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February 21, 2015



His parents claimed he was a Muslim in his Catholic school application.

Which, really, my parents never assumed I was a muslim. Why would they? I don't walk like that duck and they didn't raise me like that duck.

As Garrison Keillor said... putting kittens in the oven doesn't make em biscuits.

Making biscuit mix and putting it in the oven makes biscuits. I'd suggest that his parents knew what mix they were endevouring to make...

Now really BBL...


btw, I discovered that David Stone is actually Carsten Stroud, and Penguin discontinued the Micah Dalton series,

Jack is Back!

From my neighbor:

In memory of LCol John Butler USMC, USNA'34 (and his son & my friend John Butler USMC, USNA'61)

U.S. flag raised on Iwo Jima
During the bloody Battle for Iwo Jima, U.S. Marines from the 3rd Platoon, E Company, 2nd Battalion, 28th Division took the crest of Mount Suribachi, the island's highest peak and most strategic position, and raised the U.S. flag. Marine photographer Louis Lowery was with them and recorded the event. American soldiers fighting for control of Suribachi's slopes cheered the raising of the flag, and several hours later more Marines headed up to the crest with a larger flag. Joe Rosenthal, a photographer with the Associated Press, met them along the way and recorded the raising of the second flag along with a Marine still photographer and a motion-picture cameraman.

Rosenthal took three photographs atop Suribachi. The first, which showed five Marines and one Navy corpsman struggling to hoist the heavy flag pole, became the most reproduced photograph in history and won him a Pulitzer Prize. The accompanying motion-picture footage attests to the fact that the picture was not posed. Of the other two photos, the second was similar to the first but less affecting, and the third was a group picture of 18 soldiers smiling and waving for the camera. Many of these men, including three of the six soldiers seen raising the flag in the famous Rosenthal photo, were killed before the conclusion of the Battle for Iwo Jima in late March.

In early 1945, U.S. military command sought to gain control of the island of Iwo Jima in advance of the projected aerial campaign against the Japanese home islands. Iwo Jima, a tiny volcanic island located in the Pacific about 700 miles southeast of Japan, was to be a base for fighter aircraft and an emergency-landing site for bombers. On February 19, 1945, after three days of heavy naval and aerial bombardment, the first wave of U.S. Marines stormed onto Iwo Jima's inhospitable shores.

The Japanese garrison on the island numbered 22,000 heavily entrenched men. Their commander, General Tadamichi Kuribayashi, had been expecting an Allied invasion for months and used the time wisely to construct an intricate and deadly system of underground tunnels, fortifications, and artillery that withstood the initial Allied bombardment. By the evening of the first day, despite incessant mortar fire, 30,000 U.S. Marines commanded by General Holland Smith managed to establish a solid beachhead.

During the next few days, the Marines advanced inch by inch under heavy fire from Japanese artillery and suffered suicidal charges from the Japanese infantry. Many of the Japanese defenders were never seen and remained underground manning artillery until they were blown apart by a grenade or rocket, or incinerated by a flame thrower.

While Japanese kamikaze flyers slammed into the Allied naval fleet around Iwo Jima, the Marines on the island continued their bloody advance across the island, responding to Kuribayashi's lethal defenses with remarkable endurance. On February 23, the crest of 550-foot Mount Suribachi was taken, and the next day the slopes of the extinct volcano were secured.

By March 3, U.S. forces controlled all three airfields on the island, and on March 26 the last Japanese defenders on Iwo Jima were wiped out. Only 200 of the original 22,000 Japanese defenders were captured alive. More than 6,000 Americans died taking Iwo Jima, and some 17,000 were wounded.
Marines raise the flag on Mt. Suribachi


Danube of Thought

Seems like you are moving goal posts again.

Think of it this way: there are documents that are admissible in court, and there are photos and images of documents that are admissible in court. The latter are not admissible.

The persons who took the photograph of the short for saw and photographed an admissible document. Ditto the folks who saw the certified copy of the long form on April 27. 2011 Savannah Guthrie took a picture of it. That is a picture of an admissible document.


the rest of the story"



Homeland Secretary Johnson suggests term 'violent extremism' used at behest of Muslim leaders

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said on Sunday that President Obama’s decision not to say the actions of the Islamic State is a form of “radical Islam” is at the behest of the Muslim community.

“The thing I hear from leaders in the Muslim community in this country is ISIL is attempting to hijack my religion,” Johnson told “Fox News Sunday,” referring to the terror group also known as Islamic State, or ISIS.

Johnson said the leaders argue their religion is about peace and brotherhood and “resent” that Islamic State is “attempting to hijack that from us.”


“Whether it's referred to as Islamic extremism or violent extremism, what it comes down to is ISIL is a terrorist organization that represents a serious potential threat to our homeland, which has to be addressed,” he said. “I’m more concerned about that frankly than I am about what two words we use to refer to them.”


Surely these "leaders" love America just as much as Obama does.


Here's Giuliani's walkback:

My Bluntness Overshadowed My Message

There has been no shortage of news coverage—and criticism—regarding comments I made about President Obama at a political gathering last week in New York. My blunt language suggesting that the president doesn’t love America notwithstanding, I didn’t intend to question President Obama’s motives or the content of his heart. My intended focus really was the effect his words and his actions have on the morale of the country, and how that effect may damage his performance. Let me explain.


There's a tasty Chinese takeout in my sidebar right now.

Janet - I wish my family had a poncho

in 2008 the Obama campaign releases an image of his short form certification on Daily Kos...then for 3 years Americans are made fun of & told over & over that he has already released his birth certificate!

but I guess not because...

all of a sudden Trump picks up the topic & won't let it go. Then on April 27, 2011 the Obama administration releases the long form birth certificate. Now how hard was THAT? I guess the MFM were wrong that he had already released it.
What was the point of making fun of Americans & playing around with this question for 3 years?? What was the point?

Here is the 2011 White House Correspondents Dinner...at the end of April. So Obama & his sycophants laugh & laugh. Who are they laughing at? (Note also that Obama didn't use his jive voice for this speech)

So then...after laughing it up, Breitbart publishes "The Vetting" in May 2012 with a picture of the book bio. For 16 years that bio was used (1991- 2007).

No questions from the MFM.
Here was an ABC article -

"It is evidence--not of the President's foreign origin, but that Barack Obama's public persona has perhaps been presented differently at different times.

Despite that rationale, the publication will no doubt fuel "birthers" who refuse to believe Obama was born in the United States."


"Perhaps"??? Anyway, the main concern is those damn birthers.

Miss Marple


You know what makes me mad? If he were a mid-level employee in a company, someone would have looked at the discrepancies in his resume and said, "Hey! Wait a minute! Explain this, please!"

But the press saw absolutely nothing to question. Because they wanted their damn narrative (first black man elected) and no one was going to stop it. I swear if he had been a convicted child molester they would have just glossed it over.

Janet - I wish my family had a poncho

I hate the lousy old "news" media.

Rick Ballard

"I swear if he had been a convicted child molester they would have just glossed it over."

Miss Marple,

Just wait 'til you see the MFM production of The Legend of Red Witch

My version would have the subtitle of "Butcher of Benghazi" or "Enabler of the Philandering Rapist" or "Are You Ready for Another Impeachment?" but none of those will be seen in the MFM.


narciso:"which is why they should go back to the predecessor organization, the OSS, because
there's precious little intelligence around."

Yes. even better--dissolve the CIA and create a newspaper, let the "reporters" gather all the info because that's the only intel collection that would be exempt from public disclosure.

Janet - I wish my family had a poncho

It is like the MFM gets MAD that anyone is asking questions. How odd is that?

If they don't want us to ask questions, how 'bout THEY start asking them?


That is a picture of an admissible document.

Can you say that something is admissible from its photo alone?




No, TK. The document's authenticity--say a birth certificate, a deed of trust, or a corporate document-- would need to be attested to..either by the official responsible for maintaining it directly or by that person's notarizing it as an accurate copy and then the original or notarized version could be returned to the party proffering it and the photo introduced into the evidence file.
Proof of authenticity may be different but similar in other cases of documents offered into evidence.


Does this mean the short form lacks authenticity, Clarice?


was it duly notarized? I'm not wasting time going to look at it, but if it was duly notarized by the official with authority to do so, as an accurate copy of the information in the state's records, it would be admissible into evidence.


It was not.

Rick Ballard

Let's move to The Legend of Red Witch and focus on other documents. The mystery of the Rose Law billing records would be a good start.


Just one of those odd happenings, Rick, Could happen to any congenital liar.


lol ... The Case of the Reappearing FBI Files?


... the donor list to the Clinton Foundation?

... a forensic accounting of all the Haiti Earthquake aid money funneled through the Clinton Foundation?

you did hear that 50 (that is with a 5 and 0) branding specialists are attempting to rehabilitate the old nag ...

Rick Ballard


"Congenital liar" should be the tack taken by the press on the right starting now, while she's molting. A series of "How will she answer questions concerning [fill in blank]?" thumbsuckers should run as a Lie of the Week feature at National Review and the Weekly Standard. BOzo shifted the Millenials away from the Democrats with his Obamacare mendacity. They need to be made aware that he's a piker wrt Hillary as a liar.


Only the right reads the press on the right. Better to go after the press on the left for covering up her mendacity.


why not show clips of her warmth and charm when she went on her national sales pitch for Hillarycare?

Janet - I wish my family had a poncho

I'm sorry I went on & on about that old info we all know already. I just can't get over the contempt shown for Americans by the media.

That 2011 Correspondents Dinner video always gets me. It is a room full of journalists laughing with their idol at Americans that dared to ask questions. It is really creepy to me.
From day 1 the adoration shown to Obama has been creepy.


Couldn't agree more, janet - unforgivable

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