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January 15, 2015



First. And why?

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no, dos

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the language of a white hispanic


It's an innovative approach to meth that should be embedded in more local governments, funding available per rse's comment on the prior thread.

A bit snarky, but such a program would do less permanent damage to society than what is likely to be funded.


Charles Blowhard is not worth the effort to drag yourself through his dreck. You already know the outcome of every column before you start. Use the time to do something productive.

Jack is Back!


Left you a response on the other thread regarding Belgiumn and the futuere. Not pretty.


If Charles Blow didn't write about race, he wouldn't have a job. Are you for more unemployment?

Jack is Back!


More surveillance, the BIV (*Belgian Anti-Terrorism Group) on the case, more busts, but, but, Belgium is long gone as is France and Netherlands. Maybe Sweend also. Germany has a chance.

In 10 years Europe will be an Islamic colony. Believe me. There is no way in hell yiu can reverse it brecause the natives don;t beleiuve it and live in denial.

Pretty sorry but its real.


Got it Jib, thanks.


Do Mexicans generally have as bad acne as non-Mexicans?

I don't think so. (Noriega was Panamanian).

My guess is this trigger-happy cop just had it in for guys with bad acne.

All's I'm saying is is that if the President would call for free Proactive Acne cream in addition to free Community College in his State Of The Union, imagine how much gun crime we might clean up in this country.


"magine how much gun crime we might clean up in this country. "

Stay with avionics and dog walks. That's your expertise.


And yours is algebra where a negative plus a negative is positive.


I don't know why I continue to be a little surprised by absurd opinions like Mr. Blow's. Illogical leftist.

Comanche Voter

A good part of rural America is infested with meth head tweakers. These guys and gals are crazier than a box of frogs; and they are about as dangerous as a hungry tiger. Violent, aggressive and horny (they'll screw the crack of Dawn and anything else) they are a cop's worst nightmare. Let Mr. Blow handle the meth head population in Montana for a while, and lets see if he survives or not.


Except to the inexplicable vagaries of life and British nobility we might easily be eating cardigans and wearing sandwiches. In the same way, if George Zimmerman had been named Richard Ramirez we never would have heard of Trayon Martin.

Mike Giles

Mexicans run the gamut from pure Spanish blood, to pure Native American blood, and all points in between, including in some areas small admixtures of African-American blood. When you buy into the Leftard misrepresentation of a language group as a "race", you're playing their game, by their rules. If you want an example of how stupid the idea of Hispanics is, try thinking of all English speakers as a singular ethnic group. Really? From the aboriginal people of Australia to the Inuit of Canada - who would - except for some slang and colloquialisms - have no problem understanding each.


ATF Form 4473 (Firearms Transaction Record) has question 10.a. for Ethnicity, where choices are "Hispanic or Latino" or "Not Hispanic or Latino". Question 10.b. is for Race which excludes "Hispanic or Latino" as an option. My local FFL explained that Hispanic/Latino Persons did not want that listed as a choice in Race (could choose "American Indian or Alaska Native", "Asian", "Black or African American", "Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander", or "White").


Moral of the story: Guns no longer bad, only whites with guns bad.

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