexus 6 be rolled out again, I'm on pins and needles,


looks like we're going for the Houthi hoedown



might as well try to teach French to pigs, Bibi:



Interesting, talk radio is reporting that WI prevailing wage law may get axed -- instead of raising the gas tax.


As a taxpayer, tell me again why I should be denied 'standing' to sue for restraint of this unconstitutional (aka illegal) action?http://m.townhall.com/tipsheet/conncarroll/2015/01/30/cbo-confirms-obamas-amnesty-will-cost-taxpayer-billions-in-tax-credits-n1950368

Jack is Back!

In Balikpapan I had to take the place of the Equipment Superintendent when he went on leave. This was during the lift and placement of the Vacuum Tower - about 180 tons of pure mass.

We used a Manitowoc 7000T with a 200' static lattice boom and a 100' jib. Had to walk that load 85 feet, then tail it in while about 90 feet off the ground to fit into the Tower platform. Never sweated a job like that in all my life.

Henry, those guys in Manitowoc make one hell of a piece of equipment. We were once going to use them to prefab modular Fluidized Bed units for renovating Oak Creek for Wepco. Just float them down the lake and voila, new power plant. But it went nowhere.

Jeff Dobbs

Kiwi will be thrilled. When is her birthday anyway?

October 3rd.

She turns five this year.

Jack is Back!


Chaffetz wants Goodell to testify before Congress on the NFL's tax exempt status:)



Obama: no better enemy, no worse friend.


why do they need a tax exemption again, the proposition is simple, the President, Lurch and the whole confederacy of dunces, trust the Mullahs who have murdered from Baghdad to Buenos Aires, more than Bibi

does no one realize that Code Pink has been a major Obama bundler, than why don't they make the connection,


so a modern day Fagin, gets arrested in LA and people are surprised, well fagin only ran pick pockets, not murderers and drug dealers, so Suge Knight is a greater threat,


My mom used the little fingers of both hands and would call us home from the empty hills behind the house if we were out hunting or just mucking about.
Could hear that piercing whistle from a good mile+ away.

Jack is Back!

Chris Christie falls on his ass:)

Sweet sports radio talk revenge. Philly. Were else.



"October 3rd.

She turns five this year.'

We need to have a really big party!!!


"It's easy to understand why Palestinians welcomed the left-wing Greek party's victory, given the party's actions and statements of its leaders that clearly oppose the Israeli occupation. Clause 38 of the political program of the Syriza party opposes cooperation with Israel and supports Palestinian rights. It states: “Abolition of military cooperation with Israel. Support for creation of a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders.”

In 2011, party leader Alexis Tsipras, 40, was among the Greek activists who were scheduled to board a Gaza-bound flotilla called The Audacity of Hope, aimed at breaking Gaza’s siege. The flotilla never left the Greek port having been stopped by the Greek government, most likely under pressure from Israel.

Tsipras was also a vocal opponent to the Israeli war on Gaza last summer during an anti-Israel demonstration in Athens at the time. “Seeing Israel killing children in Palestine is unacceptable. We should unite our voices and forces so as to live in peace, expressing our solidarity to the Palestinian people,” he said.

The images of four Palestinian children killed while playing on a Gaza beach moved Tsipras. “When civilians and children are killed at beaches facing the same sea that borders the European continent, we cannot remain passive, because if this happens on the other side of the Mediterranean today, it can happen on our side tomorrow,'' Tsipras said.

It is not clear how quickly the newly elected prime minister will move in fulfilling his party’s promise to recognize the state of Palestine. In Western Europe, only Sweden has publicly recognized Palestinian statehood.

Tsipras' success sent shock waves to Israel. Leading newspapers lamented the bad news that this success will have for Israeli-Greek relations. Israeli media reported that since 2008 Israel has enjoyed very close ties with Greece. Some Israeli analysts, however, argue that when in power, candidates often tone down their rhetoric.

They point out that the new foreign minister in the Tsipras administration, Nikos Kotzias, is not a member of the prime minister’s party. Before being chosen for the top diplomatic position, Kotzias wrote a blog post calling for “mediation between Palestinians, Israel and Iran.”

Read more: http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2015/01/palestinian-state-abbas-hamas-welcome-greek-elections.html#ixzz3QJt2iJCg

It seems some untoward alliances continue to burgeon in spite of the pushback.


Apparently Nancy Pelosi is a racist.


I don't think we should add any new names to the birthday list until we have mastered the old list of regular posters that have been here since the Plame fiasco or earlier.
Keystone is now Obama's issue to lose.
I had cataract surgery on my left eye on Wednesday.
I can finally see objects in the distance. It was a pretty easy procedure.


There are two groups of people Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz has spent his career resolutely defending. The first is Israeli war criminals. And the second is accused and convicted rapists.

As rape allegations against Dershowitz intensify, his increasingly bellicose denials, steeped in brazen hostility towards child victims of sexual abuse, are raising eyebrows.

With smear tactics that closely resemble the manner in which he attacks Palestinian victims of Israeli violence, Dershowitz rejected the latest allegations as fabrications, telling Local 10 News that his accuser, Virginia Roberts, is a “serial liar” and “prostitute.”

At the age of fifteen Roberts was groomed into sexual slavery by Dershowitz’s close friend and client, billionaire hedge fund financier and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Just one of dozens of underage girls Epstein procured, Roberts was lent out to Epstein’s powerful associates for sexual exploitation and blackmail.


Untoward alliances abound. Maybe he will represent Cosby. That'll work.


it is still not a veto proof majority, you can't still can't enough Democrats to support something worthwhile,


Obama's unconstitutionality is the kbackdrop to most of his worst effects, and demonstrating it to his thwarting, impeachment and denouement.http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/01/29/exclusive-rand-paul-obama-defended-hillarys-war-in-libya-in-secret-capitol-hill-meeting-with-gop/


it's always good to look at the big picture


Jack is Back!

Hugh Hewitt says Mitt not running. Got an email statement:

"After putting considerable thought into making another run for president, I’ve decided it is best to give other leaders in the Party the opportunity to become our next nominee."

We'll see. Hewitt could have been punked here.


Alas, Romney not running.

Jack is Back!

Full statement:



Kurds fight, the others don't on balance,


NKvirusedand back

My Karnac prediction is OBozo does nothing with the Keystone Bill. Doesn't veto, doesn't sign. It becomes law without his signature. Why-- ANWR was his payment to the Watermellons (and payback to Alaska voters), he'll be smart for a change and won't push a losing issue (like bailing on 529 taxes.)

jimmyk on iPad

The anti-semitism of leftists is never very far beneath the surface.

NKvirusedand back

Will Romney run for Utah Gov? Be a GOPe kingmaker? Finance Walker for POTUS?


As a sometimes son of Brooklyn, the two finger whistle was vital in hailing cabs and getting attention if in a crowd and separating from friends. Even now at the occasional BBall game the wife asks me not to use it.

I did use it regularly when LeBron had the ball in our court. It may have worked once.

NKvirusedand back

@10:56-- they wear it it like a badge jimmy, like a flippin' badge of Lefty Rank.


"Chris Christie falls on his ass:)"

Wonder what that registered on the Richter scale?

NKvirusedand back

Matt-- you have Brooklyn pedigree? do tell!


I certainly hope the Black Racist Caucus within the Fascist Party stands firm and holds its ground. They merit their leadership positions solely due to the creation of the Fascist plantation system and the color of their skin and are therefore truly fitting symbols of Progressive Fascism at its finest.

jimmyk on iPad

"Use your fingers to fold the end of your tongue back on itself"

Wow, I managed at least to get a sound. Thanks, who says you can't learn important new life skills past 50.


Syriza reminds one of the Papandreaou administration in the 80s, that let the PLO rome free, that was ignorant of economic realities, and like Bourbons, they have learned nothing,

Miss Marple

Romney met with Jeb out west a week or so ago.

I bet this was when it was decided, and I also bet Romney has been promised Treasury or something if Jeb wins.


Agreed NK. After the State Dept gives the ok on Feb 2nd he is clear to vote present.


'Analysis' of similar quality from the Dershowitz = Jew = guilty source: http://electronicintifada.net/content/liberation-all-why-palestine-key-issue-streets-ferguson/14124


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