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February 11, 2015




Dave (in MA)



That''s a combination of Uno/ First and "O no" please tell me that our United States Marines DID NOT give up their weapons in Yeaman today.

Miss Marple


Yes, although they destroyed larger weapons like mortars. Apparently State gave the orders. Central Command is furious. (Information from discussions on megyn Kelly's show.)




Jane on Ipad

Oh they did Ann. On orders from guess who. Mutiny would not surprise me.


Congratulations CH!!!


Carrying CH Congrats to the new Wednesday thread.

You know, CH, you worked awfully hard for this. :-)


Barry's stunning bit of blasphemy



Drudge says the WaPo is investigating Scott Walker’s college years.

I trust they will apply the same tenacity they used with Zero.


Happy Birthday, Dot!! I'd arm wrestle for you any day. :)

Congrats Captain on your new granddaughter, Ann something or other. LOL (love that name)

Miss Marple


Very long article, but important. Recommended on Twitter by Brit Hume.

Captain Hate

Thanks all.

Every inquiry by the MFM into Scott Walker should be responded with "where are 404's transcripts".

Miss Marple

Captain Hate,

So true about those transcripts. I can guarantee that if he had been an A-student, super-genius, we would have every grade and fawning description of his academic skills.

But we have nothing, which tells me he was a mediocre student at best.

The reason they have hidden it is that his GPA is considerable lower than W's. I am convinced of that.

Statement by Congressman Tom McClintock regarding the President’s request for an “Authorization for Use of Military Force.”

February 11, 2015

 When we send our soldiers into harm’s way, we have a solemn obligation to back them with the full might and resources our country can muster and to give them the widest possible latitude for action.  MacArthur was right, “In war, there is no substitute for victory.”

 The President proposes something very different: war by half measure, war on the cheap, war with no clear objective other than to pull out in three years.  

I will not vote for the authorization as the President proposes.  Given his obvious irresolution, I think the best immediate course for the United States is to assure that the regional powers currently engaged against the Islamic State have the material support they require. 



I am convinced his transcripts are hidden because they have the same "errors" as his biography of 16+ years.

Although lying for obscure book sales makes more sense than lying on a college application for preferential treatment.

Ask any illegal.

Miss Marple

TK, That is a good response by McClintock. I think he is exactly right.

I am also concerned that the way it is written, Obama could attack Jordan or Israel.

I think the administration thinks everyone is stupid and won't see through their tricks. Wrong.

Miss Marple


Dave (in MA)

CBS reporter/former Saddam hostage Bob Simon killed in a car wreck.


Congratulations Grandpa Hate.

Jane on Ipad

So when do they call my winning number?



Someone tell me that this is protocol and is something the U.S. Marines have done before now.
Because I don't believe it.

daddy  #GiveUsBackOurSnow

Just in from a Legendary dog walk.
Ate a Legendary plate of Broccoli Beef.
Watched a Legendary segment of Hannity.
Watched a Legendary finish of a Maryland-Indiana Basketball Game.
Took a Legendary sip of water.
Clicked on a Legendary CBS Internet story:

Bob Simon, the longtime "60 Minutes" correspondent and legendary CBS News foreign reporter

Thinking of taking a Legendary poop.

Miss Marple

Captain Hate,

Congratulations on your Terrapins beating IU!

Exciting finish on the radio!

Nytol again!


So the Thursday thread is already the dead thread before Thursday has even arrived?!?

daddy  #GiveUsBackOurSnow

Somebody linked this Lego Version of Fifty Shades of Grey - Lego Trailer,
and even it was too creepy for me to take.

daddy  #GiveUsBackOurSnow

Watching O'Reilly replay on Army deserter Beau Bergdahl.

I wonder if/when Sgt Bergdahl gets sentenced for desertion he'll get permission to be a correspondent for Al-Jazirrah while behind bars?

Why not?

Dave (in MA)

Or a pardon on 1/19/2017.

Frau Steingehirn

cathyf at 11:11 - where else but at JOM?

I read the pitiful article* and it was pukey.

*Flashbacks to Pres. Dirty-Old-Man and his human humidor. Ugh...

Frau Steingehirn



Congrats on the little squirt, CH.


/ღ˚ •。* ˚ ♪♪ 。 ღ˛°Happy Birthday Maryrose! 。* ° ♫ • ★ *˚ .ღ 。

Hope I got in just under the wire of your special day!


evening all, congrats captain,

I've been a bit scarce today, because among other things, my mother has appendicitis, and is being operated shortly, so just keep her in your thoughts,

daddy  #GiveUsBackOurSnow

So sorry about Mom, Narciso.

DoT had a BirthDay, Captain Hate had a pretty little granddaughter, and I still haven't got past page 2 on the previous thread trying to catch-up.
Get well Momma Narciso.


Maryrose's birthday as well?

Happy Birthday!

Danube on iPad

"I am convinced his transcripts are hidden"

Hidden by whom? Are there any laws that apply to requests to see them?

What has convinced you?


Praying for your mom, narciso.


while they pull one scam:



thanks all:



Danube, you're crap is getting old.


Let's pretend it is still your birthday, Danube.

daddy  #GiveUsBackOurSnow

I think the next lie we are going to have to unravel, besides other particulars of us fleeing our Embassy in Yemen, is going to be the particulars about did we, or did we not, have our Marine Guards surrender weapons as they exited.

I have seen the early reports on Megyn's Show saying it happened, and seen now the written report that says it did not happen.

I do not know who to believe. I do not believe the Media, I do not believe the Administration, and I do not believe the Admiral who keeps giving us briefings.


slices with a cutlass:



So we're already done with the Thursday AM thread and it's just now 17 minutes into Thursday AM.

Happy Birthday, maryrose! Best wishes for narciso's mom.


yes, daddy, there was a long war link, where admiral Kirby, said detainees returning to the fight, like recent Norwegian blue, Khaddam, was a good thing,


The evolution thing reminds me of when journos went nuts of Sarah's response to the question about the "Bush doctrine." I kind of wish Walker's response would have been to challenge the journalist on his own knowledge, as Davis suggested.


so Red Squaw, seems to stealing a march on Red Queen, according to two polls,


The Bob Simon story is a shocker. As CBS reporters go he seemed a respectable and solid journalist. I happen to have been on a bit of a wild livery cab ride myself earlier today, though on the opposite side of Manhattan. Was tempted to ask the driver to slow down and stop blasting his horn. Next time I will.


well our expectations were limited, at best"



well it was random violence, right:


what I was referring to:



Narciso. Random folks at a the wrong Jewish school at the wrong Jew time.

daddy  #GiveUsBackOurSnow

I was hooked and read them all. I can remember one summer when my sister and I took turns imitating Sir Eustace's complaints from "The Man in the Brown Suit."

Miss Marple,

Just catching up. I have never read an Agatha Christie. (Obviously a misspent childhood)

Looks like I may need to do another Library run:)


Vetting Scott Walker. Good luck with that.
I know the man. EAGLE SCOUT.
We should call it SMETTING, because after NOTHING TAWDRY Is found, the SMEARING will being in EARNEST and I'm not JOSHing.

daddy  #GiveUsBackOurSnow

one joke here is that I grew up with Italian opera, and MrsJ grew up with the Grand Ole Oprey.

Ha! DrJ! Great line!


I think my daughters could'nt have been more than 6 and 7, or 7 and 8. The oldest was in Ballet and was doing the Nutcracker with whatever visiting Ballet Company came up for the Christmas Shows, so she enjoyed dance and Music, tho' unlike your town the girls have never been to any Broadway type play productions. Also, since we have to drive a lot to get anywhere, especially when they were young, they were prisoners of the car, so that was a perfect environment for hitting them with the "My Fair Lady" Music, and they really did have the songs and a lot of dialog memorized from listening to the music over and over again.


Daddy, sounds like your children grew up in OUR America. I can still sing all of the tunes from Fiddler on the Roof by ROTE. My dearest family and closest friends in Scotland have performed OKLAHOMA!! The Classic Americana should never fade away.
Gus Jr has performed Agatha Christie on stage and has played guitar on stage with CHEAP TRICK at the age of 12.


For Gus and the guitar lovers:


Congrats Capt!

Happy Birthday, Maryrose!


Stephanie!!!! God bless you my lovely.
I own 3 very very sweet Les Paul guitars. Gus Jr who will turn 14 Monday, owns 1!!!
Les Paul grew up in the very COUNTY that I live in. That video is awesome, that guitar is PRICELESS!!!
Les Paul taught Steve Miller to play. And he is in fact Steve Millers' God Father.


One hell of a story.

Start here:

9 months later:

This is corruption at its best.


TK, I'm not here to read your GODDDDDAMNED questions!!!

Violence is coming. We won't take this shyte forever.



Holy cow...

daddy  #GiveUsBackOurSnow

I can still sing all of the tunes from Fiddler on the Roof by ROTE.

That's great, GUS:)

Because of the early "My Fair Lady" conversation, all during the dog walk today and tonight I found myself singing those old tunes to the wilderness. I used to play a fun jazzy version of "On The Street Where You Live" on my beat up old Yamaha. Might have to try to resurrect it.

Stephanie, Yikes!

Taiwan's aviation regulator said 10 of TransAsia's 49 ATR pilots had failed oral proficiency tests on handling the aircraft during engine failure. A further 19 pilots did not take the test, due to sickness or because they were not in Taiwan, the Civil Aviation Authority said.

The 29 pilots who failed or did not take the test have been suspended.

Ughh. From that bit of info, I think the suspicions we've had about what these guys did wrong in the cockpit are going be confirmed.

The Taipei Press was saying when we left, that the Pilot in Control was a hero for avoiding hitting the apartments and saving lives, but I think that opinion is open to revision.


Most interesting thing about the WaPo article on Scott Walker's college years is besides saying nothing, is that they were able to find some professors who recall him from ?twenty five years ago --as "late to French class" and "seemed disinterested" in one on politics in the third world.
Wonder how those two vote??

Only positive comments from his classmates though!

I don't need to see BO's transcripts--I want his SAT and LSAT scores.

daddy  #GiveUsBackOurSnow

TK, re: your 02:07.

I found your 2 links on the faulty Steam Generators at the San Onofre Nuke plant fascinating, and will bring it up to Momma in the morning.

She used to do Eddy Current non-destructive testing of Steam Generators in Nuke Power plants around the country in the 90's, and she tested the ones at San Onofre at least 2 or 3 times. I really enjoyed spending my off time with her when she worked that plant because they put her up at a nice Hotel in Dana Point, and it was a cool beach with neat restaurants, and from the top of the cliff was where William Dana in "Two Years Before The Mast" tossed down to the beach the hundreds of stretched and dried cowhides that were loaded on the ship he worked on and sailed back around the Horn to Boston in the 1840's to be turned into leather goods.

Momma's Team would have guys in Bubble Suits place robotic type equipment into the Steam Generator unit they were working, and some sort of electronic probe would then, one at a time, go up into each of who knows how many tubes each massive steam generator had. As I understood it, the probe sent out an electronic signal into each individual tube which somehow could be read as a sine wave on her properly tuned equipment, and from analyzing it they could tell if there was a break or crack down to very minuscule sizes in any of these tubes. My understanding was that if cracks were identified, the defective tubes were plugged. The unit was still considered good to go until a certain percentage of them had been plugged and/or found defective, after which Fed NRC Regulations mandated that the now defective Steam Generator Unit had to be pulled and replaced with a new one at enormous cost.

What it appears to me from watching both of those stories, if correct, is that known defective Steam Generators were knowingly replaced in San Onofre by SoCal Edison Exec's, and then when leaks were later discovered that mandated the final shutdown and dismantling of San Onofre for good, the Exec's worked out a deal that would cover their chicanery, and the taxpayers would be tagged with a $3.7 Billion Dollar dismantling bill, instead of SoCal Edison eating all the costs themselves.

hell of a story indeed!


Miss Marple

Good morning, all!

daddy, Very interesting about those generators in California.

Miss Marple


Miss Marple

I really hope this stupid attack on Scott Walker blows up in their faces. It is very co-ordinated.

First of, yesterday I stumbled onto a Twitter conversation between Rick Klein and a British guy named Boys and it was SO patronizing and snarky, and obviously meant to get weak-kneed GOP fleeing.

"My, how could he have not been prepared for that questioin? I don't know, but if he isn't any better at these questions he should foorget about running. Oh, I agree, just amazing how unprepared he was...etc. etc."

This went on for several hours.

This morning, Fournier is at it, saying a serious person would know the answer to a question on evolution.

Piling on, the Washington Post has an article on his college record (where we discover the horrifying news that he was repeatedly late to French class) and then Howard Dean (HOWARD DEAN!) is on MSNBC saying he doesn't think he is smart enough to be president.

I am so tired of these people.



a serious person would know the answer to a question on evolution.

Allow me a quick answer before I head back to bed. Simply, I don't see how Darwin's theory of evolution as portrayed in the MSM is important in any way. It has no effect on the sciences, and is just a wedge issue to see who the rubes are.

FWIW, Fracis Collins is a Christian fundamentalist. He runs NIH, after he lead the human genome project.



Just read the Lowry piece. What is happening in the media is very Orwellian and creepy.

When we were kids, 1984 was required reading. Wonder if it is now?

BTW, my mom taught English in Junior High also. She was also "connected" at the library. I had adult privileges at 9 years old. Meant I could take anything out without supervision. All the old ladies at the library knew me and encouraged me to read certain things. Probably got as much education from them as from school.


Miss M, they've been at it for 8 years here (or however long he was Milwaukee County Exec plus Governor). Nothing new can come up as they even crowd sourced all his emails as County Exec (John Doe I, a typo "Molotov" was the big find), as well as the John Doe II and how many pigtails he pulled in kindergarten. It's funny the anti-vax crowd is trying to paint him as a Religeous yahoo who doesn't know science, and OMG doesn't speak French like Lurch.

Meanwhile the throne of skulls piles up: high speed rail (& the crony deal for a Spanish rail manufacturer), public unions, PP, PBS, the WI Dem Party in general, with more to follow. For the left, Walker is all 4 horsemen of the apocalypse. Expect total panic, fleebagging, idiots in the rotunda, and crying news readers interviewing crying lefties on streets across the fruited plain. Then prosperity and lower taxes.


what I was referring to earlier:


the reaction of those Carlos Slim's readers trapped in the cave, seeing their idols, Williams and Stewart fallen, is choice.


I thought it was Maryrose's b-day a couple of months ago and we missed it then too.Well HB maryrose - I hope you partied hearty!


the operation went well, so thanks for all your prayers.

the question is really 'do you deny God's design,' and the implications of what that means for you,


Happy birthday maryrose!


Good Morning! Just caught up on last night's comments. Congratulations Captain Hate! Belated Happy Birthday,maryrose!
narciso,please give us an update on your mother.

Jane,I hope the Mass.Pike is clear and snow free in two weeks.We're taking the overland route to FL,because we're stopping in PA to visit friends.

NKvirusedand back

Narc-- operation? for you? hope you are well.

JimMiller-- I disagree a bit. Obummer indeed BS's constantly, but he really sucks at it. BillyClinton is NBA level BSer, Obummer is not even ballboy quality.

MissM-- Obummer transcripts? are there any? did he earn a BA from Columbia Col? or some kind of foreign student certificate? or NOTHING?


Even Morning Joke was affronted by Howard 'Yeargh' Dean


Attacks on Walker == monkeys flinging poo. Not going to stick and monkeys get REAL DIRTY AND STINKY in the process (not that they weren't already).

Bryan "lyin" Williams may just be a great gift to help wake up the Sheeple a bit more to MSM "all the narratives fit to report on" may be questionable.


Good to hear that about your mom narciso.

henry--just from being privy to a forwarding of emails, I think there is a panic on both sides of the aisle that people are no longer merely accepting the assigned talking points.

I am also convinced that GOPe firmly accepts the vision of the welfare state and just wants their cronies to be the designated providers.

A reader mailed me the new bumper stickers with Not Serfs Yet... and the web address for the blog. That was eerie.


narciso - hope your mom is doing well after surgery and that you have peace of spirit about it.

When I had my appendix removed many years ago, I woke up during the middle of surgery. The doctor was talking about missing his round of golf due to my emergency surgery. I offered to help somehow either from myself or my father helping him with a swing fault he was experiencing. He never took me up on the offer.

Interestingly enough, my work mates didn't believe I was really sick and thought I was trying to escape a deadline. One of the surgical nurses just happened to be the sister of a work mate and he confirmed my sickness as real (they showed me the appendix during surgery, didn't burst but was close). I did a "hand-off" of my work from my hospital bed, everything was done and tested but just needed a recompile without debugging info.

James D.

When we were kids, 1984 was required reading. Wonder if it is now?

Yes. Unfortunately our so-called elites are reading it now to mine it for ideas rather than as a warning.


another tear in the cave wall:


James D.

Congrats on your grandparenthood, CH!


although Orwell couldn't conceive a minder as foolish as not so Earnest, Hacky Psaki or
Larf, that takes too much imagination:


"the question is really 'do you deny God's design,' and the implications of what that means for you,"

Psalm 139:14 declares, “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”

Read more

NKvirusedand back

Congrats to the FamilyHate and CH!

Narciso, best wishes for your mom.

James D.

just from being privy to a forwarding of emails, I think there is a panic on both sides of the aisle that people are no longer merely accepting the assigned talking points.

I am also convinced that GOPe firmly accepts the vision of the welfare state and just wants their cronies to be the designated providers.

This is why I am so opposed to Jeb (and Christie, and the GOPe generally). Jeb's support for Common Core and open-borders immigration is just a part of the larger problem.

James D.

OT, here's where the book I had on promotion yesterday ranks right now:

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #205 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)
#1 in Books > Mystery, Thriller & Suspense > Mystery > Cozy
#2 in Books > Mystery, Thriller & Suspense > Mystery > Supernatural > Psychics
#3 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Mystery, Thriller & Suspense > Mystery > Cozy
Would you like to give feedback on images or tell us about a lower price?

It's not going to stay that high, but it is cool to see it so high up in the rankings at least for a day or two!

Jack is Back




Great news on your Mom.


Sent you an email on SG issues and replacements. Should find it interesting.

71F today in Orlando but then the Vortex makes another appearance through the weekend as far south as Palm Beach.


This really gets me - Ruth Bader Ginsburg Thinks Americans Are Ready for Gay Marriage

Americans have voted over & over & over & over & over & over again NOT to redefine marriage.

It is NOT about whether Americans love their gay neighbor or child...it is about redefining marriage & America has voted overwhelmingly NO!

If America was ready for gay marriage then this fight wouldn't be in the courts. Americans would have voted for it. They wouldn't have voted for all kind of laws against it. They wouldn't have changed their state constitutions to try & stop gay marriage.



it's a Voxworthy enterprise



Isn't she embarrassed to stray so far from her job description?

Who asked her to pontificate on what people are ready for? Gallup?

James D.

On topic, I broke my rule about not reading anything from the NYT and I read the whole piece that TM linked to.

I have to say, I have very little sympathy for anyone portrayed in the piece - not the "victim," definitely not her "abuser," nor her mother or her so-called best friend.

Mostly, what I come away from the article thinking is what I thought beforehand. This is the world that the progs have wanted - no rules, no boundaries, no societal guidelines on sex or gender roles, etc. And look what it leads to. Misery and lasting psychological damage for all concerned.


Exactly, Extraneus.

If I knew nothing about the issue & just looked at laws passed by American citizens & their representatives, I would conclude Americans are NOT ready. We the people said NO.

California voted NO for heaven's sake.


I awake to find the news that the Swedes think its a good time for negative interest rates. Think of it, your choice is coffee can buried in the backyard or a Swede short term bond and the correct answer on the quiz is the coffee can!


Jobless claims up this AM and retail sales down. OOPS time for Josh Earnest to provide some BS spin...

Jeff Dobbs

I'm so happy for you CH. Congrats!

Birthday wishes for maryrose are 342 days early.

Jane is right, I was absent for her birthday and missed it this year.

"hit is falling down on the job again" is the seventh most used phrase in Jane's posting at JOM, and it was true that day.

Captain Hate

I thought it was Maryrose's b-day a couple of months ago and we missed it then too.Well HB maryrose - I hope you partied hearty!

I think maryrose was responding to a couple mentions of regret for missing a few recent birthdays.

So is the Intern Killer conflicted when that maniac with a prescription pad starts foaming at the mouth about a "fellow Republican"? What to do, what to do...

Levin was pointing out how the MFM is taking a pass on the killer of the non-radical muslims in Chapel Hole being a militant atheist who really really likes Ralph Maddow's show and the Huffingchoads Post. Lyin' Williams is only the tip of the iceberg who screwed up.

Assuming it's part of the Commie Core curriculum, which I'm not sure is true, how is 1984 taught?


When she says that people are "ready," what she means is that they won't resist too much.

Captain Hate

Maybe Rush Buzzi Ginsberg should take Rosie Obesity's place on The View since she is such an expert on what everybody thinks in that imaginary world between her ears and loves talking about it.

jimmyk on iPhone

So maryrose is the new Maybee?

I share the skepticism that these people have such detailed memories of Walker in college, really almost 30 years ago. At the same time, the story I saw in the Examiner came off as neutral or even flattering.

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