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January 20, 2015



The Senate thinks they can pass new laws of physics? Where's my flying car?


He is now a big Yawn according to The Hill:

President Obama’s State of the Union drew just over 8 million viewers on the major cable news networks, suggesting Tuesday's address may have been one of the least-watched in more than a decade.

According to preliminary Nielsen ratings obtained by Variety, Fox News led the cable networks with nearly 3.5 million viewers. CNN placed second with just over 2.5 million, while MSNBC rounded out the trio with just under 2 million Americans tuning in.

The combined 8 million viewers in the preliminary ratings is down 1.1 million from last year and 2.35 million from 2013.

Lots of people joined me in refusing to listen to a known liar.


O'Keefe (John Doe victim) has petitioned the Supreme Court. tbd whether the court will hear the case.


henry-look what you missed. http://www.nationalskillscoalition.org/national-initiatives/business-leaders-united/events/business-leaders-united-fly-in-january-2015


http://www.upskillamerica.org/ just launched.

A coalition of employers.

Captain Hate

Lots of people joined me in refusing to listen to a known liar

Despite the MFM doing their best to prop him up with scam polls and the GOPe's fears that he's wildly popular, people can't stand the sight or sound of him.


rse, LOL. I suspect invites and donor lists match.

Miss Marple

Captain Hate,

So true. I get upset when his face pops up in my timeline on Twitter, and when I hear his voice I get depressed.

The only way I could listen last night was to not look at the TV.


Notice the untoward ethnicities and color schemes...



Ben, nobody in actual commerce cares about color schemes and ethnicities (marketing is an exception). The notable feature is the injection of government into the boardroom. Anyone who cares about liberty would find this as repugnant as injection of government into the bedroom.


Interesting link on Dominos' objections to the calorie rule, MM.

A problem specific to pizza chains is the challenge of displaying a vast number of possible calorie totals across all of the materials that the rule potentially counts as a “menu.” Considering that Domino’s customers can customize their own pizzas, there is an endless number of possible combinations of toppings, each of which has a different calorie count. Liddle said a low-ball estimate of combinations Domino’s offers is 34 million. Pizza Hut has 2 billion possible combinations.

The fact that there are criminal penalties for violating something that's not a law seems unconstitutional. I guess it's not, but how can you break a law that's not a "law?"

Violations of the law carry a maximum $1,000 fine, one year in prison, or both. If a person is convicted of a violation, a second violation can carry a $10,000 fine and up to three years in prison.

Is it a law?

Despite the fact that the rule runs to 391 pages and addresses details such as whether a limited-time “pumpkin spice muffin” should be covered, it still does not give clear guidance about how restaurants are supposed to comply, according to critics. The rule, finalized in November, will affect chains with 20 or more stores.
NKvirusedand back

henry. there you go using logic again with our medicated troll. I do admit the meds seem to be working well.. with temperament... they can't help with critical reasoning. The Senate vote? Vote it's not a hoax so when the green spending in the Fed Budget is slashed (we hope) they can't legitimately be called 'denialists?' Politicians being politicians. McConnell can certainly play the vote game, will he back that up with substance? It's now Budget crunch time. C'Mon, Mitch don't let OL and Capt H and JimmyK scream 'I TOLD YA SO!!!'


" is the injection of government into the boardroom. Anyone who cares about liberty would find this as repugnant as injection of government into the bedroom."

Thank you. That's the first consistent response to the 'private-public partnership'. Does anyone else agree it's never good, especially the revolving door of government in boardrooms?

I see some light of day in the cracks for the diehards who want their cake as well as having it uncut.


I welcome the pizza kings, Little Caesars, who have fundamentally stolen market share from Papasan John and Dominoes with their low margin $5 pizzas. Nothing short of cutting their profits will compete.

NKvirusedand back

seriously Ben you are fabricating people who are not here, and are few in number anywhere. Of course there are Big Guv 'Repubs' at the ChamofComm and K Street and Pentagon, who feed at the big guv trough just like the Progs. But the people here attack those Repub pigs more harshly than the Prog Big Guv pigs. You 're tilting with windmills which aren't here.


Ben, I am aware of no comment by anyone here supporting the idea of public-private partnership. That is your imagination.

On board elections, I routinely vote against anyone with government or non-profit in their bio.

Miss Marple

One of the biggest critics of this public-private partnership (which often results in crony capitalism) was Sarah Palin.

Miss Marple


I would support a law in which agencies are not allowed to impose criminal penalties for violations of their rules.

This goes for everyone including the IRS, HUD, etc.

Captain Hate on the iPad

NK is correct; there's a special Hell awaiting the LaTourette affiliated trough mongers.


NK; You may be right, but I sense a double-standard from garden variety comments. They may be designed to curry favor with the locals, but why is the evidence you espouse so thin and obstructive?

Do they wish to minimize my impact? I suggest this is the reason you wish to deflect my responses. I see no other reason.

NKvirusedand back

It's all good Ben, you minimize (in truth negate) your impact all by yourself. But the meds are working and you're a sweet enough troll, so it's all good.


"On board elections, I routinely vote against anyone with government or non-profit in their bio."

Henry; You make no mention of the revolving door. Do you proxy those matters to others for a clean conscience?


Ben, see Instapundit for the best approach to "Revolving door" that I have seen. Something like an 80% excise tax on income over their govt salary. As my own proposal to treat "revolvers" as volunteers for Mars exploration until life is sustainable there (then pick another likely planet) is considered "extreme" for some reason, Insty provides a reasonable compromise.


" As my own proposal to treat "revolvers" as volunteers for Mars exploration until life is sustainable there "

LOL, Henry. I hear it's a one-way trip currently. I did not know about Insty's proposal, but how would that work? My assumption is that they leave public office for private enterprise, not doubling down with two salaries in concert. My solution would be to proscribe public jobs connected to voting while in Congress. A two-year moratorium would suffice, and they can opt in earlier, but sacrifice their lifetime pension. That should do it.


Ben, search Insty. He refers to it frequently. As one of those sneaky lawyers, he thought out the details.


This back and forth with Ben is going to drive TM's hits through the roof!

Miss Marple

The revolving door is also pretty much a given in the news media, and both parties are guilty, although the democrats have the far larger number because of the left-leaning of the news media.

I often think the White House press corps is auditioning for jobs. And those who make it into the White House use their positions for better jobs when they leave. Jay Carney was at Time, then went to work for Biden, then the White House, and is now on CNN. I am positive he never took a cut in salary.


Reid to undergo eye surgery on Monday

Yet we still have no idea what happened to this great American leader.

NKvirusedand back

Reid?-- gamblers or hooker pimps... it was a nasty beatdown.


Yeah, I wonder why that is, Ex. It's almost like there's something to hide...

Publius of Idaho

From Special Report I learn that today at BSU Obummer asked the GOP their ideas for moving ahead.

That's too easy, just get the hell out of the way.


There is one very easy solution to revolving doors and public-private partnerships or private-public partnerships (which I'm pretty sure, I think it's the transitive property, are equivalent) and swine at the trough;
A small government!

Revolving doors are shuttered.
There is little public for privates to mate with.
The troughs lie barren; the squeals of rattleboned razorbacks and peckish porkers are laughed at by the citizenry.

Absent a svelte state you can pass a thousand and one good government bills and stand a 100 watchers to watch every watchman and the graft and corruption will, like any other liquid, find a path and seek its own level, until the pig's maws are full.

Those are immutable facts. Structure your beliefs around those facts or be disappointed.


From the link Lyle posted at 05:35

""Climate is changing, and climate has always changed, and always will, there's archeological evidence of that, there's biblical evidence of that, there's historic evidence of that, it will always change," he said on the Senate floor. "The hoax is that there are some people that are so arrogant to think that they are so powerful that they can change climate. Man can't change climate."
No one says it better than Sen Inhofe.

May God bless him as he fights (almost alone) to end this massive wealth redistribution scam.

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